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@ElpwsPrivate Where did he even send it? I have no idea how y'all were listening.Muted in discord with a bunch of weirdos. Can’t believe what I’m hearing.This fight is amazing. #EstradaCuadras2Anybody interested, over on DAZN starting right now is Juan Francisco Estrada (40-3) vs. Carlos Cuadras (39-3-1). F… started this big new Pokémon trend? Was it Logan Paul or before that? That’s the first place I saw it.It’s time for Rough ‘N’ Rowdy 12. The most redneck, weird, crazy night in amateur boxing. Red vs. Blue. Lets go. Al…
I will say, this debate was much more normal, much more boring, which is a good thing.I just don’t think that that strategy is going to work, by what I said above, and by the fact that people voted for… is also issues that were handled by the Obama administration in ways they saw fit. A country changes in many…’s my take as of right now. Trumps main goal of his campaign is to say and talk about how Biden “hasn’t done…"I'm the least racist person in the room" - Donald Trump
Retweeted by Jon 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ @Froste Like now. Starting very soon.
@ELPWSwastaken @ddofinternet things in the world will never be liked for the simple reason of there being a meme, and it’s kinda pathetic. @harrybutprivate @harrybutprivate They're calling it a PS5 exclusive, but will be on the Epic Games Store on release. @BisonPriv I'm blocking you. @harrybutprivate Here's gameplay from PS back in June. Published by the same people that did Borderlands. @BisonPriv Just in case somebody wants something different, or they can afford something like that. @BisonPriv You're literally getting a PS5. @harrybutprivate They’re calling it a loot-slasher. So a looting system like Destiny or Borderlands, but also hack-… of 7 billion people, I dated the one girl who laughs just like me
Retweeted by Jon 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ @alexruss98 I try. @alexruss98 As you can tell from last night, I’m way to positive about things and people get mad at me for liking t… think a super under the radar game coming soon is GodFall. One of the first games I’m gonna be playing on PS5. Wi… @HarryButAverage @DeadlyCreatorYT @HaleyOrellana Posted a picture on my tl with that phone case. @DeadlyCreatorYT @HarryButAverage @HaleyOrellana Pretty whack looking phone case tbh. @HarryButAverage @HaleyOrellana Don’t talk to her like that.
@ELPWSwastaken These gonna be on StockX? I’m copping.Remember when buying some good ole @GFuelEnergy to use code “Deadly” or code “Average”. Just bought some GFuel with… @alexruss98 Now I can agree with this..@alexruss98 Based on Vacation Spots, Looks, People, little bit sports, and other personal reasons.
Good Morning Twitter. It's UEFA Champions League day. Say it back. #ManchesterUnited #UEFAChampionsLeague guy Courage talked about on stream a long time ago was @CohhCarnage and how great he was. I’ve been watching fo… @Grahamalott Gn Graham. :) 💜 @BisonPriv @ChaseClaypool @TeamJuJu I do, every Sunday. With each TD.Listen, if you call yourself a Steelers fan and aren’t learning and practicing Tik Tok dances to dance with…
@DeadlyCreatorYT I simply don’t miss.Obi-Wan?? Who’s Obi and what did they win??? LMAOOO ♻️ 78k ❤️ 522kI was thinking all these racists gonna miss out on Miles Morales and Horizon 2 because they’re racist, but they wou…’m making a list of games to play that came out in 2020. Really helps for when I’m down, just sitting down and pla… the first episode of iCarly, Freddie told Carly, “I’m in love with you, you just wanna be friends and I’m totall… @vysowiewie @Pro_SakaiTama That’s okay. :) @vysowiewie @Pro_SakaiTama FR. TALK TO EM. @j4zzyko Bring her to NC. @layymooon @Froste @TallleyW @fvckwill @BisonPriv @jakkuxd @LeftTheEarth @Connugh @KingEmail0 @j4zzyko @endeylol @ChuckECheese Look. I'm going to be 100% honest with you here. I do not believe, that in any capacity, you are fit… @Attacksx After seeing someone make a whole different account just so they can act like the messiah on how this dud…’m glad I just sit around and watch sports all day. Some of y’all are really this bored on Twitter man. THAT MAN DID NOTHING WRONG. @harrybutprivate Seems like just another situation that got blown out of proportion. I can see both sides of the si… really hope Ronaldo comes to the MLS when he gets close to retirement. He could have a blindfold on, one leg tied… God let the US keep coverage of Bundesliga, Premier League, and Serie A. The MLS is horrendously bad and I c… @RealShadesMcGee 💜 @KaleiRenay Hey lol
