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I am a golden dragon that emerged from a peach. Comic book editor, MS in Accountancy, hater of bigots, covered in cat hair.

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I just realized I have no idea if Oakland even has a chief of police. I mean, I’m sure there’s an interim, but we g…
George Floyd's brother, Philonise, on his conversation w/ Pres Trump on @MSNBC: "It was so fast. He didn't give me…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @Remender The guy needs to keep Spock’s name out of his mouth. @PunkRockPhD Welcome back, but I think your display name needs an update. It should read “Dr. Gabby.” @ColleenDoran @CatStaggs We were at the first Women’s March in DC together, and she could not be stopped! @calebandrew @NewsHour @JoeBiden @JudyWoodruff Yes! Everybody must be accountable. Coddling the Democratic Party ha… @calebandrew @NewsHour @JoeBiden @JudyWoodruff I wish it would make a difference. I mean, I’m still going to vote f… just watched @NewsHour's interview with @JoeBiden, & @JudyWoodruff forgot to ask him about his role in the milita…
Entertainment? What?? @lil_frecks_77 Ugh, You have all my sympathy! That once happened to me, except the building was also being reroofed… @junghulee You come at the queen, you best not miss. @ChloeIsAGoth
@calebandrew I've seen a bunch of turkeys wait for the light to turn green to cross San Pablo Ave. at Marin in Alba… @calebandrew Oh yeah, they're everywhere around here, but this particular family that lives in the Morcom Rose Gard… there's this wild turkey in my neighborhood named Gerald, and hoo boy has it been a whole thing for many weeks n… @derekdraws And then they complain that nobody trusts them, but if they refuse to hold any of their own accountable… @derekdraws Right?? I think this is the first I’ve seen as well.We're very honored to have been listed as a #safespace by the Safe Space Alliance, a global nonprofit #LGBTQI+ led…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneIt’s @CartoonJones birthday. I’ve creating comics with this guy for 30 years. I spent months planning an elaboratly…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone
@ericfell @mightyjoanna 🤣 This is amazing, and the animation is seamless! Hey @CartoonJones, here's some more peopl… @ericfell @mightyjoanna Well where's the link?? @mightyjoanna @ericfell Happy birthday! Apparently it is also Vincent Price's birthday. @CartoonJones It’s your birthday? Happy birthday! 🎂Conspiracy theorists: There's a secret group of billionaires that runs the world. Everyone else: There's a public g…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneRelaxations of #ShelterInPlace have required lots of attention, but not enough to forget our 40th Anniversary is al…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneNo one ever seems to have tear gas when heavily armed white men show up at government buildings
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@Jann_Jones @AmyChu OK, you’ve finally inspired me to bite the bullet and put it in the to go box. Thank you for the kick in the pants! @LearnLiberation @Jann_Jones @AmyChu No worries, I’m not disrespecting Jiffy, I’m disrespecting cooking Jiffy with…'m raising money for At the Crossroads, an organization that does homeless youth outreach in SF. The need is alway…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneThis preview includes one of my absolute favorite vignettes in the series so far! @IanBoothby @GiseleLagace @Jann_Jones @AmyChu Do you mean like this one that was gifted to me years ago and I've never taken out of the box a… @Jann_Jones @AmyChu Oh, agreed! I loved those terrible little corn cakes. @Jann_Jones @AmyChu Y’all missed out on a whole lot of unevenly cooked Jiffy corn bread."It is shockingly good to have Exorsisters back..."
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneBeginning THURSDAY, our 24-hour turnaround for #CurbsidePickup drops to 4 hours, and more items are being added to…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone“The toll has been devastating on Native peoples in New Mexico. They account for 50 percent of the state's COVID-19…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone
@tomneelyart I’d like to think that these are the dog’s answers."People are not born knowing what these are. It takes enormous and, above all, individual effort to arrive at the r…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneOn this #MemorialDay, a reminder that the sacrifices of others do not win us #liberty all by themselves: "Words li…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneImportant thread from my brother the vet. 👇 @hermanos We went on our hike at 6 AM today to try to avoid the heat. And now I think I’m going to go back to bed.An elephant mask for #NewMaskDesignMonday…with matching trunk t-shirt! • •…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @JayFaerber Yes but it would be a jurisdictional nightmare when they murdered each other. @yinsanity I respect that this cat has strong personal boundaries.Fuck FUCK fuck fuck fuck fuck
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneEach year I Swear Off Sweets for one month to raise $$ for ATC, but for the first time in a decade, I skipped it to…'m raising money for At the Crossroads, an organization that does homeless youth outreach in SF. The need is alway…
@IanBoothby He’s trying to kill his base and they love him for it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
@calebandrew You joined us at a pizza parlor once to watch a basketball game. So there was at least that one time! @calebandrew So long!
