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MewTewb @BiggsDCat Ohio, USA

Newbie variety Streamer, Resident Mecha Enthusiast/ Weeb trash

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#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch you go to your friends island and you find its a cult #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @JPRPT98 Becaie sw/sh ad a lot of problems and was rushed and GF constantly making exscuses why they had to cut stu… @bento_kento @MateuNoRegreso @JPRPT98 > bigger Brand AC is gonna outsell sword and shield easily. @reagankathryn_ Noriko (Gunbuster) Rinko Iori (Gundam Build fighters) Nico Robin (One piece)
You're welcome
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Bernie fucking flaming everyone on the senate floor just now
Retweeted by MewTewbPokemon Showdonw VGC Practice and Some Team building!. Come Join me and Ed as I learn to get good. guys gonna stream some Pokemon team building and vgc practice tonight . Come join me on twitch around 10 or 10…
@optimalSCF back at you @optimalSCF NOW ITS MY TURN wanted to move this villager's house so tom nook brought them over while theyre in their pjs cos it was 5am dhdhd…
Retweeted by MewTewb✨🌊🛩️🌊✨ #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by MewTewb @MkAzerbaijan @maximilian_ Max*If its "over" by Easter ill eat my fucking dog
Retweeted by MewTewb @MkAzerbaijan @maximilian_ Mac had always said that it's his opinion and that a lot of people like MK11 for what it is.
#doom #animalcrossing ドゥームの森
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#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by MewTewbIf we need supplies, and @HobbyLobby is the only local store who has them, I'll pay triple online to other retailer…
Retweeted by MewTewbTrying Apex Legends for the first time with friends!
A Balst from the past Playing some Tf2! with Ed #ACNH #NintendoSwitch #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@rainbowreverie AT DAWN WE RIDE
Retweeted by MewTewbIts Witch Time my lovlies Pt. 2 Please come watch again as i play more of this insane game lol of the many examples why @maximilian_ is simply one of the best doods~ 😂😂😂
Retweeted by MewTewb @mkraju Wow its like reporters don't care about actual stories and will constantly get asked the same shit that isn… @KenHagen4 @mkraju Wow A canidate having emotions about something he cares about what a monster. @BrennanotBrend1 @aturtlenamedbo1 @Amy_Siskind @mkraju Wow its like getting pissed off that reporters are clearly d… @rainbowreverie Feels when I'm Black haired Cloud
@Catie3661733812 @ThomasPain2018 @SergioJSiano The political system is a facade and nothing will change until peopl… @SergioJSiano Not gonna lie. I would consider itIf another country's exit polls were off this much we'd invade them. #2020Primaries #RiggedDNC
Retweeted by MewTewbIts Witch Time my lovlies! No Doom Tonight Computer couldnt handle Doom Guy lolol. Lets get this show on the road! for delay everyone Weill be streaming as soon as I can!
So thinking about streaming Doom (2016) tonight if my PC can handle it! So come join me and watch me rip and tear d… Dee supporters trying to find the Coronavirus cure so Nintendo can reveal the Smash DLC already.
Retweeted by MewTewbNever forget that in the midst of the 2020 viral pandemic, the Democratic Party spat in the face of the CDC and the…
Retweeted by MewTewbTomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system archi…
Retweeted by MewTewbWe don’t need a bailout for the Airlines. We don’t need a bailout for the Hotels. We don’t need a bailout for the…
Retweeted by MewTewbChina took on a completely unknown virus and in a month has brought new cases down to single digits. Its response g…
Retweeted by MewTewbthe fact that America seems to be rejecting the "free healthcare" candidate during a global pandemic is something I…
Retweeted by MewTewb @sarah_fong_tho Can we just saw off Florida lol @JetpackBraggin Yeah I'm so lost i guess ill find out when i wake up tomorrow....
