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@shaunwkeaveny Think on it. @SELFESTEEM___ I get really bad anxiety with phone calls too, I struggle with non face to face communication a lot.… going to try and catch @tenggerland at @sxsw they are one of the best pan Asian psych outfits. @BenBowskill It's a classic Iggy moment, everything goes out of controlAnother one of the Texan outfits im going to try and check out is this lovely art pop dreamy melodic psych pop trio… having some flashbacks, I cant believe it was nearly 13 i saw one of the greatest Rock n Roll shows of my enti… @DeclanMcKenna @MurderCapital_ Their very good but not the best, I prefer Egyptian Blue.
@Victoria__Wai @nadineshah @IVW_UK @steve_lamacq @BBC6Music @BBCSounds @thecluny It was lovely to meet you at the show Victoria.A poem I wrote as reaction to this image of mountain hill sides @digitalmaverick Yep thats a great film as is The Host
U-Bahn were excellent at the @oldebristol kind of like a psych take on New Romantics, blending together bits of The… @ghostpoet I don't care yawn.It was more then dance music, he also inspired a while wave of alternative acts to experiment with synths and inspi… @Mosesboydexodus @BBC6Music Thanks for making beautiful music Moses @SELFESTEEM___ @gruffingtonpost I would be interested in the Terry Riley tribute, but that line up is good @_williamdoyle @annabsavage @CitySlang Wahey congratulations Anna, I can't wait to hear what you have coming out and with William too. @SongSparrowGo @BURGERRECORDS @damnably @bellaunion @sxsw I might be in the shape for dancing due to having issues… tonight do I go and see it try and go and see @otobokebeaver and @BandDBGC @FleeceBristol even though it's so… I painted my clay mask @artinmotion45 @_spikeisland Andrew Weatherall, the man who gave Primal Scream their groove and the baggyness of Happy Mondays. The man who… @BURGERRECORDS @damnably @bellaunion @sxsw It's going to be my first time over, hopefully I will get to meet some of you guys.
The one thing that I feel defines good art from bad art is whether you are emotionally moved by the work or the per… stunning @angelolsen and @hand_habits taken from their emotionally intense and breathless show @swxbristol last… @EmmaisaChampion @laurabaileykidd Oooh thats a challenge @laurabaileykidd hiding inside trying to write a blog of my @IVW_UK tour. @Tim_Burgess I give them to pretty much everyone in Bristol, or pretty much any of my friends.Trying to write my tour blog for @IVW_UK whilst dancing to @maryannehobbs who is spinning @peggygoud on @BBC6Music @MrSteveBob Everyone is cooler then I wi8ll ever be EVER @maryannehobbs Good Morning Maryanne hope the weather is a little calmer where you are?Early 70s German psych, Can You See The Witch The Rattles - The Witch (1970) via @YouTube @SybilBell fingers crossed for places like Hereford/South Wales/ Hebden are okMy Monday morning Jam after watching pretty scarily young Scottish band @spyr3s throw this into their set… @SybilBell I'm fine I was just walking too and from a gig @sonofedge The truth is uncomfortable not the fight backs. It's just that some people want to stick cotton buds in… definitely planning on going to the record showcases by @BURGERRECORDS @damnably and @bellaunion amongst others @sxsw.Storm Dennis took down a few trees in Bristol @anniehysterical bunch of privileged spoilt kids who look down on the world @anniehysterical tell them to piss off. and tell them that with an attitude like that they will fail.
