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@bhalomanush on the mote of dust.

I am every book I have read, every river I have swum in, and every wave to a stranger from a moving train.

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A contemporary way of presenting one of my favorite songs by Kazi Nazrul Islam. This song is beloved in both West B…
@kneelunge This that the CDC has given an official stamp to what we already knew with emerging loci in Korea, Japan, Italy, and… @garam_cha Bangladesh looks very good right now and I speak the language. :)None of this had to happen. To call it a manufactured crisis would be an overstatement.A functioning country requires moral leaders and ethical institutions. When you lack one, you can rely on the other… an emotional student makes rash comments on stage, she is dragged off by the police and her father disavows he…
I don't know if Grant was the first American President (former or sitting) to visit India, but he and his wife very… @sunainak @krishashok @Manyu1705 The Taj Mahal is indeed phenomenal. And pure genius in geometry. FWIW, I was very…
তুমি যদি হও পূর্ণিমা-চাঁদ আমি তবে চিররাত্রি তুমি যদি মম করোনাভাইরাস আমি (ক্রুজ) জাহাজের যাত্রী
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@supremus Wiped out at work this week (and the preceding few), sometimes by work, but sometimes not by that but by personalities. @supremus haha... looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with good food, dog-eared books, conversation, music, no… @sandipcal Wow. I did not know this. Thanks. @kneelunge I am. I hope you're well too. It feels weird to tweet after a while. And I'll probably need to take anot… hope you have a weekend that is comfortable like broken-in shoes that you forget about, a shirt washed so many… time the poet Sunil Ganguly and Salil Choudhury co-wrote a brilliant song, sung by the always amazing Aarti Mu…বাংলা অমন একটা মোলায়েম ভাষা যার সামান্য শব্দের ইচ্ছারণে কবিতার কোমলতা, মায় শব্দের গহনে আবেগ যেন প্রথম ব্যর্থ প্… and mamata @slicebrownbread Don’t try to read it all at once. @slicebrownbread I hope you enjoy it. I’ve read it once before. “Thinking Fast and Slow” is a very rich book, but i… Thaler’s “Nudge”. This explains 50% of my absentmindness. (I’ve shared more behavioral economics in the last… @PhilMoscovitch On my list after I finish Nudge. 😃Note carefully because I’m only going to tweet this once. Richard Thaler used a fly design in a urinal at the Edg…ছোকরা লিখতো, মানে বেশ ভালোই লিখতো ... তারপরে বাবা হলো, উপযুক্ত সাফল্য পেলো, ফিল্মের সংলাপ লিখলো, বইয়ের পর বই বের ক… @diptakirti @subrataiam
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@CinemaPaithiyam So they’re saying and it’s a plausible hypothesis that the effect of scarcity is the opposite. The… @garam_cha Well it’s a vicious cycle that has to do with scarcity. The authors are very clear to point out it’s the… @apeksha02 As The financial writer George J.W. Goodman) wrote, “If you don’t know who you are, (the stock market) i… @seemaddhawan I can vouch for the whole bookAn hour later when you are better at home your mind will say, “I knew it!” That’s what it will say if you’re worse… have an important presentation at work that you have planned to give. You wake up in the morning feeling not qu… decisions in the real world are made with whatever incomplete information is available at the time. A well-t… @garam_cha Because it’s like hilsa with bones. Challenging to deal with and I’m making slow progress, but each morsel is delicious.Vaclav Smil’s “Growth” is not for everyone. Actually, it’s not for almost anyone. But Smil’s sweep of knowledge, ab… is a long passage, but well worth your time. Scarcity impacts the fluid intelligence of smart people on an int… @garam_cha Sorry to hear that. Hope you can get some rest today.“Scarcity” by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir is a great book on constraints that scarcity (whether time, mon…
Daniel Kahneman's famous focusing illusion is- "Nothing in life is as important as you think it is when you are th… Something I wrote while sipping coffee from a chain store.
Retweeted by @moenichedee This is a snapshot study so it is impossible to infer trends, but some states might've done better to alleviate than others. @prayagverma @moenichedee Thanks! @moenichedee I read the news article, but don't have access to EPW which is behind a firewall. They're referring to… hear the constant drumbeat of economic development– and that is necessary, of course. But what is economic deve… @nonedonetwtr No such luck I’m afraid. @sanjibchak Quite possible since it was released in 1988.
