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@katievmariee That is pretty creepy. Did you watch the whole series? @RobCheney_ Oh, cool! I guess I need to go check them out. I keep hearing good things. Thanks! @katievmariee Which one did you watch? 👀 @og_chelso23 Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? @ItsSpeedyDuck Looks good Speedy! Where did you get it? @ChristianBurno @dmnfood @dmnews Is there an article for Texarkana foodies as well? We would love to know. :) @KiaraLDouglas Everything okay? :( @ItsQuaaaaa We are going to say bbq tacos! Lol. But which one did you end up having? :) @Haleyb_21 What was on his potato that he got to enjoy? :) @RobCheney_ Agreed! What's your favorite chicken place that's here so far? @BAMFmay That does sound delicious! Did you make it? @LatauviaR Aww! That's awesome! How old are the kiddos that you teach? @dez_lane Do you have anything fun planned to celebrate? @SalviGorilla540 Oh, gotcha! Well, maybe we'll get to see you around some time to try out some bbq. Have a great… @EMJ_MadeDaBeat Oh, gotcha! It would be fun to have a musical family. @DrecoSplash That's cool! Happy Birthday to her and Happy Anniversary! @yourboyPat47 Oh, nice! Do you have anything fun planned? @TexarkanaCC Oh, well that's cool. Thanks for chatting! Have a great weekend! @LadyJay005 Lol! No problem! :) If you happen to remember then let me know! I would love to go check it out sometime. @caotk @GoalieGuy78 @BlackoutDallas @Josh_Clark02 @DarrenC347 @drakeunited @MannenIGata1 @ScottKotar @BensBishops
@Daysha_Renee Which school is doing that? @EMJ_MadeDaBeat Too cute! What instruments do your kids play? :) @Taylor_JT18 @emmablindsay Nothing pops up when I type @. Does that mean I get the place to myself? Lol. @StuBrenner Oh! Well, it's nice! Great camper too! Where did you take this photo? It looks like I need to go camping there! :) @DrecoSplash Aww! What did you guys get to do to celebrate?Our favorite days of the week to eat bbq end in day! 😁 How about you? 🙂 @NortonCourtneyy Which ones are you trying to decide between? Maybe putting them in a tweet to let people vote would help you decide. :) @yourboyPat47 @Lucrezi83553593 We hope your wish comes true! When's the big day? @LatauviaR I wouldn't mind being 22 again! Lol. Do you have anything fun planned to celebrate? @TruckaMuva We hope well will get the chance to see you some time so you can give the potato a try! :) @SalviGorilla540 Oh, nice! Ever tried the bbq in Texarkana? 😉 @jsuzym1 Yeah, I had heard the same! All good at your place? @joncelli Pepperoni is tasty! I like to have it with olives too! I'm also a big fan of supreme pizza. :) @TexarkanaCC Cool! Do they visit you guys often? Or did the rain just bring them out? @k_will1021 :( We hope you get to enjoy some soon! Which flavor is your favorite? @caotk @GoalieGuy78 @BlackoutDallas @Josh_Clark02 @DarrenC347 @drakeunited @MannenIGata1 @ScottKotar @BensBishops
@SgtJAFoo That's cool! Do you have any CDs or anything? @BufodJustice @CNN I feel like @NHL hockey gives me life but I wouldn't have devastated if they opted not to play r… @k_will1021 That does sound good! Did you get to enjoy some? @nancy_neurotic Agreed! What's your favorite kind to enjoy? @SalviGorilla540 #Yum! Where did you get it? @OHaraBaker Welcome to Texarkana! Are you going to get to enjoy some bbq? :) @DiscoveryTXK Wow! Any idea how much bbq they eat? :) @RichZaynan Fun! What part of Cali are you headed to? @HolidayTxkConvC I haven't been playing but want to! Are you playing? :)Roll call! Is everyone safe out there? @TexarkanaCC Wow! You guys might night a boat over there! Is the deer to the left of the tree in front and a littl… @slimthee903 Lol! Where is this parking lot? @CoreySo100 Lol. When's her birthday? @Anti_Watako Oh, wow! That's not very far from here! Did you know anyone? @SgtJAFoo You're welcome! How long have you been playing the beats? @TruckaMuva Oh, gotcha! Well, kudos to you for getting up that early! I wouldn't be a fan of that! Lol. I appreci… @joncelli Oh, #yum! That sounds good! What kind of pizza? @KennnnyQ Awe! Thanks! We appreciate the support and we are glad everyone has thought positively about us! @TatumWillow99 Good idea! We'll have to keep those in mind! @TatumWillow99 Nice idea mixing the beans and okra together! @BigJakesBBQ
Retweeted by Big Jake's BBQ @briemichelleb I hope so too! :) Thanks for chatting! Have you had the chance to give us a try before?
