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My cat gives me high fives what about yours ? you don't know why they put red paint there it’s bc ICE have been removing females uterus’ without consent. they…
Retweeted by binkyMars stations direct in the sign of Aries on November 13th, Friday the 13th—For some of y'all, it's about to be a cold day in hell.
Retweeted by binkyI see right through peoples bullshit. But I let em think whatever and move accordingly.
Retweeted by binky"I LOVE"—VENUS in the HOUSES: 1. I love myself 2. I love my surroundings 3. I love to communicate 4. I love my hom…
Retweeted by binkyThis is so cuteeee miss the “Lotus Flower Bomb” & “Diced Pineapples” era of music
Retweeted by binkyand that’s that on that
Retweeted by binkyI wasn't built for just any man. I'm really a lot to handle. If you see that you cannot handle me early on, just leave me alone.
Retweeted by binkyI love being solid because I never have to wonder if it was me or you
Retweeted by binkyShe raised most of us
Retweeted by binkypossible signs; pisces cancer scorpio leo
Retweeted by binkyMy first Saturday off in forever
@soytuagua 10/10 and make sure u go into a jacuzzi after CuZ that’s where I’m headeddd @soytuagua I did lmao technically you were right and I was too tho 😭 @soytuagua It’s not.. it’s 745Im drunk and getting a massage 🥰 cuz I deserve itWhy are people shitting on girls for being high maintenance today?! If you wanna be great w your Ross bag then go a…
Retweeted by binky @teaxtarot way to get cut off with me is keep doing what I say I don’t like.
Retweeted by binkyNo longer pouring into cups that don’t pour into mine.
Retweeted by binkyAnyways lmaoDelaware * lolI don’t think there should be a “national” minimum wage raise.Bc every states cost of living is different. You can’…’m really a solid bitch, so it’s never my loss. Ever.
Retweeted by binkyThis cafe mocha I just made myself Is bombSo if they raise minimum wage fuck my salary right ? Lmaowhy are we arguing over who’s the least racist like why can’t none of you be racist
Retweeted by binkyI love this songggggg omg hahahahahaLa da di da di da back to the streets 🎶 @PR1NCESSPERLS Feel better 🎀 🤩You never really know someone until you hear them pronounce “pecan”.
Retweeted by binky @PR1NCESSPERLS 🤣Lil durk said “I pray my loyalty don’t make me a fool no more” I felt that
Retweeted by binky @AQUEEN1199 Leo & CapricornI’m territorial asf...ion like det
Retweeted by binkythis is very rageful and loaded. there is obviously exceptions but in most cases it just never works and i hate when ppl TRY
Retweeted by binkyDeath in Tarot is ruled by Scorpio. Wherever Scorpio is in your chart will show you where you need to get rid of so…
Retweeted by binky @Uncletre1 Im disgusted lol did you see the background of almost every second of it lolIts 2020 if ya nigga don’t eat ya ass and suck ya toes idk what to tell you
Retweeted by binkyIdk who to vote for.That’s old white for “cap”
Retweeted by binky🦋💸Goddess ASMR Money Manifestation💸🦋 May every finger that retweets this be covered in an abundance of green becau…
Retweeted by binky"Love U 4 Life" 1995
Retweeted by binkyDudes be 5’4 with a king size bed... What you need all that space for princess? 😭😭
Retweeted by binky @urfavsalvi I love lomo saltado 😩
@Marcus_Chron Nah don’t get it twisted. I’m not meant for the weak. That’s all🤧🤧
Retweeted by binkyI love cherry tomatoes
Retweeted by binkyFirst it’s “baby” and then it’s “you bird ass bitch” 🤣 what a time to be aliveWait I think my cat loves meThe cake, the size of wedding and input on colors
Retweeted by binkyWhen I detach, I do not leave parts of me. I simply take back my energy. I take back my time. I take back any praye…
Retweeted by binky
Retweeted by binkyThis is very annoying I know but it needs to be emphasized The planets rule the signs The signs don't rule the planets
Retweeted by binkyCapricorn’s will defend you until their last dying breath but if they EVER feel like you aren’t reciprocating that…
Retweeted by binkyI already had my toxic relationship phase I don’t want that nomore 😭 come correct or get left.
Retweeted by binkyDuring scorpio season capricorns are caprihorny 😉
Retweeted by binkybiggest lesson I learned this year is don’t ever think it can’t happen to you.
Retweeted by binkya virgo pays attention to so much and i love that. they pick up on the smallest things and notice so many details a…
Retweeted by binkySOMEBODY SAID “Gobble me Swallow me Drip down the side of me” IM SCREAMING
Retweeted by binkyOmg, you know how when they say when you experienced so much trauma as a kid that you can experience memory loss? W…
Retweeted by binkyThem: U know what ur problem is? Me:
Retweeted by binkyJupiter in your chart is where you tend to overdo things and overestimate yourself and Saturn in your chart is wher…
Retweeted by binkyif astrology isn’t real then why did you fall in love with a libra at first site
Retweeted by binkydont play wit me like i wont talk you through an orgasm🥰
Retweeted by binkyI love her! Y’all should definitely follow her.
Retweeted by binkythere’s like 10 of them. hello again 👋🏼
Retweeted by binkyLMFAOOOOOOOOOOO bro I fucking hate you
Retweeted by binkyHahahah i always know @_KevinSosa_ 😞capricorn rising: they don't age much. sometimes look like they've been through it. always look good even when th…
Retweeted by binkyCap cuz I was just thinking this
i’m out of the office at 5pm sharp. i don’t be playing.
Retweeted by binkyYou ain’t getting no money flowing in because you always get shocked at something over $100 instead of thinking of…
Retweeted by binkyY’all mfs get on this app and say anything for clout.
Retweeted by binkyKindness doesn’t equate to flirting
Retweeted by binky @DojaCat drop aint shit now pls
Retweeted by binkyI gotta stop saying I wish I gave a fuck.... because no I don’t.
Retweeted by binkyMexican tamales >>>>>>😍Before anything is birthed, it is shown in our dreams first.
Retweeted by binkyMy doctor gave me everything I could ask for. The 4 days of pain was worth every penny.
Retweeted by binkyThe sign where your Mars is and where it’s placed shows where you’re the most productive in your life. It’s a matte…
Retweeted by binky @_KevinSosa_ Short stack
i’m sorry but leos????? ruled by the sun??? the center of our galaxy??? depicted by a lion??? king of the jungle???…
Retweeted by binkylove spells are so dangerous idk why theyre becoming mainstream. binding work is incredibly difficult to reverse an…
Retweeted by binky @LegendaryMKC Yep, learned that lesson long ago...if you want more (of anything, (…
Retweeted by binkyI’ve increased my salary by 50% from 2 years ago by moving jobs twice. Don’t be loyal to these companies. Get your money.
Retweeted by binkyI’m sorry.. you’re 40 WHAT?
Retweeted by binkyYea this is why I don’t like apartments f that work two jobs CuZ I love spending moneyHaving a breakfast date by myself today 💞Drinks hit different when you’re drinking out of a mason jarI wana go on a breakfast dateMy son just asked me how I know his name... I’m not in the mood tonight
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