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Now that was some mind-bending MAGIC ✨🤯 Rewatch Bill Cheung's incredible magic on #BGTUNSEEN here:… experience the feeling of winning a @GWR? Yeah, we thought so. Get among the action as we look back at Ryan… back at Nabil's Golden Buzzer moment ⭐ Nabil Abdulrashid had us all laughing from the moment he came onsta… DOESN'T love a bath bomb?! 🙋🛁 We know that Mike Newall does after he revealed his secret love for them... 😂… TO STOP! 📱 Reckon you could hit the Golden Buzzer with as much style as our Judges? Try your luck - see if you… & Sammy's sensational audition had @AmandaHolden seeing GOLD!✨ Looking back at a truly UNFORGETTABLE moment… Baulf puts laughter on the #BGTUNSEEN menu! 😂🍟 Alongside chicken nuggets of course... 😋 Join him for a good… auditions aren't over yet! We've got one more talent EXTRAVAGANZA for you, isn't that right @antanddec?🙌 Be… Shem Tov's seriously funny performance left us in stitches! But check yourself after watching... You might be… still love you every day, Bhim! 💖 We're revisiting this super-catchy audition from the one and only Bhim Niroul… does it feel like to be David Walliams @BGT Golden Buzzer act? 'I felt this is amazing, I love it!'…
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This was the moment @simoncowell knew he'd found a SUPERSTAR!🌟 Fayth Ifil gave us one of the most emotional Golden… Dynamix made us feel INVINCIBLE when we met them back in week three of #BGT this year 🌟 But now you can sing…'re a wizard, Aidan! ⚡ Take a look back at Aidan McCann's audition from earlier this series. He had the whole a… only is Christian Wedoy LOCKED IN A TANK OF WATER, but he's also leaving his escape in the hands of our #BGT Ju… do come true 🌟 Jon Courtenay always dreamed of playing on the #BGT stage... and now he'll be playing in the… with his bag of magical balloons, David. J Watson returned this series for his ELEVENTH #BGT audition! Was… be humble, when you can be the BEST JUDGE! We love you even more for it, @davidwalliams! 🤣 #BGT list: Suncream ✅ Bug Spray ✅ Ant & Dec Wellies ✅✅✅ Are you set to rhumble in the jungle with The Noise Next… fancies a trip down memory lane?! ✨✨✨ Sons of Pitches are here to ensure we NEVER FORGET the history of boyban… CRACKING audition! 🍳🥚 Mini-magician Jasper Cherry had us all in awe with his egg-centric egg trick 🥚✨ #BGT's right, we're back this weekend with one last EPIC audition show for you! 🤩 If you've enjoyed our #BGT audi…
Sign Along With Us' Golden Buzzer moment 🌟 This was truly a magical moment... and pure #BGT GOLD! to have stars in your eyes watching Finn & Kirsten's gravity-defying performance! 🤩🤩🤩 We are seriously sta…'s Dog's Got TALENT 🐶 These dancing dachshunds had us all in awe when they performed their paw-fect routine 🐾…*Opens a pack of cookies* Everyone in my house: #BGT 'The Greatest Showman' song did Souparnika Nair perform for our Judges? ⭐🤩⭐ #BGTWhat item did Lioz Shem Tov magically conjure up for our Judges? 🤔 #BGTWhat product were The Noise Next Door trying to sell? 🤣 #BGTWhat was Hasan Minawi's instrument of choice? 😲 #BGTAre you ready to test your #BGT knowledge from Saturday night's ep? Try out our quiz in the thread below 👇 and son duo, Dave and Dean SMASHED it on Saturday night with their brilliant cover of Frank Sinatra's 'That'…"It was like being at an Oasis concert and the music’s run out and Liam decides to tell a few jokes" 😂 We couldn't… look like they're having a ball! #BGT ⭐ WOW! What's going on here then? #BGT ⭐ at the ready... 📸 It's time to go behind the scenes of this week's #BGT ⭐ had a CRACKING performance on Saturday Night - and now he's here to answer your questions! ✨🍳 Head on over to o… was made for the #BGT stage ✨ Souparnika Nair's beautiful rendition of "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showma…
THIS IS YOUR WATCH ⌚ Lioz Shem Tov had the whole audience in giggles with his peculiar mentalism on #BGT... 🤣 OFF! ❌ Sandra-May Flowers' audition had some highs but it wasn't enough to save her from being buzzed off..… #BGTUNSEEN talent is on FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥 But nobody panic, The Firefighters are coming to the rescue! 👨‍🚒👨‍🚒👨‍🚒 Chec… still can't believe they made this up on the spot! All together now... @antanddec's WELLIES! 🎶 A brilliantly… a STRAW-PENDOUS performance we had from Hasan Minawi 👏 In the words of @aleshaofficial - "That's a real talen… you've got that Bank Holiday feeling 🙌🌟 #BGT #bankholiday
