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@petercoffin Ooooooh Lol @petercoffin Hmm yeah I’d agree. I guess it depends if it’s always a callout tho. Are we talking abt Uber disabilit… @tekkies_ @alfredo095 To be fair, his shitty ideas aren’t his either. “Nuclear families are good and I’m skeptical… @petercoffin (Since I’m already here, the reason why I think it’s only half true is that I think this sort of idea… @petercoffin (But even if it’s true, which I’d say it half is, Im a bit skeptical of why were coming to this conclu… @Potatopolitics Yesssss @petercoffin I general I guess the moral of this tweet is “pls exclusively use twitter to have fun and shit post, y… @petercoffin I’m kind of unsure what this means or what criteria it’s using to decide if something is worthy of com… @ThoughtSlime And then there’s a feedback loop, because at this point my mind has been so poisoned by the fact that… @ThoughtSlime Yeah lol it’s hard cause when ur in my business it’s only natural to start fetishizing complexity, si… @CSturgis i dont think im suggesting people ignore things lol @ComradeFinho this is a subtweet about a person saying an uber driver shouldn't have allowed a disabled lady to bri… reductionism is one helluva drug. "so u mean,, I can say whatever i want, treat people however I want, and ig… want "i hope he sees this bro" to become a thing for this and not for anita sarkeesian tbh. she did in fact see m… eerie fantasy i had as I was writing the piece was that peterson would somehow see the video and reach out to m… dont think meaningful work usually comes from a position of hatred, and so i work hard to enjoy and relate to eve… developed a strange relationship with jordan Peterson. often, when i write videos, I develop affectionate feeli… @JennyENicholson I would love to panel (loudly heckle the film while being booed by everyone in the theater) if you’d have me @theorypleeb miss? no i saw it when u posted it lol. even as i wrote the tweet i thought there may be st like this.… @MacklinTony the fact that yall didnt ask this lady abt her political views means this documentary is just explicit…
I’m upset about how dumb this tweet is but Lilly is yelling at me that it’s a great and hilarious tweetHillary Clinton doesn’t like Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders doesn’t like me and I don’t like broccoli 🥦 😡 👚-🥦… @JJ_McCullough Ooo no I didn’t! I’m watching rn @WandererTravy I left a footnote on my new video about how I prefer the phrase systemic racism, tho I’m not sure that’s what you mean @roastchili You ask that person why there’s an achievement gap between white and black people, and they’re all to h… @roastchili Tbh I don’t think when people say “umm how bout a homeless white person?? Is he really more privileged… interesting thing abt these videos is how liberal they take the opposition to be. The guy says, “Even if white… made a video abt white privilege that pulls the same shtick as everyone else who makes the argument, but at… feel jealous of youtubers who get ppl to make long written response videos to them. I just get like three multi h…
i love how creepily precise they get with this stuff. "you're doing okay but truly verging into some unacceptable… @Hill_Wagan Yeah I mean sure? But if you want me to believe that if Biden wasn’t an old blonde lady, that that imag… how does the fact that I’ve never seen the equivalent image of Biden, one here he pulls off his mask to reveal… image where warren pulls of her mask to reveal Hillary Clinton is so funny to me cause I just want someone to s… on drag race, they literally give the queens no money and expect them to have tons of interesting, unique, and o… @PandaFilmNerd Lol, it’s really not that it’s a sledgehammer tho, it’s more like, what it’s sledgehammering me with is not great imo @chasewalked Yeah I agree. When I watch movies I’m extremely oriented toward what they’re saying and how, and I thi… @chasewalked Idk I thought its themes felt like a sledgehammer of bong saying what he always says (which I’m not ex… @petercoffin Peter there was like a 30 minute detour into how the jokers mom was bad because his dad abused him and… @spidermantifa I just read a think piece abt abortion in media and apparently there were abortions before that in s… @spidermantifa The first prime time show to have an abortion in it was Maude and it seems p cool so maybe watch urself some Maude idk @petercoffin I like a lil happy bday and I expect and require Bernie Sanders to tell me “happy bday bud”
The defense rests honor? was a funny tweet I feel it should have gotten more likes. I thought it was a good tweet.Hank Azaria isn’t gonna voice apu anymore? What’s next, will they just cancel the show??? Will they simply stop mak…
I love the saying “get woke go broke” cause it’s just writing fan fiction that speculates on what the world would b… bong Martin Scorsese was skeptical of the role of marvel within cinema. And for this reason I must ask you: do u… bong mr bong would u consider directing thor, mr bong if not why not. This is a relevant question. Do u hate thor’m just picturing someone seeing a man wearing a sweater and thinking, “wow this completely normal article of clot… atlas unchained have sex a lot, that’s my q it weird that I genuinely wonder how much sex the people who call me a soyboy online have? Every single time I s…
