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Big Nate @BigNate237 Lewisham, London

I make music. Member of @237MOB1 🔥Contact: 🇯🇲🇬🇧 #AFC

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‘1 man up still make 2 yutes swim 🏊‍♀️ like diving in synchronised aquatics’ #YPreeYPree #lockdownfreestyle 😈
Retweeted by Big NateKeep streaming ‘Clowns’ out on all streaming platforms 🤡🤡 Statement? Here’s to a new era of uk music 🌟 Follow the start of the journey 💓
Retweeted by Big Nate @Kishfantastic Lit bro it’s mad stillBored? Bill it - Hungry? Bill it - Bored again? Bill it - Episode finished? Bill it - Series finished? Bill it - Si…
Retweeted by Big Nate @smkbrks He just fizzled into nothingness lol @DingosUniverse @kadeyjames Trussss🗣
Retweeted by Big NateWhat you man saying? @LFC 👀
Retweeted by Big NateI wonder what people are tasting when they eat avocado that I’m not tasting...
Retweeted by Big Nate @SoundWavePapi @buckotb 😭😭 @buckotb @BigNate237 Init. I don’t have any too-small-for-me fluorescent red blazer with bright yellow tassels and a hat to wear
Retweeted by Big NateI’m letting my friends know now, if you call or message me to do that brush thing & change into different clothes,…
Retweeted by Big Nate @NON_EXIST_ENT_ Knew he wouldn’t get very far lol 🤦🏾‍♂️ @ramonsavedme I’m proper getting into itNew week, new music!! Pre-save to not miss out ✅ @SoundWavePapi 😂😂😂Whatever happened to that weirdo Desiigner?Genetics are proper interesting
Retweeted by Big Nate @SoundWavePapi Dios mio 😨Man started Ozark yday and it’s actually very decentWhen is htgawm back on? @WisdomTheWriter @ChendGolden 🥴 @WisdomTheWriter @ChendGolden U proper don’t get it do you lool @FeeksRns dropped BANGER gifted yesterday! Full video out here: 🔥🔥🔊
Retweeted by Big NateI TOLD EM TO CHILL I’M THE GOAT 🐐🔥
Retweeted by Big Nate @WisdomTheWriter @ChendGolden Clearly.. and fuck yours and everyone else’s life? Smh @WisdomTheWriter @ChendGolden know who dis is but he said I’m lit and he’s verified so let’s celebrate
Retweeted by Big NateWe’re soaring... fryinggggg 🎶’s still up for the next instalment of bill it o’clock? 🥳
I miss this so much, you can't watch this without smiling the whole time. 😂😃😆
Retweeted by Big NateSupport my latest mini project ‘D-X Files’ out now only on Spotify ❤️🙏🏾 RT!! Enjoy this until next fridays releas…
Retweeted by Big Nate @Kishfantastic Loooool bro we’re connected @BigNate237 Lmaooo okay this is weird I just WOKE UP and billed it
Retweeted by Big NateSomehow it’s bill it o’clock again lolWhat???! 😳 new tape out now: PERPETUAL MISERY. art by the extremely talented @ih8drinkbleachh, get at…
Retweeted by Big Nate @TeigeCavalli She’s racist for that still looolShe lost me at 'dont not wash it..'
Retweeted by Big NateNo one’s first government job should be President of the United States.
Retweeted by Big Nate“SHOW DEM UR ARSE!!” Yyyyyyyyyyyy @Alhaji_Waves 🤣🤣 @Alhaji_Waves I’m so angry bro looool she’s a terroristMe vex!!! A wah dis???? 😓😓😓 is racist.
Retweeted by Big NateLmao we both chill indoor for days on end on a normal ting. Ain’t nothing different.
Retweeted by Big NateI want cake and custard.
Retweeted by Big Natehi can everyone follow @237mob1
Retweeted by Big NateOne of my mum's friends who is immunocompromised and has a range of health issues tested positive for coronavirus,…
Retweeted by Big NateDon’t mean to be racist or anything but.... (says something racist) @fxllen1 😭🤣 never late brooo @BigNate237 what is time anymore
Retweeted by Big NateIt’s ALWAYS 7PM 😭“That went over your head like-“ no it didn’t.
Retweeted by Big Nate😭😭 @JP_NTN @babynino15 PES PROD BY @mannydubbs
Retweeted by Big NateWho don’t hear must feel 💯
Retweeted by Big NateFeeks - Gifted OUT NOW VIA @MixtapeMadness
Retweeted by Big Nate🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 @Kishfantastic It looks so gg, come we billll it! 🤩 man actually said people drink magnum “to feel black” @temzclipstar Ffs 🤦🏾‍♂️Oh would u look at the time... bill it o’clock 😊I’ve had the maddest headache all day 😓Support my latest mini project ‘D-X Files’ out now only on Spotify ❤️🙏🏾 RT!! Enjoy this until next fridays releas… - so sick“Reverse racism” is a funny ass phrase because white folks don’t realized they’re implying ownership of regular racism lol
Retweeted by Big NateOnly in Jamaica 😅😂
Retweeted by Big NateAdd your most recent project to this thread, I need new music to listen to during these uncertain times. Here’s min…
Retweeted by Big NateICYMI: “I’ve got to squeeze in as much new music as possible. So let me do that!” - @CassKidd on @ReprezentRadio 🤩…
Retweeted by Big NateLooool I already was thinking that and I’m not even close to where ur at yet zoot of the day it’s lit!
Retweeted by Big Nate @DEJ___ Literally just started it cos I seen so many talking about it on episode 3 @DirtyCipher ❤️ thank u @NON_EXIST_ENT_ Thank u g 🙏🏾❤️ @GYPTXVN Thank u bro ❤️ @chaseyoung__ Praying for it bro 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️I would be burningggggggggg if I was a Liverpool fan. You man have been mad quiet since corona reach loool
Retweeted by Big NateFammmm I knew I wasn’t going mad is one of the hardest snippets I’ve seen🤣old tune but hard
Retweeted by Big NatePraying for my grandma and my aunty now. This ting is crazy fam 😭☹️LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. head can’t process all this shit that keeps happening daily man @badb_aleena @Kishfantastic Lmao even if he did he still woulda forgot @Kishfantastic @BigNate237 Wisdom didnt get the grey tracksuit bottoms memo🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Big NatePraying for all the pregant women at this time 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Big NateIon share all my photos enough either they are all so sick 😤
Retweeted by Big Nate @108mics That’s calmm but still nowww lmaoKinfolk 🤝 📸 @yokoching
Retweeted by Big NatePerfection I preferred the crab videos. This just sounds like my worst nightmare @FeeksRns video is dropping today 🤩Heard they’re monitoring the situation but likely to be postponed too ☹️ on the top of ur head? Same @108mics Now 💯🔊This song sounds cold but this twerk promo is getting boring do a headstand or smth
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