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@Sithos_ @FrostHitsThose @AshesofCreation Classic has been a blast but shadowlands doesn’t look that great to me. G… @FrostHitsThose Have you looked at @AshesofCreation at all? I saw @Sithos_ talking about it recently and it looks dope AF. @FrostHitsThose WoW classic 😎“Watch out” 💀 @RenillaWafer Congratulations mom! You guys are going to be amazing parents for sure.
Live on twitch for WoW raid night! :) ttv/bhink @khanslashblitzz @fuzzy_justice @newswhore @Reuters Cos for sure isn’t a word. You’re reaching and it’s wild to see happen lol @wolfdragon78 @SplitDaWig Good of you to admit you don’t know anything about business! @khanslashblitzz @fuzzy_justice @newswhore @Reuters I clearly don’t mind, and I understood with context what the di… @khanslashblitzz @fuzzy_justice @newswhore @Reuters Bigots can fuck right off but you’ll just be rude to people on… @fuzzy_justice @khanslashblitzz @newswhore @Reuters Literally this. That dude is just trying to be an elitist jacka… @BattleReed Someone just confirmed it wasn’t fireworks but I lost the article.:(
@thelynnntv I get what you’re saying, but you kinda just generalized it is all. @thelynnntv Cool opinion. Did you know others have reasons for doing it? Like constant harassment, racism, bigotry,… @Asmongold Yeah this whole thing is accurate I see no problems @Asikaa604 This tweet is a banger. @ConcealedBones This purchase is about one thing. D A T A @Exellion_ 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @Asikaa604 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @NerdyBirdieTV @Asikaa604 @JennaRossity_ @XossGaming Just casually scrolling twitter and see a Luke from the O.C. m… @heyykeeks I MEAN I GUESS 🙄 Thanks for asking first 😏
@_Bodunk Oddly enough, not on what we would call a “mass” scale recently. They just show up to counter protest BLM… aMEriCa iS so DuMB Idiots don’t know borders. At least we’re just marching the streets and protesting literal… @That1GuyKaiser @Nokokopuffs_ @ben_436 @TriviumOfficial A record company stating “hey we will never copy strike you… @ConcealedBones @Nokokopuffs_ @ben_436 @TriviumOfficial Yeah big true. These were confirmed by labels tho for sure… @Nokokopuffs_ @ben_436 Nah man even outside of stream beats. There are whole ass record companies giving permission… @ButterIsPro @NickGasm_ You’re 18 now right? 😈 @NickGasm_ Is that sex @SynistyrTV Big dumb dummiesHoly shit the ego on some people. “Omg here’s streamer advise because I suddenly am popular and you need to” please…
@NickGasm_ Ice cream cake 🤔
@LuckyShotsMIX Depends on how fast they can extract the data they wantLiterally @Phixate Hey big pog brother @_Bodunk Yeah this is an old school one. Messed me up big time back during the dress debacle of like 2015.
