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John Warner @biblioracle South Carolina

Author WHY THEY CAN'T WRITE and its companion, THE WRITER'S PRACTICE, both on sale everywhere. Regular contributor @insidehighered, @ChiTribBooks.

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Pretty striking difference from when Haley took the Confederate Flag down from the SC statehouse in 2015, saying th…
Retweeted by John WarnerYeah....not so much.
Retweeted by John Warner @entlers I couldn't get to a rubric that captured what I thought was most meaningful, which I think speaks to how I… @entlers The only thing that was going to work for me was ungrading which helped orient me toward personalized, for… @entlers I wouldn't argue that rubrics should be universally abandoned, but I abandoned rubrics because they didn't… article makes clear that the Republicans have no possible response to the big proposals of Sanders/Warren, just…'t get me wrong, the Trump administration is going to do bupkis about student loans, but someone clearly sees it… think this illustrates a why it's a good reason for Dems to make bold proposals even if they seem unlikely to be… @mathewjgomes @JennBinis 100%. I got to ungrading my courses because all the tools I was introduced to (like rubric… @mathewjgomes @JennBinis For sure, no necessary reason, and yet very common, and as I've witnessed in some cases, t… @JennBinis Personally, I would've articulated the point differently, something like, "the nature of rubrics tempts… @JennBinis I think that author was speaking to his experience. I would be cautious about saying he did it wrong. He… @JennBinis I see the pull to quantify the qualitative in my non-education research job all the time. There is a (in… @JennBinis Also, I'm not sure what better PR would do for rubrics. I heard great things about rubrics. I studied th… @JennBinis Every semester I would hear from our FYW assessment committee about what percentage of the students had… @JennBinis Yes, they're qualitative, but I think they tempt some because they give an illusion of quantitative beca… rubrics were an attempt to give students something meaningful and useful without breaking myself in the process… was happening simultaneously with me fully embracing the broader pedagogical approach that's in The Writer's P… realization led to a deeper one. The thing standing in the way of my most meaningful feedback was traditional… and then discarding rubrics, for me, was an important step on the road to ultimately ungrading. I thought ru… reflection on rubrics caused me to realize that my own experiments with them was not rooted in a desire for im… to get the #scholar, #academic, or #nerd in your life (or yourself) for the holidays? @Biblioracle recommends…
Retweeted by John Warner @gsiemens @tanbob I think you just answered your own question. The data gold rush doesn't hinge on the efficacy of… @JennBinis "We cannot solve systemic problems on a child by child basis." I'm adding this to a list of education ma… would like to know how Temptation Island host Mark "the other" Wahlberg keeps from getting assaulted by the coupl… big part of the fun of watching Temptation Island is having something happen and then turning to my wife and sayi… have not actually seen last night's episode yet because I play hockey on Thursdays. As my wife left for work this… is Temptation Island not on more critics 10 best lists? It is both the best drama and best comedy on television. @BurrisCommaBen I'm not proud, but it is what it is. I think I feel about it how other people feel about The Bachel… is great, Succession was awesome, but the show I look forward to most each week is Temptation Island. There, I said it.A little roundup of books that would make great gifts to the educator in your life, including yourself if you are a… are the kinds of questions we need to be asking of all our edtech tools, not just Canvas, and students should…
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@rgay Very sorry to hear this. All available strength to you and your family.I also noticed this (and was bothered by it) during yesterday's hearings. It stood out to me in part because this i…
Retweeted by John WarnerICYMI: Our podcast on student advocacy, writing, and inspiring change, featuring Richard Wilkinson (speaking)... a…
Retweeted by John Warner @Ethnography911 It's so awesome that the teacher took the time. I feel like I should pay it forward to a writer of a book that impacted me.Some days you wonder why you do it, but I have to say I just got the nicest email from a teacher who used The Write… @t_mcallister I've been out of the FYW game since 2016, but my last course policies document hit 5k words. It worked well. @palan57 I've got a prominent ed tech company who wants someone to speak to me directly about my criticism of their… me, this suggests that schools themselves should be paying $0 for this tech. They shouldn't both get to hoover u… @palan57 Not a big fish either, but something similar happens to me, particularly with ed tech. It's as though beca… @Lollardfish @alexanderchee Didn't I also read that U. Minnesota is poaching increased numbers of Wisconsin student… @Tempone Seems similar. The "mission" of something like good test scores could potentially translate into abusive p… @bhalpin "We're just a big family here, and you're the kid who is going to sleep under the stairs."The article about Away reminds me of how much I'm looking forward to @annawiener's Uncanny Valley being in the worl… start-up culture, charismatic CEOs who frame the business as a mission reap billions while workers get burnt to… my contingent teaching career I came to realize that I was a much bigger believer in the purported higher ed m… a workplace a "movement" is a surefire route towards exploitation. Not confined to start-up culture, either… you're