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Wally$ @BigSexxy_75 Elk Grove Village, IL

#CashConsideration; #Whitesox fan and season ticket holder; #Bacardi aficionado; @fromthe108 associate

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Billy Joel concert at Wrigley in full uniform. He actually asked me if I was holding and wanted $$$ to take a pictu…
@LiamMenus Just go to pep boys or auto zone and have then reset it @Mookie1119 @NWI_Steve @Mookie1119 @NWI_Steve Now we need to see a pic of the shirt to see if he's right @NotoriouSvo On this list @NotoriouSvo Where's Bohemian Rhapsody, The Five Heartbeats, Spinal Tap and Purple Rain?Five drinks to know me by: 1. Bacardi 2. Water 3. Bacardi 4. Kool Aid (Red) 5. Bacardi @KingMac1129 Bowl @RewiredPodcast Doesn't matter... natural police @RewiredPodcast @KenWo4LiFe @MLBONFOX @Dodgers @whitesox @socavalier I never bought any bots @shankster714 @MrDelicious13 Damn. She use do this thing with her mouth.... @kdgg09 Don't remember that episode @NonnieJonnie I just bought a 35 pack of diet coke at Sam's last night for the same price @Mookie1119 Congratulations to your dad @22_bigal Yup, I've always got it as a perk for having season tickets @Pockets125 I thought she was getting a real babydoll
@Katelyn_Foehner Go to the box office @MySoxSummer @ClassyTom24 @MrDelicious13 You could definently pull it off @kdgg09 @zsoxwood @buehrlecat @Pockets125 There's a lot of hotdogs in that dream
@fromthe108 You mean no one is learning how to drive in that parking lot right now? @nclarke1899 @fromthe108 @punkyspizza It may be cold by the time @punkyspizza deliveries it to you
@MySoxSummer Great movie. In my top 3 @ThatKevinSmith made @MrDelicious13 Are all those years of waxing your culo finally getting to you? @D_Goldberg312 I was thirsty. What's a guy going to do? You definitely cane thru in a clutch with McDonald's and slice of pizza
@chorizy @Ecnerwal23 @PinwheelsIvyPod @SouthsideZo Aren't they the son's of an actor or musician? @Dzikhead Don't forget about these guys too @atwater_a22 to me guarantees 1 of 2 things. Either your going to have the best night of you're life or you may spend… @Billywires Glad you but the right shoes on her today. Still a little too cold for sandals @BarberSox @_AlohaMrHand @chorizy @SoxMach_pnoles @pole3647 @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @BarberSox @SoxMach_pnoles Hell ya, that's what I do. Plus it helps me get the req… @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @BarberSox @SoxMach_pnoles I full agree with @chorizy on this @MySoxSummer @fromthe108 @punkyspizza But did you order fries too?
@Ecnerwal23 Is this on top of any money some get from a contract?OG #108thicc @CST_soxvan Why wouldn't he be? @Danielbpalka is the man and definitely a fan favorite. He'll be back in Chicago pl… @_AlohaMrHand @chorizy @SoxMach_pnoles Im only 1/2 Mexican, I don't do spicy @LaurenceWHolmes @FirstTake The crowd is just telling it real @BuzzOnTap Unpopular opinion: overrated @chorizy @SoxMach_pnoles 1. Mayo 2. Ketchup 3. Ranch 4. Mustard 5. BBQ End of discussion @kdgg09 @MySoxSummer @zsoxwood @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @RicoJR16 @Billywires Now there's… @MySoxSummer @zsoxwood @kdgg09 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @RicoJR16 You know you likeded @MySoxSummer @kdgg09 @zsoxwood @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @RicoJR16 Guess those days are pas… @MySoxSummer @kdgg09 @zsoxwood @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @chorizy @_AlohaMrHand @RicoJR16 I'll house sit if you ne… @NotRickHahn @MrDelicious13 @BDR8889 @rymckmaneuver @fromthe108 That's only when @MySoxSummer is there. It's a good… @NotRickHahn @jsram311 You can do both. I've done it numerous of times @Aussiesoxfan @T0atsMaG0ats @fromthe108 Damn... guess I'm still #108wasted from last night @T0atsMaG0ats @fromthe108 Damn!!! Couldn't get 2 seats together. It's going to be a good season @Mookie1119 I always took you for more of a Linus fan @BuzzOnTap Are you going tomorrow? @Mookie1119 