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ArmyBrat/ From Oahu / former Disney Intern/ ⚽️/⚾️/🏈/🏒//Peter Rosenberg once said woof woof beyatch to me / PS4 Shares/battling psoriasis since 12yrs old

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Big @Yankees Summer Camp coming up at 4:30 pm on @YESNetwork . Four hours of piping hot baseball talk. And an intra…
Retweeted by SteveBrudzynski aka Stevie Ray 🇮🇹🇵🇱Gooooaaall Manchester city up 1-0They’ll be playing Hazmat suits for now on @Yankees @YESNetwork Put the team in hazmat suits now ! @ggoldsmith824 Smart ! LolOh for fucks sake @ggoldsmith824 @TheHitterSports @FrankiesTooLoud @Ralfy212 Jesus @JoezMcfLy Mother @ErinLovesNYY @Ralfy212 Hopefully this is just a quick thing for Chapman, he’s in the best shape out of everyone and could easily beat this @Ralfy212 Big moodYo these La Liga announcers are funny as hell but @RealMichaelKay would have a fit if Cone or Paul kept making noises like this lol 😂 @ErinLovesNYY It seemed to be his group that workouts together hopefully when they do the trace back thing it ain’t… @MoreDodgerBlues I need a drinkI’m so confused how Chapman got it..he seemed to only be at the house in Florida working out and chilling in the pool/lake @peynksgrl04 ☹️ @M_Marakovits Son of a...Damn it Chapman !! WhyyyJust bought #UFC251 can’t wait for tonight !👀👀👀 @FrankiesTooLoud Flip cup is betterUpdated standings. #PremierLeague @FrankiesTooLoud Ppl still play beer pong ?When you announce you single down the shore they still have to travel to Germany for the Champions League ? Oof @WCJ34 @CoachDuggs Running in the heat vs the pool ? I’ll take pool every time lol @MoreDodgerBlues When I’m at the jersey shore in Belmar...everytime !I read this In Gordon Ramsay voice @WCJ34 @CoachDuggs That 🐅 definitely my spirit animal @waltgator93 bro just had a flashback to bdub nightsWow...Chelsea just call it a year @TimGreg20 Ayyy @MegaQuack24 Lol 😂 @MegaQuack24 @NotMike33370706 He don’t know does he 🤣💀 @MegaQuack24 Oh shit what a run lol so we’re those legendary hot tub parties we were told about true or just legend @MegaQuack24 What was your dorm location ? I partied in Chatham Square @MegaQuack24 We definitely crossed paths at one point @waltgator93 @madGradTX Haha facts ! @MegaQuack24 Dude ! That’s sick @MegaQuack24 Yes ma’am. I was there summer of 2014 and finished in Jan of 2015 @madGradTX @waltgator93 Hahaha I’ll just chill in Epcot @MegaQuack24 DCP...Disney Culinary Program @madGradTX Hahaha I never got to visit much of the parks I was usually at the bar on my day offs or blacking out wi… Ace back and ready to rock #chasefor28 #TanakaTime #TanakaTuesdaysBackOn was the best chance Chelsea had today @madGradTX 💀💀💀 @madGradTX Facebook memories keep popping up of me in my chef mickeys gear lol⚫️⚫️ Here come the Black Knights ⚫️⚫️ #letsride #mll20 @milessilva42 @ArmyWP_MLax
Retweeted by SteveBrudzynski aka Stevie Ray 🇮🇹🇵🇱 @DenverOutlaws @ArmyWP_MLax @milessilva42 🗣🔥🗣🔥🗣🔥🗣 @ReneePwash I’m in an entanglement with pork roll egg and cheese on a everything bagel & the yankees...wait did I use it right? 😏This is facts but when you an intern it’s a little weird being one of the older ones. @Kristen_MarieNY Lmfao ! @mikegolicjr Eating our feelings today @skywalker42811 Chelsea punting this game like the yankees do against shit teams @Kristen_MarieNY Hahah I wish ! I’m too old now I did that internship when I turned 25 @skywalker42811 They even trying today ?Chelsea, wake the fuck up ! 😡The memories are coming back today brb going down memory lane #DisneyInternship #DisneyDays #CulinaryLife #ChefLife @TimGreg20 Half n half, no sugar @GruntTalksMLB @JulianGuilarte1 @SportsD24733772 @JulieBoBooly @blackrebirth52 Let’s goWhere there's 🍞, there's 🔥.
Retweeted by SteveBrudzynski aka Stevie Ray 🇮🇹🇵🇱Saturday afternoons are for #ChelseaFC ⚽️ #PremierLeague TL has so many moods in less then 10 mins morning from down the jersey shore...let’s boogie #Coffeemugclub ft #SongOfTheDay night 😴 @Ralfy212 And just throw around money like Steve Cohen @Ralfy212 Always a mood lol 😂Aug 1st New York Rangers entering the rink to play the Carolina Hurricanes many of y’all remember me as drunk Big Steve ?LETS GO RANGERS !!! miss boozing at the bars @SportsNetLA @yungjoc650 Future Yankee 😏There’s no crying in baseball “due to the pandemic” explains the ole women living longer thing @skywalker42811 Golazo with a brilliant ball !Realizing this is the last ride with the king 👑 #HenrikLundqvist #NYR #PS4share #PS4share 5 favorite Non Dodgers(that you don’t care about) 1. Bryce Harper 2. Francisco Lindor 3. Gleyber Torres 4.…
Retweeted by SteveBrudzynski aka Stevie Ray 🇮🇹🇵🇱 @MoreDodgerBlues Let them be kidsOver under shots made ? @JarvFromOz 👀👀 let me know when you jump on @JarvFromOz The golf club 2019 wtf fuck that LOL #PS4share @JarvFromOz how’s this ?How many years in a row have you been friend zoned how you do it smalls #PS4share @Big_Steve89 Yeah, only film it when it's dead straight
Retweeted by SteveBrudzynski aka Stevie Ray 🇮🇹🇵🇱 @JarvFromOz 🤣🤣INJECT THIS INTO MY VEINS oh someone learned how to putt!!! #PS4share’s fucking go @NYRangers #PlayLikeANewYorker @Keith_McPherson @Eric_M888 Never been...heard it’s a different beast @Keith_McPherson @Eric_M888 Hopefully Stans and Billy’s is open to let us party it upThey cant handle this #PS4share