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@LackingSaint your bias is showing @LackingSaint this is especially funny because in dm's i feel like ur always like "hmm yeah this person has some nu… @AndyTabletop @TimSheinman noooooooooooo @TimSheinman Lol I just sorta say my takes online, I feel like ppl put me in the category cause all my takes are so hot @PatriciaTaxxon Many ppl make a good vid!!!! @ChanceMartine14 Are u talking about dan olson? Ya u rightSometimes I namesearch myself and see a post where someone’s shitting on breadtube, and the persons like “ya bro br… @TimSheinman I mean to me it indicates that equality of opportunity is entirely impossible without various outcomes… @TimSheinman But that would assume that the “ways in which you’re able to exceed others” doesn’t present you and yo… @VrixTweets Lol yeah it’s strange because clearly no socialist wants perfect equality of outcome. People want to li… @TimSheinman A society wherein you’re perfectly entitled to the results of your success doesn’t map onto “having eq… @TimSheinman Oh honestly sure. This tweet was about saying that “preserving equality of opportunity but not outcome… @Samielh9 @eggynack Ok so what is “the sheet of paper” in our society @TimSheinman Yeah the idea that liberalism is about “having equality of opportunity” is silly because the notion of… love how having health insurance gives me this wonderful opportunity to live @Samielh9 Pls keep this trusty tweet in mindIf u make a distinction between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome and say those things are completely… @pbAstronaut @meshiroses I think there’s a wide difference between “wanting everyone to change the names of their f… SAID SHE CALLS IT “SCOOSHY CREAM” WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY
@PatriciaTaxxon is this a real thing u truly believe abt pizza @SlightlyJilly I mean prob not all of them, but yeah they have v curly hair on average @chargetaimu That makes no sense lol he’s been gay for a long time and it has nothin to do with his luscious locksI feel like not wanting to have a more equitable society cause ur terrified that the poor will shoot u in the face… like, are conservatives just straight up terrified of the joker? is that why they’re like this. I mean I get it…
The internet makes everything move wayyyy too fast. If this were 1950 we’d still be ripping on Ted Cruz for talking… stop now @cubmoth No this is ur thoughts on ur own ass and now you’re trying to deflect @marysuewriter Panda hogRT this if you’re looking forward to spitting into your friends mouth again once COVID is over 😞Idk if “cancel culture,” whatever that actually means, is a genuinely revolutionary force, but it makes rich ppl so…
@ people who dm me, thank u for saying so many nice things!! sry if i dont respond lol, i get a lot of them and alw… af (I’m not a simp just like this king) @benshapiro ur a dork ben @shoe0nhead i love this email because it implies that leftist boys are just, fine as hell, there's no other reason… @ThoughtSlime yes i like my own comments on youtube, no im not gonna apologize to u or anyone for it @ThoughtSlime look bruh i was just stating facts i make myself a bowl of gruel for dinner that tastes like ass, but i eat it happily because i love lenin…"no see, we'll STAGGER classes so that kids can social distance. it's gonna be safe as hell dont even worry about i… to be giving u live updates on my "sat status" but i think i got into the swing once more, we good it'll be fineoh god im taking some practice tests rn to make sure i can do it, and it's sooo hard!!! i got a perf score when i t… @gav_arcfire You’d still have to take the sats right?Honestly yeah let’s go for it. I’m a big nerd and simply enjoy the reading section of the sats tbh @Noel9511 Lmao I wish I was good enough at that to teach it. Maybe I could get my mathy sibling on to do it tho(Fyi, by English I exclusively mean the reading comp section, which I’m v good at. For grammar help I’m ok but you… @AndyTabletop WoahConsidering how shitty education must be for hs kids rn, i wonder if there would be any value in me doing streams w… are u doing today Michel Airbnb I’m staying at has a cute lil Michel Foucault puppet on the fridge and it truly makes me feel at home
