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Watch THE WEEKLY, now streaming on HULU, to learn, in Season 1, Episode 8, how YouTube's algorithms elected JairBol…
Four fat criminals standing in a row Three had reputations, but not any more. One was religious; women fill… State Department probe of Hillary Clinton's emails found no deliberate mishandling of classified information. But…, Trump spoke to two female American astronauts while they were in space. Not only did they make history b… is an extraordinary story...I personally am so glad he has returned to tell it. "Spar… deserves thousands more than they awarded him. Try to imagine his suffering. To lose a child you love, and the…
Trump has decided that next year’s G7 Summit will take place at one of his golf resorts, in Florida. The one that r…’s turkey time! Pence went to Turkey; so we had a turkey repping a turkey in Turkey. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?Mick Mulvaney seems to not understand Quid Pro Quo, so let’s start him back with some pig Latin: ouay areay uckedfay. @Rosie
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Rick Perry is resigning as secretary of energy. I guess Trump’s cabinet is now “low energy.”And that’s the truth, Ruth.!! are so right. mourn the passing of one of the last giants of the Civil Rights Movement, and honor him by doing what he asks fo… you see that letter Trump wrote to Erdogan telling him not to be a “tough guy”? Glad the White House confirmed… now #HobgoblinTrump shoves his “properties” down the global throat by announcing that “even tho I WON’T PROFIT… posts a phony eulogy to #ElijahCummings, who died today. After trashing Mr Cummings, a leader of the civil ri… @realDonaldTrump WHAT A MEALY-MOUTHED FRAUD YOU ARE! YOU TRASH AND SLAG HIM ABOUT BALTIMORE AND THEN POST THIS PHO… #Republicans finally say “Enough” to their fearless leader, #SkunkTrump. His pullout of Syria to allow Turks in…
Special musical guest for @NYRP 's "Hollywood Hulaween: The Golden Age" is the inimitable goddess...@cyndilauper!… birthday to the glorious Angela Lansbury, who could do ANYTHING, and do it brilliantly... typos!!There must be 2500 people at least now in Traf Square. All breaking the law, according to the police here. But the…
Retweeted by Bette MidlerA good friend and songwriter pal, Victoria Shaw has a new show on! Check it out!! Environmentalism: The Sports World Aims to Tackle Ocean Plastic Pollution. #plasticpollutes…
Retweeted by Bette MidlerA federal judge said Trump’s use of emergency funds to build his wall is unlawful. Truly, the Hamburglar was better…
There really are no words. the ugly video of Trump, made by his fans. But really? Nobody believes Trump could take down a church full of p…!! Today is the last day to register to vote in Virginia for the 2019 elections. Please check your voter… National Enquirer shredded Trump related documents prior to his election. Now nobody can read them, whereas bef…
So sick of the "Who wore it best?" feature in women's magazines. Stop pitting us against each other! If you didn't…’s is for a stat: 82 impeachable offenses, according to #NYMagazine (This week. Who knows what next week will bring?)Come on out October 25th NYC!! And follow @NYRP for programs like these all year long!! can you say when the leader of the Free World is an impetuous, uncontrollable, incapable idiot? We have get r…
#ItStartsWithStates Our volunteers across the country have done tremendous work to help progressive state legislat…
Retweeted by Bette MidlerEveryone is getting in on the act....and it is BRILLIANT! This is so shocking. Rupert caved. I hate to retweet Fox anything, this Kamala Harris riposte just won the night., say, @LindsayGraham, now people are dying And you like to pretend that you’re really trying But you’ve sold yo…, hell, #LindsayGraham tell us how do you sleep When you always knew better than to get in so deep John McCain… a friend..... Well, #LindseyGraham tell us what can you say? Now your new BFF has just thrown you away? Sayin…
& my apology is as bad as the original fuckup! Let me try again! @MonicaLewinsky does not deserve to be dis-respec… year's "Hollywood Hulaween: The Golden Age" will honor the incredibly golden (and green!) Michael Douglas…"Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, Soviet-born naturalized Americans, who've been working closely w/Rudy Giuliani, POTUS'… being the son who only gets to handle the chocolate sales instead of being trusted with the corruption. a shred of honor among this gang of thieves. Required. Reading. It’s like having another job. Which it is: CITIZEN.!! Our own vile and the vicious Russian assets are driving us to #Armagedon ! via @NYTimes
Donald Trump lost his appeal & must turn over his tax records. But, he can always look back fondly on the moment wh… all is said and done, with the crises he has brought down upon our heads and the daily mortifications we suff…, crawl, slink, and scurry your way to #MeetTheAddams in theaters now!
