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How I sleep knowing Liverpool are 22 points clear at the top of the league.
Retweeted by #6😂😂😂 what you gonna do spike my drink? If you’re taking offence to what I’m sayin do what you feel is necessary
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Retweeted by #6the game
Retweeted by #6Now y’all know y’all would be mad if a man made a post like this 😂😂
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This is how he snuck up on Dot Rotten
Retweeted by #6Sneakbo said this to Dot 😭
Retweeted by #6What a Champions League night that was! Our last one was in december. Yours? 🤩
Retweeted by #6This guy challenged strangers to ‘finish the lyrics’ and this woman passing by started belting out Shallow like she…
Retweeted by #6I dont think I've ever seen a million likes used to see girls piss outside Michael Ramsey - Later found out they blocked the girls toilets on purpose no ones fault you went during the day and had no consideration for the weather
This bloke’s just won a Brit Award and can’t even tweet about it cos of Ole 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ #Brits2020
Retweeted by #6Being addicted to lean in this United’ve forced it
Retweeted by #6How convenient
Retweeted by #6.@TimoWerner: – Liverpool are the best team in the world at the moment, and when you're linked with that team, it m…
Retweeted by #6One of the funniest captions ever , no cap
Retweeted by #6omg stormzy looks like frozone
Retweeted by #6HELLO, HR!??????? 9:47am, today is cancelled
Retweeted by #6Frustrating evening in Madrid, but it’s only halftime. There is no reason for panic or negativity, our focus is bac…
Retweeted by #6“We all gonna be married and have kids by 25” Us at 25 in shoreditch
Retweeted by #6 @BlessingMebude They are clearly playing the gameBeen trying to get surgery for two years and now I know why, you guys are too busy imitating a concert in your shab…"Why can't they just invent breakfast pizza?" 🍕😋 10 year old Harry had an Unpopular Opinion for @GregJames this mo…
Retweeted by #6There's always money for war, but never any money for hospitals, police, youth workers, social services etc etc.
Retweeted by #6This guy will not let anyone get in the way of achieving his dream of being a bad b
Retweeted by #6Lol arsenal fans are so jarring name is MoStacks. Mine isn’t. Relax
Retweeted by #6Stormzy, BRITs 2018: “Theresa May, where’s the money for Grenfell?” Dave; BRITs 2020: “Grenfell residents still ne…
Retweeted by #6This is the level of refereeing incompetence that we were dealing with tonight. Beyond embarrassing.
Retweeted by #6Americans have discovered the chip butty
Retweeted by #6Dave just called out the PM for being racist, blasted the press for Meghan Markle's treatment, paid tribute to Jack…
Retweeted by #6No one: Atletico players:
Retweeted by #6Restaurants that give you a wooden chopping board as a plate. 0/10
Retweeted by #6 @mattliptoncomic Nah, that's the sound of a white woman who knows exactly what she did but is still gonna try to play the victim.
Retweeted by #6The sound of Kaitlin Bennett voice when she says “They’re still throwing stuff!” is the sound of someone who *genui…
Retweeted by #6Which London did you attend?
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Retweeted by #6Private snaps really gave you lot superiority complexes
Retweeted by #6I Love you home & away 😁
Retweeted by #6this is the most chaotic winners room interview i’ve ever seen omg who put 20p in the brits this year???
Retweeted by #6I think jobs in the UK need to start advertising how much you’ll make after tax. These figures are real misleading
Retweeted by #6Received a speeding letter from the police talking about I may have to do a course, or if I don’t respond within 28…
Retweeted by #6He wants that aasssssssss
You have shown us her bum. How can we tell
Retweeted by #6Robertson: “They’ve celebrated as if they’ve won the tie after the game. We’ve got Premier League business to take…
Retweeted by #6I saw no game of football tonight, it was a fucking WWF Exhibition Fight!❤❤❤ @oluwasogo14 God forbid bad tinsI can’t read French at all but they cooking the shit out this nigga in the replies 😭😭
Retweeted by #6Mourinho plays 11 men behind the ball and it’s a disgrace, Simeone does it and it’s a masterclass? Nah, fuck off.
Retweeted by #6This referee needs to be investigated. I’m absolutely flabbergasted.
Retweeted by #6100%’s changed Szymon Marciniak Wiki, the referee in tonight’s game 😫
Retweeted by #6I can bet my house that Atletico will not do the same at anfield#ATLLIV Atletico Madrid after scoring in the 4th minute against Liverpool :
Retweeted by #6Black people would season toast if they could
Retweeted by #6Lol women really are their own worst enemy @thefinestduncan @TweetsOfHades @esteecarmo @rcc8345 If I could I would but security bitches when I'm still in the office past 12White people really REALLY don't deserve forgiveness 🤣 WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS???
Retweeted by #6If it was Meghan and Archie it’d be. Meghan puts Archie’s life at risk during trip to park. Hay fever expert explai…
Retweeted by #6 Emergency: Paper's splash on flooding across the country
Retweeted by #6Any man that doesn’t care for sports is an untrustworthy person
Retweeted by #6Sorry, but what the fuck is this country?
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His face is the realization that racial microaggressions come with dating white people
Retweeted by #6Atleast once a year I see the same shit£350MillionQuidAWeek yam**taps* oya dide dide dide
Retweeted by #6Yes please! makes this funny face all the time, the wind blew now it’s stuck
Retweeted by #6If this is your Uber driver DO NOT get in‼️‼️ @Uber @Uber_Support @metpoliceuk
Retweeted by #6Please RT and get in contact if you see Aaron 💙
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Affordability is mostly confused with love.
Retweeted by #6I just wanna kno is Chelsea ok 😭 cause these two mfs is trippin😅
Retweeted by #6Most Premier League clean sheets this season: 10 - Alisson Becker 9 - Dean Henderson 9 - Nick Pope 9 - Kasper Sc…
Retweeted by #6Arsenal are still shitHe is the younger michael morden 1000%Nah I promise you it's just him ..this guy has been a loser since 2008 when he got baited for saying he beat certai… @superwool1 Erm...ok...your footballing logic was still incorrect @superwool1 Lol you dont watch footballWehhh aku suka tiktok yang ni 😂😂
Retweeted by #6Basically steps aheadi think long term about everything.
Retweeted by #6Your profile picture is literally your head on a penguin, in reference to the time you said you identified as a pen…
Retweeted by #6 @___bambii_ 😭😭😭retrospectively speaking this game is so disturbingI’m listening to TI’s podcast and he got Tiny on there with Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker. And TI asked them how t…
Retweeted by #6No credible source of this. This sort of misinformation can be extremely dangerous
Retweeted by #6I delivered a beautiful baby boy today and when I left shift there was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, box of chocol…
Retweeted by #6For everyone who has been asking me for when @noughtcrosstv is airing and for a trailer, without any further delay,…
Retweeted by #6REVEALED: Manchester City's Premier League title in 2014 is now UNDER THREAT with potential backdated points deduct…
Retweeted by #6The 1st season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is comedy gold
25 my asss posted last year a loss of $1.28 Billion in 2018, extending the deficit over three years to $4.8 Billion. Ho…
Retweeted by #6 @AttlantaMorgan, its mad, slept for like 15 hours last night 👀Play in any European competitions for the next 2 years
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