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Bloomfield Hills Schools ensures the most opportunity for personal growth through our opportunities, curriculum, services & resources.

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Students developing SHoM: Observe Some students are even starting to work collaboratively. Drawing studio is in ful…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsKids using #LittleFreeLibrary after getting off the bus @EastoverEagles #livingoutloud @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsDid you know that our head athletic trainer @JohnCiecko is certified as a #Concussion Management Specialist? Very f…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsEnjoyed being in Mrs Toth’s class today! I was so proud of our students as they develop their reading stamina and r…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThanks @dronebros1 for the amazing and fun LP 50th Anniversary photo shoot! We had a blast and love our photos and…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsMr. Phou inviting his Math students into class as long as they remembered to bring their Growth Mindset! :)…
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Thank you @taurusmotivates for sharing your powerful message encouraging us be ourselves and to learn from others…
Retweeted by BHSchools @taurusmotivates brought a powerful message filled w lessons to our Gr8 Ss today @WestHillsMS. Thx Taurus Montgomer…
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Our first episode of "This Week Today" is here! Watch and let us know your thoughts.
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWhen a student comes to school with 23 handwritten, personalized notes for her classmates 💗 ✍️ #classroomculture
Retweeted by BHSchoolsA dramatic combustion reaction @BHMSLancers in Mr. Biegun's 7th Grade Science Class. Blowing corn starch through a…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThx @BHSFoundationMI for sharing grant opportunities w our @WestHillsMS staff today! @bhschools @RobDurecka
Retweeted by BHSchoolsAnnual @Ok2Say grade level presentations kick off today @WestHillsMS! @RobDurecka @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThank you, Aileen Myer, for representing Bower Farm and Making a Difference! @bhschools @BHSFoundationMI
Retweeted by BHSchoolsGr 6-8 Ss are engaged in @Ok2Say presentation from State of MI AG @dananessel office! Quality work, support, and re…
Retweeted by BHSchools5th Grade Camp Meeting for the students - good times @CampCopneconic @bhschools @TinaKostiuk
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Down the hill we go for the 50th anniversary drone photo! #LP50th @bhschools @AndyGignac @RobDurecka @PaulPkolin
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWe have a Super Reader @ Way! #WayReads @BTPL_MI @bhschools #StrongerTogether
Retweeted by BHSchoolsSpreading #BookJoy at Way! What books would you put on your #Shelfie? @bhschools #WayReads @michiganmame @aasl
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Co-reading. Helping out each other. ⁦@EastHills4_8⁩ ⁦@bhschools⁩ ⁦@Kieselpeeps⁩
Retweeted by BHSchoolsFiguring out point of view—who is telling the story? #ELACafe @BHMSLancers @bhschools @tjbidlack @PaulPkolin
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Conant Open House! Giving children a voice to share school/curriculum with families. Nothing but love 💕last night…
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@BHMSLancers 5th graders kicking off the year with team building @CampCopneconic! @Renglish71 @HarleenKSingh
Retweeted by BHSchoolsUsing technology to differentiate instruction for 6 different instruments on day 1 of beginning band! @BHMSLancers
Retweeted by BHSchoolsI love the tradition of visiting Global Villages with our sixth grade! It is such an amazing way to provide context…
Retweeted by BHSchools @BHMSLancers loving flexible seating options in @KEWalkenhorst’s classroom! Leo’s restaurant booths, reading benche…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsAlways an exiting day for our building - Chromebook deployment day @DShulks @bhschools @TinaKostiuk @tjbidlack
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What’s in your bag? Exploring empathy, identity and perspective with #bhhschangeagent19/20 today! @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchools @mrsamatulli engaging 5th graders with learning targets in the media center @BHMSLancers @Renglish71 @HarleenKSingh
Retweeted by BHSchools6th graders @bhms extending their learning by identifying science in the world around them! #realworldconnections
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'I love you with every ounce of my soul:' Bloomfield Hills Schools creates video of letters to kindergartners… day of school... books that needed a new home! @conantreads @BHSConant @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsAnd we’re off! Fine Line Cards and sharing hopes for senior year in #lauterlit @bhschools
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I meant to tweet this out earlier today - so nice to connect with our @EastHills4_8 families this morning - it was…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWelcome back @WestHillsMS! A fantastic first day with our amazing Ss! @bhschools @RobDurecka @jentealteach
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWelcome back to Eastover! Ready for our first full day of school Wednesday. See you soon. @bhschools @HemptonK
Retweeted by BHSchoolsBefore we were teachers... Way staff welcomes students to bring in the new school year! @cjzervos @LetstacoboutPE
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThe E.L. Johnson Nature Center Family Fun Day - Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. Come on out and enjoy the day! Join us f…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsNew year, new classes, new opportunities! @ModelBHS @bhschools #bhhschangesgent19/20 #lowrylit19/20 #modelfc19/20
Retweeted by BHSchoolsEnjoying our time with our new 4th graders - discussing what it means to be an @EastHills4_8 Cavalier @konzena
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Join Bloomfield Hills Schools DHH staff at the Deaf Day Celebration on Saturday, September 28, 2019. @bhschools Conant El welcomes readers back with their “mission on their sleeve!” @conantreads @tjbidlack
Retweeted by BHSchoolsCelebrate Hope has partnered with Bloomfield Hills Schools to offer the following events during the 2019-2020 schoo… “Wind” is blowing at West Hills! @PaulPkolin @AndyGignac @bhschools @SraSalisz
Retweeted by BHSchoolsFirst recess of the year - #itisgoingtobeagreatyear @bhschools @TinaKostiuk
Retweeted by BHSchools @bhschools @WestHillsMS Happy First Day of School!
