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@topteatime I described what happened; I didn't criticise, let alone "pile in" on anyone. But hey, don't let the fa… @maxrushden @bglendenning excellent segment on the podcast about the horrors of 2010s indie bands on Soccer AM. We…
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @matthewjames79 @RichardCarapazM It will be astonishing if he does anything else. Would be funny if he did, "won" t… much, as far as I can tell. I think he said "Ref! Ref! Check the foul! Check the red card!" And when shown his… Gibbs shown a red card. Slaven Bilic so vociferous in voicing his displeasure with Mike Dean that he gets shown one too. #scenes
@SomeCallMeCoach @KennysBookshop 👍👍👍Anyone outside Ireland who fancies reading this, you can order it from @KennysBookshop @SomeCallMeCoach I think @KennysBookshop will sort you outAhoy, football fans in the UK. This book is flying off the shelves in Ireland for good reason (caveat: I haven't re… Gianni Infantino about his trip to see Donald Trump ...
Retweeted by Barry GlendenningAnnounce ... something"Hello, I'm Gary Mabbutt and I've heard you were injured in an accident that wasn't your fault ..." Joking apart,… @fkmurray Strange times, Fi. Strange times.
Cannot get enough of this. "It's not like a novel," says Brexit secretary @DominicRaab when admitting he hasn't r… @myob1269 @jay_es_one @SeanOC_Music @ESPNFC @bglendenning Best example I think is that nobody calls Aston Villa "Aston"
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning"Take your shirt off, Irish weakling" @bglendenning Les!
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Retweeted by Barry GlendenningLes ... @ESPNFC It’s “Shamrock Rovers”, not “Shamrock” lads!!! Exactly what @bglendenning predicted.
Retweeted by Barry GlendenningAlways wanted to be in a Tour breakaway. The helicopters overhead, the team car behind, the particularly cold bidon… @geordanuk That'll be our anti-Hull conspiracy. We hate Hull City. @BellaWallerstei He didn't read the Good Friday Agreement. It's 32 pages long. @BellaWallerstei Ah, come on B. He is an absolute fucking idiot. @fkmurray Brutal. What are you suggesting? And who has the good stuff?Jonno Hopkins (How to stop your bike being stolen), Carlton Reid (Cycling holiday despite the pandemic), Jo Caird (… or stopping at a roadside boulangerie for a baguette and several brandies, then falling asleep under a tree is… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower I am replying to you, a guy or gal pontificating anonymously on the internet wh… @TomSheridan15 @IndyVoices @dinoxyle She is famously clueless and only got the job through cronyism. Read the article. @thelastfling @berksguy77 @mrjamesob Thomas Cook is not a telecom company. She was a disaster at Talk Talk, which is. @Lowe_Pro_File Now that you mention it ... a new bathroom window and kitchen floor. I can put myself in as many bre… @broom_wagon It was finishing the bottle that killed me. @Lowe_Pro_File Prepare the contract first.Got myself in the breakaway of the Tour De France today and made it to the last six out of 32 but got dropped on th… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower So because I used to work as a cashier for a bookmaker when it was the only job…'s @guardian_sport football weekly! @sidlowe on Bale @JohnBrewin_ on Macc Town @jonathanliew @PaulMac
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower I didn't find the Tony10 case "appalling", I found it fascinating and sad. I fo… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower Max has never been particularly vocal in his criticism of bookmakers, if at all… @Mountyyy @TopTopPundit @paddypower Pubs actively promote themselves for selfish gain. Have you a problem with that… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower At some point problem gamblers have to take responsibility for their own action… @Mountyyy @paddypower ... are in the habit of making clubs like Shamrock Rovers, or other sports teams (Tonga at th… @Mountyyy @paddypower There seems to be a misconception that I am against gambling. I have no problem with it whats… @Mountyyy @paddypower Because unlike Paddy Power and other high profile bookmakers, Max does not personally groom a… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower And as I said, when Max starts personally contacting known problem gamblers and… @TopTopPundit @wardides @paddypower I don't agree that it is hypocritical to condemn the Tony10 case and participat… @wardides @TopTopPundit @paddypower Your problem seems to be with gambling in general, whereas I have no issue with… @wardides @TopTopPundit @paddypower There is a *huge* difference between advertising free bets and personally conta… @TopTopPundit @paddypower So all breweries, publicans, bar staff and supermarkets should come under fire because so… @TopTopPundit @paddypower I see what you've attempted to do there. The day max personally contacts an obvious probl… @yurtyoldman @paddypower No, it says I think Jimbo is welcome to do as he pleases. No more, no less. @yurtyoldman @paddypower Jimbo is welcome to do as he pleases.
