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@BechiBandit This year im hitting pets aswell😅 @ProdByWalkz @juliusayo_ Its not his fault @ProdByWalkz I asked how much da beat was and was told someones using it so i guess its exclusive
@Kwamz28 I dontRight person wrong time is defo a thing
Retweeted by Rv Pochettino @MkThePlug Whos in dat @Hass0603 Facts @H2Risky Even spice?White friend: “Yeah I’ve experimented with the a few different drugs, done a bit of coke on the weekend... you?” M…
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoMental K - Mona Lisa [Music Video] | GRM Daily
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoWhy everyone gone quiet got themselves excited the same way about PS @H2Risky What tunes dat @AW_Zen Racist @ramonerochester I never explain myself bro but people get in their feelings cos i dont @Ghosty1up @Adzbeats1 Dm detailsHell no an opp shud be seperate but i back it same way just eat from right to left @Adzbeats1 @Ghosty1up Is that an invite @Ghosty1up @Adzbeats1 👀I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I’ve wasted with the wrong people.
Retweeted by Rv Pochettino @Adzbeats1 Rah @AW_Zen Why loool🤔 @ramonerochester Wisdom @AW_Zen 100%Future my nigga and all that but I do believe he shuda dropped the bag on russelIf my mum had Twitter
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoNo snitching! if you find them at the wrong time? 3️⃣ bro on the gram ain’t gonna 🆓 him or help him cope 🇯🇲#freestyle
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoCant go back to jail for another shank might just employ @ArmzKorleone as security @ArmzKorleone Mates ratesBeat up her dad settings but this one nicer than your girls crib!I wanna see a producer clash brigade vs traphouse mobWas gonna say more life until I saw the cup, anything green get bun a banger and someone else used the beat 😱Want a new car but who gonna insure meDropping the first single next month @NotGreek1 H, Headz or Headie @YoungAdz1 😂 @SMaxfrmda3 Dunno but its probably mad @_b4byH The feeling isn’t selfish, the act is. You kill yourself to escape your problems then you leave everybody b… told her dad she killed her boyfriend listen to what her dad said 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoGang shit 😭 - Belong To The Streets [Music Video] | GRM Daily via @YouTube
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoI dont think Headie has ever called me Rv uno only Rev or RFree him
Retweeted by Rv Pochettino @Kxviin Dead @AON5494 Im wearing it now but as house clothes lolI use to rate tommy hilfigerCant go back to wearing dsquared @AlexBasz Show me suttin that looks niceWhy would you say something online you wouldnt say in real life?Fight me, if u win ill eat suttin african, if u lose then youll have no teeth to eat anything upset themselves thinking I owe them an explanationUnfollowing/blocking/muting anyone that posts suttin i dont like @foyez1oo Nothing, im the catch bro, know your worthAfrican food always looks meedy @jihandangelo That fixed half the problem @H2Risky Seedy @jclynn___ 😂when Jayda tries to leave Lil Baby ass:
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoI saw bare vids of what yutes did for their girls but the only vid i saw of what a girl did was buy 5 controllersIn my opinionSelfish take a look at this guy @V9Homerton How funny exactly @PageShhh1 Her or carolAre you waiting for success or creating success?
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoCant Trust A Man That Types Like This
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoIf you didn’t have sex last night, may God bless you financially.
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoWasgood Cardi B 😉
Retweeted by Rv Pochettino @DrKaneOfficial @m1llionz Drill diss @PageShhh1 ChildishNigga, get off Yo Ass if you plan ta be rich
Retweeted by Rv PochettinoSome of us actually prefer loneliness over fake ass company.
Retweeted by Rv Pochettino
@H2Risky Thats 100k starting price @ProdByWalkz 😂 @officialsubten @LimitlessMFR To do what @Adzbeats1 KmtAre the streets gonna pay? @ArmzKorleone @ThatCubanPerson Mates rates @H2Risky Ill take the red ones, the white ones and the blue ones @Rickypalumbo 1k a month @H2Risky @Shotty_Shane The ones i want x3 @H2Risky Not those lol da 1s @ArmzKorleone @ThatCubanPerson 15k a week for two 1 hour sessions @H2Risky Unless its off white jordan 1s not for resale no dealFemales do the most capping on this app, argue with yourselves @HovIceberg Im misunderstood🧢 @ArmzKorleone @ThatCubanPerson My prices are madYes @Skenganelli I need to re record