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new year new nick @bigsharkguy shark’s twitter HoF:

jimmy neutron hate acc ~ avi by @invisichad ~ behold the power of the shark side 🦈

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me person who said I shouldn't…
Retweeted by new year new nick @Browtweaten @50FirstTates @Buffalojilll @TheAndrewNadeau @PallaviGunalan @its_me_your_mom thanks man! @diskpix wait what happened
@rudy_betrayed rudy’s so cool he gets to reach his life goal twice @YaLiekJazz that’s fair @tennisonok yeah he told me to shut the fuck up and slapped me with a mackarelsorry i haven’t been on twitter much i’ve been trapped in a cage with simon cowell since thursday @YaLiekJazz okTomato Revenge
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Retweeted by new year new nick @clebdotcom hbd dude
hello i've made an animorphs cover out of letters: a d δ 8 B E
Retweeted by new year new nick @desukidesu YAY @desukidesu ok @MuthoniK20 YAY @MuthoniK20 hi :) @desukidesu ooo good choice @desukidesu what’s ur favorite color
@justky1018 wait but bachelorette on twitter would be fun as shit tho @GeorgeResch @sherrysworld many much boothen @zziak22 dang lmao i kinda like them but i guess that’s fair @zziak22 damn really lmao i like watermelon flavored stuff a lot bc real watermelon makes my mouth itch so i can’t have the real shit @zziak22 alright that’s fair the blue ones are great but i love the watermelon ones the most @zziak22 what’s ur fav sour patch kid
@Home_Halfway @roobeekeane @SlothSlouch @Rachele_F @truegritrumble @BitzOfFitz @FireBeets @ok_girlfriend ur personal brand in one photo @abby0mal man @RiotGrlErin not that it’s a competition but sharks have over 20k teeth 😎 @frankieplsrelax @charbroil_chew @goofballbirkla @zziak22 @jozfisher @sherrysworld @desukidesu hahaha ilyt @goofballbirkla @charbroil_chew @frankieplsrelax @zziak22 @jozfisher @sherrysworld @desukidesu ily2 bud :) @jozfisher @charbroil_chew @frankieplsrelax @goofballbirkla @zziak22 @sherrysworld @desukidesu no u @desukidesu @charbroil_chew @frankieplsrelax @goofballbirkla @zziak22 @jozfisher @sherrysworld yes 🥺 @abby0mal Top Secret @charbroil_chew @frankieplsrelax @goofballbirkla @zziak22 @jozfisher @sherrysworld @desukidesu high praise @sherrysworld people don’t get what they deserve all the time @sherrysworld 💔💔💔 @sherrysworld dude i shouted you out you don’t have to give me cooties @zziak22 @charbroil_chew @frankieplsrelax @goofballbirkla @jozfisher @sherrysworld @desukidesu my ego says thanks :)what’s the plural of booth. is it beeth. pls tell me it’s beeth
Retweeted by new year new nickthese are my friends that you are legally required to follow if you read this message: @charbroil_chew this thread for other problems with the english language
Retweeted by new year new nick @drnelk yesssss @drnelk @NotKallyn LMFAO @bust2nut plural of boof is beef @Home_Halfway HAHA @helenahandcart @Daveastated i have so much powerboothren beth bithe beothle think socialism is ok so let me explain it like this. there’s a basketball game and every time one team scor…
Retweeted by new year new nick @abby0mal it went off like a full day later too it’s wack @abby0mal 880k holy shit @TheAugoosetus follow goose for more thought provoking questions @NotKallyn facts @Irish_Viking_ “booths” but pronouncers buths @_justwinnie bruh @JannaKillHimNik toothsies @astroknautt appetizer for sure @zziak22 did spiderman come in and shoot a web in her hair after @NotKallyn i’m rolling @peyotegroce “we’re all out of beeth are u ok with tables” @NotKallyn HAHAHHA @chardonyay it’s a banger @HughMcaloon @BeeeejEsq AHHAHA @NotKallyn fucking booves @ChristineVinard thank god @chardonyay yooooo @lincnotfound boothades, ancient greek hero @WhatsAGreenhorn many much beeth @chardonyay HAHA yea @rudy_betrayed doo doo @BDM18 ground beethwhat’s the plural of booth. is it beeth. pls tell me it’s beeth
@motherofworms 🥺New house type dropped
Retweeted by new year new nick @frankieplsrelax ok bet @adamgreattweet wow this one is so rare what are the odds lmao @jack_r0420 damn brutal @frankieplsrelax this is so deepsomeone take away my photoshop @frankieplsrelax gasoline @jarenclee ty :) @Brad_is_name a fair trade mr pixelinspired by this comment real reason he eats people is bc hes a shark: armie hammerhead. @tre_chap yoooarmie hammer could be a shark. just sayin. @AndrewsNotFunny @LlamaInaTux ass mirrormob: burn the witch! me: u must be allergic to swag mob:
Retweeted by new year new nickmedusa (through tears): ᵈᵃᵐⁿ ˢʰᵃʷᵗʸ @FireBeets mob: fkn get his ass bro *rap airhorns* @undercoverloon1 no @undercoverloon1 i can’t type but i refuse to reiterate what i said it was too nice @undercoverloon1 so yes? @undercoverloon1 do u want me to unfollow @FireBeets ploop inc. @CarbonatedCB ty i am artiste @charbroil_chew HAHA @jazz_inourpants that’s so wholesome omg @justky1018 it do be me on a shark