@recovringlawyer @paddypower I don't tune in. @TheReid7 @paddypower It is a terrific read. All proceeds go to charity, I believe. @recovringlawyer @paddypower Ah right. I thought they were run by The Athletic? @recovringlawyer @paddypower Eh? @bglendenning @paddypower read it about a year ago and it was such a revelation, and yes the almost psychotic greed…
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @themodernage85 @SeanOC_Music @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe @themodernage85 @SeanOC_Music @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe @baskinghound @paddypower Interesting. @themodernage85 @SeanOC_Music @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe you need to know about the greed of @paddypower can be read in the excellent book "Tony10: The Astonishi… @Barcajim3 Cricket is competitive, nuanced and interesting. Stick Scott Brown at silly wicket and maybe we can talk. @adamh6341 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe I asked you a question.I'm sure we could set five minutes aside. @adamh6341 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe Do you send the same kind of id… excellent question. @I_Ken_Tweet @BellaWallerstei Well no. Am genuinely not trying to be a smartarse. Just gently and politely pointing… is tested on Covid and Brexit, his specialist subjects of ignorance | John Crace
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Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @Pigeonisland @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe It is to me but not to most.… @BellaWallerstei Men are also welcome to listen to Women's Hour. @BellaWallerstei You are when it suits you, as far as I can tell. Yesterday you were not in favour of somebody choo… @Pigeonisland @maxrushden @guardian_sport @PaulMac @jonathanliew @JohnBrewin_ @sidlowe Is it, though? That in itsel… @jonhowe1971 @BrowneyBrowne @DigitalLaxative @LeedsInShetland Yes, that is all fair comment. @BrowneyBrowne @jonhowe1971 @DigitalLaxative @LeedsInShetland To be fair, Conor wasn't complaining about a media ag… @BrowneyBrowne @jonhowe1971 @DigitalLaxative @LeedsInShetland There's always one team who comes up who have a secti… @jonhowe1971 @DigitalLaxative @LeedsInShetland Oh here we go ... Leeds praised (and possibly overpraised) to the h… @melissajrudd @BBCR1 You trimmed up yet?Enfield Golf Club, Crews Hill Golf Club and Whitewebbs Golf Club all within a 15-minute drive of Tottenham's traini… @HarveyMayne Oh FFS. @TheBrixtonMan I'm sure it was a genuine error/coincidence. 👀 @TheBrixtonMan @janinegibson @edcumming 1. Dot Cotton 2. Tommy Shelby 3. Omar Little @janinegibson @edcumming @sidlowe insect's weight is negligible compared to their air resistance, so don't get hurt falling from heights. Y…
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@willmeredith3 @maxrushden @jonawils @PhilippeAuclair He replaced a manager most chelsea fans thought was shit and… @jonawils @Barcajim3 @jonhorsley1 If you're bored, my pal owns Jersey's only tea plantation, which he will let you… @willmeredith3 @maxrushden @jonawils @PhilippeAuclair Klopp had a proven track record of success before 2016. Lampa… @jonawils @Barcajim3 @jonhorsley1 I'd say you get a lot of texts telling you that. @willmeredith3 @maxrushden @jonawils @PhilippeAuclair You asked why I "hate" them; I don't. I am almost completely… @willmeredith3 @maxrushden @jonawils @PhilippeAuclair I barely give chelsea a second thought and Lampard seems a ni… no someone read the @jk_rowling book and used facts oh help
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @bandylegs27 @maxrushden @PhilippeAuclair @jonawils No apology required. @bandylegs27 @maxrushden @PhilippeAuclair @jonawils You find it strange that I'm suggesting how you might spend you… @bandylegs27 @maxrushden @PhilippeAuclair @jonawils Perhaps you could match his donation?The latest Football Weekly podcast is here, with @maxrushden, @bglendenning, @FloydTweet, @benfisherj and @sidlowe
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No there isn’t.
Retweeted by Barry Glendenning @CiaranStaff95 @BanoStephen I do bee-bop-a-pologise bee-bop-a-pologise. I honestly had not seen your joke. It was a…