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@SKEE7 You know I love this shit
As a proud Penn State alumni with a dental degree..... Stop it. @penn_state
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @DRudolfKing Pretty funny!
@the_black_sun I might have a set of Ironjawz cards sitting around the house. When I do our GW order this week I’ll… @the_black_sun Pretty sure we can still order the FEC and Ironjawz cards in the statesIt’s so petty but I wanted to be first so bad with this one lol. I’ve obsessed over this build for months now and w…
Retweeted by Benjamin FailWhen u see one on one smile.
Retweeted by Benjamin FailLiger put Ultimo over in less than 5 mins & this remains one of my favorite matches. Did a lot to condition sudden…
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YOUNG MA'AM You can give me the boy, I said YOUNG MA'AM I will fill him with joy You'll hear KNOCKING 'Cause you op…
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @RealPaigeWWE I’m just happy if you’re happy dude. No one should have to put up with that shit. @ColtCabana @AnnaGCostumes @NordicThunder This is awesome!Have you ever wondered about my Ring Jackets?!?! 🪡 @AnnaGCostumes 🖌️ @NordicThunder
Retweeted by Benjamin FailCircleville, Ohio has a major KKK presence, FYI. The town was not selected randomly.
Retweeted by Benjamin FailWhat is going on?
Retweeted by Benjamin FailWhen you hear John Mulaney is hosting the Halloween episode of @nbcsnl 🎃
Retweeted by Benjamin FailAs a father in 2020 I feel it necessary to run experiments on my children. Ex #1 - Only playing @alyankovic versi…
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He really said he is gonna release his taxes returns soon. #PresidentialDebate2020
Retweeted by Benjamin FailThat was a Bar... 🎤
Retweeted by Benjamin FailRemember all the way back to last night when the FBI told us that two foreign adversaries are tampering with our el…
Retweeted by Benjamin FailWelker: How will you lead the country through this next dangerous phase of coronavirus? Trump: "if you take a look…
Retweeted by Benjamin FailThrew some colour on this ultra-boi I had. I say the grimdark future can be as vibrant as you want. #GamesWorkshop
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @chamonkee Amazing!!!! Looking forward to sharing this!Remember that time Donald Trump said Covid was going to be gone by easter? Yeah, I do, since then thousands of Amer…
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@keith_money @RonFunches He’s trained many and wrestled against many top tier wrestlers. He’s in the same mold as like Sami Zayn. @Doncates Thanks for sharing this. It’s amazing.THOR 11 variant cover done by myself and @SpicerColor! This was a fun one.
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @danielwarrenart @SpicerColor This is absolutely metal!!! @RonFunches I think Chuck Taylor could be successful virtually anywhere and too many folks sleep on how talented he actually is.
@Justin_Jordan I want this but can I also still read it online? I’m too excited after looking at the Kickstarter! @JimZub Aww snap I meant to buy the first trade today! I’ll order one tonight!Legit would be awesome @SKEE7 have you see this movie? @Braunger Great choice and this would be amazing!All my Republican friends out there can you please after having control of the Senate for 10 plus years tell me abo…
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Biden- "If you make over 400k a year your taxes will be higher." Guys from my high school that make 35K a year-
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @ReelJeffEwing I’m all for this. It might be overdone but I love werewolves killing Nazis.In a fantasy dwarf-themed bar, following a meeting about nuking a star system for a worldwide gaming campaign.
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @SKEE7 @colintgallagher Shared that on Facebook and I love it
@DarkMechanic Mantis Warrior has got me feeling like I might have to paint some Primaris marines! @DeborahAnnWoll I’m painting stuff for a game called Conquest:The Last Arguement of Kings but I just got the Battle… @JonMarkHicks Ridiculously good, funny, and well shot! @HedleyCarter This is awesome are you on Instagram?Yearly reminder that Jessica Rabbit is a human who fucks a rabbit.
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@MangoPunchMunch This is awesome! Only thing I don’t like about these projects is this is technically soooo much be… I’m kind of regretting my mail in ballot! #jush
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@SKEE7 Maximum Disrespect!!
@kenjeong @SKEE7 The fact that Ken is able to flex like this forever more is awesome.New Zealand: Winston Peters — deputy PM of New Zealand addresses an American COVID-19 denier at a press conferenc…
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @katienolan Congrats on this massive power level boost @pegastyx You’re an absolute mad woman! Another amazing conversion. @Phil_Mizuno This is fucking epic! Awesome cosplay!🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @showmeyourbewbs Right. A water damaged MacBook Pro conveniently shows up in Delaware and this information is “leak… cover for a book that Black Noir might write since he has so much to say in 'The Boys' 😉. Also kinda sad that…
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Nice edit.
