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Mom and Nana to an amazing bunch of people. Living my life, expressing my opinions. Love my Buffalo Bills. Hate the current administration. #anybodybuttrump2020

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@FireGifter DoneWe’re giving away 2 iPhone 11 Pro Maxs to our active followers for christmas!📱 How to enter: - Like & Retweet - F…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @BradleyGelber Love that guy! @MrsWadd74 I could eat all of myself...and not be one bit ashamed. They look delicious. @RantingRon716 I have a glass for their tears 🤷‍♀️
🙏🏼 RT to Vote #GoBills 💯 12/11-12/12 votes count double ends this Thursday #ProBowlVote + Devin Singletary…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @t2hearn @m_vogan @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Neither can the other teams that got screwed over by refs. @SecPompeo What about the corruption in this country? Start looking into GOP members that are protecting a corrupt… @kristenandmax @GutcheckDFS @Espngreeny Patriots fans before Brady became QB @jaylabrenae I have to agree with that. Very cute elf! @tonyposnanski Well if @andylassner says #MattGaetzIsATool shouldn't be trending, then #MattGaetzIsATool shouldn't… of a game yesterday but we’re here with some #GiveawayTherapy! We’ve got a signed Shaq Lawson photo for ya.…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @praiizee @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR I watched that one. Totally agree. @Buffalo6614 @nickbat Don't know whether it's true or not but one of the reporters that covers the team said Hughes… @mj_lindamood @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR *play @mj_lindamood @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Didn't see that Was too busy watching my team olay @Themisssherri @CatHoffman14 Haha! I just posted the same thing. @CatHoffman14 I realized Santa's handwriting looked suspiciously like my mother's. I was probably about 6. My older… @AlexnaderO @DanyelReneeBB Yes. I enjoyed every moment of it. @19EightySixd @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR First of all twatwaffle...I wasn't being snarky. I… @RobertStroop @ScumRepub @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR And who benefited from that one? 😂 @TheOnlyHittmair @AMacleine @WillBlackmon Some of their fans don't remember when the Patriots were on the bottom of… @t2hearn @19EightySixd @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR So saying meow is what? An insult? @realTuckFrumper But only the company that was associated with Hunter Biden was corrupt? Because that's all he aske… @19EightySixd @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Weird comment @19EightySixd @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Obviously @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Well ask the refs then. Just saying bad officiating is getting w… @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR *fined @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR Too many to list but didn't New Orleans get screwed over in a pl… @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR I've seen worse. @t2hearn @cpb129_chris @NFL_DovKleiman @DonKickzPR And welcome to being a fan of one of the other NFL teams. This happens to everyone!
@RepMichaelWaltz @realDonaldTrump @Jim_Jordan Floridians, hide your daughters. At least one if these clowns is a se… @QuancyClayborne Landslide @ThisPhillip @MISHAonyaMind @BrotherNature @slimrel__ It's kind of ridiculous for grown people to be putting their… @mrjaxtaylor That's very kind of you. My kids are all adults now but I remember a year I made a tree out of posterb… @mayawiley Damn New York liberals? Can't hold it in til the 10th or 11th month like...well...nobody else? @CarolLei4 I mean, men are way too emotional to do the job correctly 🤷‍♀️ @jillcorgi @cabbageridge @briantylercohen @joncoopertweets I love my vinyls. I buy them at thrift stores. Usually 3.00 or less. @JustSumGuy176 Women, we must be more like elephants. They're pregnant for 2 years. We're all slacking...9 months pfffft!
@JoeySalads @robreiner Hillary is not the president and she testified when she was called to. @robreiner The GOP isn't the same as when Watergate happened. They had scruples then. Today's Republican's are up trumps ass. @jargfar @KatiePhang @TheRickWilson Northerners who move to Florida because the north isn't racist enough for them. @yashar @MichaelAvenatti Can you imagine any of the world leaders watching this? If anyone can't tell by now that he's out… @RudyGiuliani So only Burisma was corrupt? Why wasn't he looking into any other corruption. Only the company that H…
@Billsfandiehard I loved tetris! @KidRock Excuse me ma'am, when were you relevant? @DeenaNicoleMTV That's great! Walking leads to running so be prepared 😂 @fras99 Negative @ajlhooper @Edoliver_11 If you're not having fun, what's the point? Love it! @BuffaloBillyG That is awesome! @TommySledge Does anyone in that family have a personality? @realDonaldTrump When Boris laughs at you, you know you're a joke. @JImmensely @stevendupler @Meboltz @santiagomayer_ If this happens, there are going to be a whole lot of disappoint… @realTuckFrumper He drinks @Jacob_Frey @PreetBharara Buffalo NY has a high immigrant population as well. My area is so diverse and I love it. @ItsTheSituation Congrats! Great to see you doing well. @pthomas3434 @Dallaswentdown Ya love to see it!
