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i have no boys but i must crack open a cold one 😔🍺

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Endlessly we played, watching Fortnites turn into Fortdays.
Retweeted by big chalupathe job market certainly makes me lose hope and self esteem!! a double whammy!that brief moment of intimacy when your fingers brush those of the person taking your debit card in a drive through
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anyways thank you for listening, i know this is random and out of nowhere but im tired and sad soyour opinions and your side of thing and engaging in healthy debate and more just the quickest, smallest quip you h… feel like i should clarify that i dont think this site festers unhealthy communication for the politics that run…
sorry ive been kind of absent from twitter lately. i think... this site.... festers some unhealthy communication
we are blessed by this platform
Retweeted by big chalupa @CarolineDirectr i never drew on my pokemon cards but i have SO many harry potter books from back when i was younge… like E3 has some video games in it, which is a bold choice
Retweeted by big chalupa @mynameisjt my eyes have never been this clear of debris!(its not great)not to be like, overdramatic or the worst but i legit feel like i could cry right now and its greattodd: we released a terrible game audience: YEAH!! WOOO!
Retweeted by big chalupamom said it's my turn on the xbox
Retweeted by big chalupashorn wooloos need little coats #Wooloo #Pokemon #PokemonSwordandShield #PokemonSwordShield
Retweeted by big chalupawas thinking of ways to communicate health to the player without UI in Way To The Woods. in this case, i lower the…
Retweeted by big chalupa三上真司氏率いるTango Gameworksの新作「GHOSTWIRE TOKYO」が発表に。東京が舞台となるアクションADV
Retweeted by big chalupaIM BACK dudes!! check out some new screenshots of my game Way To The Woods!!! thanks
Retweeted by big chalupa*points* baby
Retweeted by big chalupayou know opinions about h3h3 aside ethan really fucking loves hila and i love seeing them together
baa baa, black sheep
Retweeted by big chalupaA knight in shining armor
Retweeted by big chalupame giving yet another character i design freckles:
Retweeted by big chalupa#fantroll #fantrolls #readwakeup this as a reminder to myself
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Retweeted by big chalupaRow! Row! Fight the Galar!
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Retweeted by big chalupaMonkey steals camera to snap himself #GrookeyGang
Retweeted by big chalupanasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early astronaut: moon's haunted nasa employee: what? astronaut: *loading…
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#Homestuck #fantroll #lovethem Hrrrr first thing I've drawn for myself in months
Retweeted by big chalupaSo my basic end to this is just. Watch When They See Us, its so eye opening and heartbreaking to see that this not… I do think overindulging in media that has no meaning to it can cause us to lose perspectiveMedia doeant have to be deep. It doesnt have to be meaningful. It doesnt need to teach us a lesson
im watching the Pikachu & Pichu short and, y'all, it's the best thing in the world ❤️❤️❤️
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Retweeted by big chalupaHappy birthday to all the lgbt kids in the world:O
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Retweeted by big chalupaYour honour? Snowbound Blood. #VastError
Retweeted by big chalupaPurple Hydrangea; A desire to understand. #VastError #Homestuck #ArcjecVoorat
Retweeted by big chalupaif she's your girl then why does she respawn at my bed
Retweeted by big chalupa @harrismakestuff Your stink... P.U.!!!!I don't intend to offend anyone with any thing I say so I'm sorry if I didI really don't appreciate it @gamblignant8 I'm saying limiting trolls to either gay or bi is pretty limiting and doesn't respect that a lot of t… @gamblignant8 I think that's a little yikes and erases the actual idea that gender isn't a big deal for the majorit… @gamblignant8 (Re: Kanaya, Elwurd) but they're considered preferences within the species as a whole. I also do thin… @gamblignant8 The issue is to me that societally speaking that's not a thing to them and classifying trolls as gay… should stop caring this much about it but every time I see a troll described as gay I feel this urge to go ashchuallyJust a reminder that trolls as a species do not have the same cultural standards imposed on relationships and sex a… someone recomment a number to call to remove the little horrible man who perches on my bedroom door like a garg…
Retweeted by big chalupaPokemon mystery dungeon: main character turned into a pokemon, accused of murder, almost executed by the public, is…
Retweeted by big chalupawhen you cant work out what mc ride means, so you come up with your own interpretation? death grips of the author
Retweeted by big chalupa @rxssahs Read this as restorative juice policies @jellykitsch I tell you hwhutUpdated my comic if anyone wants to check it out!
Retweeted by big chalupa @harrismakestuff SG, SA, Art critic,#Homestuck #fantroll #lovethem Hrrrr first thing I've drawn for myself in months
I just want to be an animator or anything, so so badHnnnnnngh job hunting is perhaps the most depressing and harmful thing for my self esteem ive ever done
@ValHeirOfTime shut up and meet me in the minecraft serverme: the lettuce in my fridge that i forgot about:
Retweeted by big chalupa"NO I AM NOT A BABY"
Retweeted by big chalupaminecraft is..... :flushed: sexy....?, We Are Catboys . Its Okay To Meow Around Me . Im Your Best Friend . I Love You . … Bro, We Are Purr ing Now .…
Retweeted by big chalupaDrawn in a recent Drawpile
Retweeted by big chalupaIf your friendship with an artist is solely based upon the fact that you expect them to give you free art then you'…
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THIS is the funniest jojo post
Retweeted by big chalupame: *buys F unown plush* me: *buys U unown plush* nintendo: hey me: ... *buys C unown plush* nintendo: HEY
Retweeted by big chalupaBeauty guru drama better than game of thrones
Retweeted by big chalupaseeing the phrase "chicken katsu" literally gave me flashbacks to college and all the food poisoning..... scad lifeHere are some youtube comments on an old Mr Magoo cartoon
Retweeted by big chalupa @murritturkin IM WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 @murritturkin HES GOT SSO MANY TROPES THAT I LOVE IN CHARACTER DESIGN - big tired eyes - poncho - covered mouth - w… @murritturkin IM WEAKif you put a poncho on a character im immediately in lovea new friend
Retweeted by big chalupa3 year old: me: say fuck
Retweeted by big chalupa @Kohilaice ass....... scream99. ????????
Retweeted by big chalupa @Kohilaice asgen 2
Retweeted by big chalupa @Eromancery i dunno if id ever be willing to eat something with something called "cheese curds" on it tbf.... i wil… @Eromancery why would i ever eat poutine @Eromancery brown gravy isnt actually that good and people should stop liking it (this isnt real discourse its just an opinion i have)gen 1
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my brother messages me in the dead of night to send me bad memes : ( help描かずにはいられなかった……
Retweeted by big chalupaI wish my wife was real
Retweeted by big chalupa @harrismakestuff one time you posted a yoda and you were like 'eat coochi i must' or some shit and i literally was… @bigchaslappa
Retweeted by big chalupa just popped up in my reccomended whos drawings of themself looked exaclty like how i draw my persona and im…
Retweeted by big chalupa develop a god complex
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