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Hi! We're an alternative rock/pop band from Amsterdam, since '91! X, de Betties

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Als je wilt kun je t/m 9 okt stemmen op ‘KINK 1500’, leuk dat er 4 Bettie liedjes in de lijst staan, moge de beste… old review in the Rolling Stone from 22 Sept 1994, I found it in one of my scrapbooks :) #bettieserveert
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@machinefabriek @mshiflet Maybe our Palomine cover in the film ‘Empire Records’ from 1995?Kijk eens wie er vandaag jarig is! Look who's birthday it is today! 🎉☀️🎂🎁🎈
Peter & Carol zijn te gast bij Femke van der Veen ‘KINK & Co-host’ op 31 aug om 19:00 en draaien hun favoriete jare… Carol en gitarist Peter van @BettieServeert schuiven maandagavond aan bij Femke van der Veen in KINK & Co-…
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27 years ago, on 29 Aug ’93, we played @ Reading Festival, totally awesome! We saw Big Star & The Posies play and l…
@MarioPotappel Helaas, wij hebben niet de rechten van de opnames noch de financiën om het uit te brengen, maar gelu… Amigos - dejeuner sur l'herbe, social distancing style ;) #staysafe #staycation #bettieserveert
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Hoera, gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Joppe! X, de Betties 🎉☀️🎂🎁🎈
Happy 75th B-Day to Betty Stöve! For those who don’t know, we named our band after her tennis-instruction books, bu…
Hi there! We hope you’re staying safe in these surreal times. We love all of you, no matter who you are or where yo…
@PJFJosh Thanks, Josh, we'll put it online someday soon ;) @BerendDubbe 😘 X, Carol @HBunskoeke Ohhhhhh yes :) @heleenkuiper No, not really 😂 @03HT Oops, you're totally right, it was in '89! @mrtojo @matadorrecords We would LOVE to see all of them, Tom!Exactly 25 years ago today @bettieserveert played at our venue! #soundsliketwitter
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @jolietjosh Thanks, Josh! Well, it was a 'small' version & the lyrics are a bit different @roelsiebrand Diederik will be forever missed, thanks for posting this, Roel 😘 @soundstilburg @CarolLeevanDyk @phavisser @BerendDubbe @HBunskoeke Thank YOU for setting this up! 🥰 @DanielLohues @BerendDubbe @mallofamerica Klopt!#soundsliketwitter #bettieserveert #palomine Nou dát was leuk! Iedereen bedankt! Well thát was fun! Thanks everybody!
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @matadorrecords @soundstilburg @bettieserveert Thank you matador. For all.
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertFrom all the Betties: thank you so much to everyone for your overwhelming responses, this was great fun! Stay safe,… meeeeennnnn! 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍 What a great listening party! Thank you thank you thank you so much @bettieserveert
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertPoster for the first demo. #soundsliketwitter
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @joppeplaysdrums De eerste 10 jaar waren ook niet mis. @BerendDubbe wist ze goed te raken. @CarolLeevanDyk zong in…
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertThe afterparty: playing all Palomine-singles... Tomboy #soundsliketwitter
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(vertical photo) #soundsliketwitter Diederik van der Donk, the photographer of the iconic Palomine cover who sadly…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert#soundsliketwitter I may be listed as the designer of the cover but my input (if there was any) was minimal. It's t…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert#soundsliketwitter This is an outtake photo by the late and very much missed Diederik van der Donk who obviously sh…
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertSo great to listen to “Palomine” and to hear from you all. I open three boxes of photos. (Don;t worry, I won’t sub…
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertI always end up going to the B-sides during these Twitter listening parties @bettieserveert #palomine
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: Peter & I recorded the 1st ‘Palomine (small)’ demo with 2 PZM microphones and his old cassette player. If yo… Summer of ’92, after the Betties came back from our 1st show (CMJ Matador showcase) at the Knitting Factory… @roelsiebrand @soundstilburg @bettieserveert ah! dezelfde keukendeur en vliegenhor! hier 4 jaar later;-)
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: We stared out writing the song called ’Sundazed’, but ended up connecting another song called ‘To the Core’… @HBunskoeke Yeah ;)#soundsliketwitter #bettieserveert #palomine
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: In ’93 we met Lou Barlow in Boston, he came to our dressing room after seeing our show. He was just as shy a… We were already big fans of Dinosaur Jr & then discovered that Lou Barlow had his own band called Sebadoh. ‘… Thing Nowhere: Carol: You can really hear that we had been listening to Dinosaur Jr. a lot. We were the openi… #bettieserveert #palomine
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: Summer ’91 we re-wrote ‘Balentine’ for the Betties & recorded it on our first demo in Dec. But these are the… stole that Balentine snare riff from Andy Loomis, the drummer of Dead Moon
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: ’Balentine’ is one of the songs I wrote around ’89 at Berend’s home in Amsterdam for this project and it was… Between Christmas & New Years, we would gather all our music instruments and write & record the songs on cas… Carol: Back in the late ‘80s (before we started Bettie Serveert) Peter, Berend Dubbe & I had a music pro… favorite live song. Remember berend?