Jacob Wohl, political idiot who wanted us to believe Liz Warren was raw dogging a jacked Marine now claims Kamala i… @jamiedupree and Trump didn't help the US during Vietnam.
Retweeted by Bette MidlerGood point!!!“They didn’t help us in Normandy!” “They didn’t help up is WWII! Neither did the Germans, you idiot! These Kurds…’s face it #AMERICA!! The current occupant of the WH is a #MADMAN!! And compounding the problem, he’s a fucki…'m so pleased at how many companies are vowing to cut down on single use plastics. We've all ingested enough micro… reading., he pulled them out 1) To take the heat off his imminent IMPEACHMENT, 2) because the lives of other people mean… lady tried to sell me her Subaru.
Retweeted by Bette MidlerWOW! #Tucker’s been SNACKIN’!!!
What kind of person abandons his allies the way #DonaldTrump has? The Kurds have been our staunchest ally in fight… Trump started wearing that “45” hat, I didn’t realize it was to let us know how many sexual assault allegation…’m with you, babe!! can't have healthy bears without healthy ecosystems, and the proposed #PebbleMine will “turn the world's greates…
Retweeted by Bette MidlerOn this, the holiest of Jewish holidays, I wish you an easy fast and pray that you will be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year.A little tune for the times...!! is mad that the city of Minneapolis asked to have costs paid upfront for a rally he wants to have there. The… just hates to vote And when bills die he likes to gloat But one day soon the walls will crumble And th… HAVE A WINNER! @eedeekay65 “I’m really a tortoise, I’m no Grim Reaper, Now I’m drowning as the Swamp gets Deepe… Matt Goetz thought a “kangaroo court” had something to do with the Captain Kangaroo show? I hope someon…
THE CONTEST: and the WINNER GETS A RETWEET! FINISH THIS: #MoscowMitch just hates to vote And when bills die he lik… good friend Obi lost his legs in a terrible car accident . He was putting his groceries in the trunk of his car…'s Sporting Goods CEO says the chain destroyed $5mil worth of assault style rifles to keep them out of private… CONTEST AT 3:00pm EST TODAY!! NO PRIZES but plenty of adulation. Oh wait, it’s Twitter. Be prepared!!Trump tweeted about his "great and unmatched wisdom" yesterday prompting comparisons to The Wizard of Oz. But I don…
“IN MY GREAT AND UNMATCHED WISDOM”! Hahahahaha! I fart in your general direction! 7th, 78 degrees in NYC. What a drag.Kentucky!! Voter registration and check your status here! Deadline is today at 4pm!!Sissstaaaahs!
Tell your government, local, state and Federal, that you want PAPER BALLOTS THAT YOU, A REAL HUMAN CAN MARK! Anythi… of the GENIUS Nicholas Brothers! Sheer brilliance that I could watch for hours! countdown has started!! 5 DAYS!! @MeetTheAddams in theaters this Friday?🕷 #AMYMCGRATH!! #MOSCOWMITCH’s Wife Gave Him a Special Reelection Present: $78 Million in Federal Funding, #Trump also asked China for help digging up dirt on Biden & Warren. So tiresome. He always wants someone else…
Are you ready for your close up? @MichaelKors is ready to judge your costume as you work the red carpet! @NYRP's… GENIUS!! I’ve been away from Twitter for a bit. I was busy having insane sex with a young Marine. I hope it doesn’t g…
WOW. HE CAVED. via @NYTimesMight be a good thing if Putin paid some attention to what’s happening in his own backyard instead of meddling in o… as corporate profits have soared, working families are hanging on by their fingernails. I've got a plan for th…
Retweeted by Bette Midler#Trump was truly batshit today! He spewed enough batshit to fill the entire 2000 mile moot-I mean moat- he wanted along the border!!
Today, while trying to deny he wanted a moat at the border, Trump called it a “moot.” If, instead of all the campai…, IF YOU’RE LISTENING, INVESTIGATE DONALD TRUMP FOR TREASON. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE BUT YOUR TARIFFS? long before the super-secret transcript server is found dead of suicide with its guard on a smoke break and a s… can’t spell either! It’s “BORDER” security...not “boarder”. @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Bette Midler @realDonaldTrump Maya Angelou said when someone shows you who they are the first time, you should believe them. Yo…
Retweeted by Bette Midler