@ruswooton Also, the accommodations prescribed by the ADA only apply as long as they don’t put other people at risk…!!!
This is amazing, and also not at all a surprise. (And the reference to “certain limitations on the scope of their… @ChloeIsAGoth @TheManAbides @GamesofBerkeley Excellent point! It's usually not difficult to find out how to donate… @Biggletron @TheManAbides @GamesofBerkeley I think this is a good time to remind people that if they want to donate…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneI'm really proud of the steps my brother (@TheManAbides) and the @GamesofBerkeley management team are taking to ma… know the barrage of emails from every company you've ever done business with explaining their COVID safety plans… mama's so dumb she thinks she's protecting us all from tyranny by refusing to follow common sense guidelines l…
@Jann_Jones's "this video is the worst" time! #updates #curbsidepickup #almost
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @Jann_Jones No joke, I was never a huge fan of cooking until I found out that gluten had been making me sickly my e… to all who organized to extend Oakland's #EvictionMoratorium. We prevailed + extended it for renters til Aug 31…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @Jann_Jones @ChuckWendig Whatever you say, Kristi Yamaguchi. @zdarsky I RESPECT PEOPLE’S ANONYMITY but I was saying that Applebee’s has decided to emulate you and come up with…
One week until the return of Exorsisters!
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneApple’s speech to text got Chip @zdarsky’s name right the first time! Mind blown!!! But it came out “chips the Darc… @ohyesverynice Congratulations 🍾🎉 @HackinTimSeeley I made a work table once out of unused copies of a certain comic book. @junghulee Yeah, I’m disappointed by how widely it’s been celebrated.The friendship that developed between these two characters is one of my favorite things about DS9. @JoanneStarer Oh no! This is terrible.
@cjwardart @Rooneroo Congratulations! 🎉Today is a big day. Starting today, May 18, undocumented Californians can apply for disaster relief in California f…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneDON’T WORRY, THERE’S ALSO A TIGER. @GreggSchigiel Where’s my tiger? @JayFaerber I don’t know why, but this photograph is completely hilarious to me.To support our ongoing work during the COVID-19 Outbreak donate here:
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneThe latest sanctioned camp site will be in the Haight, and we’re hiring to staff it! Personal experience, or extens…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @LandryQWalker WHAT
Oakland police have 1,200 untested rape kits, second most in California, audit finds
@IanJAtHome I don’t remember raisins, but I was watching through my fingers in terror.There’s some lady on the TV right now making something called a popcorn salad and there’s over a cup of mayonnaise…'M LOOKING FOR SOME GOOD BOOKS ABOUT MAYAN/AZTEC CULTURE. WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS- I have books with history stuff, I…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @ChloeIsAGoth Oral health is very important, and the foundational basis for any resilient relationship. @ChloeIsAGoth They didn’t care about AIDS because they thought it would just kill gay people. @ChloeIsAGoth They seem nice. @ChloeIsAGoth It’s very pretty in the woods. @ChloeIsAGoth
@ChloeIsAGoth Too bad it always overshoots the target. @IanBoothby You’d be pretty mad too if a country as dumb as this one kept trying to claim you as their symbol, all… @lil_frecks_77 Nice! That sounds pretty great actually. @GamesofBerkeley I agree! @lil_frecks_77 Yikes! Glad it wasn’t anything more serious.
If you drink or use to escape your thoughts and feelings and you need help finding another way, help is available.…
Retweeted by Branwyn BigglestoneAdded some new designs to my #teepublic storefront, available as masks and t-shirts - sale pricing for the next few…
Retweeted by Branwyn Bigglestone @adampknave *means* 😫 @adampknave Nah, i’m pretty sure it’s a Buddhist symbol that needs peace or something. @BronwynAnn The deaths only matter if it’s a brown person who kills them.