@SynistyrTV @DignifiedFlour @realDonaldTrump Yeah and trump still loses his presidency in January if it’s delayed past them. @OldSaltyGrandpa @HercuWeeze @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump Others* Give me a damn edit button @OldSaltyGrandpa @HercuWeeze @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump Yeah it’s literally absurd that anyone think… @OldSaltyGrandpa @HercuWeeze @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump Also totally miss you OSG. Hope you’re doing well 💙 @OldSaltyGrandpa @HercuWeeze @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump Oh dude; fully aware. The problem is that I’… @HercuWeeze @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump Seriously how on earth are those anywhere close to the candi… @PTBarpun @GamerGlamCosmtx Ooooh I like that greenHey chat I didn’t apply for twitch partner because I knew I wanted to focus on stability in the workplace before I… @brennadactyl Me at the primary @AngelStavin @TheCroctopusTV @_Bodunk @realDonaldTrump I very much so hope to see this. I think these Gen Z fuckers… @thuurston Good there definitely wasn’t enough dicks on my timeline. Oh and everyone is gonna see this on their fee… @_Bodunk @TheCroctopusTV @realDonaldTrump I would agree. It’s literally as close to 0 as you can get. It’s also sup… @_Bodunk @realDonaldTrump Dude I sit pretty central. Like, support some left and support some right ideas. You lite… just said he wants to delay elections. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha get the fuck out of… @GhostfromTexas Super surprised to see you on that denial list. Stoked you’re killllling it tho!Saw that a bunch of homies got denied partner tonight. Proud of everything y’all are doing. You’re still a partner,…
@DignifiedFlour Please reserve questions for next week. Thanks in advance.Hello I just logged into work for my second day and my mental health is legit in the best place I can remember. It’… @MixerRemAG I just logged in for day 2 :) @MixerRemAG It’s because you started it off with a tag. Add a . At the beginning next time or tag later in the tweet or it’s treated 1v1 @JaredFPS Dude mine isn’t delivering and I’m kinda sad about it
@DanielBannach I used to frequently. It’s definitely something I need to look into again 👀 @RiegerReport @GovBillLee is a piece of dog shit. You cant be surprised. @FourthRoomBrew I’d like to report this as stolen from my belly @omfgmeow Hey we’re (my classic raid guild) going Mal Ganis for Shadowlands! 😎 @_Bodunk You literally look like you play soccer in this picture 😂 @EscaPlays This gif is amazing 😂😂😂 @MosinTV @Redmagex 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @EscaPlays I’m the fish @DuggDuggLIVE Was considering full birthday to establish absolute dominance in every category but dong size tonights? @DyerTM_Gaming @SplitDaWig 🤝 @thuurston Thank you bb @IMKenWho @CheeringXBoxer @A1000YearsTV ty friendo! @Coltinoo @Asikaa604 TY madam sikaa @anyssa_field 😂😂😂Hi I start my new job tomorrow and I’m big nervous and also have the current sleep schedule of serial killer so if…
@JaredFPS @GoldenboyFTW These kids don’t know about Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song 😎 @TheNinjaWolf Rogue company is a joke, hyper scape is pretty dope movement but atrocious shooting mechanics, and va… @GothHimeSama @MissHenleyTV I’m equally as interested in these answers 👀
@mattshotcha 100% haha. He’s kinda notorious for that. @mattshotcha Worth noting this is completely out of context as is everything on the internet, and he literally says… @Dexerto Weird that you would write an out of context article oh wait JK it’s not weird carry on trash news
@BackdraftLIVE @im_princeth 😂 @NickGasm_ @TSM Yo big sad @llHoneyBadgerll glhf @MorningsWithFC Man. No one deserves this treatment but what kind of rotten evil scum does it take to do so to you?… @Heels2WheelsTTV Us big forehead people just housing bigger brains 😎NOOOOO 🥺 @DJMoonDawg Oh you do logos? How much to create a whole ass brand for me? 🥳I have two pups in bed with me and one of them keeps farting and they both seem asleep but I’m getting suspicious 😑 @DignifiedFlour @Exellion_ @Styleth When you manifest and internalize thoughts like that, you do nothing but sell y… @DignifiedFlour @Exellion_ @Styleth It’s exactly what happened to me when I got PUBG partner. I had streamers 5 tim… @Exellion_ @Styleth I was super vocal about this and people said that I was insensitive to their frustrations. I wi…
Mixer? I barely knew her. Live vibing out on wow tonight. Just super chillin nothing exciting. Starting in 10 @ConcealedBones “If you sad in life, use MSG” is an entire mood @MsKittyRage @WatchMixer It’s gonna start phasing out in 45 minutes @Seven_of_7_ @Antitinkerbell have you guys seen this? It made me so happy to wake up to.God I miss this old bastard. Hope he’s talking shit about me right now 🥺 @JordanRogers09 @BorisEP @JoeBiden Imagine posting this when it’s LITERALLY the current presidents 😂😂😂