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@bauhaus99 thank youif you voted yes or if you didnt vote at all why are you mad at me? your mad at me,, that bush song listerine
hey are you mad at me @RR2GO it would be sad! @RR2GO why tf is ur dad sending documents to nigeria to get notarized does he not know someone in new york lmfao
@evabitch12 reject modernity embrace tradition @thalixcx a MONKEY????? @_KOL2 honestly amazed their servers were still up at all lol @wariobama anyone who goes to hawaii and never leaves their fuckin resort should be put in jail @losdrogas i have a mechanical keyboard it wouldve been a nightmare loljust spent 10 minutes doing a mythic dungeon one handed because my aunt called me and she loves to talk and i didnt… @losdrogas love too watch homie streamsevery day i wonder how the NBA guy who rubbed his hands all over the microphone and got a whole season cancelled feels about doing it this is the only one of these things that matterseveryones a freak about sea shanties now
i love to consume content @o_0huh ya thats literally a way to make urself feel worse lol @o_0huh average people can lick my sack lol im not going to pretend to be less mentally ill than i am to make them comfortablemarvel fans will really watch two hours of greenscreen footage and say its the pinnacle of cinema @thepizzataco HUHinvesting in bitcoin is one of the safest and most reliable methods of investing and nothing bad will happen, this is a banger @humidnightbIue nice @quinnifir @losdrogas he is absolutely an informant or some shit rightafter playing rust for 5 hours i have decided it is for psychopaths.
Retweet if you’re tired of @barstoolsports being on the internet
Retweeted by haveing fun online @bunnnnyyyyyyy you 👏 are 👏 valid 👏i have been gifted rust on steam,love this lil guy @BitterAsianMan @icum4mao trillion dollar budget but u gotta sleep on the fucking marble!!!
@evabitch12 @therealeggzaki lmfao "must see location" in DOCKLANDS????.@vaushv hey bro u ever heard of steam punk? u should check it out @tom_on_here finally he says something that isnt stupid! @RR2GO hes powerfulif u recognise a porno from a single frame u are a degeneratewow!
Retweeted by haveing fun online @tom_on_here @DrWitnesser lemur hole like this will invite u over and just talk about their potions without letting u try any :/ love gettin goofymade the switch to firefox and i think its nice.... @crab_emoji smell goodtim heidecker shut the fuck up dot mp4 @evabitch12 job searching in general honestly...i truly dont get what the deal with the kamala vogue cover is lol who gives a shit, truly. its just libs being loud probably @Tylers_Online he is such a mystery. he really looks like that
@mentholbrat mood....going to reply to dr witnesser with lemur hole until he blocks me @DrWitnesser lemur hole @DrWitnesser lemur hole the left really needs is a jimmy buffett figure. where the left goes wrong is by failing to partake adequately…
Retweeted by haveing fun online @dubyeh_ i would love it if baja blast was easily accessible here. our taco bells dont have it :\ i got a can once… is on holiday, again where the fuck is scomo why do we have an "acting PM" right now lolwould love to play dungeons in dragons again some day @dubyeh_ no we do not we only have the original one
@Iittlejoy birds rockwonder if baby yoda white claw tattoo guy regrets it yet @tom_on_here weird that people would try and steal your content like this @MichaelGunEmoji reminds of that old fucked up hong kong (maybe macau?) runway that required pilots to fly really f… @bimbofications ye tru @bimbofications thats bullshit. do they have easily accessible baja blastneed corona to go away so i can go to america and sample all the mtn dew flavourslook at him cant really tell but im flipping off the cassowary because its a demon bird @t3rrorist3 eating good out of a damn box! @BurntHombre i like it @lilgnatty @youngfishgod thank u, i am nice @lilgnatty @youngfishgod hold lord and savior @lilgnatty @youngfishgod this is how youre treating me right now @lilgnatty @youngfishgod i actually hate the taste of toothpaste but love mint ice cream. wheres ur argument now @youngfishgod people who dont like mint ice cream are childish honestly @wariobama seatbelts and brakes are a mass hallucinationall u sheep look at things like this and just think its real :\ shit is fake little man too the zoo today :) @evabitch12 its so funny how many adults have bought into the next evolution of saturday morning cartoons made to sell toys lol @evabitch12 out of touch with dumb hogs who have never actually seen a good movie lol
the only things i need to be happy are unlimited money, a wife and to be reeling in some damn fish, @fifthtimecharm i think its a good question that needs to be asked @stupidfetus lov u @TOS_Violator god i love him @tompeppre it would be hilarious because hes literally never used it @losdrogas hes freakin down bad for the L @theorywife im clapping! @barndingus idk it feels real and natural to me
it never fails to piss me off when americans call their president "the leader of the free world" @thepizzataco god i never saw the charlie hedbo one lmfao. amazing @barndingus @del_yourfriend oh absolutely but its just not the same @barndingus ok this is fucked up @MichaelGunEmoji literally the equivalent of solitary confinement but people are celebrating :\loljohn roderick is going to take psychic damage whenever someone mentions beans around him for the rest of his life @rubyinnes were people not wearing masks on flights????? @MichaelGunEmoji fuuuck that sucks good luck manbro the inauguration is in 2 weeks why even bother