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🤘🤖🤘 // Dystopian Pop Music // New single, “Put Me To Work,” out now ⬇️

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@ohmoonbaby Nope!
@gwatsky 🔥🔥🔥
bounce, the app for musicians and producers and their teams to keep track of demos, is out now for ios. been workin…
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@aaronjpitty Ahh I’d love to, but seems unlikely at the moment :/Brand new HEAT dropping today from my dear friend and collaborator @MNDR. Very proud to have worked on this one. G…
An old friend of mine is starting a wonderful educational non-profit in LA called Alcove Learning - check it out +… @chrisdancy @markb @AlanWilkis @dark_shark @longnow Sounds up my alley!
@RAC Mono below 100-150hz, yo
@cre8ve_ctrl Awww man thanks so much! Live Forever’s my personal fave - real proud of that one - nice choice in the playlist :) @cre8ve_ctrl Thanks!
We really don't talk enough about the absolute bangers that @BigDataBigData are putting out.
Retweeted by BIG DATA @scottwalsh_ I agree. Discuss. @tannerlinsley Jeez - they flagged it cuz it was playing in the background? If it makes you feel better, I get tak…
@RAC @MNDR I get a ton of big data conferences and IT companies. This could be really great.
@BigDataBigData I finally got a chance to listen to 3.0. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. You should be proud. Great listen!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @JustVi01a @ImpossibleFoods I disagree! I’ve had many of both, much prefer impossible (but beyond is great too)
Wow. Just tried the @ImpossibleFoods Whopper. Burger-iest plant-based burger I’ve ever tasted, hands down. Mind blown.
"Put Me to Work" from @BigDataBigData to start the morning 💪 💃
Retweeted by BIG DATAPsssssst you should listen to @BigDataBigData's 3.0 album. It's constant hit after hit. So good
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@theStevilDead Thanks!The new @BigDataBigData is absolutely phenomenal. Loving it.
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData I just had a great High Fidelity moment: Wife: “Is this the new Big Data?” Me: “Yes.” Wife: “It’s r…
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On repeat! Such a great record.
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I think we can all agree that "good" music taste is entirely subjective and also if you don't like @BigDataBigData
Retweeted by BIG DATAThis song is SO GOOD @BigDataBigData
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@Runnin_L8 Of course
And it's also Evolutional @BigDataBigData
Retweeted by BIG DATABelieve me when I say, don't ya know I came to slay
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@dsandler 🤘🤖🤘 @robotsneedhugs Thanks! Not sure re: losslessThankyou @BigDataBigData for the newstart soundtrack: "put me to work": I don’t care if I get hurt No, I don't c…
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@BuhbeccaBinks @MNDR @JamieLidell Thank youuuu booooo! Miss you!!#morningwakeup The homie, @BigDataBigData, dropped new fyre, incl. some of my faves, @MNDR + @JamieLidell!! Imma PU…
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Stealing this from @azrail13, but being a huge @BigDataBigData fan myself, 3.0 is perfect for the #futurist in you.…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @ScrapperFerret Thanks!If you know me, you know I LOVE music. A big indicator for me is if I get goosebumps listening to something. Seven…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @azrail13 @BeatSaber I’m down! How do we make that happen? @azrail13 Awww jeez thanks! @azrail13 🤘🤖🤘Have you ever heard your PC sing you a love song? Well you should, and also keep all your old PCs. They served you…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @CaseyTelevision Really appreciate it :)I've been listening to @BigDataBigData's 3.0 on loop for 3 days, it's so good
Retweeted by BIG DATA @CaseyTelevision Thanks so much! @austin_apple Thanks so much!! (And sorry - I wish I could!) @Sprite_God Thanks so much! (Big Data = just me over here, BTW) @BigDataBigData 3.0 sounds way too good you guys fucking killed it
Retweeted by BIG DATA @austin_apple It’s looking unlikely :/ @kcrwkramer @_L1ZY_ @kcrw Thanks buddy!Check this from @BigDataBigData "Slay" ft @_L1ZY_ as we spin tonight on the show @kcrw radio.
