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Nobody loves the fireplace as much as this boy does. 🖤🖤🖤 Wooten is a major badass. niche meme tweet for my Bentham fans out there
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @zachbraff Mmkay so when do we get matching holiday photos of you and Donald wearing them?If you guys are in the market for an @AnovaCulinary Sous Vide cooker this year, do NOT buy the Pro. The advertised… @AnovaCulinary If you're going to offer WiFi connectivity on your products, you should probably make sure it works.… Rodman as Moira Rose, a thread
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @RoguePOTUSStaff SHHHH. OANN will hear you and RUN WITH IT. @ReleaseMcCrackn I KNEW IT we are the same person sometimes 😂
@ReleaseMcCrackn Did you secretly love it? I'd be smug AF.ALL OF THIS deserved better. Jane and her painting deserved better. John and Riley were fantastic.Excuse the hell out of #HappiestSeason. I did not ask for all of these emotions tonight.
Meemaw Ivey is gonna make y'all pick your own switch from the back yard if y'all don't listen to her. @gretchenalice OhHHHH, Wild Cherry was my JAM.Being good at things is not the point of doing them.
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @ReleaseMcCrackn @ReadsGaranteed I'm not even high. I'm just hungry. @ReadsGaranteed @ReleaseMcCrackn If it was mixed with eggs, would it be a spramble scramble?
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Retweeted by a merry little Bexmasno one: me: do you want ur present now
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasWhat I look like vs. what I'd like to look like (better vision leads to better eye makeup). 😁
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas'm not "film Twitter" but❄️❄️ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! OK, maybe not a LOT, but it's something 😄 What's it look like at…
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas70 degrees 3 days ago, snowflakes today. Oh, Alabama. @Shann_Shortcake Aw, sorry you're having a tough time, friend! ❤️ Sending love and cat snuggles!’s an abandoned McDonald’s in Alaska and it’s beautiful
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Definitely a GTFO @fishstandsup Did you see that ludicrous display last night? @MESalisbury Loved these little guys. @ReadsGaranteed oh man, RIGHT in the feels.
@lele_calhoun For fifty bucks and a case of beer!“look who decided to come out of their room!”
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@HfxGinger was today years old when I learned that sea urchins naturally use shells as hats to make them feel safer and camo…
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasThis rare phenomenon is called "Baikal Zen", where rocks lying on the surface of frozen lakes are heated by sunligh…
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Story of my life:
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @brennasaur YES I LOVED THAT
Saban catching COVID before the Iron Bowl is the most devastating news to hit Alabama since the Go To Church or the…
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @PhillyD We've GOT to stop making stupid people famous.
if you knew me before my 20s, you never actually knew me. you knew season 1 me. we were severely underfunded and th…
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @ReadsGaranteed JINGLE JUICE 🎄 @Alairthephoenix I'm so sorry you had that experience too. It's so infuriating. @HfxGinger s a m e
A walk-in clinic doctor told me this when I had the flu once. THE FLU. @ReadsGaranteed ✨ I don't ✨ #justenneagram9things
@TeamUfYH .SAME @kimmie_muller @DevonESawa @Eminem Hahaha honestly I've always just assumed that was the origin, because what are t… @Shann_Shortcake And those bitches always go in the middle of the night. It's never at a reasonable hour.That morning car lighting can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how lax you've gotten on your pe… @DevonESawa @Eminem I always wonder if these kids using the phrase WE STAN even KNOW the reference. @kissssssta @DevonESawa @Eminem Don't forget your morning ibuprofen for your back. I've got extra in my purse if you need it.20 years ago today. Thanks @Eminem Truly yours, your biggest fan, This is STAN.
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @rebelmusicteach @lceCreamSocial Re-watching it for the first time after losing my dad was... intense. @lceCreamSocial, Devon. We all knew you were a good egg. to Ja Rule with my BFF on the way to get Mexican food while everyone else is at the lame football game. ta… @Shann_Shortcake You just can't keep an independent woman tied down! 😂 @Shann_Shortcake 🤣
@HfxGinger I love the internet. The blogger universe (and prior to that, the LiveJournal universe) was the SHIT. I loved it.Dolly Parton studying vaccines so she can save us all
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"How could this happen?" you may ask. We both cleaned up after dinner and in the MAYBE 10 seconds we had both looke… to the remaining half of this incredible filet that @jrmyaln cooked for me last night. My annoyingly smart assh… Netflix’s fleet .. in case anyone wanted a new background😉
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@wendywimmer Show just went live! I genuinely hate having to talk about this, but it's really important we talk about…
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasRolling Stone, much like many of us, has completely run out of fucks. @rainbowrowell F I O N A @fishstandsup 🎶 Madness takes its toll 🎶that feeling when you order something online & you see it ship via FedEx Smartpost so you just have to force yourse… @HfxGinger @themikestand Y'all are the cutest. @kittyBBQ An enormous (10' x 10') blanket. Pricy but WORTH IT because husband and I are both blanket hogs and neede…
Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they said video games would do to us.
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @ReverendGuimo Happy birthday, Gu!
@PhillyD Schitt's Creek Scrubs Bob's Burgers @JeskuhBS SAME. I also occasionally lightswitch rave when turning lights off. [THE CHEAT IS GROUNDED.] @ReverendGuimo Hope everything goes okay! Crossing fingers for you.🤦🏻‍♀️sigh. @mattvunger @hankgreen This happened to me once when I worked for a popular book store chain. Someone asked if he c…*gazes existentially out the window* 🐶 H E L P 🐶
Gotta love it when your brain JOLTS you awake at 3am just to make you incredibly sleepy again at 7:30am. Oh well. At least it's Sunday.This dog is both a good dog and a bad dog at the same time.
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmas @BeeZeeArt Exactly. I would say that card companies do their due diligence by calling to verify the transaction in… @BeeZeeArt Coming from someone who used to have to call customers and collect chargeback fees PLUS the cost of merc… @fishstandsup nah @ReverendGuimo I miss LiveJournal so freaking much.
AMERICA. WAKE UP. NOW!!!! With COVID, we know what works. Wear masks. Social distance. Wash hands. A vaccine is com…
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasThis Maori baby learning the Haka Dance is everything i want to see from the internet 💪🤗
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasThe cart at Target roll so smooth you don't even realize it's full of stuff you don't need.
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasJust tried on an old pair of pants, and I refuse to accept the results. Widespread fraud.
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasHi friends! I have an extra @RawBeautyKristi X @ColourPopCo palette and both glosses coming my way and wanted to do…
Retweeted by a merry little BexmasHappy #Baturday!
Retweeted by a merry little Bexmasget your shit together, Alabama. ME watching the #SchittsCreek finale for the third time and crying like a BEBE.