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im normal animator in @flavourcel i like drawing i like music i'm the inventor of columbo

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interior design on columbo is BACK baby! @traingers :) how could i forget @traingers yea
@milk_yvr yes @poolparty666 whoa those are good! ty :) @smallsmallwitch like 100-200 maybewhat's a good site 2 get stickers made for cheap @Totally_Big_J jenga @roaringblood @Demons_Home im gugu gillbbbbbb miss playing music :( i haven't played drums in months @owen______ellis ive been using ps since i was 11 years old and i still use it like i am still 11 years oldWatch "Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners"
Retweeted by gil goletski @AdaRook666 new album look crazy @mattshoelace evil. i'm sorryVery disco
Retweeted by gil goletski @maidofbarges the transpranos @brushykb real shit @K1ngm1dasXXX @EXPENSIVE_HOE u know why :) @doctopmary yea, i sleep @faggy_dyke phlegm project @prstskrzkrk i wish it was honestly i could at least have some fun w/ the bleakness of it allthese freaks think they're paying it forward by "honouring" independent trans artists showcasing interviews w/ them… @prstskrzkrk godthe fckh8 of trans you do get payment in the form of a fun gift from "phluid project" i dont want a 80 dollar shirt that says "… sus at all they sought me out bc they saw my film on a program for disabled filmmakersthat's cool, no thanks i wont do free promo for a netflix fluff doc that's been out for 6 months @pleinsol :) thank you @roaringblood we;re interacting, not talking @desktopmetaphor kycomic about being stupid from the summer talk to me unless it's like this 👶 I compare you to a kiss 💋💦 from a rose 🌹on the gray☁️ Ooh, the more I get of you🤌, the stranger it feels🌡, y…
Retweeted by gil goletskia pile of ash in a landfill most likelyp!nk was on to some thing in 2008 when she said so what i am a rock starwhat are your breasts called these daysgood sponsored post on ig today @kyle_me_now screamyou are not immune
@showerrat666 i hate it! @fungalmatters yeah baby! pecs. we should compare pecs when it is safe to do sotrying to update my websitefuck i forgot pic @michaelrmuller @lane_lane_lane @rockstoneroad thank you for thesethread of me post-set looking like the bernie pic courtesy of craig @rockstoneroad did you have the beauti filter on @rockstoneroad how do you have this many candids!? @bigsuction
Retweeted by gil goletski @rockstoneroad i'm so smooth lookign in this pic @auntcontent this made all my hair stand up on end now i'm hissing like an angry cati got JT blocked no one snitch tag him 😳 @rhicrtr SCREAMcanadians reflect on the fact that we have a newer, sexier racist in chargeshut da fuck up!!!! @ratbabyonline ohh okay lol so my man spent 200 bucks on a winter coat or somethingAmericans: North Koreans are so brainwashed. They think their leader is divine because of state propaganda Same f…
Retweeted by gil goletski @ratbabyonline hasnt anyone on here met an old person before @ratbabyonline im just saying it's not out of the ordinary!! @ratbabyonline he's like 78 years old of course he has one jacket. my dad has one jacket @ratbabyonline nice @inept_hedonist 🧡everyone RTing that pic of bernie except i look like that after my set at every rock show i attend and no one ever… with oatmeal in my mouf @BigTotally & knuckles
Retweeted by gil goletski @inept_hedonist i'm sorry for being cheeky the game is disco elysiumsuck my nards anericausa suck my nusts @inept_hedonist strong bad's cool game for attractive people @lane_lane_lane ohhhh fuck jb dips now we're cookin
Retweeted by gil goletski @AdaRook666 i love fetching.....i love quests @AdaRook666 damn now i gotta play d stranding @SLIMELEVEL it looks like generic concept art to me...there isnt much to it that's very memorable visually @SLIMELEVEL i do not like this @Demons_Home you @Demons_Home HJLKGF @wernerhorndog holy shit @ProperReagan thank u for peer reviewing my twweetsSeal: But did you know that when it snows My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen? Me: yeah. I knew that.
Retweeted by gil goletski @wernerhorndog SCREAM @LeslieKenChu camera sitcom craze is sweeping the nation @lane_lane_lane
@puckeroonie happy late bd kingthis is what a shitlord fuckerman live set is like🗡 and scabbard for @puckeroonie will be the first working artist to get blocked by canada council on twitter[tweeting about finding $10 in a jacket pocket] honoured to announce i'm the latest recipient of @CanadaCouncil's new micro-grant initiative @Demons_Home dj same day deliverywaking up every day @rockstoneroad 😬 got my ass again!!!!!!New essay drop ✨ On Detransition, Baby and the intoxicating historical narcissism of trans firsts:
Retweeted by gil goletski @JoeyShabadoo_ monthly expenses: rent $1000 hydro $100 internet $50 my husband's applebee's bill $5,470.50 someone… @Totally_Big_J all of you who liked this are now on my Gil Pervert Watch List. you have been warned