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economist. sex haver. material thing enjoyer. all opinions expressed are based upon the beliefs of the hottest person talking. insta: biboofficial_

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@awlivv me! @TimBolton01 hockey puck sausage @hauntedorca funny but no @jzux ok i have mine on too!!!! meant 2 be @eggshellfriend i love this woman @PostinMonkey did we have a good time @shannonmatloob @reallyhotpants why are you yelling at me @awkwardfoxes ❤️🌹 @chainchompist @2femcel2furious lmfaoooooo @papajohnxx contactless @blahsomesauce no it was a long time ago @arthoetamer lmao @ActNormalOrElse i would do this with u @2femcel2furious no i'm the one on the bottom lmaoall of my mutuals have permission to say we faced off in a hot wings challenge but you have to say i won
Retweeted by bibo @2femcel2furious you're welcome but i'll go on a date with u fr @ahumblebunnie yeah! we can! @reallyhotpants yeah it was fun @Simprano_Tony alright? lmaosome of you i have been on dates with which makes this juicyu can tell people we went on a date once. not dinner, just like coffee or something believable. i'll back u up @Sandernista412 🥺❤️🌹 @bear_criminal that's cool too @KnifeDetective that's even more sad tbhi like that all of instagram is basically creative selfies you take in your house now. unloads most of my embarrass…
@ChillStableGuy great sweater @nrlachance sucks for him that shit bangs @punishedpope dang that rules @DarthLux and honestly it's the perfect size tooiconic
Retweeted by biboDOORS! doors open for right handed people!!!!!!! do you know how stupid it would be to open a door with ur left hand @mushm0on dirtying talking about like turning stuff. like knobs @mushm0on it's just harder to orient your left arm that way. if ur left handed i would be willing to bet you still… @DaddySouthpaw omg pray for anyone i am the navigator for i will so fucking confidently say the wrong directionFound this great white dress on the street and then, to my delight, found out it is a jumpsuit
Retweeted by bibobeing left handed genuinely makes you more dumb i swear. i can't tell my right from my left. i can't spin my arm a… @themeredith just did this in the shower @cisjender she said what size pussy u wear @eeberquist i didn't get leather pants god i wish but i just remember seeing a convo one time where this person was… @eeberquist that's how i feel i'm like i just happen to be this way just like all the other people on here it's is… i guess i'm trying to say at the meltdowns over having perfect politics online holds very little interest to… @PostinMonkey heard you like them young so checks outu get a pair of leather pants or said u went and bought something at some store and people are like 'but leftist???… @DarthLux yeah i mostly feel like people always saying this about me and i'm like how i talk about hike. i think on… @jacob__posts i'm not some political voice i'm just literally some guyproblem i have being dubbed as a "leftist acct" is that if ur a person who talks about random shit in addition to p…
Retweeted by bibo @ManinMichigan oh wow i wish but no lol. although it does overlook a lot of plants and a little walkway @catholicdad420 looks great! @cooperabradley didn't ask! @elle_bae i am the worst version of myself when i play video games this would be awful @Bleu2Bleu yes! i'm not sure yet exactly but i think i want like a big writing desk type situation with just the co… @DarthLux @ActNormalOrElse can't wait til i'm in my own place so i can once again get too into hiking and making my own pickled foods @jess_southwest omg no way!!!! how cute are we @TheNotoriousHRT :) ❤️buying a new laptop instead when i never leave my house seems stupid lolif i just talked about my boring life sometimes would that be ok? in my new apartment there is room for a little of… @JesusisaThembo these are the facts @imjustluca lmfao when i fell she came right over and sat next to me like that i was like what help is that bitch h…'t believe it's been a month since i've gotten to hike. started with a bang basically went uphil for 1.5 miles s… @firagawalkwthme yes agree if this doesn't last me at least a week or two i sad @PostinMonkey lol this morning i was being lazy and went to one right off sunset and it was over $4 i was like what da..... @420mercymain holy shit 4.59 in malibu u beat methis i just came across the most expensive gas in north america lmao @KokonutRum great one i will bring some macarons to snack on @KokonutRum okay i'm coming what do u want to watch @extinctdaemon no way @fullojuice awe!!! @professorbimbo it needed to be said @DoorHinge9 ✈️🪜🧍🏻 🏃🏼‍♀️ @DoorHinge9 this is my big rom com end of the movie moment. i would touch your face or something idk @DoorHinge9 there is only you. right now @jil_slander nice gams @old_lotion me too @womenbewhining i love when everything works out. underrated style of living @womenbewhining oh well perfect' nice @womenbewhining hell yeah @lunch_enjoyer the b stands for bread @spongebobtitty lmao @lafrancois_j can't keep u down. Justin "stronger than a car" LaFrancois @womenbewhining how did it go @lafrancois_j lmao are u ok? congrats on the award sorry about your face/perhaps body as well @evil_female @evil_female omg this happened to me where it's like a really pretty girl and a heinously ugly man. i'm like,,,true🤔 @wydstepbrOoke that happens too tbh
@punishedpope :) @MortySmithEsq omglook at this big stupid baby @ActNormalOrElse lmfao @chainchompist god me too @gaybugfeet i can't even readhasan on stream calling people brain dead idiots god i wish he was talking to me @punishedpope i'm terrific @AmbJohnBoIton parking deck go crazy @TacosTruth genuinely lol'dany more and u have a Pissing Problem™️if u accidentally piss yourself once or twice as an adult that's fine and probably normal @reallyhotpants i'm the hannibal lector of people who say they're the hannibal lector of [blank]