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Engaged to @eyesofviolet13 D20 Live Game Master, Writer, TTRPG Streamer who runs @d20live. Proudly an indie hit since 1983.

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@GaijinGoombah That was meant to be a tweet at and not a reply. I'm sorry. @GaijinGoombah Not to give you more to do, but I don't know if you know about this TTRPG system or not:
@Owen_Stephens It's okay sir. We're happy you're here. You just do what you have to, and we'll be waiting on the other side. @ToonGrin Thank you for being comfortable to open up like that.people on the TL are talking about best things to donate to foodbanks - in every instance the answer is cash. Foodb…
Retweeted by Big Mike @SigmaJump I've had that. Have you tried meditation? @tuffshe be clear, I wouldn't be doing the dresses bit for a laugh. The rest of the character would be a gag but he'd bea… @HJPublishing @DannyPlaysGamez I'm Mike and I run @D20Live with @eyesofviolet13 and a few dozen other amazing people. We play at… through @RTalsorianGames Castle Falkenstien and I'm seeing nothing in the rules saying I CAN'T play Lord Flas… @SwordandBoardTO I dun wanna play commander no more.Exagryph: #Hades pro strats: A thread. Stygian Blade:
As someone who worked retail through this, the shift on Reach was amazing! @BatRoyaleRoyale I think Jimmy got framed and he didn't deserve that bum rap... Oh! It's good!GM: So Mike... Me: Yo. GM: You're banned from using the spell fly without provoking an alignment change. Me: Why? G… @GregStolze Not a voice actor but trained improv comedian with stagecraft training. @RTalsorianGames So I just wanna say you're real chill over there and I wanna be friends.Every "It's been x years since this thing came out..." Me: @BoldBebo Is this open to everyone or do you have specific people in mind? @Owen_Stephens Did you want help playtesting? @Owen_Stephens Neat! I was designing something similar to this. Yours is far more fleshed out.
Going live on with more #SuperRobotWars @AmonFitNerd @th3Engineer Oh I see how it is!Did you catch our panel at #TFconOnline yesterday? You can catch it on YouTube below
Retweeted by Big Mike @HJPublishing Not a game designer but this sounds so neat! @Darker_Hue @eyesofviolet13Steam has a massive digital tabletop sale and I have no idea which of them is any good.
@CityNerdy @Reverendmother What is the best way to reach out to you? @pocttrpgs what's the best way to get in contact with you? @Corruscator I'm going for something that has that "we're a bunch of random people with different skills" vibe from… research says Monster of the Week is VERY close to this but not quite hitting the nail on the head.Question, is there a #TTRPG where you play a group of people hunting a monster that is randomly rolled or custom bu… wanna be this guy's friend.
@SigmaJump Fukkin hell that looks good. @AdamGumby @pocttrpgs My pleasure. I wish I could give good LED lighting advice too. @AdamGumby @pocttrpgs If you don't mind it a blackout curtain from walmart goes a long way. Until you get good at… @CrankGameplays Hemlo I know I’m late but I art
Retweeted by Big Mike @eyesofviolet13 @CrankGameplays She great artiste!If you demand your medieval-flavored game be "realistic" but you don't want a real and present danger of your chara…
Retweeted by Big Mike"Realism" is not "there were no women or nonwhites" because I assure you there were plenty of both, it means "roll…
Retweeted by Big MikeHISTORY: You can have realism or you can have cool exciting adventures where not everyone smells like a dead rat on…
Retweeted by Big Mike @GlassReflection the GM can't do voices. #dnd #ttrpg
Retweeted by Big Mike @CityNerdy @Reverendmother Best of luck today btw! Let me know if you need an extra player.Rikizou, the lead designer of Kamigakari, died on October 18, 2020 at 9:03 PM. He was 41 years old. We extend our…
Retweeted by Big Mike @CityNerdy @Reverendmother We should talk. I'll run you a line tomorrow since I don't want to interrupt your show today. @CityNerdy @Reverendmother Congratulations! Are you looking to do more shows online?Check out our panel on Commandroids at TFCon online tomorrow at 4pm! Writer @Reverendmother will talk about the wor…
Retweeted by Big Mike @sephiramy Is it good that I ran three? @Nash076 @AllisonRKnight @SigmaJump @RTalsorianGames No tachikoma?
@Linkara19 @Alanis @tonygoldmark @ProfBreen587 @AjentVee I mean. I do but not for any ideological reason, I'm just a shit. Also who are you? @BoldBebo @pocttrpgs What's the best way? I don't want to slide into a DM without consent. @Nymeria941 @ZweihanderRPG @EncounterRP What are you looking for in players?"Show me the part of the local municipal code that says it illegal to call the local rich landowner an asshole and…! How did the Ancient Gods DLC for Doom Eternal come out four days ago and I just found out about it?I ain't got no GMs to take me through them! @eyesofviolet13 @eyesofviolet13 resonates so, so much. TTRPG community, please, heed this
Retweeted by Big Mike @eyesofviolet13 2020: "God damn it...." @SilverfoxRyan I believe that was @basicnbizarre who coined that one. I just copied it. @BigMikeD20 I'm pretty sure one you mentioned at one of your con Q&A sessions "The rules aren't written in stone; t…
Retweeted by Big Mike @BigMikeD20 All DM need to remember... its a game... if fun is had, you are doing it right.
Retweeted by Big MikeAnd it is! remember one con I was at a fan came up to me practically shaking because he dared to change a module because he… I've never seen a tweet like this before @JimSterling did a video on it. This is gonna be good.
@BigMikeD20 🎶🎶I love you toooooo 🎶🎶
Retweeted by Big Mike @eyesofviolet13 Love you.I mean, only the most indie of indie game studios want you to stream and share their content for free, certainly no…
Retweeted by Big Mike @PeterClines LIIIICH! @Mark_Meer You've got something stuck in your teeth. @Owen_Stephens Great man. @Owen_Stephens That's tough. I'm gonna phone a friend on this one. @Owen_Stephens @tsmit000 your answer? @Owen_Stephens I'm gonna need you to define best in this instance. @theJagmeetSingh @Vangelus @NorthernlionLP Not trying to steal you from one... just surprised. @theJagmeetSingh @Vangelus @NorthernlionLP We can just DM you to hang out for a game? Is... is that allowed?I'm running a @Chaosium_Inc Pendragon game now for friends and two of them made a deal with Oberon to keep their l… @d20love I think the real thread here is that those with strong followings really can decide the market.
@ItsAlexandrian @jaibambii Don't fight it dude. Trust me. Mine's convinced I'm awesome and I know I'm just a well shaved troll. @ItsAlexandrian @jaibambii You two are sweet, you know that? @ZweihanderRPG I have a question about your new project 1776 if you have a moment. Just about what kind of characters are viable.
@BigMikeD20 Hello my name is Gordon Van Helsing his is my assistant Sammy B. If you wanna fight me you gatra go thr…
Retweeted by Big MikeDemeter's cast is fukkin OP! @SigmaJump @d20love Gonna go walk and beat up a bunch of people with a sword before killing my Dad.OOOOUUUUUAAAHH! VICTORY! @DeborahAnnWoll Working on a charity thing with tabletop.