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big mets & rangies guy. #blacklivesmatter

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@BlueSeatBlogs I did it. I figured if I’m gonna he uncomfortable anyway why not enjoy it momentarily @SHODesusAndMero @THEKIDMERO @RobCelletti @yashar adopted a rhino from DSWT and the monthly updates make me smile for weeks @h0ldfasth0pe I am really regretting the extra taco right now 😭 @HockeyStatMiner 👏🏼👏🏼
@bethmachlan the stork store has insane hold times bc of Covid 🙄the answer was yes @Jeopardy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 can we just have a week of Ken vs James plseating tacos. baby kicking really hard. does this mean more tacos or not @ShanersMD it really puts into perspective how stupid some people are that his approval rating isn’t a flat zero @ShanersMD no no that was that the heat would kill itto be fair in the beginning of trumps presidency I had a similar hope that he would just disappear 🤷🏼‍♀️ @katdeepeepee I think that’ll prob be changing given the indoor dining rules changing @katdeepeepee a sad state of affairs my mandying to create a poll asking anti maskers how they feel about 1- gay marriage and 2- a woman’s right to choose but… @brochenski happy canada day!Welp, now I know what I'll be singing for the rest of the day.
Retweeted by becky @baltimoredavey @tangotiger don't have a dog but i can tell you the dogs in my little apt complex were so unhappy last night2020. Half way over. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by beckyWorst heartbreak on Long Island since Brender and Eddie got divorced.
Retweeted by beckyOFFICIAL: #NYR have agreed to terms with free agent forward Artemi Panarin.
Retweeted by beckyWow, this is actually inspiring.
Retweeted by becky @iamavig sorry don't mean to shout at you. just cranky :) @iamavig BUT I'M IN FUCKING HOBOKENthere are fireworks and like five helicopters over the hudson and it's june 30. i'm just gonna blame deblasio becau…
@baltimoredavey mazel tov on the upcoming addition!! @baltimoredavey 9/21.. just hit 28 weeks. baby will come in the beginning of sept and, as much as i want baby to st… @baltimoredavey this is an accurate portrayal of the third trimester of pregnancy btw. except it's like, when you t… is pretty endearing that sports leagues are still looking for hub cities as if the USA will pull its shit togeth… @panarinnnn @JessicaLynn312 @baltimoredavey honestly Bill might need to work some fucking cardio into his routine if it's that hard to breathe @SonicHockeyFan ohhhh haha. ok i did not see that one @SonicHockeyFan i saw the live show as a fetus basically so it's hard to say. but damn they actually got people who… @THEKIDMERO this is the energy we need to bring to the second half of 2020just here to say that the RENT movie was actually pretty good @IsoBarbie @MSNBC @SteveKornacki @NBCNews this is amazing news. thanks for sharing. I'm a NJ resident (NYer born an… @ardie_gee @MSNBC @SteveKornacki @NBCNews that is fantastic <3 @JBarebear @BradleyWhitford @RealEricaLeigh @MSNBC @SteveKornacki @NBCNews how does this turnout rank? seems very high but i am not at all familiar with KY voting trends @JessicaLynn312 @chrissyteigen holy shit @BretzkyBretzky literally always a tweet
@muychael @BlueSeatBlogs literally my mom's take on this haha @BlueSeatBlogs and it's not a political statement, you stupid fucksi love this man @GovMurphy @ChrisCelletti @cmclymer @ilyseh dropping in to say Carrie is an asshole as much as I think she is adorablethis is gross for many reasons but aside from the obvious... WHERE ARE THEIR SHOES? wow, someone found a video of the Barstool guys being racist assholes?!
Retweeted by becky @JessicaLynn312 @Pete_Alonso20 good lord @Chris_Meloni My daughter and I made this video to help get the point across
Retweeted by beckycan’t wait til all these anti mask idiots citing infringement of their consitutional rights learn about the horrors…
@AirlineFlyer @StringAndRudder just absolutely crushed by a thunderstorm here in Hoboken. summer storms 😍 @News12NJ @MattCalamia @NMercad a reminder that humans are terrible
2020 @jerryblevins @PitchingNinja we miss you @AVRBNY I feel this in my soul
wait remember when he shot a guy in the face? @sricciardi87 I saw that one! I was so surprised too @NMercad Florida is truly in peak Florida modeToday is June 26th. For LGBT people, the day has very special significance. Three major Supreme Court cases were de…
Retweeted by beckyunless you're assembling on BLM then you definitely don't have those rights and freedoms @MetSteveKrzyz @HockeyStatMiner @ktthegr8one @CoryBooker it’s how I feel about people who hurt animals too. you have to be a depraved psychopath @ktthegr8one @CoryBooker it's probably easy to do if you have no soul and no consciences/t to @ChristineLRM for sharing it and sparking my inner rage today 😂just saw this and watched probably about 75 seconds of it and i am going to stroke out with the contradictory bulls… @OGTedBerg @Jwmcc09 THIS GUY HELPED CREATE LIFE. WHAT A CHUMP @JTBrown23 @lexilafleur @NHL your babies are so lucky to have amazing role models as parents ♥️ @bhabs37 I’d have to say at least half of the population gave up wearing masks about a month ago here in FL 🙄
Retweeted by becky @BlueshirtsBreak they 100% look like the sens alternatefolks... ultimate fantasy is telling a stranger, “you need to wear a mask” and as they go off about fake news and hoaxes,…
Retweeted by beckythis is only for NON tom brady fans (although i should have no followers who are fans of him.) how do you feel abou…
Retweeted by becky @DSky3 can’t relate 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 @chrisoaks2007 the only people I feel bad for are the healthcare workers and EMTs. @DSky3 which part, be afraid of having any body fat or don’t be afraid of a deadly virus? @JessicaLynn312 that’s somehow even more offensivedoesn’t this guy not eat strawberries because he’s afraid of getting fat?👀 my my how the times have changed @airfrance @RobCelletti @ShanersMD how old are your kids? @thesoidaddie @chrislhayes i just remember after 9/11 him showing a level of emotion that a normal human being woul… @thesoidaddie @chrislhayes all i'm saying is i *think* he is capable of feelings of guilt and sorrow for reasons ot… @chrislhayes fair, but i think bush at least had SOME morals. or at least knew what morals were. @iEricKohn i'm not in a good creative headspace right now sadly
@brandonco4 she loves her papa ♥️96% sure there’s an owl in Hobokensame police department
Retweeted by becky @BretzkyBretzky impeachhhhh the bitch @JessicaLynn312 @BlueSeatBlogs @TheGarden @RadioCity @BlueSeatBlogs @JessicaLynn312 @TheGarden @RadioCity Dave MATTHEWS. also didn’t I have to go to this with gabby bc you were closing? @BlueSeatBlogs @JessicaLynn312 @TheGarden @RadioCity Dave had bronchitis and was not in the mood for people. and th… @JessicaLynn312 @TheGarden @RadioCity I was there 🥺🥺🥺A mask is not a political statement. It's an IQ test.
Retweeted by becky @lexilafleur 🥺🥺