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I just wanna bully Chuds. He/Him

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@KellyannePolls Hey why do you abuse your daughter @MarxHohenheim @pinkladyfoxx Also no one would buy them, because they’re free @LibertyHangout Get fucked @Asdruwubael No they’re making her READ! 😠 @AnnHertzz @vexlium You smell like medicine? @rogueambit Can I reply but still kiss you? @pinkladyfoxx LmaoThe politics understander has logged on @OneTiltyBoi @SkinkSleepy @CountDankulaTV @VaushV @jimmy_dore The political compass is a flawed method of examining politics @rubyrryan Wait is this a thing? I hadn’t heard about mental health causing you to not brush your teeth is it a depressive symptom?...There You Are.. #ResidentEvilVillage
Retweeted by big pharma @thelindsayellis @biggestjoel No, the military is bad. All of it. @reddhotriot Ronnie needs a swirly @RaineyTheCommie @Aphrodite_La you are pretty sorry you’re my third @ @goblinsaurusrex I don’t have money @rogueambit @RaineyTheCommie Can I be your friend @SandyFrizzle I want to put them in my mouf @EVERYTHINGDICE I like theseThese are the folks we need to team up with and talk to, not fascists.
Retweeted by big pharma @gregsteube is a pedophile
@RepGregSteube is a pedophile @RepGregSteube @RepJamesComer Hey you’re the guy that wants little girls to have genital exams to “prove they’re cis” @bilericoproject Uhhh
Retweeted by big pharma @bilericoproject Why Republicans worried so much about kids genitalia?!??
Retweeted by big pharma @bilericoproject Literally everyone who reads this should immediately make the very real connection to pedos This i…
Retweeted by big pharmaThat’s a very long way to say he’s a pedophile
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Retweeted by big pharma @goblinsaurusrex My suggestion is rent a topim sick of being censored. no you cannot reply to this
Retweeted by big pharmaCollaborator it is then, I guess.
Retweeted by big pharma @tranos_car Fucking finally @BriannaWu @graciechu Trump wearing cheaper watches wouldn’t make him any better wtf is that take lol @SkinkSleepy @CountDankulaTV @VaushV @jimmy_dore The “free market” is implicitly coercive. You cannot be economical… @jetblackraider Looks like she’s happy to see you @RaineyTheCommie @goblinsaurusrex Nice @AnnHertzz Ban the militaryRemoving the #transgender military ban was the wrong move. Should've banned cis people as well instead.
Retweeted by big pharmaBut I was told this hamburger would be $38
Retweeted by big pharma @jetblackraider @geistverrse No @jimmy_dore I found this big horse outside of Troy, I was completely floored when he said he is: - Pro Trojan - An…
Retweeted by big pharma @FenixAmmunition @jimmy_dore Here's you tagging Dana Loesch in your "Rittenhouse Drills" you dweebs
Retweeted by big pharma @Chinchillazllla @jimmy_dore What you do mean? Seems legit...
Retweeted by big pharma @jimmy_dore you dumb ass
Retweeted by big pharma @jimmy_dore Or we could not normalize white supremacist militias by platforming a member trying to make the org pal…
Retweeted by big pharma @jimmy_dore Jimny, I represent a very wealthy Nigerian prince. He needs your help. Please dm.
Retweeted by big pharma @LanceCyber @WilhelmKChrist @CountDankulaTV @VaushV @jimmy_dore Smooth brain lol @SkinkSleepy @CountDankulaTV @VaushV @jimmy_dore My dude right wing beliefs are diametrically opposed to freedom/an… Dore: social democratic congresspeople are the enemy; white nationalist pundits and militias are friends
Retweeted by big pharmaTest test @FenixAmmunition @jimmy_dore Fuck off @CountDankulaTV @VaushV @jimmy_dore Holy shit shut the fuck up and go away @jimmy_dore James you’re a fucking moronI interviewed a knife in my kitchen and I was FLOORED when it said it was: -Squishy -Has healing properties if pre…
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Retweeted by big pharma @jetblackraider I think I wanted to be a robotics engineer... I’m now struggling with environmental science/ecology @AnnHertzz @LilySimpson1312 Hello @SandyFrizzle Actually no it’s because two ears offers is the ability to detect the direction sound is coming from @goblinsaurusrex Hey @tranos_car Is this some scp shit? @elonmusk You don’t know what anarcho syndicalism is @captain_german Ah they saw the resident evil trailer @ChaoticThey Her daughters are hot @DeanBrowningPA @Sethrogen @tedcruz Dean Ted Cruz is Canadian @SenTedCruz You’re Canadian stfu @goblinsaurusrex OhYeah i read theory
Retweeted by big pharma @RaineyTheCommie Porple @emmaskyeward Fine, MAY I ask you a question? @614Ward @LibertyHangout Nah I’m not for church reform I’m for church abolition @goblinsaurusrex Prove it @banditelli Holy shit maybe some editorializing there @ChaoticThey True @gatorfan2006 @ChaoticThey @groshkovapavlo1 Fuck youKevin Sorbo says trans rights! #TransRightsAreHumanRights #transrights #FridayThoughts
Retweeted by big pharma @goblinsaurusrex Rona @itsKaylaErin Worth itMy face is stained after doing this lol
Retweeted by big pharma @rainyday_vg Okay I this is fakemy bloody chest hurts from laughing so hard, holy shit
Retweeted by big pharma @rainyday_vg That’s so good!!! @glooriri @mediatedmediaoo Don’t know if I’m purple or orange @rogueambit @bruleebitch Citation? Dude trust me
@LibertyHangout You promise? @LibertyHangout The Catholic Church is full of pedophiles in positions of power. @LibertyHangout No NK isn’t communist
Retweeted by big pharma @RaineyTheCommie But how will they see this message if you block them? Quite the pickle @arsenictyphoon I like teclis too. I want the new war mages and stuff40 year old man sees pronouns in bio and rants for 2 minutes about a person he made up
Retweeted by big pharma @firagawalkwthme I’m 25 @PostinMonkey @arsenictyphoon lumineth realm lords @MeguminLewd @ProjektMelody How does she not get cold @KEEMSTAR Shut the fuck up moronKeem, I know you have fridge temp IQ but the point of pronouns in bio when you aren’t trans is to make it hard to k…
Retweeted by big pharma @TheQuartering Lmao “please share” almost as flaccid as “please clap” @RaineyTheCommie Hard choice but it’s probably nsfw @gonzo6664 @goblinsaurusrex Well it’s a hell of a lot less creepy than offering dick @ejknoodles I want a new sword @goblinsaurusrex I’ve got some bagels if you want