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@yoonkoks none, dont go back into that hellhole @worshipaIex @BeyLegion @chloexhalle twitter for androidA Grammy nominated song.
Retweeted by $$everyone just dragging justin,,, my daily serotoninThis man is so insane and entitled...
Retweeted by $$if random white ppl can get nominated, so can black parade.é is nominated for 9 awards at the 2021 #GRAMMYs. 👑 • Beyoncé now has a total of 79 GRAMMY nominations, exte…
Retweeted by $$so WHICH ONE IS IT???? QUANTITY OR QUALITY??? @RecordingAcad @makeIuve i hate that this might happen for her 😭8X GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE DUA LIPA
Retweeted by $$A GRAMMY-nominated hit
Retweeted by $$DAMN THE RATIO- the rest is HISTORY
Retweeted by $$y’all see the problem?
Retweeted by $$MHM MHM MHM is the most nominated artist at this year’s #GRAMMYs (9 nominations).
Retweeted by $$ @chaerist positions isnt in the eligibility period but she got noms for rain on me 😭so this is it...............? 😭 DUA JUST FOUND OUT SHE GOT NOMINATED 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by $$MY SISTER
Retweeted by $$ @theestallion CONGRATS MEGAAAAANNIM SO PROUD OF Uwho are these mfs- @theestallion's #SavageRemix w/ Beyoncé is nominated for "Best Rap Performance" & "Best Rap Song" at the 2021…
Retweeted by $$Beyoncé's #BlackIsKing is nominated for "Best Music Film" at the 2021 #GRAMMYs. 👑
Retweeted by $$Beyoncé's #BlackParade is nominated for "Best R&B Performance" & "Best R&B Song" at the 2021 #GRAMMYs. 👑
Retweeted by $$the font and color?? 😭 now who in the beyhive made this acc @genjutsujr @JewlsTheIcon omg. u like fem queens..? 😩 @jb6stin @DIORBlEBER u were 2 when beyoncé released lemonade i dont think we expected much to be counted anyways @jb6stin @DIORBlEBER watch ur mouth cracker @suxsfulrecovery @DIORBlEBER is it bc shes black @giawverse @tlicevans ur homescreen could spit on me and i’d thank themGiveaway ! - Reply to this tweet complimenting my homescreen and you’ll be immediately added to be the potential w…
Retweeted by $$idk what the hell they saying but they are fine as hell just be saying BODYODYODYODYODYODYODY out of no where 😭😭😭
Retweeted by $$ @SAlNTKARMA quarters and penniesalright. let's do this one last time :)
Retweeted by $$We be all NOCHE!!!!
Retweeted by $$Not Chloe x Halle about to ousting Elsa & Anna with their song 😫
Retweeted by $$This is sooo fuckin cute !!!I love!specially cause my kid knows The song .I love this ❤️
Retweeted by $$THEYRE SO CUTE delivered Good News to all hotties this weekend 🔥🔥  Here are the Top 10 USA Album Debuts over the p…
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i hate that she acknowledges her white gay fanbase is such an accurate representation of the real world, especially the toxicity. a lot of yall act like this… @Yar98148770 @chartdata @theestallion shut ur pink stale white notebook paper sheets ass up @DNAFENTY OMG WAIT NVM DONT DEACTIVATE BTCH TF @DNAFENTY girl ur follower count?? i$;&;&:&(&;&?💗💗💗LUCID💗💗💗 BRAND NEW SINGLE prod @bloodpop WEDNESDAY 11.25 PIXELS LETS GOOOOOO #RinaLucid #RinaLucid #RinaLucid
Retweeted by $$EW notice ‧₊˚✧ notice ‧₊˚✧ follows <33333 @theesudani OKG UR BACK???? @rinasawayama @bloodpop EXACTLYYYH RINA @midzycult follow me back and ill turn this sht out unfollow me im trying to make kpop moots with this avi oki was really hesitant about asking for help but ive been living in an abusive house for three years and i have no o…
Retweeted by $$Remember when me and the other Black Lives Matter protesters got shot at and pepper sprayed in the street because w…
Retweeted by $$ @tsuyues @theestallion btch what @tsuyues @theestallion RIGHTthe fact this was her last look at the gala since..... she aint right @ThegirlJT MY FAVESThee category is BODY
Retweeted by $$ @ungodly_ken OMG CONGRATSS @thugIyfe thank u new oomfy 🥺🥺🥺💗 @ENVYBESS0N @theestallion TYYY OKGMF @kalxchi @theestallion TYY @aundreakordei @theestallion BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH @kayycn TYYY OFMGMFGand when i print this out and hang it up. so since we besties now, can i get a follow miss thang 😘😘😘 girl check in 👇🏾
Retweeted by $$ @theestallion BTJCKDCOnsjfjd @theestallion interact wit the hot girls meg :(((u betta stan! @geekinformalik THIS GIF?:!;&:&;9 @ohiorauhl omg yall gettin everyone up and out of here??girl if u dont wake that ass up? what u doin a black out for like u wasnt spewing anti blackness in 2013 unprovoked @DIORBlEBER yikesShe is the moment
Retweeted by $$ @3435sus @DIORBlEBER i want better for u.November 22, 2005 - Beyoncé shoots the music video for "Check On It" in New York. Directed by Hype Williams.
Retweeted by $$if I was her I would get that first photo framed in my house...... are you kidding me
Retweeted by $$dua really went from being one of the worst performers to being considered one of the best of the pop girls. MY BABY PUTS IN WORK
Retweeted by $$something shifted this day...
Retweeted by $$dua lipa wearing versace dresses is on another level of superior.
Retweeted by $$ @kordeilogy @Pink :$,&:&;&8?8??dua lipa just did THAT. my jaw is on the floor #AMAs
Retweeted by $$I’m sorry I just love her
Retweeted by $$ @divyonce4 wellLOOK AT MY COUSIN GO
Retweeted by $$damn, i really am THAT girl.
Retweeted by $$ @DUALIPA @AMAs WE HEA