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@fabetolin wtf is this show bruh @VASHKINGOP man... @imtood33p It's upsetting @VASHKINGOP I know John and Steve that's bout it @painus27 Oh man ..I watched a whole episode of the office for her she gotta want me nowπŸ’―
@thejamesonshow1 @VisionEfects i have that pic ready whenever someone asks for a face reveal or sumn @VisionEfects U asked for it @olbechia lol u just like me @KillmongerXV no 🧒 @CalebsBurner i never cap @ItsGavkar yeh gotta get that point across @painus27 no @_zNova_ haha yeh lol @josayyc man lemme beThanks to all the ass pics sent to my dm, I appreciate u LADIES 😹 @loner_kev @EdmanHours nice try @sabpie_ i dont know what ur talking abt @gibbo_619KOPG @TaZeify @Valkyrae 12:00 AM 8th August 2020 @TaZeify @Valkyrae Count your days taze @TaZeify @Valkyrae No she's introducing her bf which is me lol @pdotsully @CrypticNo how much u charging pat for the RT? @CalebsBurner *easy @CalebsBurner He gotta earn my RT it's not that east @pdotsully lol @pastamanity @armanie69 bro failed to get 5 likes @DreamVilleHill @CrypticNoOne ??? @HyperbolicK10 U know me @austxnnn built different i guess @imtood33p i just saved the world dawg u supposed to be grateful @austxnnn nah this the one thats staying up @painus27 YESSIR @elitekobedrip u underestimate me @gianzvl this the last one i promise @AiksAndPains thank umf like me would take it in the ass and save the world @AiksAndPains lol @DreamVilleHill im just built different @CalebsBurner am i wrong? @SamjaySJ *sucks @CarsonTheSimp i'll just blow it lol @Garlic_Vendor yeh instead i spend my money on apple music cuz its better @DreamVilleHill just built different @thejamesonshow1 i think i might have to @MeltsSzn man what @amrdh_61 @er1417 man... @CalebsBurner apple music on androidπŸ”₯ @inclcore im gonna be celibate from this moment on @denis69420 i guess @denis69420 why r u asking me @sirmatthewarete well i am a brown boy so she might've been thinkin bout me @bayloanderso yeh bron enjoys the slurpees so he invited me over @imtood33p @CrypticNoOne mf like me uses incognito @klllod2 find it urself bozo @CalebsBurner im just LEARNING @painus27 Oh she playing it very well @olbechia INDEED SO FASCINATING @imtood33p @CrypticNoOne nah nah nah i aint addicted @b_tasty3 the im 5 foot but my throat 6'6 song @b_tasty3 its a song man @VisionEfects i exist in the nightmare realm @uglychudie yeh @imtood33p ??? @MarcoAjx @thejamesonshow1 i tweet sus shit cuz if i tweet bout bon iver yall dont care smh @TaZeify this my struggle tweeting bout bon iver @thejamesonshow1 man idc at this point @AiksAndPains @inclcore nah man who told you that @inclcore im 6'3 fym? @erecturtle @TervortAshley welcome @Stop_GetHelp the guy in the picture lead singer for bon iver @lee_showtime Bro this some 4k memes @Stop_GetHelp justin vernon has my heart @MrYeet_ u know i can just copy paste it right @reversefunny thx @reversefunny shut up @jelloish_ i remember @MrYeet_ coincidence @Stop_GetHelp thx @MrYeet_ nope you did not @inclcore cause u gotta wear heels to maintain eye contact with them? @netsstan they were talking shit abt my mom so it was justified @b_tasty3 yeh @kirosu__ so what @VisionEfects weren't u the garbage man @trekzlol HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY SHUSH SHUSH @reversefunny that explains why im floating in my living room rn @swazzype haha look he deleted a tweet so funny @AiksAndPains @KingHeee1 she gon dm meπŸ’― @thejamesonshow1 yeh i did @procrasidnator im gonnathats crazy cuz i just had brownies with Lebron and Snoop Dogg lol what a coincedence @MarcoAjx nah spelling error @gianzvl DONT HURT ME NO MORE @dnpadilla11 BABY DONT HURT ME @elitekobedrip answer my question @Zames231 @CrypticNo @meIisssax nahhhhhh mannnnn @CrypticNo @meIisssax U were definitely one of her 10 followers @inclcore i dont blame him