@Leulah its also really funny in places @lukeminall @gigsandtours it might be a bit of an over setimation but I go to about 320ish shows a year if not more… @nadineshah Hell yeah Valentines day is usually the worst day of the year for me. this year it actually wasnt to bad.I think im going to head down the @LouisianaBris tonight for what looks a pretty decent Indie rock line up… @tessafundraiser Yeah its brilliant isnt it. Have you seen The Host whicch is also by Bong Hoon Jo, that is also a brilliant film. @Tim_Burgess Tabloids are scum, I try and avoid them if i can. They basically sell themselves on sensationalism. @thetradesclub @markthomasinfo Thats a huge relief, please send my love to all the residents there, because I definitely want to come back. @gigsandtours Probably about 5000, maybe more maybe lessWell Ponyland were so much fun last night, Giant fake rabiit head, cue band who fell somewhere between Goat and Sna… @LeeCotterell1 the humour and the twists in both films kind of do mirror each other, as if in being centrally focus… went to see Parasite the Other day, and I absolutely love it. so many twists and turns like a cinematic version o…
@Tim_Burgess Agreed Tim @FayeMacCalman @Archipelagojam hey faye yes im coming downOne to watch at @sxsw art no wave punks @GoldDime, I think these will be electric live - Hindsight II (Official Vi… Cant Stop Me Dennis, you wont stop Me Dennis from gig going, I'm going to take a punt on a free entry show from… you @SANDYalexg and @PetShimmers for a wonderful gig last night @theklabristol if you're going to any of thei… of the many acts I'm going to try and do my best to catch @sxsw @GoldDime @music_komorebi @Mpho_Neo_Sebina Tam…
@GiantGiantSwan Wow is that what Nantes is really like? @maryannehobbs Yeah I'm just trying to put my feet up for a bit before I head out to see @moormother tonight. Also… @GiantGiantSwan She is ace @maryannehobbs Hello again Maryanne hope your having a lovely day. @JessPartridge What was this a reaction too? @shellzenner There is a electronics producer called How I Quit Crack @Tim_Burgess God you've got Peter Broderick in your band ye lucky sodd, see you @sxsw
@fourstringer Was it the singer from Dark Star?Vincent Can Collage @hhhhhennies Hale and Pace
@TheOrielles @DrugStoreRomeos @iamjuliabardo I will do, although sad do treat me too well, the they pretty much rol… @TheOrielles @DrugStoreRomeos @iamjuliabardo I might be @falseadv Hello @Scraggatron Holy fucking moly @TSPSI The Mick Hucknall of North Wales @_billy_nomates @charlottealiced @idlesband @OfficialRandL Let's face it RandL have been scraping the bottom of the… @_billy_nomates Let's have it. @_billy_nomates @charlottealiced @idlesband @OfficialRandL It's usual big lads weekend with tokenistic female acts… @FGRFC_Official 1-2Trust the Japanese to come up with the most unpronounceable band name of @sxsw, I think it's something like Uchibig… of the many bands I'm looking forward to catching @sxsw is this young Texan No Wave outfit Blood playing around with modeling clay @artinmotion45 @_spikeisland @LeslieKnott1 @sxsw Have you checked out the band called Blood who are from Austin? Not Americana but frickin great @maryannehobbs Hello MaryanneSome strange faces scribbled. @ The Mother's Ruin
@steepler On my Instagram @SybilBell The struggle is REAL;!!!!!LOL @emma_daman WaheyI have something to confess, I am a functioning Gigaholic. @SELFESTEEM___ See you out there Rebecca @maryannehobbs thanks for playing some cracking tunes that has been helping me getting pumped whilst painting, I'm… brilliant @annahmeredith taken from from her breathless show @TrinityBristol. Very few composers and songwriter… night was a spiritual revelation of of utter beauty from the legendary lonnieholleysuniverse cubemicroplex. It…
Does anyone know where in Bristol I can get fake blood from, I'm thinking about going out to the @SANDYalexg @LeslieKnott1 @SH0PP1NG @RoughTrade @lonnieholley @CUBECINEMA You know me too well @2outa3 wow is that from the storm?Tonight I will be watching @SH0PP1NG @roughtrade followed by @lonnieholley @cubecinema, can someone reserve me a se… @jetfury its like a whole series of Frankensteins monstersSo sad to see Hebden Bridge under water, it was only just over a week ago that i was there, such a lovely place.
Does anyone in this Universe have a ticket going spare time r tomorrow night's @lonnieholley show @CUBECINEMA?:I co…'s been fricking mental, I will warn you that any extra money will go towards furnishing my flat with more record… you to Tony from @comeplaywith records for sending me this lovely package of split 7"s, there are s few boome…
@WillkommenRecs @mannequinpussy @swxbristol @themenzingers @thisispolica @theklabristol @octoberdrift @thisispolica what time are ye on @theklabristol? and who is supporting? @MrSteveBob @mannequinpussy @swxbristol @themenzingers @thisispolica @theklabristol @octoberdrift @LouisianaBris th…