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@TwitterMusic stan ité: ✔️ Most-nominated artist at this year's GRAMMYs. ✔️ Most-nominated female artist at the GRAMMYs, EVER.…
Retweeted by evan :) @ColumbiaRecords beyoncé is the moment
Retweeted by evan :) @chloexhalle DESERVED!!!!!AS WE SAID SHE DID AAAHHH @imtoomuchnigga 😭😭😭 @theestallion hey boo $umevan #GoodNewsMegan gays in black women’s business once again...
Retweeted by evan :) @MlSANDRIIST WHAT?? this here in case y’all forgot.
Retweeted by evan :) @FentyMothra not it creating discourse @NICKIMINAJ clocked them!calling all people with taste! it’s time to stan “little more” by FAKY is the most nominated female artist in #GRAMMYs history, with 79 career nominations.
Retweeted by evan :)spirit’s impact after beyoncé got 9 grammy noms: how your side/passion projects EAT too?
Retweeted by evan :) @KALIUCHIS congrats boo!! 💕oh justin bieber bout to get dragged😭 😭 😭
Retweeted by evan :)breaking her own records 20 years later yup @Iemonade 😭 the grammys didn’t agree with you awit’s almost like your opinion doesn’t hold the weight you think it does ⚰️ @theestallion CONGRATS QUEEN $umevan #GoodNewsMegan @theestallion PURR $umevan #GoodNewsMegan clearing <3 @theestallion DESERVEDé has NINE GRAMMY NOMINATIONS during her off year. no one is seeing my fave ever.É SWEPTBEYONCÉ NOMINATED IN RECORD OF THE YEAR TWICE... DURING HER OFF YEAR PARADE FOUR NOMINATIONS I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT BEST NEW ARTISTCONGRATULATIONS MEGAN YOU DESERVE!!!! @theestallion nominations... SO FAR! AJSKDFNSAKJDNFKJADS FJKAS FKADJS FASFASDFSADUNGODLY HOUR BETTER WIN IT’S CATEGORY NOMINATIONS OH MYGOSBJSBZKBXSK NS KSB SXNAMEGAN CONGRATULATIONS OH MY GOD @theestallionBLACK PARADE OH MY GODBLACK PARADE ASKDFJNASJFNASNFDASFwait this means blue ivy got her nomination BYE AKSBSJSBSwe stan a living legend with a fully grammy nominated discography SKIN GIRL AKSHSBSJSHSBLACK IS KING PURRR @idcayda03 PLEASE... @grandekordei the way the replies are quick to shoot my dreams down like leave me aloneaoty: the album by blackpink streets are saying blackpink is gonna sweep grammy nomsthe timeline about to be a mess for the rest of the day chyle... i’m ready are all Jisoo's update in instagram just for this DAY! Literally WOW! We're eating good! @BLACKPINK
Retweeted by evan :)
Retweeted by evan :) @Iemonade and is. @grandekordei 😭va va voom is the moment’s megan omg went so many years thinking the top was just a plain white w*fe b*ater girls... it’s going down!she’s going to hell @MrBeyonceFan 😭 @KweenKy_ 😭😭😭😭 😭 about this video bothers me but i'm not qwhite sure how to articulate that... when there’s already a dance to this song...
@PARTITIONSTAN 😭😭😭 Santana get an Ivy Park box?
Retweeted by evan :)it’s really funny how people shade female rappers for “overusing samples” when samples are LITERALLY the foreground…’s NUFFIN!!!! I been that boy
Retweeted by evan :)100k views <3’ll be a cold day in hell before i ever cancel rihanna @yyzpz your serve @DMVMOSTFAMOUS as you should y'all tell me if it's even giving that? i haven't watched @SaucySantana_ but you came for rollingray first? chewing santana up like that this early in the day? @yoncemyname it’s the only justifiable situation for this cause wtf... @TheHatedGay exactly i can’t stand these sissies in men business @kwesidillaa they so gay 😭😭😭you zoomed into a man’s dick to be homophobic ... @byetyler right the wig looks racist i’m not watching thatI just don’t know what some of y’all want from megan. her music is literally the perfect representation of her pers…
Retweeted by evan :) @keepmefocused @theestallion had to! @theestallion where is the fever movie @theestallion purr @theestallion pull up g wag 63 ! 😘 @orbitxblink and some of these people they picked i-...?bop 😭 it in my lot 7/11, i’m rubbing on it rub-rubbing if you scared call that reverend boy i’m drankin it was partition twice now it’s drunk in love... she’s a self titled stan!megan chewed her performance aaahhh into megan omgdrinking a ginger ale bold to feel somethingmegan is so beautiful i’m crying only that could be translated live...feeling myself really is one of the greatest songs of all time