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all women lie and cheat💯 @wrig3922 my triomate!!!This is the most iconic clip of all time... the Duo Arena w/ @RianWatsons @FoppeFN @osperatie @Cented7 foppewin? @FoppeFN @osperatie @Cented7 i just said you're insane but you used to be ass that's a compliment @osperatie @Cented7 idk what happened to foppe but on everything i love he used to be the worst fighter in the game… @RianWatsons bet!stream in 30-45 @orcedify bc when i transferred colleges they had to schedule my classes for the only available times they had which is 9 AM every day🔥 @BigReemus thanks for the tipsitting in my driveway in the snow blasting a boogie as i eat my breakfast from tim hortons. i have peaked in life. @BigReemus Gonna be real, we do not care. @breadfn_ bread mistakes channel has 0 messages @mooseqt @demisxxual she’s soooo fucked up rnnn @happed_ fairY’all think I have the most iconic AVI in the Fort comm? @cammy_z1 miss you cam <3 @Vettafy noIf you don’t know this feeling, you never enjoyed the best times of this game.It’s Spring 2018. You just got home from school and woke up from your nap. You look at CMG and see there are 1v1 an… @jojiFN noti fb @MeroFN @oReqqy It took Reqqy 5 seasons to finally wager me in kill races... i begged him once a week from season 5… @ItssNach guys took too long back to bed. it’s probably joeyjenner, birch, or one of the swedish cheaters anyways id prob… @alliesux_ i’m not laughing. @noobmini_ i will if it hits100 likes in 4 minutes i accept this and stream it @Webster1x @SmixFNBR sorry just hitting alg duck off @alliesux_ i can have you partnered on twitch in 4 months all you gotta do is act like you love me @JoeFNBR_ so tired sorry man :( @Sparebow i was playing with my dick. @Sparebow that’s a pretty normal age @Sparebow 8 or 9 @originsbtw i am mentally slow yesturn on yt notis🔥 @playboi_cozy thanks #notigang @originsbtw always honestDay 16/365 dogshit algorithm Coco montage just mute it and watch the whole thing through Like and Comment if you wa… @shhiftyy @kyrhha i am @shhiftyy @kyrhha watch your back @TLuneze you wouldn’t have got banned gg @kyrhha no ur mom is!!! @kyrhha we do not care gif @sinixwyd @avalrr you were not shutting up this morning man. all i heard was “wow ava is so beautiful i want to tre… @severe2c my dog @avalrr @sinixwyd is this the girl you said you wanted to spoil with all of your money? @severe2c feed him (gerald) to molly @IhySuperior HELLO?!?!?!? @wrig3922 aaron hernandez @riftmull @scythelmao shut up my brain is smoother than yours dumbass! @wrig3922 LMFAOOOOOOO @riftmull @tahetihw i said in game @wrig3922 @Desemay god you are pathetic @provixx trueIf he posts any screenshots I said "in game" after so it doesn't count. @SynnSzn Not an impression farm kid needs to fall 26m irl.I have RiftMull squealing in excitement after killing me when I was literally emoting on his teammate after I knock… @skqttlescuh lets be real it was you guys but the big arjun shit all over you so you're acting like its fake. @RwrLol 6th😈😈😈 @wrig3922 reply to other reply my other point made more sense @Mavolant yes @wrig3922 a $15 minimum wage would also mean that smaller businesses would have to shut down so in the end the only… @wrig3922 $15 minimum wage will lead to crazy inflation @Yizreal1 that's what i'm saying no grown ass person should be working at mcdonalds @DlCTATING true
i didn't try editing i'm just on an insane amount of adderall @wolfboyharu yesMy reaction time is nuts... @crediblefn why is this heat... @wrig3922 @DlCTATING low pinger idiot @Connoreo_ Did 50 make it happen? @50taruns DM contract i'm onna come up fr @divineqt_ bhro @spookyaddison @LiquidRiversan ye he ain't ugly @spookyaddison @LiquidRiversan see what @Quick @WestinMac @AmericanDadLive i couldn’t see it might be sub only @WestinMac @Quick @AmericanDadLive send inv link @7bels @TrickVAL @SocialFN @itsKozar i honestly don't care i was just tryna be petty on the tl i'm muting the convo… @TrickVAL @7bels @SocialFN @itsKozar i just want untagged from everything i don't want this flooding my mentions. t… @7bels @SocialFN @itsKozar tbf you don't know his life the only things you know about him are his opinions on twitt… @7bels @SocialFN @itsKozar but i thought you "simply don't care" so why not leave it up. @SocialFN @7bels @itsKozar most people only join the military for the benefits to be fair. @7bels @itsKozar ok @7bels @itsKozar if you're gonna say something at least to commit to the words you're saying @7bels @itsKozar but if i was to say i hope you suffer from ptsd every time you get abused it'd be pretty fucked up huh? @ZitoFN_ @vnshgg wtf @dawinfps Donald @uhhVortex @teaFPS how many retards are there named vortexHate this fucking game why did it actually give me one? @pichxn @vertexfnr dumbass i said vortex not vertex @Rozyfnn @Jaacobqt @CorinnaKopf not as cringe as you begging to be apart of our friend group and getting kicked bec… @Rozyfnn @CorinnaKopf the tweet is an obvious joke dumbass @Rozyfnn @CorinnaKopf @CorinnaKopf i've never touched a woman and i'm almost 19 can you please be my make a wishNO WAY LMFAOOOOOOO @DlCTATING @itsJerian need jerian cock ring now. @Team_Kungarna @Nexybtw #ASKKNGNEXY do you think TFG should make you dump GFUEL in your hair for TikTok content? @tomaselli_nick TRUE