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Mom and Nana to an amazing bunch of people. Living my life, expressing my opinions. Love my Buffalo Bills. Hate the current administration. #anybodybuttrump2020

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@RantingRon716 Literally the corner of my street. I've been getting "are you selling your house?" texts, calls, pos…
@bader_diedrich @mitchellvii @mitchellvii My son wears a mask for a 16 hour shift. You'll be fine skippy. @funder #AmericaStrongerWithBiden
@realDonaldTrump THE ADDERALL ADDICTED GRANDPA!! @AndrewBenzin @MomEsq10 @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @AndrewBenzin @MomEsq10 @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @robreiner Very sorry for your loss. I will miss his humorous and insightful tweets. @FreeToTweet1975 @robreiner @realDonaldTrump You're an asshole @AndrewBenzin @MomEsq10 @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930’s time for a prominent elected Republican to ask the President to step down.
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @MetalForBrunch 63 @JohnMcK68 @RealDeanCain So if #5 is true, how does the mask keep oxygen out or co2 in? I believe I read CO2 is sma… @hammer1862003 @AndrewBenzin @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo
@AndrewBenzin @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @WBFO @AndrewBenzin @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @WBFO @T_Szczodrowski @seangrieco19 @markpoloncarz @TheBuffaloNews @SPECNewsBuffalo @NewsRadio930 @WBFO @WKBW
Are y’all ready to admit the email lady was the better choice?
Retweeted by Deirdre SniateckiIt would be a shame if #TRE45ON continued trending all day. Please DO NOT retweet or like this tweet.
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @funder SHEro! @ChrisNo03564291 @resistermode @davenewworld_2 You're ok with trump's buddy targeting American soldiers in Afghanis… @ReesusP 48 years old and never. Even if the thought had come into my head, my parents would have slapped it out immediately.Trump is a traitor. He is not worth the blood my son left in Afghanistan. #TraitorTrump I have a shirt with a bulle…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @JodyGadsby I don't smoke so I tried edibles. Nerd rope and fruity pebbles treat-cool, mellowed me out. Brownie-fel… @realDonaldTrump You said Mexico was paying for the wall, you said we'd see your taxes. You said you'd be too busy… @ursomoneyhoney @thor_benson I'm crying 😂😂 @AltDept_of_VA @bentzyyy @DeegaMurf @ashgomes1 @DRossCameron @thor_benson Ass clown is my personal favorite. @SnapFlow69 Congratulations! I have less than 2 months until I get married. So exciting 😁 @DearAuntCrabby Fake tough. Hell I'm 48 with a bad back, bad knees, bad ankles and bad wrists and I can still kick her ass. @Kj38542413 @jaycoo90 @dead___page @seth29678336 @lawschoolsznnn @ShannonSharpe I don't mind my taxes going to help…
@AmyAthatcher YepCorrupt Donald trump committed #TRE45ON. PASS IT ON.
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @paparoche2018 Tombstone @pattonoswalt All those droplets he's spitting out "like a mad dog"...hope he doesn't have Covid. @beardedphotog24 That's a beautiful picture. Will you being selling prints of this?
@TerryBdattd Seriously, doesn't he know how #BillsMafia rolls by now? @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Wow, tens of people. By election day some might be dead since people are too offended to wear masks. @Tinaforte7 If someone confronted you in person you'd probably be the biggest pussy ever. Do you really think you are intimidating anyone? 🙄 @MrsWadd74 What rock do they live under? 😂Yep it’s all fake. The entire world shut down and ruined their economies, just to make you wear a mask because you’re so ugly.