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol:During soundcheck of the 2nd show, we taught Berend & Herman the song & played it live for the 1st time that… Peter and I had been working on ‘Under The Surface’ for a while & finished it on the Dutch ‘Koninginnedag’ (… remember banging through a bass drum head with the bass drum pedal thingie at the first hit of Under the Surface…
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertTom boy is me mums favorite. She’s one herself
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: The original lyrics from aug ’91 Boy: Carol: Fall ’91 Berend came into our practice space and said that he came up with a nice little guitar rif… My personalised Bettie Serveert birthday card. I think approx. 1993-ish #bettieserveert #palomine
Retweeted by Bettie Serveertfrom 1992- Bettie Serveert at the E. Houston Street Knitting Factory, as MC’d by the late, great Charlie Ondras…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. VIII) (cont.) (if you wanna shorten that to “best debut albums in history, that’s ok, too)…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. VII) is there any point in ranking the best debut albums in Matador history? Absolutely not. So let’s just s…
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: Later that evening we performed ‘Brain-Tag’ live for the very 1st time ever. Btw, that’s the reason why that… The 1st time we played ‘Brain-Tag’ with Herman and Berend was during soundcheck @ Willemeen in Arnhem 4 Jan… The very next day I played ‘Brain-Tag’ for Peter. He liked it a lot and came up with his beautiful guitar so… On Nov 25 ’91 Peter, Berend and I went to see Nirvana play a legendary concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.… club Washington DC. 1993(?) Soldering speaker wires right before the show after the rats chewed through them. Again. #soundsliketwitter
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertBraintag beginnen op pinkpop was best eng.
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. IV) so much so that we were scrambling for napkins to compose a makeshift “contract” for the release of ‘Palom…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. V) perfect quartet w/ crazy chemistry sounds like horrible hyperbole i know but at the time it was true and in…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. VI) Carol’s a once-in-a-lifetime vocalist and some of us are still trying to figure out the sideways Neil Youn…
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol:Kid’s Allright’s mostly about the time I lived with my grandparents when I just came to Holland. Except the p… Summer ’91 Peter came by and played me part of a song that he wrote, which became the verse of Kid’s Allrigh… ‘Palomine’ is mostly about the people I knew who died way to young, hoping that somehow they’d be able to he… @bettieserveert watching football at the sports cafe
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert(pt. III) to say we were blown away by the new band (ie. Bettie Serveert) would be the understatement of the centur…
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @bettieserveert It was Chris Lombardi's apartment #soundsliketwitter #palomine #bettieserveert
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @bettieserveert pictures.....
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Retweeted by Bettie ServeertAh extra basslijntje!
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertAnd there was a real nice 12” version of the remastered palomine-single #soundsliketwitter
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertThis album changed my life. Seriously folks. Also starting a band with one's best friends and then becoming succesf…
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertPalomine: Carol: We were staying at the apartment of one of the Matador Records owners b/c they invited us to play… Carol to ever write Palomine #soundsliketwitter #palomine #bettieserveert
Retweeted by Bettie Serveert#soundsliketwitter I photographed @bettieserveert in 2012 for the VPRO Gids to celebrate the fact that there was a…
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Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @ronvandenboom I love you #soundsliketwitter #palomine #bettieserveert
Retweeted by Bettie ServeertCarol: Leg was written in Fall ’91. It started as an acoustic (me on a 12-string) song that Peter & I played. It to… ben er!
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Retweeted by Bettie Serveert @bettieserveert Old crap from an old fanfriend. Heard your 1st demo at Berend and Tanna's, first show at Jacobiberg…
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