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Our transportation team has made adjustments to bus routes throughout the weekend to accommodate new families who h…
The @bhschools art teachers really got creative with the @3Doodler Start pens! Dragons and flowers and frogs, oh my…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsSprucing up the library and ready for the year! It will be a great year! Who will check out a book first?…
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To be good teachers of writing - we have to write! We have to write small moments so kids will too. @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsPowerful modeling with Kris from Teacher’s College! ⁦@HemptonK⁩ ⁦@bhschools⁩ ⁦@mahoneyman⁩ ⁦@AndyGignac⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by BHSchools @EastHills4_8 @WestHillsMS @BHMSLancers thoughtfully engage with what writers need to grow and gain independence!…
Retweeted by BHSchools @katieeven stretches our thinking around library structures for our readers @bhschools @LizaLauter @TCRWP @tjbidlack
Retweeted by BHSchoolsLove learning how to support my teachers and students with @TeachersCollege! Thanks for the learning opportunity…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsMusic staff PD! @bhschools @mskpeterson
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThankful to have spent the day with @YourTherapyLive creator Ryan preparing to implement @PrepareU2 into @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsK-2 staff is reminded to let go of perfection and celebrate approximation. We’ve got this -ish! #bloomfieldforward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsHmmmm since we're already talking about possible Snow Days, check out our website to learn… @TCRWP staff developers are guiding @bhschools K-8 staff at our Units of Study “QuickStart” tomorrow. Looking forwa…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsOur PD today included an "Iron Chef" team building excercise and it was seriously FABULOUS. I'm so lucky to be sta…
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Thank you to the amazing families who helped us create this video for the BHS staff! Everyone got to see it yester… book tasting with some of my favorite educators! #BloomfieldForward @mrsamatulli
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThinking about the joy in our work @EastHills4_8 @BillBoyle24 @marschultz @menloinnovation @bhschools @tjbidlack
Retweeted by BHSchoolsConant Farm Fresh Cook-Off team building. Which team will have the winning dish? @BHBowersFarm @TinaKostiuk
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So excited to be back together as an @EastHills4_8 staff - thank you @BHBlackHawks for hosting us @bhschools - reco…
Retweeted by BHSchools @bhschools you are difference makers for kids! Here we go! @E_Sheninger #bloomfieldforward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsThanks for a great morning @bhschools. Best of luck this school year #bloomfieldForward #LT8Keys
Retweeted by BHSchoolsBrag about a colleague: Kate Philp is a confidence builder for little souls, engaged listener, and musician. #BloomfieldForward @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsBrag about a colleague: Jessica Riley is a team player, soul builder, and music-maker. #BloomfieldForward @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsBrag about a colleague: Mary Bogrette is a community builder, purpose finder, and artist. #BloomfieldForward @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsStaff! Share the story you are telling your neighbor about your amazing colleague by tweeting @bhschools and taggin… already know the research but sometimes our lens gets in the way. @E_Sheninger #BloomfieldForward
Retweeted by BHSchools“How will you unleash the genius of your learners?” - Eric Sheninger #BloomfieldForward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsBe more dog! #bloomfieldforward @bhschools
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWelcome back day with @E_Sheninger #bloomfieldforward Thanks #PhysEd for providing a great personal learning netwo…
Retweeted by BHSchools @bhschools talk to your media specialist about a makey makey - or other tools that spark inquiry in our kids -we’ve…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsQuestion to staff during welcome back day: “What should learning spaces today include?” Share your thoughts by usin… Back Day! @bhschools #creativearts #bloomfieldforward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsCompanies disrupting the industry- how are we preparing Ss to #disrupt? ⁦@bhschools⁩ #bloomfieldforward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsTalking innovation and skills to move #BloomfieldForward! The power of yet and what ifs. Creativity creates disrupt…
Retweeted by BHSchoolsGetting excited for the upcoming school year @bhschools another exciting #WelcomeBack @E_Sheninger @tjbidlack
Retweeted by BHSchoolsEric Sheninger, Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on Digital Leadership with the International Center for Leadership… @bhschools @TinaKostiuk kicks off Welcome Back! #bloomfieldforward
Retweeted by BHSchoolsWelcome back, staff! Getting ready for a great new school year #bloomfieldforward
BHS Administrators building restorative culture and fostering the power of Joy. @bhschools @iirpgradschool
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It's almost time to go back to school and we can't wait! Find out more on our website
It's almost time to go back to school and we are so excited! Check out our website for details…
A Sensory Sensitive Hair Cut Event will take place at Zealand Spa Salon on Monday, August 19, 2019, from 3:00 - 6:0…
Bloomfield Hills Schools is seeking a Social Emotional Learning Social Worker/Transition Coordinator for our DHH Pr…
Wing Lake Developmental Center and Booth Center are currently without power. There will be no school for students…
The search for our new superintendent is starting soon. We want candidates to learn about our community & neighborh…
The Online Back to School Registration process is now open for the 2019-2020 school year! If your child plans to at…
Please note: The Summer Family Picnic originally scheduled for today 7/16/19 at Wing Lake Beach has been cancelled.
Bloomfield Hills Schools in partnership with Celebrate Hope invites families who have children with disabilities to…
Awesome getting to go to Washington, DC to see ⁦@bhschools⁩ Senior Brady Crimmins receive his Presidential Scholars…
Retweeted by BHSchools @TEAM2834 advocacy team members join 55 @FIRSTweets teams to #makeitloud @firstnac this week! #Advocate4STEM
Retweeted by BHSchoolsJoin us for the annual Breakfast with the Superintendents. RSVP required: Sponsored by…
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Congratulations to Board of Education Treasurer, Howard Baron, for earning the Master Platinum Award from @MASB. T…
Eagles Nest coming up with summer reading plans! Kinders, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders helping each other!…
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