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David @bigstig12 Cincinnati, OH

#LiverpoolFC #Firmino9 #OregonDucks #MMA #F1 #GrizzUp #Marvel Die hard fan of all my teams/athletes. “As long as you’re living, my baby you’ll be” 2/28/19 🌞

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😂 How Hood Dudes Be When They Getting Ready To Play BasketBall Outside!😂🏀
Retweeted by David @chrischidley_ @lfcollie9 He was great against West Ham, no denying that. But yeah perhaps I’ve been a bit harsh in… Block
Retweeted by DavidGrateful to have 4⭐️’s on ESPN!! Still have something to prove!! #Hungry
Retweeted by DavidLets talk 2020 college football! Watch out for Oregon’s 5 star LB’s Noah Sewell and Justin Flowe. Anxious to see KT… @garycraw2 He’s lowkey becoming a big bench player and yeah that was nasty! 76ers are the only team besides Raptors… @garycraw2 Chris Boucher is from Oregon, I love seeing that dude ball out.All my texts from females in 2020 are either co-workers or my sister. Truly a sad individual in the romance departm… Duck Chris Boucher with the filthy put-back slam over Giannis 😱
Retweeted by David-Every SEC Network basketball game- “And as we go to break, let’s take a look at this fantastic crowd!” - Camera…
Retweeted by DavidTo each their own, but I just don’t see how some of y’all aren’t Fans of Oregon sports all across the board. I see…
Retweeted by David @lfcollie9 Exactly. If not just try and move him I suppose? Would be one of the few Michael Edwards misfires. @lfcollie9 Yeah not trying to slight Naby because I still want him to be that guy from Leipzig @lfcollie9 In a heartbeat unfortunately, Keita can still kick on and be class but it’s gotta be soon imo.
Brothers for life 🤟🏻
Retweeted by David @JaMorant @sabrina_i20 Ja shouting out Sabrina, I’m here for it!!you da goat 🐐 keep killing 🙌🏽 @sabrina_i20
Retweeted by DavidYooooo @ShannonSharpe reaction got me Dyinnnn 😭😭😭😭
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We are Liverpool and it’s never over until that final whistle blows!!Salah you legend!!Ready to show out in Indy. Good luck to our guys at the #NFLCombine this week. #GoDucks
Retweeted by DavidWe order lunch online a great deal at my work and my KFC password to log in is “Cluckyou1” just thought I’d share. 😂
An INT picked off by the Wildcats' Arrion Springs gives the ball back to LA @XFLWildcats are forced to punt it awa…
Retweeted by DavidGet you someone who can do both. @JtScan7 flashes the leather behind the dish to record the first out of the fifth.…
Retweeted by David @OregonBaseball @JtScan7 Caught his catchers helmet as well? My man completed the full catch in style! @xDrelli Charge people to hear you tap on onlyfans, new come up! Lmao @xDrelli $20 is $20 @Jaredsawyer Lmao!! Why is P Gill worried about his rose bowl ring? ASU is about to have Red Box Bowl rings on lock for years to come! 🤫 😂 @Jonathan_SD8 Sunday thoughts bro, way to much time on my hands lmaoSo if you’re a guy dating a female pornstar do you even ask for nudes? Or just like a quick google? 😂Sean Miller just called Payton Pritchard the Pac-12 Player of the Year. He's right.
Retweeted by DavidBlessed to pick up that W lmao I’ll take it though @Grabaka_Hitman I really thought he took round 2 but I could see why they gave it to Matthews. Meek deserves anothe… @bigstig12 Definitely, but sadly, we have seen the @ufc let go of fighters preforming very good, like @emilvalhalla
Retweeted by DavidOnly 3 round I’ve lost is to @USMAN84kg , Small adjustments I belong here! Thanx for the support 🏆
Retweeted by David @emilvalhalla tough luck mate. I thought you took 2 and 3, you have your Valhalla Army behind you always!! Keep grinding Viking!
@SamuiSimon I totally see how the judges scored it for Mathews but Emil has no quit in him! He definitely deserves another fight.I can’t wait to watch Mario bounce Gill out of Oregon a second time this coming fall.
Retweeted by David @notnever99 Ok just making sure im not an idiot, I was fully expecting an Emil decision win!Am I stupid for thinking Emil Meek sneakily took round 2 with two knockdowns and Matthews doing nothing? Then he ob… @ufc Emil deserves another fight if he’s not under contact, that dude is savage!Valhalla time!! Let’s go EmilIs it college football season yet?
