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.@DanielAndrewsMP excuse me sir would you explaining this bullshit 2 a different supermarket than usual now im pissed cause it had much nicer things everywhere and the differenc…! Heartwarming photo shows bear joining salmon for a swim in a act of solidarity
Retweeted by haveing fun onlinewhite supremacy your time has come @RR2GO never respected the dutch not going to start now sorry @RR2GO sorry but ur not allowed to call a town DORP and no amount of ezra koenig will change that @intellegint lmao hes had me blocked for ages and hes always at work when i check smh. goodbye fucker! @intellegint lmao what finally did it @thiccflairttv the looks from cena and the other two whose names i dont know lmfao @wariobama chuck e cheese animatronic band says black lives matter @RR2GO new dorp @RR2GO go offeveryone, can you please share this disgusting story of my friend and an indigenous womans experience of racism, vi…
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@hotepmorrissey gunOk so fun fact, #blackoutuesday started from @AtlanticRecords, who happens to be owned by @ATT. Here's a really coo…
Retweeted by haveing fun online @Taylorrrrrd feels good that they think the issue is “mentally ill people” and not “racism” @dawnphoenixk @thehill did u know that the NYPD went on strike once to prove how important they are and the crime r… @akacrispy im trying to be hopeful that maybe some of them are smart enough to see how fucking ghoulish shes being rn @akacrispy god i hope this will make libs realise how fucking bad she isGarfield has his new quick mobile restaurant app serving his favorite food – pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, & Garficcinoi neeed topde-escalation is taught in almost every front-facing profession. if you can't react to something a teenager says wi…
Retweeted by haveing fun online @tom_on_here a guy at uni showed me a cabaret metal song about being a vampire or a werewolf or something once and… @ethanthird @SimperFiOrDie you are a dumb piece of shit you retweet breitbart you fucking retard. leave my friend alone @ethanthird @SimperFiOrDie you are a dumb motherfucker and nobody will ever love you. every seat at your funeral will be empty. @crab_emoji getting mad on line is the international pastime @thismyshow @LuckyovLegends @therealelp lol @thismyshow @LuckyovLegends @therealelp barricades to stop people from driving onto the sidewalk are typically made… @tylersonline chet literally went viral for yelling at cops @pomdotcorn @MichaelGunEmoji @tom_on_here u better unfollow me if u actually believe this shit man @wariobama why thw fuck is josh gad involved in this
@jobinaview howwwwwws it GOIN @ozmarshall @MissAshlee__ @slpng_giants_oz the officer assaulted him because all cops are racist hyper aggressive scum @realsicko_ honestly i couldve given it a pass until the i read the last two words god fucking damn @humidnightbIue oh i know lol hope ur coworkers keep their mouths shutlosing my mind because i just saw someone mention that rowan atkinson was in the lion king and my immediate thought… @humidnightbIue good luck.@andydick whyd u kill phil hartman @sidewalkflowers its from a video!!! idk what to make of it i Wish it was some sort of opti… sent to an eccentric professors mansion during the blitz and when u wander deep into his wardrobe u are confront… @tom_on_here if you eat all of your daily sugar in one meal you dont have to worry about it for the rest of the daywhat happened to this mans legs and why was he allowed on the police force @tom_on_here thanks for posting this destroyed my chain of thought im disgusted again. why did he do this @PALMAUNLlMITED sneaky beaky like @DrPavel11 @youngfishgod hey brother im gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck @thiccflairttv literally just. anything other than giving him to the fucking cops. @thiccflairttv this shit fucking pissed me off lmao like obviously what he was doing was fuckin stupid and wasnt he… @xiubaeku @sleepyteaa @chimdesires cops target people for no reason every fucking day every day we are seeing more… @JSomm_ @_KOL2 that still $75 australian also i thought this was someone elses post lmao @_KOL2 what the fuck is happening in america why does that popcorn cost so muchNYPD cop fatally shoots herself in the head: sources
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@thiccflairttv i didnt even see this was in arizona i saw there were people marching in beverly hills and presumed that was it. what a sicko @dubyeh_ honestly didnt watch it the first time i saw it but when i finally did it was soo much worse than what i couldve imagined @intellegint she is a delightful little hog @dubyeh_ theres just so much going on in this video its insanejust died in warzone cause i got a lag spike that made my perfectly aimed grenade instead hit the stairs directly i… @intellegint can i have ice cream for breakfast?idk too much about past prime ministers but is it safe to say that scomo is the worst one weve ever had in terms of… @evabitch12 im tired of this mfyessir! calling my cat a dumb motherfucker while he makes a disgusted face because he just licked the sticky side of a stickeri need topevery cop on the fucking planet needs to be put down like an animal fuck them all @Iittlejoy hey everybody nikki blonsky from hairspray here! stop racism!The Mayor of New York City just lied to 8 million New Yorkers.
Retweeted by haveing fun online @KyrieFaye @jamal4425 @Breaking911 @lukeford82 every cop in the entire world is scum @RR2GO killdozer fancam @BitterAsianMan @DailyMirror god ive never wanted a wife more @PALMAUNLlMITED *radio crackle* WE GOT A TWINK DOWN ON THE CORNER OF MELROSE AND LA JOLLA REPEAT TWINK DOWN *crackle* @CRABST3R @PALMAUNLlMITED you are a fucking worthless dunce and no one will attend your funeral because everyone in your life hates you @humidnightbIue wtf is a snowbirdI cannot believe what I just witnessed. They pulled up onto the square with a police siren on and did this.…
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Minnesota's governor earlier today claimed 80% of Minneapolis protesters were from out of state. County jail record…
Retweeted by haveing fun online[joins a discord server with a channel called “hello” the description of which is also just “hello” and every post… @carlocavaluzzi ohhhh how i long to stand in front of a bigass flat top makin Dinner @carlocavaluzzi mood @humidnightbIue who? so i can make sure i dont follow her .the fact that 40% of cops are domestic abusers and the fact that Derek Chauvin's wife chose the night he was in pro…
Retweeted by haveing fun online @thiccflairttv kony 2012 man spotted jerking off in the direction of cops, @theorywife MOOD @theorywife @diyakkuma i want to smoke weed with bananas @theorywife DUDES ROCKsitting down to a math exam and the first question starts with "for this equation, assume that 1 (ONE) of paper (P)… a CHEETO in the WHITE HOUSE @SimperFiOrDie thank u for inspiring mesometimes it feels like this is whos in the white house :\ @barndingus @wariobama ya pro tools is dense would not recommend if u just want to fuck around nd make beats or wha… @wariobama i have a 110 certification in pro tools so i have to say pro tools @RR2GO @BitterAsianMan ive also seen that the governor of MN or maybe the mayor of minneapolis is a radical islamic… @RR2GO its fun :)LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by haveing fun online @windowpieces @rembrandt_1981 @RR2GO @murderderder @rembrandt_1981 @RR2GO @FBI the president lives in the white house, the teachers live in the school,… @BitterAsianMan hopefully the arresting of reporters and firing on camera crews on live TV will sway a lot of libs lol @rembrandt_1981 @RR2GO @FBI SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU OLD BITCH @rembrandt_1981 @RR2GO @FBI retard @RR2GO apparently the bandages are how they're identifying themselves as undercovers @liIpeachbby @silencefriction weve been friends for literally years lmao