@baganboyFPL Moonmoon Sen, Alpana Goswami, and Manoj Mitra (in a fantastic role).1. Chorono dhorite dio go amare (Dadar Kirti) Andhare kokhon eshe jwalbe prodip tumi (Apon amar apon) E amar gurudokkhina (Gurudokkhina) Nirab kore dao he (Bhalobasha bhalobasha) Tumi amar noyon go (Noyonmoni) Tomra jotoi aghaat koro (Gurudokkhina) Aami je ke tomar tumi ta bujhe nao (Anurager chonwa) Katha dilam, aami katha dilam (Surer Akashe) @baganboyFPL His role was not a major one if memory serves. Nothing against the movie.9. Bashbo bhalo, rakhbo bhore (Toophan) of Tapas Paul (mostly as a singer on stage). A list. 10. Onek jomano byatha bedona (Parabat Priya): @nonedonetwtr Fake coloring @simplyclueless1 You mean, legacy? I’m not qualified to comment on that by any means. Especially his post-movie pol… @garam_cha We had the same as well. 😊1. Dadar Kirti 2. Bhalobasha bhalobasha 3. Apon amar Apon 4. Gurudokkhina 5. Surer Aakashe 6. Tuphaan 7. Uttara… Paul is no more. It is impossible to think of the Bengali movies coming out of Kolkata in the 80s without thi…
@miblogestublog 😂😂😂The popular version of tomato ketchup in the Philippines is banana sauce- a slightly sweeter and thicker version. T… know the tangy green chili sauce that is dispensed by the street food vendors in West Bengal? The most popular… @AurobindoM Soumitra and Tanuja 😊 @sanhelmet Thanks for sharing. Great read. @mimpful Indeed @sidvee I will read it later. Bookmarked. I’m writing something that has a connection and I don’t want to be influenced. 😃Solitude is not being single: that is a relationship status. Solitude is not loneliness: that requires an absence.… @bhalomanush While I’m a card carrying capitalist (usage stolen from greater beings), there is definitely merit to…
Retweeted by @aiddya I should check it out.Transactions. Something I wrote while sipping coffee from a chain store.
2020 que no sabes volver Que no puedes volver Como yo que no vuelvo. (Río secreto, Pedro Aznar) @_s_hari There's a chapter on it in Poverty and Famines by Amartya Sen.Eight years on and this rendition of “Amar Shonar Bangla” still obliterates my mind: Dasgupta’s compositions, especially for Bengali romantic films, were another kind of genius. There’s a quiet… of the best– if not the best– Bengali romantic movies ever made. Uff.
@vagabong42 Thanks. Tougher than I thought it would be. His word selection and arrangement are like pieces of a puzzle. @Tukuguha Personal choice. I wanted to avoid any allusion to the idiom of “out of sight, out of mind”. Also Tagore’… @varungrover Remembered that I had translated “barir pashe arshi nagar” myself a few years ago. @varungrover My pleasure. Seriously happy you love these lyrical poems. 😊 @vaniIlaessence Very poor and anachronistic. @varungrover This is Nitai kaure chere jabena @varungrover There’s a very good movie by Goutam Ghosh called “Moner Manush” on the life of Lalon and his syncretic… @varungrover Absolutely amazing and hard to translate. I’ve tried also but it is futile. Perhaps better from Bangla… @varungrover Arshi = Darpan @varungrover City of Mirrors. Glad you are listening to Lalon. Mystic and very deep. @farhan_nihilist নয়ন ছেড়ে গেলে চলেTagore cannot be translated. We all know this. So I translated him. I lost the rhyme but tried to keep some of… @siddhmi Majestic
@mystifen Different. This is more of a book for people who handle data all the time. Its ordered very well.
The 9 Pitfalls of Data Science by Gary Smith and Jay Cordes is a riveting new book for anyone, really. Wonderful st…
@chayanpahari Thanks. Requires more discipline, fewer people will read than Twitter threads... but it's a conscious… @_s_hari The distracted mind @_s_hari The general application of MVT to information foraging is in the book, if that's what you're asking @_s_hari These are my own thoughts with respect to Twitter extending from the book referenced in-line on distractib… plain English what I think we can surmise is heavy Twitter users often do so out of boredom and anxiety, and thi…