If Woodstock isn't on that blanket, tell them to shove that blanket up their.... @AJEarley4 @fromthe108 Those aren't @MySoxSummer plates and his wife made him take that license plate cover off #nopermission @MySoxSummer Damn @MySoxSummer you were always #108thic @Billywires @Drake Aren't you having another one this year too? You can't ever retire bro @MySoxSummer Did you run out of captain crunch again?Happy no more child support day fam!!! This is better then Christmas @NWI_Steve Valentine's Day Fam. It's my youngest birthday today. My beautiful daughter is 18 today. She's been #108ing s… @buehrlecat @MrDelicious13 @KenWo4LiFe @fromthe108 Jace and his family are definently #108ing worthy @_AlohaMrHand That's not true. The one girl that has always had my heart, birthday is on Valentine's Day. Happy 18t… @MrDelicious13 Great night. We had the only 2 beer vendors really working that nite posting up in @fromthe108 They… @Pockets125 @buehrlecat You mean he didn't put you in the camel clutch immediately when you messed them up? @MySoxSummer @fromthe108 @ChiSoxHaze Make sure you hose it down after each use and pull the cotter pin in the center otherwise it will rust.… @Aussiesoxfan It's so fucking cold there, I can fully understand what you're saying this time bro @MrDelicious13 DRINK @tlew34 @GoPackGo2012 @fromthe108 @whitesox @MySoxSummer @RicoJR16 These are the ones I'm missing @GoPackGo2012 @fromthe108 Thanks I'm still missing 10 bobbleheads that the @whitesox have released. @MySoxSummer an… @GoPackGo2012 @fromthe108 I may have a problem @fromthe108
@chi73girl Cash me outside @MySoxSummer @fromthe108 I never got that one @jsram311 @Ticketmaster Yeah im going to Crue. Their headlining in Milwaukee and Def Leppard is at Wrigley. I actua… @jsram311 @Ticketmaster I thought I say tickets in the pavilion 2nd section for under $60 without fees. I wanted to… @jsram311 @Ticketmaster Did you get Incubus tickets? @jsram311 @Ticketmaster $22 per ticket @jsram311 @Ticketmaster No shit. If im buying more then 4 tickets, I try going to the box office to avoid their fee… @jsram311 @Ticketmaster The price should be the price. The only time I see them raise prices, is thru resale. They… @jsram311 @Ticketmaster Damn, that's pretty expensive then @jsram311 @Ticketmaster Those are resale tickets @ShooterMcConlon @LMBFSports I didn't know there was a Barone's still around. Definitely will have to hit up this o… @bwrchicago @Aussiesoxfan @fromthe108 Micky Ficky You @Biguns13 @jeffmugs For 2 tickets, I'm on the field. I'll meet you after the show @fromthe108 Looks like a Do the Right Thing inspired koozie @jeffmugs Lol, this summer @jeffmugs Part of their contract with Live Nation was for him to lose 40lbs before the tour started @shane_riordan @SumerOfGeorge I did not know that. At least you chose the shortest month to it in. Although there's an extra day this year @shane_riordan About fucking time. Please tell me you didn't stop #108ing while you were doing that cleanse too? @shane_riordan Just offer to cook them dinner and you'll have a bunch women lining up @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand Nice I've seen him before and he's amazing. Thinking of going to Blues on the Fox in A… @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand Country I have to go with Alabama, Garth or Keith Urban. I have no blues represented a… @_AlohaMrHand @fromthe108 No poppy seed but or mustard? Im shocked Pete. Never figured you as a raw dog type of guy 🤷🏻‍♂️ @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand I had a real hard time not having Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Slick Rick, Megadeth and a… @MailmanJack65 @_AlohaMrHand It was tough. I could probably do this 10 times and come up with a couple of different…
@jeffmugs Makes me even more excited and glad I dropped $450 to see him at Wrigley this summer @_AlohaMrHand @MrDelicious13 Did someone say playoffs? @Pockets125 Buy some artificial ones @HahnSight2020 @fromthe108 @MrDelicious13 @MySoxSummer @chorizy Diet coke with extra ice 😉