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i can't read. all opinions expressed are based upon the beliefs of the hottest person talking. @bibounofficial

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@autogynefiles it's called "mouth" and it already is babygirl😏😏love my fans @zachsilberberg i'd bet money every timeimagine defending LMM couldn't be meadam sandler fucks? what is this tweet @notadrelliott @DarthLux @AngeliqueNavaE1 @danadonly i, personally, can blame him. @jaynooch @tigers_and ok i got it @jaynooch @tigers_and i don't get itthis collab has melted my brain lmao @aisling_leal my nachos betrayed meidk what to even tweet. i feel like i'm gonna shit my pants my gut health needs some work @Burkinator_ omg what a chunker hahahahah SO CUTEposting a picture on my nachos to my NAFW page cause they are sexual“where did you two meet?” “well it’s actually kind of crazy, we met in the fish tube!” “no way, that’s like somethi…
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Retweeted by bibo @ShawnJo65237110 @TheRealSwoll1 @StrapLife3500 @youthstylefit LMAOOOOO @OfTheCave do u disagree2 Days Ago I Was Racially Profiled By Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, While Mentoring 2 Of My Kids Through…
Retweeted by bibo @barneytortola lmfaooo gm :)the pussy is the window to the soul @TheEpicDept ty couldn't have said it better myselfBibo is flawless and the ginger uprising is nigh
Retweeted by bibo @RekturFire it is already done lol @beepbug oh for sure! Going into the business folder lol @HelenaNagy1 its orange and i never find fun colors like that!!! @beepbug LMFAO TRUE @spicysalamimami its orange and i shed a tear lolsomeone tell me spending $350 on lingerie to match my hair was a wise investment pls lol @l0gicth0t just spent like $350 at honey birdette am i a dummy or what LMAO everything is so pretty
@labor_is_theft omg like....u jace no idea @boydr2 i have so much black!! need more variety lol @YuckyTom ur not already??!!!! wtf @YuckyTom omg i should get one as a bitneed white lingerie if anyone has a site they really like suggestions welcome @DoorHinge9 oh i thought he had a gun lmaovalidating sex work through the lens of how much money people make leaves out poor and marginalized sex workers and…
Retweeted by bibo @lilbirkenstocks it is funny caise i am literally at work rn @lilbirkenstocks hahahahaha @sixfootfuckyou shut up. who said they don't alreadyomg i just found a tweet of mine in a buzzfeed article wtf run me my check!!!'am i just supposed to go to meetings for the rest of my life???? i am going to k word myself @yngjcb u make a point actually @yngjcb absolutely not @prettyroxxxebud i'm tired of all types tbhcan i be your pickled onion gf @SavannahWade14 also who says i don't have skills? i make sick burns on twitterhe's mad cause he still buys eighths for $90lmao checks out @allieac0sta no u!!! @naomi_bbyyy honestly it's better the fucking idiots just be upfront about how stupid they are so that we don't hav… castlism....castlism with trees @joe_climbs @mrmatthouse @YuckyTom tom is on my shit list today @wadestanaccount yummmmmm @Babadil777 omg so true..but from wherethanks for following me :) love to collect more people to help me decide which food to eat..what should i get for l… @sackofgoobones wow even better @intrnetdaughter it was combination eggs/bacon let's get thay straight @AcidBurn_TD yes we must kiss...safely @AcidBurn_TD thank u!!!!! ur so sweet let's kiss @AmHermesGod this mf said queer @fourtwentychild time will tell..... @AmHermesGod sorry sweaty i simply have too many likes to do that💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️looking through hot guys likes to see if they liked my selfieidk about gaining new followers...what are their vibes @Lazaretto20 @SocialistSith yes! i have @bibounofficial and i also don't mind people just asking what i have in a d… selfie just got 2k likes why do i have to go to work @SweetHayleyG u deserve it queen @anthro_artemis thank god! @dweebythaguy i'm going to eat your soul @checkenpatty2 i would never call you meh queen @davyjones777 @kayyybearxo ok will do thanks 👍🏼 @eggshellfriend i like it tho @sablaah come back down so i can eat ur soul @kayyybearxo @mojave_mojaveOs this guy just sent roughly 10 dick pics in the dms @LivPosting callie has a full breakdown thinking about the cat pig crying in an oven it wasn't pretty @kimberlyn_jade yeah i have zero clue who this is lmao😂😂 i win @buzzcut_barbie the layers of stupidity are just too much to handle u can't think about it too long @alovablenerd thank u my sweet!!!! ily @MKULTRAVICITM @SeverelySapphic thanks thos is what i want! @DerikLowell watch me! @unstablemadi 🥰🥰🥰 @DarthLux Laura...u have no idea how much i needed this...MY queen @LivPosting be gay do warcrimes @YuckyTom hi tom :) @veryhotmomm vouch @j_sauv would u want to KISSwe are talking about beans women are seriously so beautiful
Retweeted by bibo @jmariannne thank u so much ily @joe_climbs feet aha @chilleramas right? lmfao just absolute shot for brains hahahah @yoohoovian yes..i deserve this @capricornmack thank u angel maybe i'll see u soon within the next 20 years @Queen0fawkwardx thank u everyone kept saying it would be weird LOL but i knew!!! @beepbug thanks we'll love jere together @TheEpicDept ok :) @fellawhomstdve bold of u to assume u have essence..we'll let the soul eater decide
@LuckyLilLacey LMFAO no one ever has faith in me..... @fellawhomstdve thanks i'm starving @clairemiller18 we are twins now lol