@SgtJAFoo Great beat, Man! @Anti_Watako Sorry to hear that! :( Which school was it? I haven't heard of it yet. @Jaison96 Welcome to Texarkana! Did you stop by for any bbq? 😉😜 @JEALEXphoto I was just thinking the same thing! Lol. Did you get to do anything fun at all? @Julissa_h18 That does sound good! Where in Dallas do you like to get them? @jerry_mccoy85 Looks delicious! What kind of seasoning did you use? @_TNev You too! :) Are you having a good day so far? @keenbii15 How's your birthday going so far? :) @chantay_bad We hope your wish comes true! What kind are hoping to get? @kyraatyouss Aww! Fun! Did he make the cake? @KennnnyQ Thanks a bunch for the follow! :) Ever been to Big Jake's before? @Jimmy5150 We are so glad to hear that! We appreciate the support and hope to see you again soon! @KayLynCo Oh, nice! I've always wanted to visit there but haven't had the chance. What did you do while there? @joncelli Sorry to hear that! :( Did you at least get to enjoy some good food and some cake and ice cream? @TruckaMuva Oh my! That's early for work! Do you have to get up that early every day? @briemichelleb Thanks! I need to go back it sounds like then. It's been a while. :( @jsuzym1 @indigomoonwoman Oh, cool. I'll have to see if I can track it down and give it a watch. Thanks! @caotk @GoalieGuy78 @BlackoutDallas @Josh_Clark02 @DarrenC347 @drakeunited @MannenIGata1 @ScottKotar @BensBishops
@Cool2__ So glad he enjoyed it! @Jimmy5150 Awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by! Did you all enjoy everything? @indigomoonwoman What's this movie called? I guess I've never seen it. :( @chattigurl Same here! What's your favorite kind to list to? @_WhiteeCocaine Big Jake's is hiring if you want to work with bbq for a 2nd job. :) @KayLynCo Where did you get to enjoy those nice temps? :) @KennnnyQ For real! Is that a sun from the Mario game? :) @TraciDesigns Yikes! Is she okay? @WiseOne_96 Nice! Which part are you visiting? @TruckaMuva So true and high humidity! :( What did you have to do at 5 am this morning? @maccjackson It's hard to believe it's that time of year already! Did she have a good day? @Jimmy5150 Did you stop by and grab some bbq? :) @andromedapls We are too! Well, a few of our locations anyway. :) What did you do in Texarkana? @beaubarnett10 @AnheuserBusch Excellent combo! What kind of bbq were you enjoying with it? @briemichelleb #Yum! I haven't been there in forever. Is it still as tasty as it always has been? @GCubed72 #Yum! What all is in it? @mcrogersss Is it because they are hungry? :) @Murse_Barry_RN Traveling does sound fun! Where do you get to go? :) @talahiab Lil smokies are delicious! Ever tried them with some bbq sauce? @KiaraLDouglas Were you able to able to get something fun figured out? :) @rrobrika Aww! I didn't know it was her birthday yesterday. Which song of hers is your favorite? @joncelli Do you have anything fun planned to celebrate? :) @Cool2__ How fun! Did Cairo enjoy digging into the cake? @ChristianBurno I'm going to have to go with "I want to dance with somebody." You?