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @Doncates Loved the idea, thought the conclusion was pretty weak. Lots of good stuff in there though.
How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by Benjamin FailAnderson Cooper’s face when he hears they are playing “Macho Man” at @realDonaldTrump ‘s rally. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @JMReynolds @WargamerDonal That’s sad and awesome. Thanks for sharing! Love the rest of your work. @CMPunk @DoctorSleepFilm So much good stuff in that film!It's October so I'm sharing this one again. Hopefully for the last time.
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@ToolofParanoia @Warbringer11 This is awesome!Fellow #Warmongers! It's✨GIVEAWAY TIME✨ For 1000 followers and it being #orktober, 1 lucky person will receive thes…
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @cwgabriel Awww snap I’d love to find a Saturn and/or Dreamcast in working condition!Damn I hope Kevin Bacon doesn't get Covid. That contact tracing would be insane..
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @typicallyrobyn Also like the vampires kill each other by just popping each other’s heads off and they just give th… @typicallyrobyn I’m so confused. Do they actually fight or is it like a hallucination? I have literally never had a… and my fellas had the honor of shooting tonight’s episode of #LoveCraftCountry on the very street where #MLK was…
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @Dangermouse425 Where’s the rest of the bottle?!? Still looks pretty good! @Doncates I don’t even know who those dumb shits are nor do I care. I enjoy your work. Fuck turds that don’t think comics are for everyone.
@JonMarkHicks I went with Spinosaurus the other day. Underwater locomotion is just the coolest.So. I care. What's your favourite dinosaur?
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @TaliesinEvitel I made my standard dude with long hair and a beard and then made a Drow! So far so good on the char… @Sixdiceskills popped up on my Facebook memories. Looks potentially meme worthy.
@TaliesinEvitel I dig you guys standing up for people. Keep up the good work!
Listen. The amount of mind Olympics Kamala has to do to not come across as angry, emotional, combative but also be…
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @undeux Thanks friend! I appreciate it! @Takagi__Shingo @njpwglobal How do we get these in the US?Folks asking #WhereIsTrump when we know damn well he’s inside the White House shuffling around like this
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @WhittersRichard Super crisp side views friend! One time I copied the 3/4 shot of the Dwarf Cleric in the 3rd editi… @undeux Telling someone to “calm down” is like probably the 2nd best way to fire them up. “I’m listening” “I unders… @RICHARDLNEWBY I’ll tell you time and time again you’re my favorite for reviews and general twitter stuff. I hope t… fly could honestly save the world. Howard Dean’s scream and Obama’s tan suit were incidents, but this is a wat…
Retweeted by Benjamin Failfly high, but be wary of flying too close to the sun. remember the tragedy of icarus, beeflings steak-umm bless
Retweeted by Benjamin FailPitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.
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When Eddie Van Halen was asked to do the solo on “Beat It” from Thriller he didn’t want to be credited or paid beca…
Retweeted by Benjamin FailI once went to a Van Morrison concert wearing a Van Halen T-shirt because I thought I was going to a Van Halen conc…
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I suspect the VP debate tomorrow will once and for all prove a good squash match can still draw ratings.
Retweeted by Benjamin FailMaybe if you weren’t homophobic, you’d have friends who would tell you your makeup looks like shit.
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @Sixdiceskills Certainly a disappointing range so far. I’m excited because I love the models but the rules and price seem kind of lacking. @Max_Dunbar Also I love this. He’s super coolAnother sketch of that warrior fella to start the day. #dnd
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @Max_Dunbar @grant_gould_art Like just tag @JimZub and get started. I’ll send you guys some money for coffee and snacks. @showmeyourbewbs @NSpadano3189 @steveaustinBSR @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente I’ve been tagged in this numerous times! 😂Staring into a solar eclipse was practice for this moment.
Retweeted by Benjamin FailWe are witnessing a death match between Selfishness and Stupidity.
Retweeted by Benjamin Fail @Rhellion Dude. I own a store and I’m like “man these Gargants are too much.” Like why would I buy one of them over a whole starter set?Don't let Mars dominate you, don't be afraid of it's inhospitable atmosphere, you're going to beat it!
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