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illustrator + animator. bg painter on fairfax @ titmouse. prev - the mighty ones (dwtv), buzzfeed + spongebob. he/him. probably hungry.

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@adamjmoussa ...thank you for the heads up I *will* be taking this class thanks! @coleman_engle a crumb of toemanifesting my silver lake athleisure dad destiny @jackfromtheweb I'm calling @NathyPeluso on you @tombellino opulence!!! @TheGregoryE NO I want MORE @SecPompeo have fun not being in office after tomorrow! bye ugly!brb counting down to the end of this administration by blasting a playlist that just has Whitney's National Anthem… mother nature DELIVERI audibly gasped and squealed your art career in one gif challenge
@ICEgov @mollfrylock incentivizing working on a passion project through self-flagellation and external pressure??? big cap energy @cardurr I feel like...once it is something remotely pitch-worthy...I think you will love it (I hope)someone bully me to pitch something by the end of 2021vague tweet but I'm working on a new idea for something that is very fun and very gay and I hope it sees the light of day at some pointthe emcees of the inaugural ball: inaugural ball entertainment: altertnately: I woke up and chose banana bread please give these babies a homeY’ALL’all @jonnymangs thank youSerotonin boost
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@kartermycroft see, I got tested last during the week between Christmas and NYE (by that point no one would have go… AM drive up appt at The Forum, truly only 4 other cars were there for a MASSIVE testing siteI can’t tell whether the fact that I didn’t have to wait in *any* line this morning for my COVID test is a good thi… was feeling sad and lonely tonight and then i took an edible and remembered that Easy A is on Netflix and i’m still lonely but less sad 🥲 @RyannGraham need you to get into Legally Blonde: the Musical now @RyannGraham omfg Ryannthis is my preemptive cover of what I imagine it will sound like
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I would lay down my life for every single queen on Drag Race UK s2Tamisha Imanok fuck it selling it the steadily increasing amount of people in my neighborhood out and about without masks (or doing the absolute l…
@punchlinecopy oop! @mrsamherbst 😡 but also 🥰 @mrsamherbst * n a t u r e i s h e a l i n g * @coleman_engle alexa play soft pink light by muna @trixiedang my parents brought it home from Paris for my brother at age 9 or so and it still fits me!oh no the crop algorithmoh well, at least I feel cute today how 88 degree weather in LA in January isn’t magically curing my seasonal depression 🥰🥰🥰 @MiaResella Yep 🥰❤️ @dfdunham need the fit"I just started listening to Tame Impala have you heard of them?????"big "listen to my podcast I host with my friend from my UCB 101 class" energy🧆🤗 made falafel 🤗🧆
2021 know someone tweeted this video last year as a joke on when things would be “back to normal” and here we are 🥴)the LA County Department of Public Health’s estimate of when I’m gonna get the vax in my arm
@awmccall lmfaoooooooo I played my HitClip of Britney's "Stronger" so much that I broke it @mrvn8r omfg whatImpeached twice and ugly. Lol
Retweeted by Ben Haist, now with Post-Holiday Depression!I have never done any hard drugs in my life but I imagine the sensation of putting on Burt’s Bees right before putt… @carlaclutzy omg pls share @littleChivvis a primer, a core text, if you will! one: me distracting myself from the combination pandemic/sociopolitical collapse by diving headfirst into the e… @adamjmoussa thanks, I hate it!Just watch this whole thing from @AOC.
Retweeted by Ben Haist, now with Post-Holiday Depression!yes I *did* ask for the handsome squidward treatment @aniejeong my new espresso habit + the espresso cup i want in my dreams 🥲 @sweetestsara I cried at the end of Greasei'm so tired @rahkothari me eating popeyes like i'm still 22 @heathernewkirk it exists irl! @PaintWithNick enjoy the surprise boy band song on there!!!winter 2021 playlist drop here towards nowhere 🌫️🌫️🌫️
@Neil_McNeil hwat @Tiki_Machine @superbonart @greychen_ the gem of northern Glendale @Tiki_Machine @superbonart @greychen_ omg I miss Little Groundshey #PortfolioDay! Ben here! I do BG paint, color design, character/prop design, editorial illustration, comics, a…
@amonns dam aha rly makes u thinkOur new President
Retweeted by Ben Haist, now with Post-Holiday Depression! @samiarmiger BIG BOYnone of you told me there is a professionally recorded version of Ariana singing Still Hurting I ever go on Drag Race I’m doing Michael Barbaro for Snatch Game @loneamorphous YES BABE @B_Ri when things calm down a bit I’m bringing Stevie over @B_Ri I don’t @B_Ri I hate u lmao @B_Ri wait holy shit is that ENTIRE YARD yours??????LA County is discontinuing use of the @Curative #COVID19 test following an FDA alert about the risk of false negatives. @KNX1070
Retweeted by Ben Haist, now with Post-Holiday Depression!Nothing feels better than these ~50 seconds of “Get Me Bodied”
Retweeted by Ben Haist, now with Post-Holiday Depression!
@jeffmasters1 who is sheI think if we all ate more BLTAs the world would be a far better place @lizzhickey it is so good, every time I watch it I find something fun and new @BrandonHoang_ STOP @marygruben he lost 20k followers and 12k off of his...following listisn’t that exhaustingwhy are you following enough people that losing the capacity of a mid-sized basketball arena in a “purge” means you… We Go Together make anyone else cry when they watch Grease bc that’s where I’m at mentally right now @sassyblackdiva would a depressed person make THIS @ArtDecider thank you chef 🥲