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@SFY @marcelluswiley @EmmanuelAcho Young fella can’t keep up Mr. Marcus....🙂😂
@NotKennyRogers I love Rudy but that’s a special kind of stupid… how Do you even get put in that situation @The_WIN_D @CEmma670 Cool... I didn’t know anything about them so I appreciate that @The_WIN_D @CEmma670 By what standard? Why did bills release him ? @CEmma670 What makes you think he’s any better than what they have? @LanceBriggs good enough for ya...
ONE senior federal law enforcement official says: 1-The FBI and DOJ concur with DNI Ratcliffe's assessment that Hun…
Retweeted by Brian @TroyAikman Damage control @ArthurArkush Naaaa 😂 @GeorgiaBoy__912 @BSO That’s a state deal....that’s on Dem Newsome @ScooterMagruder ZEKE.....
@nbcchicago That’s one way to put it....pleasuring himself on a live zoom call / @chicagotribune A reminder of what Jeffrey Toobin did day in and day out to smear Brett Kavanaugh ...wasn’t just exposing... @greggabe @North2North Stepped out @ZimmermanSXM Idiots mainly.... @greggabe Radio heroes think they know @ArthurArkush So called expert pre season picks
@greggabe Not @greggabe Why in earth would they put in Jordan love? @danwiederer It’s so much more genuine that Mitch who always seems to have to be “on” its natural for nick @greta 😂😂😂 @greta @packers I don’t think Tampa like that little dance he did in the end zone....they’ve been bullying him ever since @jakehop14 😂😂😂 @davidaxelrod And they paid Trump...what a burn 😂 @kfishbain What’s the rank last 3 games? @Hub_Arkush He did and got bullied... @MJudahBrave @ColinCowherd Ifs and is an execution game. @DrewCam67651914 @ugabarstool @Johnny_Joey Yep Bama did that ....shut Georgia up @cjdeas10 @ugabarstool @Johnny_Joey GG @ugabarstool @Johnny_Joey It’s just sports guys… It’s all good @Johnny_Joey Nope... I just think it’s a weak to blame referees @BoJack39 Right @nbcchicago Ha...the whole dem message is fear... @RickCCamp He’s negative.... @BoJack39 They need battle back
@JohnDelaney Do you really see anyone bringing anybody together… I see Democrat party as vindictive @AddamKendrick @PatricktheRaven @ColinCowherd That’s a threat of rape @rpufu24 @AddamKendrick @ColinCowherd At Notre Dame, that is 2.0 for athletes @AddamKendrick @ColinCowherd Can’t keep calling themselves a championship program when they haven’t won since 1988 @ColinCowherd 12 points against a unranked Louisville team...nice team maybe but no where near to 5 @CEmma670 Certainly not the #4 team in the nation @NickWilliams_98 Exactly! But remember you’re not paying your fair share @NBCNews So when Obama mis pronounced her name he was micro aggression? @j_bushrod7475 Amazing how o-line who stop playing get back to “ normal” size after are retired and not required to… @IngrahamAngle Bye.... @TimMurtaugh Biden just did and he snapped at the reporter.... @BNightengale What ? @davebriggstv @TillamookDairy Try the regular chocolate chip with a little melted peanut butter on changer
@t2d @NBCNews Not according to the young man who asked...his response was “I guess so” Joe missed the point and rambled. @NBCNews This young asked Joe about the “you ain’t black” and how voting for him Doesn’t Feed into the system that… @herbie012 @cvpayne It was all just to get his message out..not to honestly look that young man in the eye, show so… @SFY @marcelluswiley @EmmanuelAcho Mr Wiley as always! Love the partnership you two have.. @cvpayne This young man had a question about racism and he gets a lecture about cyber security in mortgages… Joe di… @megynkelly A young man asked Joe about the “you ain’t black” comment and how voting for him Doesn’t Feed into the… @megynkelly Joe literally said he wanted to do a mask mandate and now he says he knows he can’t @megynkelly Can’t
@jackbyrnes 😂😂😂 @Chris_Spatola I’m going to share that one… That’s pretty good
@chicagotribune He got schooled by what will be Justice Barrett @ChuckGarfien Please let these interviews be token in nature to placate the old man @PWSullivan Let’s hope that Rick is interviewing him only to appease the old manAmazingly currupt @william71149156 @Gil_Brandt Now that’s an intelligent thought...say a lot . @henryHiIIz @Gil_Brandt The football gets progressively worse. Especially on Thursdays. Do I like to watch it yes b… @Gil_Brandt Having these guys play other than Sunday and the occasional Monday is terrible given the violence of th… @jlc7212007 @THATAllenCovert @KatiePavlich What was said? @ScottHanson No kidding
@ShannonBream And zero From the law school @kssjvs @charliekirk11 Judge Barrett knows her cases so well that Booker is having a hard time tripping her up. He… @ComfortablySmug Judge Barrett knows her cases so well that Booker is having a hard time tripping her up. He likes… @MatthewBetley @SenBooker Judge Barrett knows her cases so well that Booker is having a hard time tripping her up.…
@BHRCSD @toddstarnes Where did he say it? Any videos? @CEmma670 Booo @samstein How about Amy? None for her @nbcchicago Good lord... she knows you can turn off social media I assume... @patrickfinley @thekapman He’s not wrong... we all take risks in different professions his just happens to be on a higher level... @TonyDungy You’re a man Coach...anyone who says otherwise the foolish...And if you did beat my bears in the Super Bowl :-) @WerderEdESPN He was offered a long term deal Patrick. With 100 million guaranteed. He chose to turn that down. I h…
@DougieFresh_13 @WerderEdESPN Please seek therapy for that anger @DougieFresh_13 @WerderEdESPN No thanks...angry man @DougieFresh_13 @WerderEdESPN Aren’t you nice....God bless you @WerderEdESPN It’s why he should’ve taken the deal @Capperjohn5807 @patrickfinley Exactly!!! @stillgray That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen @JMEESEIII 😂😂 Roethlisberger is evidently playing for free this year. I've heard at least 5 times the only reason he came ba…
Retweeted by Brian @Johnny_Joey @kayleighmcenany Went worth @CEmma670 Cole can’t even hit the field...I would wait on that one @TomBrady had dinner with #64 tonight... really good guy
@TheJordanRachel We just have to make sure they all vote… @YahooSports Weak! They let that company sponsor the 49ers @TitansTonk You have no idea what you are talking stop...
@CEmma670 Totally agree...he hits that we are praising his aggressive move @NBCNews This is the crazy ones focus....not on helping....she’s off her meds. Or early dementia.. @adamjahns Foles is supposed to be this smart, accurate vet...he’s horrible @EliotShorrParks Really??? He blows
@JMEESEIII @RossTuckerNFL @dlolley_pgh @SharpFootball That one makes sense… You can’t just give a team a free victory... @David_Leavitt Yep...arrested and will go to jail...those rioters should have been @ABC7Chicago Where’s her costume and her census cowboy? Clown show @CWilliamson44 Don’t take it..your choice