@MikeDeWine please we need clarity about primaries tomorrow. People all over the state are confused and getting conflicting information @sezrah69 @GovMikeDeWine He is literally keeping people safe. It's gonna be hard but we have get through thisIt is time ask the question of who owns the power in this country. #DemDebate
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@rainbowreverie And animal crossing @SakuraMadoi @Beyond8Media 🔥🔥GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 15
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@SakuraMadoi Zero fucks givenCall your representatives today and demand they pass the #FamiliesFirst coronavirus bill. It contains: - Free tes…
Retweeted by MewTewbPlaying Pokemon Shield! More Dex Completion! Some More VGC Later!
Hey guys gonna stream more Pokedex completion and maybe more vgc practice! Tonight around 10 or 10:30 EST! So come… Update: The following Pokémon Regional Championships have been cancelled: Toronto (Mar 13-15) Charlotte (Ma…
Retweeted by MewTewbWhy is he doing this
Retweeted by MewTewbSouth Korea has tested 200,000 people for coronavirus, prioritizing the most vulnerable people. The CDC only teste…
Retweeted by MewTewbGame “Gunbuster” Gyaru babyyyyyyy (People should maaaaaybe give me suggestions for other 80s/90s anime for pOTENTI…
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“Schools are closing? Where do I send my children?” “How do I afford healthcare?” “I can’t afford to take off work!…
Retweeted by MewTewbTotal student loan debt: $1.7 trillion Total cost of the Fed's short-term bank funding: $1.5 trillion America has…
Retweeted by MewTewbThe Astros created COVID-19 to keep stadiums empty and avoid being booed. Do not @ me unless it's to applaud and…
Retweeted by MewTewbIf there ever was a moment that showed us the need for all people to be able to get health care regardless of their…
Retweeted by MewTewb @ArtemisMoonCos I feel this. I was planning on going to a Pokemon regionals this year and now it may not happen but… @sarah_fong_tho So jelly. I can't wait to have a bigger space to have my weeb shit in the background lolAt some point during college, I lost my high school class ring. Today, 24 years or so later, I got this email.
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@rainbowreverie But what if it was aliens @stellewds Does @Annjelife count? If not I'm sorry she is wcw 😭 @SlamloDamlo @Sundiny_ Honestly at this point I feel it's not even gonna feel good voting for Biden. It's pretty mu… vs normal players vs TAS
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gen 3 brick break be like
Retweeted by MewTewb @randypaint That's on her bro. If she can't use her words then that's her problem @rainbowreverie Local Woman knock the snot out of booger wiping hoodlums
@rainbowreverie They are starting a group Jess they are out to get us @SakuraMadoi FUCK YEAH KITE-MANMortal Kombat 11 SPAWN game-play reveal video.
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Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid pre-order is $33.99 at Play-Asia: and get 5% off with promo co…
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I think one of the cases Bernie should make regarding electability is to actually say "Hillary was the safe option…
Retweeted by MewTewbHey y'all! I'm gonna be making my come back to streaming tonight around 10 or 10:30 est! Gonna start completing my… @SakuraMadoi Did you know this was a thing? THE FACE
Retweeted by MewTewbI'm gonna tell my kids that these were The Avengers
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@YachtClubGames @HorizenDreamer It looks like culex from super Mario rpg @sarah_fong_tho TOM NOOK IS A GOOD BOY. @DuncanCantDie What a clown @SakuraMadoi @goryoyuto Umineko is a series that should be ready a cherished. Finished it last year finally after s… drift - looks dumb as fuck - Sonic drags his hand on the ground which looks like it'd hurt like he…
Retweeted by MewTewbNo, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super P…
Retweeted by MewTewb @Graceful_Swann 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@rebeccanagle @SlamloDamlo @JoeBiden I think the best thing to do is be positive. Its not over yet there is plenty… picture, a thousand words. #Bernie2020 #BernieForPresident #BernieOrBust #SuperTuesday
Retweeted by MewTewbIf you’re in line to vote, stay in line! #VoteForBernie
Retweeted by MewTewbExactly what I said yesterday. It bothers me that the corporate democrats IMMEDIATELY got behind Biden & the so cal…
Retweeted by MewTewb @TedMarmalade @MaxBoot No I won't im tired of being told fucking suck it up. Im tired of people suffering because of greed.#TexasPrimary