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Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk Crawfordsville, IN

Teacher & author. Passionate about bringing wonder, engagement, & fun back into teaching. Let's reclaim the wonder of learning!

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This Thursday -- Let's get thankful for being in the Middle! Join me as I moderate #mschat! @ScholesE15
Retweeted by Katie Powell @BrandieJett I’m so glad it was a success! Thank you for sharing! ❤️I think #PaperAirplanes is one of the easiest #BoredomBusters to start with, and it has so much value! And, yeah, s… ideas you can immediately drop into your existing lessons to ramp up the engagement level? #BoredomBusters by…
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I haven’t seen the Indiana fall foliage this vibrant red in a long time. #indianapubliceducation
Retweeted by Katie PowellSuper proud of you! ❤️
Retweeted by Katie PowellSouthmont Schools is proud today of all of our public educators! #RedForEd #ProudToBeAMountie
Retweeted by Katie Powell @Beyond_the_Desk So quiet during the game until the score got close, then chanting names and GO! After lunch, can…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @JohnnaMcdonnell Love this!
@matthewjmoulton Glad to be part of your weekend (and maybe a bit warmer than you...). 😁 @dbc_inc @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @tishrich @thewrightleader @Beyond_the_Desk @iluveducating Love learning fro…
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Retweeted by Katie Powell @iluveducating @Renard_Teach Wow, thanks Alicia! @KerriStern1 @burgessdave @activelylearn Absolutely! ❤️
@ColSoWhat @from_middle @melissaglynn @bethgillilandga That’s it. Your class wins. That’s awesome!!Used @Beyond_the_Desk ‘s hashtag technique to have students respond to a video on medieval monastery life. Top thr…
Retweeted by Katie PowellWe used Flashcard Factory from @PearDeck today to review what we’ve read so far in City of Ember. Then we played ou… @ericafox84 @GMS_Wildcats @CouchJanelle @mrmatera I love this!! @RaedeneAveritt Oh my, I’m glad you’ve got a cabin! A rainy weekend of tent camping does NOT sound fun. I hope you… a moment of calm? My students showed me this site. I liked it so much, we used it for our mindfulness moment d… @matthewjmoulton @Stephan01745084 @BrookeEisenbach I love the cartoon model idea!! Brilliant!Different teachers and grade levels but still implementing some worksheet busters from @Beyond_the_Desk ! Kids had…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @from_middle Wow, that’s awesome! @melissaglynn @from_middle That’s mutual ❤️
@BensonVoss 🤣 @BensonVoss You guys are the best! @amandalm131 I’m so glad! I’ve been putting some of the new ideas I learned at #amle19 into practice too. I love th…
In PD today my colleague @Beckster113 shared her takeaways from @Beyond_the_Desk ‘s session at #AMLE19 . Several of…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @thepacasch @Beckster113 Awesome! I’m so glad! There were many sessions at #amle19 offering takeaways that are supe… well-written reflection on #amle19, and, BONUS: a great interdisciplinary Hamilton unit idea! @murley_7 Two of my favorites 👍I’m using a couple of @Beyond_the_Desk’s engagement strategies today and these two are GREAT assessment ideas!!! We…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @murley_7 That’s so exciting, Brian! What did you start with? @RaedeneAveritt I love everything about this, but my favorite is your innovative idea!! Awesome!! ❤️ @melissaglynn @from_middle Great!!BIG thanks to our host @Rdene915 💙 Make sure to follow new friends and join us for the next #NewselaChat on Dec 9 w…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @from_middle @blocht574 He is the connecting point for so many of us. He has a gift for connecting people!Check out the latest episode of ⁦⁦@from_middle⁩, recorded at #amle19! Thanks for the thoughtful reflections, and ye… @BensonVoss Ditto!! I said, “Teach, don’t tell,” like a dozen times today! Thanks for all the wisdom, @BensonVoss!
@Susan84395453 Excellent!! Thank you so much for sharing! @legitkfrauey Hey, look! That’s one of my favorites! #boredombustersPutting to use some things I learned at #AMLE19 today - the kids were all excited - lots of positive feedback from…
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@blangbio Awesome!! Please keep in touch & let me know how things are going. And I love those dice!What do you do when a fly keeps landing on your touch screen monitor in front of the whole class? He opened so many… @MrDsengclasss I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. There’s an excellent npr TED Talk Radio Hour about moving f…✳️ Checking out the new list of prof books can send your imagination & motivation soaring!
Retweeted by Katie Powell @Susan84395453 So exciting, Susan! @BensonVoss @Mrs_Clink @amazon Thanks @BensonVoss!
@Mrs_Clink @BensonVoss @amazon Awesome!!If you enjoyed & appreciated your #amle19 experience, please remember to thank @cmt215il, @steph_auditore, do I hav… @Mrs_Clink Hi Paige! Let me know if I can support you in any way. My 1st ideas to try are: 1) Volleyball instead o… you’re like me, you’re not sure which of the many amazing things you learned at the #amle19 conference to implem…
Retweeted by Katie PowellRoses: Presenting with @blocht574 and seeing @KimCamp4Kids @jesslahey @DrDebbieSilver and @Beyond_the_Desk Thorns:…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @RaedeneAveritt Thanks Raedene!! It was a joy to get to learn together at #AMLE19.What a successful AMLE conference in Nashville. Great energy, dedicated educators, and lots of networking. Congra…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @matthewjmoulton @from_middle Yes!! Absolutely I would!