This allstars 2 finale rap is fucking iconic. do ppl talk abt this allstars 2 finale rap a lot @initsglass @D_A_Clarke Well yeah but Idk if this was clear, but I also think this kinda language sucks ass and is… @jpbrammer I like to imagine the chief said a slur and all of the tribesmen around him were like “hmmmm I don’t kno… @D_A_Clarke Wow powerful yet ultimately meaningless truth youre givin me rnThe fact that no one responded “this ain’t it chief” to this tweet is maybe my most joyous twitter moment. But do w… I make a tweet and you respond something curt like “bad take bro” or “this ain’t it chief,” I want u to know I w…“Bernie or bust” and by this I mean that if Bernie loses the primary, i will personally stop all of existence. Ther… voting for Bernie in the primaries, but is there a way we could not poison the well of every other candidate so…
Every time I think abt the joker movie and picture the clown boy doing his lil dance, I hate the movie more, hate it with more of myselfWho is she and where are her cows @CSturgis @_DanArrows But they can’t mean that, cause u know, I’d be publicly spreading this information @CSturgis @_DanArrows Don’t trust them? Yeah I guess not, I don’t even know who “they” are (they meaning the entire internet) @CSturgis @_DanArrows And also, you know, even it were helpful I wouldn’t do such a thing because it’s incredibly weird to do @CSturgis @_DanArrows The debate is “is revealing personal things about your spending necessary or even particularl… @CSturgis @_DanArrows I don’t think it would to be honest. If that’s the goal I’d say just boosting and sharing sma… @CSturgis @_DanArrows I’m not sure what this would accomplish tbh. If it’s trying to get ppl to give me more money, I think I’ll pass tbhAlso I’m paying my gf to draw art for my next video so u know congrats to u for allowing that to happen I will not lie to u, with exception of like, my camera, tripod, mic, and the greenscreen I just bought (which,… of the replies to this tweet are strange lol “Accountability is like,, idk, when strangers tell me what they e…
Emperor PalpatineI wanna let you know that my prior tweet here was ironic. I see some people who perhaps feel it was not ironic and… @g_exel I cried :,-)
Okay I’m informed now but I will not be deleting these tweets because personally I feel it’s my flaws that give me… his foot is touching the color that makes him gay lol love how in this pic he’s just standing there like “wow where do I go I hate gay ppl so much and now they’ve trap… @Volksgeist_ @PatriciaTaxxon Hope misteramazing sees this bro @illicitreading 🙏Can I get a lil amen for my family @jpbrammer I love and believe in women and my evidence is that I personally have not ran a presidential race against Hillary Clinton @AITA_reddit NTA, and im guessing this is actually more hygienic than the common practice tbh @marysuewriter Ugh finally someone’s given me a reason to destroy raven symone’s careerhonestly Michelle's commentary was wayy out of line. "you know that thing you do and aim for and that people love y… upset about adore walking out of all-stars season two. but also good for her, i too would like for michelle visag…
@cubmoth Still disappointed u didn’t have the ghost say “boo bitch I love u” at the end
Retweeted by Big JoelIs anyone deaf in my audience? What’s deaf culture like? (This is a completely random curiosity with no connection to anything lol)hmmm my next video is turning into a thirty minute close reading of one tweet thread that I find interesting, and I… edited my comment. I’m in this now and I’m gonna destroy them both with my impeccable logic’m weeping,,, they’re debunking my comment
The willingness of ppl online to say the word “strawman” without reproducing the original argument or demonstratig… @shaun_vids "okay, but leaving that aside for a second, which candidate do you actually like best" ",,,, joe biden"
@vadimnewquist I’m not offended cause idk who he is and he’s p cute tbh, but I do not see it and feel he looks like some kind of IrishmanSo u say Jordan Peterson is addicted to drugs and clearly has depression and is thus his land isn’t as in order as… out hypocrisy is a rhetorical tool that wastes your time and allows you to look smart and virtuous while n… @cultofdusty1 Idk reddit, Also seems like ur havin the conversation with ppl here on twitter, but u know a bunch of… @david_carstens @marysuewriter Idk pearls doing pretty well so far and she’s like, the most laconic human I’ve ever seen lol @marysuewriter @david_carstens I had my money on max in the top three at the beginning and was shook to see her go.… want u to know I made this tweet before watching the queens be forced to make their own “hello kitty oc’s” what i… @Haggazussa Honestly good, I want my drag queen opinions to be as milquetoast as possible. It means I have my ear t…