Retweeted by DavidThese are some ridiculous numbers on the weekend so far for @haley_crusee... She's had multiple hits in every game…
Retweeted by DavidThe Mighty Ducks, Nick Kyrgios and US Woman’s National Team all decide to release Funko’s at once huh? Decisions.Nick Diaz takin a hard L from Valentina
Retweeted by David @zakritter Bro!!! 🔥 🔥 I’m still bumping that just came on and the first thing that pops in my head is @bigstig12 bumping this in high school
Retweeted by Davidgn
Retweeted by David @alincinnati @PopVinyls Lmaoooo we haven’t had any issues yet I got you! @alincinnati @PopVinyls Don’t be surprised if you see an order go in on amazon for a couple 😂 @PopVinyls @bigstig12 these are DOPE
Retweeted by DavidPenei's Pancake club 2019. Finding clips is honestly like finding a water molecule in the ocean. Could do a gif co…
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A Lannister always pays his debt
Retweeted by David @xDrelli Bottled/McDonalds coke does hit different I agree. I don’t really like vanilla pops other than Dr PepperCoke is better than Pepsi but I like Wild Cherry Pepsi more than Cherry Coke. Anyone else like this?Thibodeaux's P12 offensive tackle embarrassment tour 2019
Retweeted by David @potlebitch Bruh they found his IG he wears all designer...his parents clearly have the money to homeschool him and… here’s your holiday, hope you enjoy it this timeY’all got finessed by another bullied kid lmaoooAndre Iguodala: I got Trae Young Iggy's ankles:
Retweeted by DavidIt’s always “you prolly got hoes” never "how can I join the roster” y'all annoying
Retweeted by Davidhe finessed the fuck out yo stupid asses
Retweeted by DavidLmao Herbert has an absolute bazooka.
Retweeted by Davidwelcome back Iggy
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@TheMadHatter54 I’m gonna go solo at this point it’s looking like lol @TheMadHatter54 I registered for tickets on and got them lol it’s legit @emilvalhalla However you start it I’ll be tuned in that’s for sure!! ⚔️ ⚔️ @bigstig12 There’s no other way!
Retweeted by DavidNext weekend** 28-1stYo anyone want to skirt to the NFL Combine with me this weekend? It’s in Indianapolis. Friday is RB’s, Saturday is…⚔️⚔️⚔️
Retweeted by David @emilvalhalla So ready for you return, Emil!! Flying knee to start the fight against a wrestler this time? 😂 😂Find your inner soul. You’re Blessed & Able. Move forward 1 step @ a time. Never allow anyone to steal your JOY. S…
Retweeted by DavidChris Steele, Justin Fields and Tate Martell all got bullshit waivers of eligibility. I’m sick for Luke Ford. NCAA… @CharlieV76 @CharlieV76 The man has returned!!!
@grantstace11 Has me worrying over Baby Yoda til this day lmao but fr it was good can’t wait for the next season. @UFCNews @emilvalhalla Valhalla army stand up!!About the Mysterio movie rumor: Before he was the villain in FFH Sony was planning a Kraven/Mysterio movie. So it w…
Retweeted by David @CalebMoore_YJK Cold ass track! check the bio I fixed the game between Kentucky and Miami of Ohio I been wild! 🤫 @pumpfaked W @SeanHilly40 @filetmincon @TheRealTBop @j_hogue2293 We need to link for fights again soon, I have a blast watching with y’all fr! @filetmincon @TheRealTBop @bigstig12 @j_hogue2293
Retweeted by David @SeanHilly40 @filetmincon @TheRealTBop @j_hogue2293 Brooo 😂 I’m wondering how they got that exclusive footage of Bo…👏🏻| Klopp: ‘Welcome to Anfield, it’s not over yet.’
Retweeted by DavidFinally finished The Mandalorian, I’m not even a big Star Wars fan and that first season was awesome!
Or concede an early goal 🤷🏻‍♂️Come on Liverpool, time to mount that Champions League defense!Am I insensitive because I don’t want to here about Dwayne Wade’s trans kid on every ESPN segment and article? Good…
Roberto Firmino 19/20 • The Bobby Dazzler • Nick Bonin - Fell Too far Likes and Rt’s appreciated x
Retweeted by David @funkmasterMMA This reaches new levels of trying to avoid The Funk. 🤔Two undefeated champions. A rematch more than a year in the making. The biggest Heavyweight Fight Week in years…
Retweeted by DavidI’m thinking a half dozen glazed from Krispy Kreme would do the trick for lunch.Battlehawks with a nice drive to start the half! #xfl
I’m not saying who, but someone in this photo ate a weed gummy and scared the bejeesus out of her moms and had to g…
Retweeted by David @TheTrueRaceFan 😂 that’s awesome, I bet you were thrilled that day! @TheTrueRaceFan Wasn’t that the race only 7 finished because of weather? Have to love when it rains in F1!Liverpool’s owners believed in FFP from the start, complied with it and made it work as the club lived within its m…
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