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Adams County District Attorney: Justice for Elijah McClain - Sign the Petition! via @Change @Kj38542413 @seth29678336 @lawschoolsznnn @dead___page @ShannonSharpe I'm not miserable at all. I don't know what g… @Kj38542413 @seth29678336 @lawschoolsznnn @dead___page @ShannonSharpe Not a good one @beardedphotog24 @HaukeOhr @HKrassenstein Crimes against children? Like babies locked in cages? Ok, I'm going to stop responding to… @Kj38542413 @seth29678336 @lawschoolsznnn @dead___page @ShannonSharpe That's a bullshit card. The misspelling and g… @tater2011 @StevenTDennis The n word does not just slip out if it's not a regular part of your vocabulary. I've bee… @HaukeOhr @HKrassenstein Read further. He's not the one who saw it and reported it. Stop being willfully ignorant. @seth29678336 @Kj38542413 @lawschoolsznnn @dead___page @ShannonSharpe I guess we let natural selection take its place 🤷🏻‍♀️ @kenolin1 FISH & CHIPS! @arlenparsa @realDonaldTrump @Kj38542413 @seth29678336 @lawschoolsznnn @dead___page @ShannonSharpe Ok but do 122,000 people die annually due to… @ShannonSharpe Its probably because they never really shut down. All of this was 100% predictable and preventable.Bills Mafia.... if you could #retweet this so I can have some new Bills fans follow me & I follow them, that would…
Retweeted by Deirdre SniateckiEveryone is scrambling now to get the red skull. Should have thought about that when they threw Jay in multiple times. #TheChallenge35
@JamaalBowmanNY Congratulations! We need leaders that actually know what it's like to struggle, not those raised on silver spoons. @MG_RESIST Prayers and positive vibes sent @write4Usue @jennfranconews @OANN Or you could just give them an accurate history book 🤷🏻‍♀️ @thecalicoreyis @fras99 No doubt @thecalicoreyis @fras99 Yessss!
@DelReid Apparently the rules don't matter to Brady. Not like he'll get disciplined anyway. @aka_kelsch 🙋‍♀️ @RedTRaccoon Aww, Congratulations! @Danielle1O19 What bothers me though is the NYers that are taking vacations in Florida and SC. I know 3 families ju… @GriffLightning @JennaEllisEsq @ValyriBroder @Jerri_Lynn25 That is the truth! @ValyriBroder @Jerri_Lynn25 Why not? 😂😂 @warloc6 Are those from Nike ID? I have an almost identical pair of the red,white and blue air max that I designed… @ValyriBroder @Jerri_Lynn25 The cracker crunch 😂 @Jerri_Lynn25 The Drunk white guy danceNew York State House: Stop Fireworks In Residential Communities - Sign the Petition! via @Change
@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump you’re still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this tweet. I would just like to see how much common…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @allenmcnulty Yet white people get offended by having to wear a mask, or Nike ads, Gillette ads, cheerios commercia… @JamieRJN Wait tol Florida's elderly population gets hit then get back to me. @realTuckFrumper Oh my God! Those children hate him. Smart kids. @Saucyblondediva @MrJonCryer @realDonaldTrump Me too. @BobBron1 @JamieRJN @kerpen The mortality rate is low because most Democratic governors have implemented measures t… @NotThePuppy @GoldsteinEman @JamieRJN @kerpen Deflection, always. @jeromeChappelle @JamieRJN @kerpen Because I live in America and he's the "leader " of the country I live in. There… @HNK_KRG @JamieRJN @kerpen He didn't stop entry from China. He stopped entry from Chinese people from China. Ameri… @HKrassenstein Commence the burning of Brett Favre jerseys 😂 @JamieRJN @kerpen Good news would have been him taking the warnings seriously and 120,000 people not dying in 3 months. @jwestlyanderson #undateableIf you are still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this status. I would just like to see how much comm…
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@parscale @CNN *you're @lisastark351 Why would you have a toddler there? Jfc...
Tomorrows rally will set a Guinness World Record The lowest collective IQ score of a crowd gathering to cheer on t…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @ShepRose I watch it every time it's on. We Are Marshall is also a great football movie. @ByTimGraham The school I went to (BUILD Academy) was excellent about teaching black culture to all of it's student… @Danielle1O19 Panthers
@BeCooFool @Buffalo_AF That's the truth!
@realDonaldTrump I have a 100% approval rating among my pets too.
@mulvihill_david @Iam_jerryhughes I understand that but I know a lot of people who fly the flag that have 0 relatio… Beshear: Justice for Breonna Taylor - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeGovernor of Alabama : Rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Rep John Lewis - Sign the Petition! via @Change @Iam_jerryhughes Also all the people up north claiming the Confederate flag is part of their excuse me… would break Tea Pain's heart if @realDonaldTrump checked his timeline and saw #EndTheNightmare trendin'. Plea…
Retweeted by Deirdre SniateckiPlease retweet and share!!! My sister in law has been missing for over a week. Please help get her picture out. She…
Retweeted by Deirdre Sniatecki @kayleighmcenany @dominos @pizzahut That shows you have bad taste in pizza AND presidents.