Locked in a tank of water with just one way out, Christian Wedoy puts his life in the hands of our Judges!😱 Will h… ALERT: Bagpipes incoming! 🎶🎵🎶 Luckily our @simoncowell loves them, right?! 🤔 Don't miss Carrington Brown'… a bit of magic with a twist? Young magician Jasper Cherry left the crowd baffled after revealing the secret… know it's bad when @antanddec hit you with, "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed" 😅 BUT if you missed #BGT, t… some nugs?! 😋 You're in luck - Josh Baulf has brought some golden comedy nuggets with him...🍟 Browse the d… your brothers, sisters, parents and your dog and race them to the sofa NOW! 🚗💨 You've got just 30 MINUTES unt… brilliantly talented House of Swag Kids expressed a very important message through their dance - It's ok not to… them entertain you... Dave & Dean are a DREAM duo! ⭐👯‍♂️⭐ #BGT teacher's response if we ever say something's not fair...🙄 #BGT
Laugh along with our Ant & Dec BUZZER on the #BGT App now! 😂📲 Brand new #BGTUNSEEN is HILAR…🔥 FIRST LOOK! 🔥 Things are HOTTING up as @davidwalliams' dreams come true in this UPLIFTING audition! 🧑‍🚒🧑‍🚒🧑‍🚒 B… THE ACTS 🤩 Who was your favourite? Swipe left or right on all of our acts tonight over on the #BGT App! -…🌟PSA🌟 Britain's Got Talent will be back again next Saturday at an earlier time of 7PM for our LAST lot of audition… his life in the hands of the #BGT Judges... 😱 They hold the keys to Christian Wedoy's escape... Literally!…🚨 TRY THIS BUZZER AT HOME 🚨 Head to the #BGT App now to try out our Danger Buzzer - It's perfect for dangerous ac… does it feel to get a standing ovation from the #BGT Judges?! 👏👏👏👏 We know a dream duo who know... ⭐⭐ #BGT… together now... 🎶🤗🎵🤗🎶 #BGT them entertain you... Dave & Dean are a DREAM duo! ⭐👯‍♂️⭐ #BGT #BritainsGotTalent from our sponsor: Our all-star Judges have a VERY special guest from @marksandspencer to help them choose t… or Robbie?! Robbie or Dean?! 👯‍♂️ Let them entertain you, either way... #BGT #BritainsGotTalent gotta roll with it, right @liamgallagher? Roll off the sofa laughing with this audition... Soapersonic bath bo… nation’s favourite. ⁦@BGT⁩
Retweeted by BGTOh, he's so modest 😂 @davidwalliams #BGT #BritainsGotTalent better WATCH out, Lioz is about... 🤔⌚ #BGT #BritainsGotTalent NOT laugh - this is NOT comedy! 🤐 Lioz is a serious mind reading mentalist... 😳 #BGT #BritainsGotTalent did he get hold of those watches? #BGT
Retweeted by BGT😂😂😂 bravo what a guy #BGT
Retweeted by BGTThis is too funny! #BGT 😂🙈
Retweeted by BGTFancy a sensational serenade?! Sandra-May Flowers is hoping to hit new highs... #BGT❌❌❌❌ Shame, we thought that was a sensational serenade Sandra-May! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent on Sandra! 😂 #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Retweeted by BGTBeen so many great acts on @BGT already tonight ⭐ #BGT
Retweeted by BGTA POWERFUL performance, showcasing a POWERFUL message... ⭐ House of Swag Kids shine a spotlight on positive mental… wow incredible 🙌❤ just fantastic!
Retweeted by BGTwow what a performance!!!!!!! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Retweeted by BGTShining stage starlet Souparnika proves there's no business like show business, with this spotlight stealing perfor… OH THE GOOSEBUMPS, THIS GIRL 😍
Retweeted by BGTWhat a great idea 😂#AntAndDecsWellies #BGT
Retweeted by BGTI want @antanddec to sing this😂 #antanddecswellies #bgt
Retweeted by BGTInspired by Jasper Cherry's CRACKING magic, check out our EGG-cellent EGG Buzzer! ✨🥚✨ Try our it out over on the… from our sponsor: #Thisisnotjust ice cream... This is @marksandspencer Percy Pig ice cream – our most popul… egg-cellent performance, featuring some cracking magic! ✨🍳✨ Jasper Cherry does not have egg on his face after t…🎶🎵 Ant and Dec's wellies! 🎵🎶 Don't mind us, just splashing around in our new fave wellies to our new fave song...… for a game of musical straws?! 🎶🥤🎶 Prepare to be blown away by Hasan's surprisingly stunning straw skills!… to Rhumble and ready to Jungle! Once @antanddec put their wellies on, they're ready for anything! 👯‍♂️ #BGT it’s a straw #bgt
Retweeted by BGTIt is a straw.... #BGT
Retweeted by BGT🏁 And we are OFF! 🏁 🛵 The race for more talent is ON! 🛵 #BGT’s #BGT time! 🥰
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Retweeted by BGT#BGT Saturday starts in 5 minutes 😀
Retweeted by BGTWE LOVE IT! #GoldenBuzzer #BGT at 8pm ⁦@ITV⁩ ⁦@BGT⁩
Retweeted by BGT🤩ONLY 1 HOUR LEFT 🤩 OMG it's nearly time! Tune in on @ITV & @WeAreSTV to catch #BGT at 8pm 🙌