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@1HUNNYU this cut deep @jellyfish_val mad @jellyfish_val cope @jellyfish_val that lasted long @PaindrianVal hi
@jellyfish_val ok bro you win i’m off twitter for the rest of the day you can tweet all u want @jellyfish_val MAXIMUM COPE @jellyfish_val i posses a smurf that’s higher than thy peakth @jellyfish_val @jellyfish_val don’t piss ur pants ik ur mad @jellyfish_val 🥺🥺 @jellyfish_val ok well i’m talking about the top 0.5% u fking boomer AND I LIKE FRACTURe ur a nerd @jellyfish_val nvm i give up @jellyfish_val they drone… @jellyfish_val the 4 main entrances are places you can aim duel bro i’ll literally peek somewhere random w an op an… @jellyfish_val yes but it’s like that for every map so ur right thst fracture is team based but that’s literally every map and every game @jellyfish_val dude in any high elo game they run breach to counter kj you probably aren’t playing against breach o… @jellyfish_val split is legit tighter and haven is like the same what does the size of the map have to do with anything @jellyfish_val a duelist can’t hard carry on any map with shit supports, if your kj can’t lock down site after you… @jellyfish_val yea it’s funny cope @jellyfish_val a game is always dependent on ur supports @jellyfish_val you sound like my 50 year old math teacher who hated me @RemValorant me @zzztayluh @btookess BROOOOO LMFAOOOOO ALUCARD IS TOO FUNNY @kaIashnikova no @RemValorant bonjour
@jellyfish_val cry @jellyfish_val “back in my day” mf lookin ass boomer @jellyfish_val or maybe diamonds are stupid asf and play like braindead idiots
@jellyfish_val this is maximum cope that we are witnessing @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val bro i will? imm3 is a joke lmfao @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val shut up @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val why u in my fucking mentions u cringe fuck you look like soggy cereal mixed with dirty q tips @jellyfish_val cope
@Sh1zl3 ok @jellyfish_val @btookess no im always right so i don’t need to see ur profile @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val @btookess he’s making food rn @jellyfish_val @btookess ur not diamond 2 that’s fking cap @zzztayluh 😐😐😐 @jellyfish_val react @kaIashnikova @btookess yea man ryan i’m w u @btookess no @jellyfish_val irene gonna have a panic attack @jellyfish_val *crickets*
@jellyfish_val ur coping so hard rn @1kotaaa if ur gold just uninstall* @jellyfish_val cope @Gramp_ @RGNValenthyme 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
@galatico_7 @btookess 550 in cash @galatico_7 @btookess already did @imozny sup @btookess shut up cope @btookess 29483928472937298€ rn @kaIashnikova @btookess @KonzzFPS bro r u dumb i’ve been hardstuck immortal for 90.4 acts cops @kaIashnikova @btookess @KonzzFPS this is why ur peak is immortal 1 stay ass bitch @kaIashnikova @btookess @KonzzFPS this is ass @jellyfish_val cope cope cope cope @jellyfish_val cope @galatico_7 @jellyfish_val 😐
@kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val but the results would speakth otherwise, thou shall bow down to thy ruler n3rd @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val i’m getting nudes from everyone’s mothers in the back of class because i can’t let any… @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val r u dumb bozo i boost egirls and i get esexual intercourse i stay winnin n3rd cope @jellyfish_val @kaIashnikova more like everytime n3rd cope @btookess shut up @jellyfish_val @kaIashnikova POV: Your mind is blank so you bandwagon nerds @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val r u dumb or stupid my grades are 4 digits that’s how smart i am i’m getting into harva… @jellyfish_val AHAHAHAHAHAHAH BRO IM 16 AND THEY DONT EVEN DO THAT TO ME ABAHAHBAABAHAHAH @GrampsPriv there is always those times @Raki4k @jellyfish_val yea ur dead @jellyfish_val hit immortal first bozo boomer @GrampsPriv jk i feel u though @jellyfish_val imagine 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓 @GrampsPriv cope nerd @kaIashnikova @jellyfish_val ur ass bro one lucky shot dont shit ur pants @jellyfish_val @btookess @btookess ur weird bro she’s like 48 @jellyfish_val cope @kaIashnikova cope @kaIashnikova r u dumb or stupid 281rr to be exact @kaIashnikova sup bozo @kaIashnikova @btookess @KonzzFPS i be making bank at hotel trivago and that’s why ur mom be out of the house so of… @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess the only action figure i’m playing with is a jett one hold this L ur legs are ash… @kaIashnikova @btookess @KonzzFPS i be recording romeo and juliet with ur mom i am romeo little boy lookin ass and she is juliet hold this L @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess i don’t have a middle name jeffrey is the name of my cock u dumb bozo don’t disre… @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess bro r u dumb all the bitches gonna give me money just for being the big hopsinato… @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess LMFAO @1HUNNYU hello @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess my uncle is pushing 90 and still pulling more bitches than you in ur prime jokes… @KonzzFPS @kaIashnikova @btookess ur mom be sticking my leg hair up her coochie hold this L bozo @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess the only thing that’s odd is ur moms age cause she is a solid 77 bozo @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess r u dumb i play with my dick flopped on my table bro u are not scary @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess r u dumb why would i be trembling ur shaking in ur boots shiver me timbers headass @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess ur not creative L bozo hold this Ratio @KonzzFPS @kaIashnikova @btookess ur trembling @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess it’s cause ur bozo ass cant read it stay in school kids type beat @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess had to fit it all in like i fit in ur mom@ @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess bro r u dumb the only episode that’s being made is one with ur mom and i and we g… @kaIashnikova @KonzzFPS @btookess cry @KonzzFPS @kaIashnikova @btookess u don’t want ur door to be flying do u ? @jellyfish_val ur still gold boomer fk