@thesqueakuel It’s not that so much as the number of months in a row where I gain a similar, moderate number of sub… @LackingSaint ugh that graph is sexy as hellthis is the entire history of my channel, three years of this, surreal @Campster it's time to take the dive and make shrek video @yacobg42 those graphs are so amazing, like how in the world are they coming up with this @aljinns lol is it? i feel like going viral online is fun, that's my opinionalso he's right, look at this it's the most boring graph ive ever seen @manuelaag1999 👿one time, some guy who was doing data on youtubers messaged me and was like "it's v odd, that you never have really… wonder how many ppl online fucking hate me. It’s gotta be at least 50, but what if it’s like, a few thousand??? Can u imagine @bad_at_handles also, i can, at the very least, drop it as a given that there's no evidence god exists and declared… @bad_at_handles but the religious claim that a person with rights is created at conception is arbitrary nonsense th… @bad_at_handles in other words, the case you're making here could be applied to literally any moral conviction. "… @bad_at_handles yeah, im saying, that case only makes sense if you think morality is arbitrary. If morality isn't a… @bad_at_handles so you're making the argument here that morality is an entirely arbitrary thing, and so it doesn't… @bad_at_handles if u think something but have no reason to think it besides belief in god, it doesn't make sense to… @bad_at_handles i mean, if your worldview consists of you making various faith based claims and telling others they… @coollady42 by life, i mean, a personed life with the rights of a person. @marysuewriter stop making simple fun videos archiving interesting online moments if u respect me @marysuewriter Holy shit congrats!!!! (Pls dont beat me at subs on @yacobg42 Make him buy rayconsI wanna go to a cowboy festival with Jenny Nicholson @Dan_Arrows B is cooler and more evocative, the only fear is that ppl won’t know what a wehrmacht soldier is lol. A… @rudie_jazz I feel like u sincerely believe I believe every British person is a transphobe, I don’t believe that lol @MinCorpPixel Oh I just thought of that as, keeping up the lil joke u know. Making fun of is a strong word for what I’m saying here imo @MinCorpPixel It’s not “helping” lol, i was just making a lil hyperbolic joke, everyone knows that not all British ppl are transphobes @InnuendoStudios No she doesn’t have a problem with trans ppl @rudie_jazz Those ppl u know must not be British tbh, all British ppl are like thisAmerica’s best moment was when Bloomberg tried to run for president and literally everyone was collectively like “lmao fuck off Bloomberg”Hot White Man Wears Androgynous Clothes To Party, God Has Given Us The Gift Of This Absolute TreasureI wish I was a celebrity so that when I made a single good take people were like “omg the wokest bae in the univers… gf is British, I can’t have a problem with British people. It’s impossible sorry. I have British friendsAt people miffed because bruv is a cockney thing and transphobes are posh or whatever, I see ur point but I hope u… weird that british people are like, hey bruv trans ppl are bad
Do u want to learn to edit like the guy whos been editing my videos recently? Can u imagine that much editing skill… @AvaAelius I mean he can “use the meme format” to generate a different message, but it doesn’t make sense in that c… I think about like, surprisingly often, is how this guy made a tweet where he was like “stonetoss good” b… don’t shoot me. I know we look the same but I swear to god I’m the real me, please , please don’t do this @MosheKeller @TheBetacrat @KoetsierSimon @ThatInkyGhoul55 @nomadicgoose @VaushV sure, tho intersex people are, im g… @MosheKeller @TheBetacrat @KoetsierSimon @ThatInkyGhoul55 @nomadicgoose @VaushV i dont know what you mean by "destr… @MosheKeller @TheBetacrat @KoetsierSimon @ThatInkyGhoul55 @nomadicgoose @VaushV right so like, just like it's possi… @MosheKeller @TheBetacrat @KoetsierSimon @ThatInkyGhoul55 @nomadicgoose @VaushV How many.... fingers would they havemy whole life, i thought the movie "the help" was based on some actual ethnography of black maids in the 1960s. it'… @gaywonk I would do it (to be more famous)
@AndyTabletop Wait u mean Margaret lmao, not like some hot take gamer king @theymerSophie Ok I’ll start my gaming pyre @AndyTabletop I promise u I literally have no idea who that is. Is he a gamer who said thisOne of these days someone will tell me that I shouldn’t make fun of gamers because it alienates potential leftists,… swear to god PayPal is gonna be what cancels me online, I just know itAs I do every few weeks, I have to once again apologize for not having sent the 50k dollars we raised during the ch… @AndyTabletop Haven’t heard those words in a v long time tbhRemember when ppl used the word problematic a lot, and had problematic favs? Rad times baby