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twitch & livestreaming reporter @verge / music critic @thenation / plays TK on @funcityventures / after hours twitch streams @ he/him

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got a bit of a late start but i've logged back on to stream with @Pizza_Suplex. happening now back on to say: garlic, onion, and ginger is a throuple i respect
try not to dream about the apocalypseah, that's enough internet for me today! good night everyone!The stats continue to show that this pandemic has hit marginalized people hardest. This suffering, these deaths, re…
Retweeted by bijan, but distantRT and tell @NYGovCuomo to redistribute bus/subway service to prevent harm to black and brown New Yorkers. "Our o…
Retweeted by bijan, but distantvery happy to publish an (audio!) entry of @slhjenkins's diary on @indoorvoices1! stick to the feeling
@whatuphails he’s been promotedi wrote an essay for @polygon, about playing 240 hours of fire emblem and turning 30
Retweeted by bijan, but distant @itskindred now committed to playing control tonight @adicloud change the water when it gets cloudy! so like once a day? @becagrimm becca im working on it @mollyoswaks no :) @caseyjohnston it's how you make them better, casey. @arabellesicardi oh SHIT those are some strong boys @mwspence see that's a useful tip @xuhulk good. @robinsloan it's true! i guess this is the benefit of working within established media? anyway, i am so excited to see where this goes!i would like to show you my sonions. yes i have separated them by achievement. @mollyoswaks today i did something unholy with halloumi and it turned out just fine @mollyoswaks no no that defeats the purpose of the experiment. im searching for chaosperhaps unsurprisingly, my apocalypse cooking tendency has been to look in my fridge and see what Monstrosities i c… a little about why i'm so excited about @robinsloan's latest project, perils of the overworld!Prince is hard. Diety is harder. (In which I continue to shepherd Bij through his first Civ game. Civ 6 to be prec…
Retweeted by bijan, but distanttonight we return for another edition of civ mondays with @stoya! i think this is when the computer is going to kic…
@clare @asimone do u have mechanical keyboard recs @clare get keyboard @georgeLmachado get your tinder profile critiqued by @Amouranth on her stream imo @georgeLmachado what the fuck man delete thisSeriously I cannot recommend this Twitch stream of a bike messenger delivering stuff in NYC enough. Let…
Retweeted by bijan, but distant @jaimealyse @SloanPublic congrats!!looking for more of your questions about twitch for this week's advice column, please send any you have my way! bij… congrats to @doomquasar, the dude @Jimbasco, and the rest of the team!!!!! this is fantastic from Dad Kamer tonight: “Don’t drink too much, but drink what you need.” Folks, took him 35 years, but the o…
Retweeted by bijan, but distantvibes are being dispensed rn
tonight: vibing with some ringo ishikawa, the game where you're basically playing the lofi chill anime beats girl (… @Megan_Nicolett why arent we friends on psn..... @Muna_Mire oh it's like a cool video chatting app! it tells you who's around / hanging, and you can pop in. the thi… @Muna_Mire been doing this but with houseparty. the app is a curse @GriffLightning @electrolemon now this is king shit. RIP demi @likaluca panic @johanlenox hmmm i see @johanlenox lol @tcburning hm. @bijanstephen One of the great tragedies of the modern age is that all the people with active eating disorders are…
Retweeted by bijan, but distant @AlanaMassey lmao now this... this is the Forbidden Knowledge @HarronWawker im here to enlighten the people. @AlanaMassey lol it’s honestly a good fucking joke and im proud to be owned by itanyone up tnwho’s up who’s on zoom @AlanaMassey ok true!!! @georgeLmachado @NoahHurowitz tweet the clipwe’re all camgirls now.......we raided @georgeLmachado and now he's shaving his beard live on stream yeah we live nowwooo tonight i'm streaming @Beatdown_City by @aNuChallenger! 9pm est! can't wait to fuck w a beat em up where i hav…
@oliviagulin brain broke cant fix @alexanderchee @alyssajperry @katchow can’t wait to try this @bijanstephen Bijan you can finance 500sqft of real grass and have it delivered.
Retweeted by bijan, but distantgoing to open all of my windows, crack a tall boy, close my eyes, and pretend i’m at the park drinking a beer with my friends @NoahHurowitz i am already dead1/ So because I’m trapped inside, figured I’d try giving out some micro grants for small indie game devs. So repl…
Retweeted by bijan, but distantit’s a BEAUTIFUL spring day in new york city (to wear a mask)! @amandamull i keep waking up thinking i can go places and Jesus Christ the moment i remember i can’t sucks worse every timeperformative introversion online? could not be me, i am an extrovert and i am fucking dying over herefucking wild that a pandemic is what’s separating the wheat from the chaff (introverts from extroverts) @steverousseau portal 2? uhhhhhhnever realized that the apocalypse would take place in agonizingly slow motion @HarronWawker lmao @sailorbee s tier shit @aNuChallenger absolutely going to stream it toojust copped @aNuChallenger’s game treachery in beatdown city and i’m stoked to play it!!!!
anyway, sorry to #thread, but yeah. i think twitch is important. and you should too! even though there's a literal… i'm trying to say: twitch is worth taking seriously. the figures on the site are hugely influential and they r… @StreamElements people are inside! wow! but i do think now that more people are encountering twitch for the first t… reason i write these stories is because twitch is more important than ever; just today i saw some numbers from… wrote some fun twitch stories this week! two of my favorites: how serious streamers are holding up in quarantine… @tunulikestea he's not advocating for any meaningful form of help/relief for people. if you need healthcare and you…'s like he's just saying "we'll get to the other side of this by climbing across the increasingly large pile of d… have to laugh. this is just bleakly funny shit man look @strawbiery is in the nyt! we're still PODCASTING @patrickklepek aw, i'm glad it all worked out! congrats dude! @368 thank u 368 @leilaclaire RIP to those daysanyone else currently losing the plot~ 📡Hey TV workers 📡~ Today's your last chance to be counted in Scripto's survey of COVID-19 outcomes for industry…
Retweeted by bijan, but distanti started an advice column on twitch, please send me your questions, here is the first piece. what is twitch, eve… @rachelmillman fuck @BrandyLJensen <3fucking hire these people, whoever has the power to give them jobs, do it fuck she does join twitch i pledge to have her on stream and ask her all of the questions you want answered.i give it 3 weekslofi chill anime beats to stay inside and quarantine tolive now, streaming some control! come self isolate with us the real question is: when is caroline calloway joining twitch