interviewing with a company and they say you're joining a "movement" my advice is to run the other way. @deannamascle I've also had some good results with 2-3 person conferences where they've read each others work and w… @deannamascle I feel this. Sometimes I've been able to get students working on something while I'm moving through t… @iPublicPolicy @saragoldrickrab Very true here (Charleston, SC). Students looking to save often have to live beyond… @BillSeitz @saragoldrickrab To be clear, they loved the group projects and for a FYE course it really helped build… @deannamascle The check-in conferences are useful, and I had them built into my first-year writing course, but I di… @profpatch I hadn't thought of this, but I think you're on to something. It was an entirely new way of thinking to… @saragoldrickrab Finally: I didn't keep meticulous track of my hours dedicated toward the course, but my best estim… @saragoldrickrab 13. The conferences reminded me how awesome teaching is, even as frustrating and challenging as it… @saragoldrickrab 12. Even with all this work, most of my students expect to graduate with debt. Of those close to h… @saragoldrickrab 11. The course involved a group project, 5 students/group, and every group reported having difficu… @saragoldrickrab 10. 50% of my first-year students either have a job or are actively seeking one for the second sem… @saragoldrickrab 9. Unfortunately, living off campus as a first-year student makes the transition much much tougher… The conferences also revealed the extent to which students are having to navigate what @saragoldrickrab categori… Of course, this is difficult to impossible to quantify, but I'm sufficiently convinced to continue to work on ungrading my courses.6. Talking to the students was a great reminder that when I let go the reins and leave them free to learn something… I'm glad I didn't because the final conferences revealed to me that students were learning more and more diverse… Ungrading a course in a system where accountability through compliance is broadly practiced means your ungraded… 3. Students should be free to prioritize their own lives. Additionally, there were times where my ungradin… In a lot of ways the semester was a bit of a struggle. I didn't realize how marginalized a FYE course would be i… If you can do end-of-semester conferences with students, I highly recommend them. Students did reflection writin… my final conferences for my first year experience course last night. Some reflection thoughts here on conferenc… dinner with a professor at a leading global university in London, he described the utter breakdown in his univer…
Retweeted by John WarnerThis is absolutely incredible. Alvin has done in 6 minutes what usually takes me an hour to explain. WATCH THIS NOW.
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I’m not sure how people teaching 4, 5, 6 first-year sections keep track of and respond to all the challenges first-…
Retweeted by John Warner @dowellml The decision fatigue is overwhelming. I found 3 sections of 20 challenging but doable. Over that and it's… @n_hold That "end of camp" feeling is really something else. It's like you can't imagine it going on another day, a… Thirsty Mr. Turley not only argued Clinton’s actions didn’t need to break any laws to be impeachable (he argues…
Retweeted by John Warner @Jessifer @DoctorMama Yes, exactly. I find the kind of response can evolve over the course of the semester and depe… @Jessifer @DoctorMama Similar to hello, I like to say, "welcome" only sometimes with a gesture from Mr. Roark's gre… @libbyanelson Only did it once, but I had the identical experience on United. Got the Kindle back, but I did have t… @dowellml Yep. I just point to students saying that they know they're learning and hope that at some point powers t… @dowellml And of course, the system has no room to value the mess at an institutional level. @dowellml Absolute hardest part for me has been to value the mess. I know I could steer students towards more accom… @dowellml Million dollar question. The Writer's Practice is my best attempt to date. Make a fertile and productive… @dowellml I wonder if I have become distrustful of scaffolding. At least, I'm distrustful of how I was doing scaffo… @BarmakN What's interesting to me is that 20-30 years ago, these are the households for whom college wouldn't have… @meganeabbott @GinaFattore @USA_Network Wow. Looking forward to this. @LangOnCourse @dgooblar Now, the royalty share wouldn't even cover a class pizza party, but David's point about the… @LangOnCourse @dgooblar I've thought about this with The Writer's Practice. The solution I came up with is either i… @James_S_Murphy Indeed. Spontaneous writing is a very useful exercise to help develop writing skills, but as soon a… is not to say that those who have been historically selected are unworthy. They are worthy. They simply have h… you cannot find talent among underrepresented populations, look at your pipeline, because talent and ability is… talented and capable scholars are not making it through your pipeline, your pipeline sucks. They are not rare "c… Daniels sees this as a "pipeline" problem, but there's more than enough talented and capable scholars willing… @dgooblar And they probably do well enough that they could just provide their books gratis.I imagine Trump is asking if he can drop a nuke on Canada because Justin Trudeau has the gall to say true things ab… I recall correctly, Purdue had one of these supposedly rare "creatures" in their English department, but could n… of 2019: 11 notable Chicago reads
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This is a deal to jump on, folks. @Econ_Marshall From your lips to the people who consider themselves gods ears. @rpaulsenphoto HR departments increasingly staffed by algorithms, no less. Efficiency!