@mmpadellan Why do people still come for Nancy? She is not having it. @realDonaldTrump Her district is in the country you're supposed to be running. Why aren't you helping them?I love @ElaineStott32! She cracks me up...redneck pocket 😂😂 #Survivor
@allixhope @IolaOnewoof @DonaldJTrumpJr Bad take. Those photos are creepy. Look where his hands are in some of them.
@ColleenWolfe @WhiskeyBuffalo @Elizabe98102291 @MalcolmNance Trump isn't smarter than my shoe @OhNoSheTwitnt I gave birth 5 times. It is, in fact, gross. @nightst17424167 @ProFootballTalk I was just saying that yesterday. @melloquialism Can you do it? Only emojis. Relationship status: 💍 Kids:🙍‍♀️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙎‍♂️🙍‍♀️ Pets: 🐶🐶🐶😼😼😼 Favourite… @pthomas3434 @Brandon__Reilly 😂😂😂 I saw that too!
#BillsMafia #ProBowlVote #GoBills  🙏🏼RT #ProBowlVote + Tre’Davious White #ProBowlVote + Jordan Poyer #ProBowlVote +…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @TomiLahren Sock rocket @JoshAllenStats 36 years lol. Lots of ups and downs. This team is good!#ProBowlVote + Josh Allen #ProBowlVote + John Brown #ProBowlVote + Tremaine Edmunds #ProBowlVote + Tredavious White…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @CTWpod I have one of those @RealCandaceO @JoeBiden Did I miss something? Is Hunter Biden president? Is he held to a higher standard than the actual "president "?
@Shelby409 @michellegreer @longhair_D1 @WilcoxSawilcox @KidRock *suck at @Shelby409 @michellegreer @longhair_D1 @WilcoxSawilcox @KidRock Wasn't trying to get you honestly. Was just comment… @tysullivan34 @david_kozelka13 @DanyelReneeBB *you're @Shelby409 @michellegreer @longhair_D1 @WilcoxSawilcox @KidRock Well Prince is dead so yeah I suppose he might sucknat live shows now 🤷‍♀️ @cmclymer Don't hoop earrings make you feel kick ass? I wear hoops every day. @_SJPeace_ Happy birthday to your lovely sister. @KellyScaletta You have to pay for everything separately (home button, earphone jack, airpods are like $200 @AngelaBelcamino That's why you need weeks to recover from getting kicked in the nads right? Don't forget the episi…
@AroundTheNFL Best onside kicks I've seen in recent memory. @MikeZimmersEars Jerry Jones loves Garrett. Or else Garrett has some dirt on Jerry 😂 It was a team loss. But I don't see him getting canned.He gets us @Vincemcman92 @SalSports 😂😂 @thistallawkgirl But why doesn't Nunes hate him yet? 😂 @richeisen @NFLGameDay @BuffaloBills @nflnetwork Smart kid 😂 @JRsBBQ @Cody_Ford74 @BuffaloBills He's doing an amazing job @Cptnrwrpnts @SoyBoyManBun I've had it. It's pretty good. At first it tastes like butterscotch to me but then you d… favor: I had to skip my trip to visit my mom on Thanksgiving because of the snow. As a consolation, could you R…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @BuffRumblings @Bills_Chick Matt Milano deserves some recognition 😂 @bigj9797 We been heard 97!Now can the Bills be considered a good 9-3 team?
@Bills_Chick Definitely one of a kind 😊It’s the #GamedayGiveaway! Today we’ve got a signed Ed Oliver 8x10. Just RT and follow @jimmyreu81 (and us!) for a…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @KyleBrandt I like us flying under the radar. It seems like when we get a lot of national attention we play worse.