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Via a friend: this is an official UK government website. It could be that simple
Retweeted by CokisThe Supreme Court now contains a justice who was unable to name the freedoms protected by the First Amendment. What could possibly go wrong?
Retweeted by CokisMcConnell adjourned the Senate until 11/9 with no COVID relief.
Retweeted by Cokisweird how this never happened! wonder why
Retweeted by Cokis2-minutes of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen: “Voltaire was right, “Those who can make you believe absurdities —…
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@KarlAlone5 your broken dick storyThe owner of this account has died - Management.
Retweeted by Cokisweaving in and out of a Trump Train in a Ferrari while flipping MAGAs off is the single coolest thing any person ha…
Retweeted by Cokis @cathode_g Worn both of these for sometimes up to 8-10 hours with no headaches. Breathing's a little restrictive on…🔴 BREAKING | In a historic referendum, Chileans have decided to draft a new Constitution to replace the one enacted…
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@Deftonero1111 @thehill caffeine and sugar to improve my aim on video games
Retweeted by Cokis 😡 say hi 😡
Retweeted by Cokis6 Evolutions boxes completely pulled Tonight was INSANE tho... I pulled a misprinted Reverse Charizard......
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Doing a watch party tonight at 10pm Pacific on twitch, we will be watching the Borat sequel. You need to have an Am…
Retweeted by Cokis @DonnieTheBot 🖤🖤🖤DOUBLE-FEATURE WATCH PARTY IN MY STREAM IN 30 MIN! (live now, connect your amazon prime to watch) BORAT 1 *then* B…
Retweeted by Cokis @Game_Dev_Carto that looks pretty
Trump very careful who he let into his events and house. No Covid test necessary - High 5!
Retweeted by CokisThank you Drakes! My daughter very much like discodance to your popular music, she huge fan and have drawing of you…
Retweeted by CokisMy god, Borat 2 was fucking amazing @fandybtw yo @nymnion @hudsonwisler @Froste You damn right, as they should. If people didn't stand up to topics like this, they think tha… the search for the parents of 545 children separated at the border
Retweeted by Cokis"Until each one of the parents has been found...this is not over."
Retweeted by Cokis @hudsonwisler @TristanGHill oh, y'all don't know about serial killer groupies? that every citizen is protected under their rights. Democrat or Republican, they're all equal under the Bi… @88Delgado88 @youarelitbruh @Unicornmeatman @hasanthehun 14/88 am I right??? dumbasses don't realize your bullshit… @88Delgado88 @Unicornmeatman @hasanthehun What's up with the numbers in your username Steven?
Retweeted by Cokis @88Delgado88 @youarelitbruh @hasanthehun Why don't you research our CIA projects in the middle east with the major… @hutchinson WHO??? @88Delgado88 If the joke is 3k American's dying every 3 days similar to how 3k American's died with the attacks on… 9/11 happens every 3 days with Covid under the Trump Administration :) well well the mainstream media is now digging up dirt on me this is from years ago i am a changed man now
Retweeted by CokisWe may have figured out where that missing billion dollars in campaign funds went
Retweeted by Cokisworld last
Retweeted by CokisIf anyone ever attacks my fellow streamers in such an ignorant an irrational manner, I will shit on you from such a…
Retweeted by Cokis @THump “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall f… stream so long one day I end up taking the next day off because I’m mentally fried. It’s good and bad at the same…
Retweeted by Cokis @shoe0nhead @Ten_Forty_One VR is a perfect example of creators promoting the purchasing of VR Headsets where the commercial adv… he really on twitter searching “who won”
Retweeted by Cokis.@SachaBaronCohen is a genius.
Retweeted by CokisOk moron, so because I’m USEC 3 in Escape from Tarkov and got a free EOD edition (that I already had) I should worr…
Retweeted by Cokis @Ten_Forty_One Google Stadia will be dead in 2 years because of this attitude. Look at "among us" and "phasmophobia… @nmgreen57 So to trust his take when he's been compromised by @SachaBaronCohen like that is almost projection from… @nmgreen57 So, Rudy Giuliani is Trump's buddy and is the guy that's supposedly got the hard drive leaking hunter bi… up ya'll, time to get serious. 😤
Retweeted by Cokiswas*this mf is deadass tweeting twitter polls right now
Retweeted by CokisShe as presented as a 15 year old reporter’s the full Rudy Giuliani clip from Borat. Judge for yourself...
