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Now this is pretty Poggers. $BigDawg1018 | He/Him | #RideTheMob | #JCFC | #MINIONMANIAC2021

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Patrick Marleau. A legend for over 20 years. The ultimate hockey guy. More like Prak’s private account dipped. 😂
The Nationals won a World Series 2 years ago by the way. The rebuilding frustrations are already back.European Football hitting the stanky leg right now.You wanna bet? European Super League might be one of the biggest failures to read the room in sports history.About to compare Star Wars canon to professional wrestling. 🙌🙌 @Layymooon My friend Layymooon is so hot.YOUNG TENZ IS LIVE!!!!!
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@mr_nahh Yeah. It’s all about just finding the next guy who has a big name and he can still beat. @mr_nahh And by not taking much away from Jake, if you knew anything about fighting there’s not much there in the first place. @mr_nahh I think Askren had a chance, but that was the magic of the fight. He’s the MMA guy. It was just obvious he… don’t mean to be Gatekeeper Garrett but seeing Twitter and hearing people when they watch a fight when they liter… you think you know about this fight that just happened you are most likely wrong and have no idea what you’re talking about.Jake Paul just gets more and more popular. Seeing the numbers for this is going to be interesting. Triller are gonn… Paul with another 1st Round KO.I do not care if you deleted the tweet. I could cover any fighting event that has to do with social media stars. I am your guy..@Dexerto I’ve been writing and reporting on Boxing/MMA/Wrestling for 6 years now. I am applying to do this at Dexe… HOGAN YOU ARE WORSE THAN THIS TRILLER BOXING EVENT #TrillerFightClub
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️ @XxQu1cKSc0peZz Couldn’t have said it better myself.Kids from my generation already don’t respect combat sports, this event tonight was a chance to change that to that… could kill my family right in front of me and then say, “I just killed your family.” I still wouldn’t beli… clear so far tonight that Triller cares more about music than anything else. This would be an amazing but not…"can't believe people paid for this fight"
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️Mf’s will pay Riot $80 for a skin and then see a fight they wanna see and be like, “anybody got a link?”… @mr_nahh Yes. ☹️I love Triller knowing what they are! It's entertainment centered around fighting, not entertaining fighting!
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️Nothing better than a big fight night and seeing all the broke dudes come out of nowhere on Twitter.
Lotta hype for this Paul vs. Askren fight tonight. It’ll be interesting to see the number.
@Layymooon @verytinypeepee 🐐I stayed up all night for the MLB The Show 21 servers to be down all night.
MLB The Show 21 Early Access has been acquired. @LazasBautista Rather see Samoa Joe back in action somewhere else tbh. @crackwithdrawal Paris**** @BisonPawg Seems like a loser compared to Daley and Jordan.You pick anyone that’s not Michael Jordan and John Daly, you’re lying to yourself. @Layymooon The whole world will be on my bad side. @Layymooon Can’t get over how true this is.
@varenstov I think it's midnight for whatever time zone you're in. Not sure though. Might wanna google.My life is just an MLB The Show 21 waiting room at this point.It's all fun and games until I bite my finger and lightning comes out. What y'all think the Great Wall of China is???
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️Looks like 100T is going to be trying out a paid premium subscription soon. That should be interesting as people al…'s all fun and games until I bite my finger and lightning comes out. What y'all think the Great Wall of China is???OMG HOW AM I SO STUPID AS TO JUST REALIZE A VPN GETS RID OF SPORTS BLACKOUTS???
@LazasBautista Happy Birthday, King. Maybe see you in Dallas next year. :)The more I think about it, the more I'm starting to realize that Crimsix is turning into the Tom Brady of CoD and I don't like it.Hope you’re having a wonderful day, @AlexaBliss_WWE @RealShadesMcGee Guy like me uses punctuation. Obviously not me.If you still give your money to this lazy company, you are racist. had to turn off the Main Event. Was loving the match but I get dizzy headaches from all the camera cuts and s…
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️Alexa promo, everyone just shut up. #WWERaw
Catching up on some shows I missed this weekend. Bloodsport 6 was so so so good. I need Jon Moxley to do as much stuff he can with GCW.I need to start streaming so one day I can just wake up and play League all day.I’m losing my mind rn. Why is this so funny? like Damian Priest (Bad Bunny's Teammate) was hurting and had a bad back for weeks and that's why Bad Bunny… @Layymooon I would say we should watch more, but WWE stinks if it’s not Wrestlemania. LMAO @BisonPawg @thegingerbatt I'm at my JOB. You know what comes next...I do wanna say, anyone that hung out and watched Wrestlemania in JCFC, I love tf outta you and we should all do it… 1 was better than Night 2, but the Triple Threat was the best match of the entire 2 shows. Don't agree with t… 2022 gonna be HUGE.#NewProfilePic
Picture this. It’s 10:35 pm EST. You aren’t watching the Universal Championship Triple Threat match at #Wrestlemania Couldn’t be me!Do I even need to say it? @Layymooon @LazasBautista @Hauntterr Pre-show starts 40 minutes from now. Actual show starts at 8 pm EST. @mr_nahh That is a really good point. I was watching that fight yesterday and hearing DC talk about how Kevin Holla… @mr_nahh It feels like he’s ready but it’s obvious they’re grooming Whittaker for a rematch. Would love to see Cannonier or Costa.#WrestleMania was just way too good last night. Every match was entertaining, it flew by time wise. Seeing fans bac… years ago today I was forced to retire. Forfeit the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight, I main event…
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️Gn @oxythotinnFellas? is so cool. Bad Bunny the best celebrity wrestler now? #WrestleManiaJerry Lawler making me very disappointed on commentary. #WrestleManiaOMOS JUST REACH OUT MAN. GIVE IT SOME EFFORT. #WrestleManiaIs Omos gonna wrestle in that? #WrestleManiaThose glasses on Ziggler are atrocious. #WrestleManiaCESARO WINS CESARO WINS!!! WHAT A MATCH!!! #WrestleManiaI liked the match, but I really don’t like Tamina and Natalya winning. There’s gotta be more to it. #WrestleManiaI’m not sure about that one. #WrestleManiaThis is fine. #WrestleMania
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️This VC watching #WrestleMania is way too horny rn.Very solid opener though. Lot better that it was in the opener than main event. #WrestleManiaThat is a crazy finish. #WrestlemaniaVery different match than I was expecting from these two. #wrestlemaniaTITUS GET DOWN HES BEHIND YOU!!! #WrestleManiaNo way Miz and Morrison just called themselves the best tag team of the 21st century. #WrestleManiaAm told none of the matches are getting time cut despite the delay.
Retweeted by BigFnTitan ‼️These are some of the best WWE promos in a while because it's impromptu and WWE isn't scripting every word they say. #WrestleMania @Hauntterr Michael Cole not even 1 minute ago: "I guess we could call this Wrestle-rain-ia!" @Hauntterr NO SHOTIt's not actively raining at the venue for #WrestleMania right now but there is still lightning close and they have…, tell Florida to stop raining.Guys, this isn't funny. @SamjayV2 Way to go.ITS BEGINNNNINGGGG #WrestleMania
My predictions for Night 1 tonight: Drew McIntyre Bunny & Priest AJ & Omos Braun Strowman Seth Rollins Kay & Carmella Bianca BelairI’m tweeting about #WrestleMania all night. Go ahead and mute if needed.ITS ON ITS ONE ITS OME ONES OTS ONE #WrestleMania2 MINUTTESSYXJXNFIEWNAJBZE #WrestleMania