Retweeted by BIG DATAThis weekend’s @kcrw set is up with new and timeless favs from ⚡️ @chancetherapper ⚡️ @TaylorMcFerrin ⚡️…
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@BigDataBigData 3.0 gives me life. Strange life, but life nonetheless. Please tell me you're planning a vinyl release?
Retweeted by BIG DATA @iiezu Awesome! Vinyl unlikely :( I am a cloud-based OS. @tannerlinsley @_developit Glad someone noticed ;) @_developit @BigDataBigData @BigDataBigData is easily in my top 5 on the daily. Awesome to code to. Love it even mo…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @tannerlinsley @_developit @BigDataBigData Me too, I freakin love @BigDataBigData. “Monster” is basically the theme…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @_Quintilian I'll try :) @rinkrebel Thanks! @_developit Thanks!currently enjoying this from @bigdatabigdata:
Retweeted by BIG DATAWFNM Playlist ft. NEW @BigDataBigData @alltherestmusic @jaramimusic @Cautiousclayton @thatjoshmac @ThomstonMusic
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@oiselle @_L1ZY_ Pretty much :) @oiselle @_L1ZY_ 🙌Turn it UP for Monday #Birdbeats: Slay by @bigdatabigdata & feat @_L1ZY_ “Follow me 'Cau…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @Realityblah YES⁦@BigDataBigData⁩ YES!!!!!!!!!! ❤️😻😍😁😂👽🤡🙌🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by BIG DATA @flargh Thanks so much!I’ve had it on near constant rotation since release and it keeps getting better. Also the cover art gives me a ROM:…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData It's been a long wait but totally worth it!! The new album is 🔥🙌🏻
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@basementigor Better late than never ;) @goldroom Amen. @BigDataBigData does it again with another outstanding album. Incredibly catchy beats with great vocals and a terri…
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData Just started listening to 3.0 and I’m loving it so far, another fantastic album!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @azrail13 ❤️❤️❤️ @cloudyyxp_ I agree 😎So hyped aaaaaaa Gotta listen to this asap
Retweeted by BIG DATA @azrail13 @F4CEpa1m Thanks! And it’s just me - no “these guys” @BigDataBigData The most complete record I've heard in years. Well done. 2nd listen through and getting better and better. So rare
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData Oh shit...super excited about this! Haven't looked forward to a new music release in a long time.
Retweeted by BIG DATAthank u @BigDataBigData for 3.0
Retweeted by BIG DATA @HongKongHoteI @AlienneMusic You guys are making me really happy tonight. Thank you :) @HongKongHoteI @TheRockinRobbie It’s cool. They can all be your favorite!Big Data is in my top 5 producers and Momo once said I have the tea on white people so trust me on this
Retweeted by BIG DATA @AlienneMusic @HongKongHoteI I’d block me tooI said this yesterday but I’m saying it again STREAM THIS!!!! It’s an amazing concept album about AI
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData Love love love the new album, and listening everywhere. Just discovered that Alexa will play 2.0 wh…
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@BigDataBigData An amazing album!! Definitely a gem!! Well done!!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @flamingaycheeto Don’t trip! @DaveyTala @ranchodelaluna Thanks! @ranchodelaluna Thank you!!congratulations @BigDataBigData !! great band, great album! check it out!!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @MaxCollinsMusic Love ya buddy! Thanks!Please listen to this it’s blowing my tiny mind @BigDataBigData
Retweeted by BIG DATA12 hour dance party but instead of a playlist it's just 3.0 over and over @BigDataBigData
Retweeted by BIG DATAThe machine overlords have arrived. Play. Repeat.
Retweeted by BIG DATA @wesleybarrow Love ya buddy!Everyone should check out the new album from my friend @BigDataBigData today! It just dropped and is 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by BIG DATA @gt3k @MNDR SameHey, @MNDR, ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ the song on @BigDataBigData ‘s new album! Hearing your voice on a new song is always the highlight of my day!!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @BigDataBigData It's everything I could have hoped for. Thank you for blessing us with this album!
Retweeted by BIG DATA @LyanRang Aww thanks buddy