@BigDaveWicker @AMLE Thanks for your spirit pants! 😁 @AMLE #AMLE19 was awesome. The presentations, the ideas, the discussions...but most of all, the colleagues in this…
Retweeted by Katie PowellWOW! This #AMLE19 conference was hands down one of my favorites ever. 🤯🤩🥰 As a K-12 instructional coach w/elementar…
Retweeted by Katie PowellMine—I’m cheating a bit...I have 2. 1) Data meetings w/ my whole class to develop we’re all in this together.… appreciated @EthicsNValues thoughtful session on gamification at #AMLE19. Hey @AMLE—I’d love to see him do… @ScholesE15 @BensonVoss @cmt215il @blocht574 @LaVonnaRoth @steph_auditore @rickwormeli2 @jesslahey @PrincipalKafele, don’t forget to complete those session evaluations! The results help open doors for newer presenters, and… @BensonVoss @cmt215il @blocht574 @ScholesE15 @LaVonnaRoth @steph_auditore @rickwormeli2 @jesslahey @PrincipalKafele first presentation at #AMLE19 and with @blocht574 ! Such a great time together!
Retweeted by Katie PowellHead to Bayou E and see @millikan_pam present on Middle Level Leadership! Worth your time starting at 9:55 #AMLE19
Retweeted by Katie Powell @iveyfhomer @MsElizWhiz @AMLE It was a great session! #AMLE19 @LaVonnaRoth @WMSPal @AMLE @blocht574 @cmt215il @steph_auditore @JBerckemeyer @DruTomlin4Edu @rickwormeli2 @lyndislessons It’s exciting, isn’t it? Enjoy!Woah. the homework is work they aren’t completing in class because they chose not to work...we have to look at our ins…
Retweeted by Katie PowellStop penalizing parents for not helping their kid with homework. Their homework should be things they do without he…
Retweeted by Katie PowellBest 3 days of PD I’ve had in a while. Great people, opportunities for sharing, and ideas galore. Ready to take all…
Retweeted by Katie Powell @MrsCford_tweets @realhomeworkldy @AMLE Your sketch notes are amazing and so helpful! #AMLE19We need to get past the idea that rigor equals load of work @realhomeworkldy #AMLE19
Retweeted by Katie Powell @WMSPal @AMLE @blocht574 @cmt215il @steph_auditore @JBerckemeyer @DruTomlin4Edu @rickwormeli2 @VMSAtweets @LynnThompsonELA @JenFitzMath @NJAMLE @AMLE Thank you, but to be honest, it’s this—the collective community of educ… y'all, 1 more thing: We've all learned powerful ideas learned at #amle19. But Monday will bring problems to solv… were more than Twitter would let me post at once! Here‘s the rest of the awesomeness shared by all of you! Ho… I’ve read through the comments left, I’m so humbled by & grateful for this time I’ve gotten to spend w/ all of y… book study Weekend Challenge 11/9-11/10 see these awesome educators Saturday morning! Speed learning table L in Delta Ballroom D! #AMLE19 @DruTomlin_AMLE @AMLE Thank you for being you, Dru. Truly.
@7thWithSilva Eileen! You are so kind! It’s an honor to have the opportunity to share with you among the many fanta… @hernandezlcisd Thank you so much for spending your last Friday conference session with me! @amandalm131 So, Amanda, what did you think? @McKee_NC Oh, wow, how kind!! I hope it wound up being worth your time. There are just so many great sessions to choose from! @JenFitzMath @LynnThompsonELA @NJAMLE @AMLE You are too kind, Jennifer! Thanks for closing down your day with me. @BensonVoss @amandalm131 Absolutely!! You guys really are something special. @_ambermpotter @AMLE Right? 🤣 It’s my absolute honor to get to be part of #amle19. @davidfderin Thank you, David! It’s been great to meet you. @mrsmonicaroy Absolutely, Monica! @daveschmittou Thanks Dave! I had the chance to hype your book a bit in conversation after!A round of Junk Drawer in our Lecture Buster (#BoredomBusters) session had us explain how broken crayons relate to… @mcarden_ YOU MADE THE MEME!!! I love it!!! @salgado_kate Thank you for coming, Kate! It was a great way to finish the day. @SMS_Anderson Thanks for coming, Cammie! I hope the rest of the conference and your travels home go well. Keep in touch!Mastering language skills in a fun way! #worksheetbusters #musicaldesks allowed us to practice & move! When the mus…
Retweeted by Katie PowellThere are a ton of great sessions at the 3:10 slot, but just a reminder I’m back with Lecture Busters (checks for u…’m so excited that I got to learn from the awesome co-teaching duo of @BensonVoss! #amle19