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Using pastels makes me feel like an artist and also a babyNice to have found a way of using colour straight to the page that I think suits me. I suppose because it is still… @Malacandrax February is MONDAY??
WHAT A SIGHT 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 In the middle of the night on Wednesday, in Saint-André (Savoy), not far from the Italian borde…
Retweeted by molly fairhurstCan you see the face and arms reaching out ? @bobjinx Togepi’s big brother can’t remember his nameThe hair on my jumper . Ok. it’s because I’m realマヨネーズにディレイかけてる動画くだらな過ぎて好き
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Just remembered this great page a great idea called “colouring in”
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@NaomiBatts Maybe if you do the ends as an ombré so it doesn’t have to touch your skin? Depends if you like the loo… and Jams couldn't pay rent because of the pandemic, then were moved into a cockroach infested home. Look at…
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Retweeted by molly fairhurst @alaflora I just really struggle nowadays to do colour straight on paper . I want to train myself back but for now… @rubyetc Let him out @rubyetc U ok babeHaving a great idea called “colouring in”
Retweeted by molly fairhurstLove this little man
Cute 😢 @scienceshitpost @slug_actuallyPreparing for a valentines themed job (1 extra panel Instagram) demystify
Retweeted by molly fairhurst @QueenofCyan tumblr always felt like a nice more private space, you had your own room. even if people would barge i… slides realise google eyes @mariannamadriz Aww I’m sure I can remember following yours back in the day!My dream
@dkoblesky thank you so much for these! @IzziWard ok thanks!this bit usually updates with the numbers right? I just filed it. I don't want to accidentally pay more than I have… do i have to pre-pay future tax anyway. in case I die before they can get it?🌝✏️🍊 friend if a famous dog’s corpse is on display at our childhood’s local museum) (pasted a link to a mash up…
@HeinzJunkins Nah it’s still shite though isn’t it! I find guilting myself about feeling bad doesn’t help and I don… Pearl moth
Retweeted by molly fairhurstPenguins from my memory
Retweeted by molly fairhurstI gently use tumblr now and would like to follow art accounts so please send me yours or peoples' you like :-) @seanmgnart @_samdraws yeah it usually does but i've had like three in the past week. it gets to a point where my h…’m productive at absolutely all hours of the day every day. what about you?
Retweeted by molly fairhurst @seanmgnart @_samdraws recently been into midday baths what do u guys think @gergemanson Quote tweet :-) @LucieEbrey When our kitchen turns into a Llangollen hillside at 3-4am each morningqt with a photo of you that somebody else has taken. selfies are not allowed. it can be old or new but ideally one… @GreggFac584 I don’t have any negative thoughts im just bewildered !Penguins from my memory @GreggFac584 found out about the Life Without Buildings tiktok meme ? Craze ? 🌀🌀🌀🌀 @harrybhal_ They certainly aren’t !Not sure if I need to colour as much as I just need to use green @alaflora Ala, me heart... ❤️Two groups of penguins pass each other, stopping briefly to exchange information.
Retweeted by molly fairhurstReally trying to think about what someone would have to say about my drawings for me to be actually offended (bar a… love horrible but i don’t think I so willingly try to be a little ugly anymore. Odd yes, always try not to be bor… thinking about my personal art ethos was about being “horrible” (, discordant, ugly, but a wink) and that stil… I obviously . Dislike things just because I dislike them . I hate so many things .... and I love thatActually feels proper daft I wrote that out. Seems inherent, but just been chatting about it round the table and it…
(should go w/o saying but re: culture, not issues) it is good to dislike things, and it's really good to disagree w… photographer Jarlath Flynn saw a murmuration pass in front of the Moon and captured 60,000 swooping starlings t…
Retweeted by molly fairhurstShould probably draw something that isn’t a funny little man!Beauty routine ・゚*
Retweeted by molly fairhurstBristolians make some noise if u know who these freaks are !
Retweeted by molly fairhurstTwo great tweet drafts hair more eye @CheeseNolan I mean. People might describe my drawing as thus @Nathan_damp Oh my fucking godWhat is “faux naive “. It’s just drawing
@pilottofive Pissed that the start date is almost my birthday ... do me a solid NHS @pilottofive (Charli Xcx voice ) let’s ride @pilottofive Because I’m a lucky bitch with an underlying illness ! ;-)Cool new online personality test
On a walk last year I hung out with a fox with the softest eyes @burstofbeaden This is wonderful and makes me want to try!I did know why we even make new picture books what’s even the point we’re never gonna catch stuff like this
Retweeted by molly fairhurstBristolians make some noise if u know who these freaks are ! this again - @hmmgrr One of my fav gallery experiences has been the Miró gallery in Barcelona . Just felt very joyful all the way
I think it is a sign of good character, and further a requirement to be so, to be a Mutya stanStyle test. Colour ?❓❓?⁉️ 1 more..., another animation, these are all from my video for Super Cool Drawing Machine, musician's art exhibition… @illustraitlin ☺️❤️another animation... to post some animation work but you can only tweet one gif at a time. I don't think there are many visual im…
@mannequinpussy Hi there ! I’m an animator and a fan of yours ☺️ here’s some animation I worked on recently… ! Above my head * eyes ‼️ stream of barns owls sleeping in Thixendale as it snows outside . Leeds corner shop Instagram account .… night the rain was so fine the wind buoyed it shoved my head pictures of snow in Leeds this morning
I’m a bitch I’m a lover I’m a crab undercover @_heathersavage Nice coordination also @_heathersavage They’re tired :-) @_heathersavage I don’t know if this is a reference to something but I love tulips and also how they bend so funny @slug_actually The forbidden drink☺️ inspired by a print of a lion by Rose Wylie that sits next to my head every day when I draw at home @zapfriend Log off @pencilgoblin and I were ogling the Lascaux cave paintings and found this 15-17,000 year old drawing of an elk. So…
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