5-0 BABBYYYYY. BEST TEAM IN THE AFC NORTH. #SteelersNation @BaGrizzle_ THANK YOU MAC!! 💜💜 @j4zzyko 💜 @layymooon It’s everywhere.Carson Wentz is seriously the worst starting QB in the league. He is horrendously bad.What just happened in the @BSSportsbook House is the stuff of dreams. Holy crap @Glenny_balls @Chriztopha_ Thank you! 💜 @TheTopViking I wanna see it every Sunday.Chase Claypool TD. #PITvsCLE #NFL @xanful Reported him twice, and it’s my birthday. What a coincidence. :) $BigDawg1018 @endeylol Off the dizzy?Yo, y’all stop quoting that Glyph tweet and just report it. Weirdo is getting all the attention he wants.I hate football. Never liked it. @AlexK1_ Love him so much. @AlexK1_ I’m really 47 now. That’s crazy. @aweynu Thank you Aleyna!! :) 💜 @Blindage_ 💜Don’t know HOW y’all do this 9-5 shit!! @prakdip 💜💜 @xAidanZul @KaleiRenay He is not wrong though. Kalei please, it is all I want. @xAidanZul @KaleiRenay Bro. @BWAMatt Thank you sir. 💜 @MoH4_410 ... @JoeyTheSuperJew 💜💜Yeah, it’s my birthday today. Did I wait until my birthday to put my Cash App in my bio? Yeah. I did. What’re you gonna do about it? Cry? @HarryButAverage Tweeting about BigFnDawg fr an impressions killer. Thank you though, keep doing what you’re doing. @iHaveSoManyHoes I 100% agree that 119 is insane, but I can’t really disagree with the other judges. Great fight either way.One thing I always learned from watching Mayweather for much of my young life, defense creates offense. Loma didn’t…’s Own, Teofimo Lopez Jr. just beat the #1 P4P fighter in the world to become the first Lineal Lightweight… is what we call a championship winning Round 12 for Teofimo Lopez. I have it 116-112 for Lopez. Judges could h… 11 big for Lomachenko. He’s looking for a KO. I have it 106-103. I think Lopez wins either way, but it could… blow by Lopez, not intentional though. Very close Round 10, still have it for Lomachenko. 97-93 for Lopez going… getting into a rhythm and showing why he’s the #1 P4P boxer in the world. He won Round 9 to me. 88-83 for Lopez. #LomaLopezNow it’s getting good. Round 8 for Lomachenko. Super close round, but Loma finally making some waves. Still has to… is progressively getting better, but might be too little too late. Lopez with another round in Round 7. 70-63 for Lopez. #LomaLopezRound 6 was a lot better for Loma, but Lopez still winning rounds. One more and I don’t think Loma can leave this t… Round 5, the boxing world patiently waits to see when Loma will finally ramp it up in there. Another one for… 4 for Lopez also. He’s calculated in there. Controlling the pace. 40-36 for Lopez. #LomachenkoLopezLopez just took another one I think. 30-27 for him. This is textbook Lomachenko though. #LomachenkoLopezRound 1 and 2 for Lopez. He’s up 20-18 now. Loma still playing things out. As expected he would. #LomachenkoLopez#1 P4P Fighter Lomachenko finally gets his shot at the lineal title, while IBF Champion Teofimo Lopez tries to end… @DanRafael1 ^^^Why does ESPN keep saying that Lomachenko is the WBC Champion? I am almost confident Devin Haney is the WBC Champion. #LomaLopezAmazing counter right by Crute there on #UFCFightIsland6 doesn’t get much better than that.
Absolutely humongous fight tonight on ESPN starting now, crowing the first lineal lightweight champion in 5 years.… @brookeab We’re all so sorry about what you had to go through. It’s amazing and so strong that you were able to tur…