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Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag Bombay, India

F5. Ache khase gharane ka boy. Freelance Sport + Travel Writer @FSFAcademyIndia @BornOffsideblog SmakMagik. #LUFC

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What a difference 3 games can make #lufc
@BorkTales Should do it next to defunct canal boats instead @amazonIN do you have a link to the Citi card offer with 1000 Amazon pay cash back?
Premgranth. No idea why my Mom took me Bloomberg might be worse at these debates than even Trump. How is he even being considered?
@MumbaiPolice ??????? @MumbaiPolice Still going on!! @MumbaiPolice unbelievably loud music behind Jade gardens building, next to noble chemist, mig colony, bandra east. PLEASE STOP ITIs it weird that Igor Stimac is a part on the ISL show?This Robertson fella tasted a bit of success for the first time in his career now he walks around like he’s prime D…
Retweeted by Saahil DAmazon's filter process is the absolute fucking worstThis might be the most insane thing I have ever seen
@BhagArjunBhag The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson.
Retweeted by Saahil D @kokudum Just started this and am proper hooked @Akarsh_Official Never changeMemories of Murder @BorkTales Pankaj Tripathi vibes, which might be pretty accurate in the future @AztecLUFC done, thanks
@PranavHegdeHere Cc @aadil23 @Fusedgasket
@sidin are you doubting daler mehendi aha chiknak chiknak? @sidin no thats punjabi @aadil23 like you've even read that @atultuli @Sanil_Desai 😂
The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings
Retweeted by Saahil D @Sanil_Desai dont you have a game tomorrowthere you goImagine being Klopp and knowing the title's in the bag, knowing a draw away is a good enough result and still knowing a winner is comingKen Liu's Paper Menagerie
Retweeted by Saahil D @KhizM @BorkTales I hope not!My daughter when I start talking football @BorkTales Tere dimaag ka ma behen Kiya kya yeh show? Mera nahi KiyaGarry Monks quest to manage every championship club is still alive!Am I the only one who didn't get Bojack for the emotional rollercoaster it purportedly is?Bristol city didn't have a sniff in that game. Not even close. Just our inability to score more than 1 that kept th… get in #lufcSiri, encapsulate Leeds United at the moment for me #lufc @Vivekkodira Thank you will check out @BhagArjunBhag The tower of Babel by Josaiah Bancroft if you enjoy language and wry humor. Way of Kings if you lik…
Retweeted by Saahil DWonder who'll go there first day first show Davy Klaassen always looked about 50?Decent jinxThat's West Brom up. About 59 clubs fighting for one auto spot now #lufc @rramesss feel like accepting WBA are up and fighting just for 2nd might be betterNo clue what I want from this WBA - Forest game #lufcWill Bork for Pizza.
Retweeted by Saahil D @BorkTales Haha enjoyed this, Lokhandwala ka Bane @BhagArjunBhag Sherlock Holmes
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag Sandman !
Retweeted by Saahil D @ikaveri All time classic @BhagArjunBhag Hitchhikers series - Douglas Adams
Retweeted by Saahil DFifty Shades Series 💤
Retweeted by Saahil D @Alfifius Heard a lot about this, thanks will check @BhagArjunBhag The Kingkiller Chronicle. Two books in the trilogy because Patrick can’t seem to finish the third
Retweeted by Saahil D @notahumangirl @BorkTales Not too childish? @dervishdancing Will check, thank you @L0nelyLiberal @BorkTales Of course @kokudum Thanks will check @BhagArjunBhag @BorkTales A Song of Ice and Fire- George R R Martin
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy! Haven't read anything like it.
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag Tolkien. I mean nothing tops Lord of the rings.
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy is great
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag @BorkTales There are a lot of great ones but I always loved my first series- The Percy Jackson Series ♥️✨
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag Read Library on Mount Char, the Red Sister trilogy, Draconis Memoria trilogy, and the Poppy War series
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@SubbieD @SubbieD Nice, will checkoutYour favourite fantasy book/series? @Fusedgasket Man, thobda toh dekh @marksilv1 @MoscowhiteTSB't expect to see this at a random bookstore in Bombay @MoscowhiteTSB #lufc
Lose on the weekend and I'll buy 50 #lufc @BorkTales I've yet to meet a challenge you haven't overcome. This too shall pass.This is terrible advice men are trash. Be fucking careful of any and all of them. @StefanCoerts what about kids that will step up from their youth? Eiting, Schuurs etc?He's going to die on his sword isn't he #lufc
Beginning to think there's some financial implication to not playing Casilla. Man needs some time out (he's getting…
I'll be honest, am shitting it for tonight. Not sure Bielsa will change anything other than Philips. 15 game season… @rramesss you watch their u19 games?
@BhagArjunBhag All
Retweeted by Saahil D @BhagArjunBhag
Retweeted by Saahil D @Fusedgasket 😂There is no one who wears their badge of stupidity and hate as proudly as the BJP @penguinhowler @BorkTales hipster neil nitin mukesh and im sure he would secretly LOVE a name like thatEvery morning after a drunken night out @sharkhootery Wow this is quite a Tharooring
De kock - 69
Alrighty then. Despite everything, still 2nd somehow but the bunching has begun. Brentford away next. Pressure. Eve… mean where are you even at after the last few weeks #lufc TerrifiedYep #lufcFfsNo poveda 🤔#lufc Hang in there BoroWhat's your one tweet you thought would blow up but did miserably?
@PhilHay_ is travel the best part of your new job Phil? @BorkTales lol mote
Being nice the need for RTs overtakes good sense @LeedsMad2012 I understand that and I give him certain leeway but his xg is over -8. He's underperforming - how muc… @LeedsMad2012 Yes but it's not like they've had the amount of chances that Bamford has had. His overall game is phe…