Retweeted by Cokis @TrueAnonPod @liz_franczak Can't know about the drug pandemic in the US if you don't deal with it yourself or throu… @liz_franczak That was a baller move tbh
Retweeted by CokisWhite guys in the South are comparing Trump to their grandpa's level of racism. That's how his "least racist" com…
Retweeted by CokisMitch McConnell really committing to Halloween this year by decomposing
Retweeted by CokisI wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consisten…
Retweeted by CokisHow can you respect someone when they have their hand on their service weapon before they can say, "hello.""@arcuate: dude that's freaking cool as heck RT @realDonaldTrump wind turbine blades will slice 14 million birds and bats to death in 10 yrs
Retweeted by Cokisbased
Retweeted by Cokis @Bigusacokis The drug war is a massive waste of resources.
Retweeted by Cokis @JeffThrow Always has been and if you look at how many ops have went bad, it's a disgrace. Operation Fast and Furious is one really is sad that I have to delete YEARS of content because of the chance of DMCA😔
Retweeted by Cokis @LibertyFur Not even getting into the argument about firearms in between the Aussies and the US. We're fucking nuts… @LibertyFur I would never say fake news because that's the start of propaganda. WHO saying that works in EU and A… @LibertyFur Parents Depression vs Permanent Lung Damage or Death Good talk @Cxmaron @JeffThrow Na, ROK (South Korea) care is unmatched IMO when it comes to dentistry or plastic surgery @Cxmaron Do it before there's every lasting damage on your smile, your hairline is going so you can't loose your sm… @Cxmaron Military ripped mine out for me at my first duty station. It would have cost me $3.5k for the care I recei… @LibertyFur You're so far gone that you're reaching to things that happened in February when our PRESIDENT told the…, Decriminalize and tax drugs while also offering rehab and therapy to people who abuse drugs to escape their… way to stop “the bad guys” coming over the border is to legalize marijuana and decriminalize drugs. end the dr…
Retweeted by Cokis @MazzyLDN_ @LibertyFur I apologize, but furries are cool in my book do to recent actions. They've proven to be a gr… @turky42069 trump would be slinging the hard r at kamala faster than spongebob slings snowballs
Retweeted by Cokisin my opinion we should just get the candidates absolutely fucking hammered and then watch them debate so everyone…
Retweeted by Cokis @dyllyp holy hell, his and his team's level to stick to the bit is unmatched, why I love himtrump pointing out that obama built the cages is trump doing what he did in 2016 & running to “the left” of his opp…
Retweeted by Cokis @kayleeweeni then*If someone told me 3 years ago, while I was waitressing to help my family stay afloat, that in a few short years an…
Retweeted by Cokis @LibertyFur I'll take the L on this fact, but yeah, our only cases of deaths more than the civil war and WWII, is t…
Retweeted by Cokis @LibertyFur I'll take the L on this fact, but yeah, our only cases of deaths more than the civil war and WWII, is t… @LibertyFur Objective is not the same as living it and when you're in a country where 250k of your brothers and sis… @kayleeweeni Same, they love to showcase the losers that they live in that lifestyle themselves to own libs.... So…!
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Retweeted by Cokis @LibertyFur I enjoy realization and the realization is, the poor are still poor without any way to move up in class…
Retweeted by Cokis @LibertyFur I enjoy realization and the realization is, the poor are still poor without any way to move up in class…, Poor Boys, how's it going? graph is still my favorite thing I've learned from something blatantly false Trump has repeated over and over
Retweeted by CokisI'm running as a proud Democrat, but I will govern as an American president. I will represent you — whether you vote for me or against me.
Retweeted by CokisDecency, honor, respect, treating people with dignity, making sure that everyone has an even chance. I'm going to…
Retweeted by Cokis @Deftonero1111 @thehill Looks at Trump and his family and look at their corruption. It's a failure of the democrati…
Retweeted by Cokis @Deftonero1111 @thehill Looks at Trump and his family and look at their corruption. It's a failure of the democrati…"I'm the least racist person in the room" 😀"We are LIVE here at the presidential debate and-- wait, what's this!.. It's, it's, BY GOD IT'S BERNIE SANDERS WIT…
Retweeted by CokisNorth Carolina man arrested with van full of guns and explosives, had plans to assassinate Joe Biden…
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sometimes gaming requires serious decision-making. like deciding which of my fav elected representatives i gotta bl…
Retweeted by CokisYou didn’t have to snitch like that man 🤣
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