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AKA Dylan Todd. Brand Manager @ Also comics & other stuff. Coen Bros stan. Noted Prequel Liker. He/him. Black Lives Matter.

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@david_wolkin @kenlowery the starch donut @pablohidalgo To be fair, I watch all movies wearing a cloak and chanting to Ba'al, so every film is a cult classic to me. @david_wolkin to this song and glory in its entire vibe: @batmasterson Now *that’s* a party. @froonding_loom New York, Old York, Thom Yorke, Michael York, them peppermint patties: shut up about all of it.You truly love to see it. get why people dislike Steely Dan, but if you don't wanna listen to two nerds who look like sex perverts/math tea… @batmasterson Aye.Tuesday. vegastweetDid not think watching Stavros Anthony lose in slow-mo would be more cathartic than Trump, but here we are.Good for him TBH. @mdlbird done and done @mdlbird Lemme get my Nikes on. @froonding_loom keep looking!oh this looks fun less mentally ill than me is Privileged, everyone more mentally ill than me is Toxic, everyone equally mentally ill to me is Cool
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @VegasRebs oh noReclusive soul legend Shuggie Otis is 67 today. Beyond his cult-classic album Inspiration Information, he played on…
Retweeted by Yr Boi DylhouseTFW someone tells you to take your flunky and dangle
Retweeted by Yr Boi DylhouseI don't think people appreciate how much of a rube The Mandalorian is. Got his head stuck in his helmet. Whole outf…
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @jyrenb That opening mission is very good Star Wars.Never tweet about anything.
Retweeted by Yr Boi DylhouseOh no I played the first mission in Jedi Fallen Order and it kind of whips ass.Muscle Santa is here. Christmas can truly begin. 900 times a week I see a take about art from somebody who would absolutely lose their mind with anger if they…
Retweeted by Yr Boi DylhouseJedi Fallen Order is finally cheap enough for me to purchase it so expect me to whine about how I just want a real… @Twyst Condolences, Robyn. That's awful and heartbreaking. @Fyreball13 Ah man that really, truly sucks. Send her my condolences. @Fyreball13 you ok, bud?*live not life geez that is infuriating. @sequentialmatt @david_wolkin *guy in King Kong voice* 'Twas Big Bites that killed the beast…You will just have to console yourself by continuing to life in a very cool city with plenty of great things to do all over the place. @david_wolkin @sequentialmatt You know, as a joke. @david_wolkin @sequentialmatt If we are ever in the same place together, we should all eat 7-11 hot dogs and see who dies first. @zacksoto And they didn't even mention it in their tweet! Like… that is the thing they are known for! @jmrivera02 Right? Like there are definitely differences between a chain c-store and a bodega but that "joke" tweet… are cool and I had many good sandwiches from one near my place in Harlem back in the day, but there's very… @missingwords heck yeah
@ziah_grace @MoustachePants @xtop (In a good way. It's very Minor Coens IMO, but shine on, you crazy diamonds.) @ziah_grace @MoustachePants @xtop I just remember Edward Hermann jumping on a bed with some ladies and that was enough for me. @MoustachePants @xtop Damn dude, this is too contrarian even for me. @xtop Yeah, it's… corny? And the humor is really dated. But JK Simmons is great and the last act is v good. @xtop (I actually liked of enjoyed LADYKILLERS TBH but I also thought it was gonna be excruciating instead of "Just not their best.") @mdlbird NXIVM-II @chalkyheart This sucks. Good vibes to you and the rest of their loved ones. @d20plusmodifier hello frog @david_wolkin no but he is related to garrison keebleryou truly love to see this flexmy dude got enlisted to write ***the*** han solo movie and spent half his time on set haranguing ron howard about willow ufgoodalso a reminder that no matter how much you loved the 1988 feature film willow, jon kasdan loved it morelow-key excited for a dumbass willow tv show thorn drumheller hell yeah @ericbrownzzz why not @JonHexLives You’re good. @gabrielhardman I think I wore EMPIRE out in my younger years and JEDI just crams the frame with really fun space w… @gabrielhardman I know EMPIRE is the better movie by any metric, but I think I enjoy JEDI a lot more.
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @PjPerez They call Alabama the Crimson Tide… @PjPerez Haha wow. @jason1749 @HitlerPuncher You’re just a pri-so-ner… AND YER TRYNA BREAK FREE!!! @HitlerPuncher It’s just very overblown and corny. @HitlerPuncher It does. Not mad even a little. The other one is… no idea why it’s stuck there, but it’s closing in… @malpertuis You’re lucky! It’s been in my head for almost a week now and no amount of listening to it has dislodged it!Two songs I’ve been unable to shake lately are Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom,” and “St. Elmo’s Fire,” by whoev… @bnystedt This is why we don’t work for the DNC, us thinking thoughts like this.Like most Dem candidates lately, I hope he wins but I’m very not stoked about it. @VaGentlenerd Like moreso than Mayo Pete, and that’s saying something.Jon Ossoff seems like such a twerp.They created their own controlled experiment by accident.
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @AnotherElle Whoever wins, Joe Mantegna gets his junk caught on fire and then stomped out.Also: Mr. Bean Vs. Predator.
@erdna11 Congratulations!!! @Myles_Lobdell Crazy Harry gonna blow that Predator’s ass up.The Muppets Vs Predator (Spoiler: the Muppets win.) @ChaosMonkey @JonHexLives I will echo Mark’s sentiment here. @pablohidalgo @bnystedt You can’t fool me, that’s an Eriana’s Vow. David Prowse
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @BrianChurilla Mr. Bean fella is a real dumb ass.Can’t wait for THE CROWN to catch up to the time Lieutenant Frank Drebin of Police Squad foiled an assassination at… @ARTofCOOP @sonicdork The Love Bug Herbie Rides Again Herbie Goes Bananas @ARTofCOOP @sonicdork Dr. Dicknuts Copperfeel The Taint @ARTofCOOP @sonicdork The Piss Prisoner All-Dressed Ruffles Vaseline Henry @Kevin_Church Somebody REALLY thought this Good Ol Boy tobacco-chewing American was HILARIOUS.I’m watching THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and wow it is boring.
@tvaziri @pablohidalgo holy *piss*, actually. @pablohidalgo Now I’m imagining Han Solo saying he’s gonna “take a ‘fresh” and Leia wrinkles her nose at him. @mikesterling Like, imagine if he’d have done that with the Prequels but that would necessitate all his friends not… @jyrenb Yeah, Prestige TV being the norm and not the outlier is a problem but yeah, keep it an episodic genre show… @mikesterling It’s just… I’m a Prequel defender and even I couldn’t get into it. Kudos to George for realizing he w…’m cool if the Mando show continues to riff off Westerns and samurai stuff, but I’m more interested in textures yo… grew up “playing Star Wars,” so the franchise’s primary role is adding interesting scenarios and settings and del… the Zillo Beast arc was the one that got me watching the series after the feature film scared me off. The way t… just thinking about this sweet boi who never did anything wrong
Retweeted by Yr Boi Dylhouse @viciouspretty LMAO what a dork that person is. @TheSickness85 It’s been remade six ways to Sunday! (Saturday for your people.😉) You’d imagine she have come across it sometime. @TheSickness85 I don’t know how to process any of this. @d20plusmodifier Breaking character to say that this is why I call all vampires “Draculas.” @d20plusmodifier