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she looks sickening and she knew it @hyphenkordei it’s sick 😭😭 i hate that i’m grown and it still happens too @ontheego <3been editing my graduation photos all day y’all are gonna be gagged
hello everyone as some of you might know, my mom suffered a severe brain injury on tuesday and my family is going…
Retweeted by evan :)busta rhymes going to hell there's no other way to put it @lisaIiveson they try so hard to rewrite history a bunch of joined in 2017 accounts ran by white people think they… the crop really gone? 🙊
Retweeted by evan :)
this no crop feature was made for her i fear carey & whitney houston, 1998.
Retweeted by evan :) @noalbumsout hope ur day goes well <3morning dolls
Retweeted by evan :) @lisaIiveson wait KDHSH @lisaIiveson i’m mfs @soIodown exactly 😍
@ctrlsedgrick and you are right @kingnathalia it’s a new feature @johnmeetsworld yupexactly. @HalleBailey @jnkloona good luck ❤️loudly locking the car doors as a group of white people walk by >
c’mon bob @sinamonchild rting in the morning so the dolls can see @howtohydrate a spill @chaelinCL pretty queen
@grifferslol congrats!!! ❤️one thing bout beyoncé she will send you that cease and desist jessica served it these photos are definitely going down in herstory @shayisonline and we do stan!! @lisaIiveson OSHDJSHDJSHSHHSi-... jksndkjsnd @breathinlalisa yes!! :-) @yoncemyname no cause the vision was definitely there and ariana knew !the hate directed at pharrell for successful was high key anti-black cause the production for that song is so organic and mellow i like ityeah @beyologist 😭😭😭 @beysupdates there isn’t one i fear @Andiluv omg i can't wait!!AHHH🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by evan :)we’re never getting GTA 6 omg i think i’m gonna be sick so they made me re-apply for unemployment benefits and I have to complete a non-payable week before I can get b…
Retweeted by evan :)keke palmer is gonna eat i can’t wait 😭😭😭😭😭 @lisaIiveson @nayadontgiveaf 😭weddings graduations funerals @jnkloona welcome! ❤️this is about to be everyone’s avi
Retweeted by evan :)this photo is so excellent definitely sold it i’m sorry
queen behavior @nayadontgiveaf akdhjsbsjs ohhe’s deadass? @whitneyhousus it’s so bad help @kIee_irl that's so wild kajnfkajfnkjnfd he straight up hates them i-... @makeupbyshaniah exactly that app so scary sometimesHow do you start a country, I feel like America has run its course and I have ideas
Retweeted by evan :) @JazVaughn thanks boo ❤️❤️❤️the fact that there’s barely any colors for the pro max is homophobic erykah badu in my paper even though she got me blocked. i am the generous queen, ask miss ellen. @REDSEASHAWTY classic i fear @stopolive aw he so smarther standard version tracklists > her deluxe, platinum, or reissued tracklists @soIodown i'm a b*tch in the afternooni’ve never had a mask ruin an outfit cause i know how to dress. do what you will with that information. ❤️ @Normani NAUR IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE YOU ARE THAT B*TCHwoke up this morning and remembered who I was .... I’m really that bitch y’all 🥺 it’s not for play
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@Iemonade oop exactly @brezaja_xo love u <33 @lavishyonce their biscuits >>> @YVESTHETRNDSTTR ty bestie <3 @JacobiMyles ❤️❤️ @thisisnoteren oh no ma’am @thisisnoteren period who are they? i followed on my backup cause they interacted with it lmao i don’t follow them here @blkplastic no cause i’m so sick of trying to have pure innocent fun and here comes some non black person putting o…“meme culture” is the new minstrel. the way non black people comfortably copy blaccents on a daily basis, turn blac… someone who gets it
Retweeted by evan :) @lisaIiveson that backseat part is a STREEETCH like let's like undermine their success for a hit article lolit’s very weird the way people run to character defamation over simple disagreements on here
is beyoncé officially free from the shackles of TIDAL? aaahh
Retweeted by evan :)Being down bad and still having people jealous of you for some shit they don’t even fully understand is mad [inspiring]
Retweeted by evan :) @ericrobinsonart ate!!!I present: “Black and Gold”🖤🤩
Retweeted by evan :)Not because you don't know 2NE1 doesn't mean they weren't a successful girl group during their time. You probably w…
Retweeted by evan :) @blkplastic why go out of your way to defend obviously immoral behaviorIWIEJJSHZHXBS“hey”
this look > @ediblepanties oh absolutely that too!when u see the sexiest man u ever seen in ur life and he says “whats tea” 😔😑
Retweeted by evan :) @notgomen it’s my fave @yoncemyname msdbjsbsnshshsw @johnmeetsworld as i do @yoncemyname i miss her videos too :( @flossytweets sjbdhs i just started binging season 1 of rhobh @Shakoyle thanks luv 🥺❤️