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@smashtraves Nothing by respect for *my* Mister MusicJoe Exotic is Steve Irwin’s Wario
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @bnystedt It's just oppressive. @MorganJeske It seems weird to want to walk around in that particular world since everybody is awful, but maaaan.Just reading the letters "SDCC" makes my feet hurt and suddenly everything smells like unwashed ass? @pablohidalgo Oof my feet hurt just thinking about SDCC. @pablohidalgo It could always kill you.Dare I add that this was me? 😊 Best. Internship. Ever.
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @brutesaysay You'll have to imagine how much tuna there is. Theater of the mind.AAAAAAAH @jason1749 Always a good idea. @sonicdork @APMike America needs this.I intentionally banked two episodes to try and prolong the experience but it was still not enough. Boo hoo. @gibsoncomics It’s just real good TV.The show is good and I can’t get enough is what I’m saying.This made sense in my head.BETTER CALL SAUL is the peanut butter M&Ms of TV in that I eat the whole bag while trying to savor every crunchy bi… like Zipper.
@JonHexLives Dude is an asshole. Plain and simple. Don't let him get to you.Thanks everyone for 12k on tapas and 500 on webtoon! ☺️ If you're bored, you can read chapter one of Far Out at the…
Retweeted by That’s So DylhouseToday's work-watches were ALIENS and SOLO and I regret nothing. @Kevin_Church @zacksoto I think it's just a period?If you miss ComicsAlliance I AM THE NEW COMICSALLIANCE
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @HustonTheTodd @jason1749 @VegasRebs @jason1749 @HustonTheTodd @VegasRebs I only took it a little personal. @JonHexLives I do need it and I appreciate it. Hope you're doing well. @jason1749 @HustonTheTodd @VegasRebs Kids are ACing, but I’m SW-5219-1937-8877 @jason1749 @HustonTheTodd @VegasRebs Midwest Jason, are we SwithBros yet? @HustonTheTodd @VegasRebs Also, boys, I would like to partake in some online gaming with you both very soon. Please… @HustonTheTodd @VegasRebs GIVE US CODEYou're all nice and beautiful.It’s me, yr boi Dylhouse, feeling exceptionally emotionally fragile today and that’s what’s up."You want this April Fools shit? Fine, but don't say I didn't never - a'right... One Two Tree Four. I declare: Pran…
Retweeted by That’s So DylhouseThe only good thing about April Fools Day is the April Fools Day episode of The Sopranos, where the gang engages in…
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @kendallgoode I really wish it wasn't so nasty at the end but I found it… not good, but interesting? @HustonTheTodd It's not scary. It's not good, either. But it is… interesting? If you don't have anything else to
Retweeted by That’s So DylhouseAgain, the haunted house thing is not my idea, but it tracks all too well.The back half of it is disjointed and unnecessarily mean, but that first half is kind of brilliant.David as the deranged caretaker, showing the stranded group of teens around his old, dilapidated mansion while a cr… thread so as not to sully the James Cameron Appreciation Thread, but ALIEN: COVENANT was obviously bad bu… @jyrenb I still maintain that the first one rips. @TheSickness85 Like, I read the first trade early on and was like, “hm. okay,” but then tore through the first thre… are, strangely, no other Alien movies but these two. Weird, I know. @jyrenb I’ve heard some interesting things about AVATAR 2, a movie I am frickin STOKED for. @gabrielhardman Haha I would expect nothing less. @TheSickness85 I like it a lot. It’s very big, and very Hickman, and therefore takes some time to build up proper m… ALIENS is better.)A fun fact is that I didn’t see ALIEN when I was like 20 but I watched ALIENS ~45 times in eighth grade. I’d be red… Cameron.#goals @thejimgibbons ~5 minutes of ALIENS just now and I’m pleased to report that it still whips the llama’s ass with a belt.really helpful info to have right now!
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse“I basically want to address the idiots out there...”
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @zacksoto Nice! This program does not seem to be working for me, however. Weird. @ARTofCOOP I get that for sure. I mean, I have never had a good idea in my life but I can imagine. @jamiegambell Do it on your peen, you coward. @ARTofCOOP That said, there *is* some cool stuff in TROS. It’s just a mess that adds up to not a lot, all told. But you already know this. @ARTofCOOP And he didn’t have the luxury of lifting the entire plot like he did with TFA or SUPER 8 so you wind up… @ARTofCOOP This… tracks. He’s a great producer who thinks he’s an auteur. @TheSickness85 I mean every word.You hereby have my permission to print this tweet out and hang it in a highly visible location.There’s a possibility we could all be dead before too long so I’d like to say real quick that you’re good and cool…’s cool and good that our president is a hardcore moron.
@HackinTimSeeley @calamityjon It’s a good one. @HustonTheTodd Yeah a co-worker had done it before and suggested it to our GM and they’re running with it. Sounds f… @HustonTheTodd We’re gonna do two weeks of The Quiet Year next and then play some Pathfinder in the world we build. @HustonTheTodd @roll20app @EvilHatOfficial @mischief_nerd It was real fun!For today's @roll20app staff game, we played For the Queen and it was real fun. Card-based storytelling game from… @kellytindall Hahaha I love this.Oh no I need this poster. (link: @ADACTIVITY Limited time content for my premium subscribers. Thank you for your patronage. @david_wolkin I Be Shittin @david_wolkin IBS @tatianawrites Please allow me to pitch the following band name: Crystal Animals @kenlowery There is no way we could have prevented this.WHO could have foreseen this?! @JasonAScavone HOW are we going to ship all these $5, 20-page pamphlets printed on the shittiest paper available to us?!hmm maybe basing an entire industry on a single distributor was a bad idea @jason1749 Luke Wilson no @jason1749 @TheOtherJeff Pring break your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women. @jason1749 @TheOtherJeff Pringles Barbarian @ThatWeissGuy Yeah, a well-rolled Banshee fusion (Erentil, Proelium) or Wizened Rebuke are all better options than… @ThatWeissGuy Yeah, I’m a Stag fan. Hush will still probably be my PVE go-to for bow kills (the hip-fire perk is 😘👌… @ThatWeissGuy I did Telesto and managed to get the required kills in one match on all three characters. @ThatWeissGuy I busted it out for the IB quest but for some reason it would never count the kills toward the quest.… Comedy Central app/website are notoriously terrible, so when I tell folks the four best comedy series of the 20…
Retweeted by That’s So DylhouseNancy by Olivia Jaimes for Tue, 31 Mar 2020
Retweeted by That’s So Dylhouse @Prof_Matthew @Prof_Matthew Also: shame. @Prof_Matthew Telesto is ~right there~ and does the job a lot quicker.I have more respect for Colony and Telesto users TBH.Jotün and Hard Light are coward’s weapons. It’s fine if you want to use them, but know that you are bringing shame… @pablohidalgo Looks like you’ll have to adjust your monocle and ascot budget for Q3.
@Kevin_Church Wilt Wheathins is holding his phone up like a Boomer.That TNG Zoom call is cute, but could NONE of them figure out how to take a screenshot? @TheSickness85 I just love the way that fish rumbles. @Alejandrobot x160!