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@Luciid23 Why is a bad farm animal goin to ur state? @Luciid23 Ain't nobody goin there
@steezykevin____ @Xouped Excuse me? @Xouped WHERE IS THE DICK FOOTAGE ‼️
@COSTCOBACKWOODS I don't wanna see that shit why did I like this @COSTCOBACKWOODS @CrypticNoOnee @xoxabstract Steam comin out of dans ears rn @OnlyLeafss Deku ain't perfect but like c'mon man when he goes full cowl that shit badass @Boy1drr Enough
@gianzvl Hey @gianzvl Ha @_KingHeee_ @CrypticNoOnee I like lettuce they go hard on burgers @i4llwayslit @CrypticNoOnee U wanna challenge me mf? @CrypticsAgent @optiuh LMFAOOOOO @CorinnaKopf @prakdip @cuartocore Ever since u turned eighteen u been obsessed with tinder re-evaluate urself @Christa70561502 Call the mandem @Christa70561502 What u gonna do pussy @n_nicc Oh nooooo now u gotta find em all back @whyyytzt @TwitterSupport If u bookmark a tweet it shows up on the tl saying u bookmarked it I think @OnlyLeafss I pray u don't @Boy1drr Prove deez nuts on ur chin @Boy1drr Too bad I'm right and u were proven wrong @Boy1drr Nah I win I'm right ur wrong @Boy1drr Nah i win @Boy1drr mf I'm right wtf r u talking abt @Boy1drr Wait nah @Boy1drr It literally is the process of separating water into an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom @Boy1drr Mf I'm talking about the toppings on the bagle @Boy1drr Just read mf at no point did I ask what lox was @Boy1drr I didn't ask that @Boy1drr @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz I'm talking abt the hydrogen thing @Boy1drr @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz It's cuz u didn't answer my question I got confused @Boy1drr @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz Ok mr science man over here why don't u tell us abt electrolysis aswell Nicolas Tesla ass 😭 @iHaveNoHoe No it's pointless arguing with you you'll just say some stupid shit @Boy1drr @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz Whats the white stuff smeared on the bread then @Oreologist @Boy1drr @JoeyTheSuperJew @oFabz Is it just salmon and cream cheese @optiuh @Yuhuuur No I'm axo @iHaveNoHoe @j4zzyko Yeh @Yuhuuur @optiuh It's not that good @optiuh I'm failing @optiuh The how to get bitches class @optiuh Tryna study @prakdip Nah bro u got that Tony stark beard @prakdip Mf how u younger than me and got a better beard this is bullshit
@ybxCapalot @isthatcufs No man stop @isthatcufs Imma be waiting for u dick hard asl @isthatcufs LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @visionofviii Did u lose a bet or sumn or u just doin this out of ur own volition @xanful U listen to charli @prakdip @JessikuhV @TheTopViking @Conmxn @jrxsv_ @_NotTeryn @ballljeeet @CryptiicNo @thotbackk @rajonfrontos… @xanful @prakdip @af4iry I felt the pain thru the tweet @swazzype @COSTCOBACKWOODS @Luciid23 I ain't ur friedn @oFabz This made me uncomfortable @COSTCOBACKWOODS @BakeHatesItHere Even YOU want outta there @Kiid10Da @iHaveNoHoe Ok smooth man @CryptiicNo @iHaveNoHoe Drop the dog SS and finish this @iHaveNoHoe U are evil @CrypticNoOnee Why u stressed u got Jean to play with LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @CorinnaKopf How could u do crypt like that @ripxRain @CryptiicNo BRO???? BISEXUALL?????? @CryptiicNo Took a whole minute to think of 42 smh @DreamVilleHill @iHaveNoHoe @CryptiicNo Nah I think he's genuinely stupid
@Zames231 30 mil for Gordon Hayward I'm crine @iHaveNoHoe I never said any of that u just got an overractive imagination @iHaveNoHoe @TommyThroatEm Ayyyyyy @wojespn How many fucking picks my god
@COSTCOBACKWOODS Quite fake if u ask me @Iebronandkobe @TheLSJJ mf did u see the shit I RT'd this morning @VisionEfects I can confirm that u are indeed NOT demons @_zNova_ Whats ur problem bud @TheBlaxkMan @Dom_Deveraux AYOOOOOOOOOO @Iebronandkobe @Dom_Deveraux U quick with it @Iebronandkobe @Dom_Deveraux IM SAYIN MAN @CryptiicNo He waiting till he grow taller @COSTCOBACKWOODS Probably a delicasy in Nebraska @iHaveNoHoe Yeh I can stand by this @CrypticNoOnee @CorinnaKopf I can let this one slide @ripxRain What the fuck is a bug wet @Zames231 I feel u @luiisloll @COSTCOBACKWOODS Is it wrong @COSTCOBACKWOODS Definitely @Boy1drr @iHaveNoHoe @sebastianjii @fandomhuub this will do @Boy1drr @iHaveNoHoe @sebastianjii @fandomhuub Idk lol @_KingHeee_ @iHaveNoHoe @CryptiicNo Whats the problem with that @Boy1drr @iHaveNoHoe @sebastianjii @fandomhuub Why would u censor frick @Boy1drr What else could u do to it beside eat it @iHaveNoHoe @CryptiicNo WOW u dont wanna see a brown boy shining huh @CryptiicNo @iHaveNoHoe mf it's sarcasm when I say it @iHaveNoHoe @Freddychini @iHaveNoHoe @Freddychini Mf built like Theodore from the Chipmunks movies 😭 @CasimirsCarew Someone replied saying they were jerking off to em so I thought they both got their nudes leaked or some shit @QuaverBasher ????? @AiksAndPains Yeh I saw that fucking sucks @UnoDos3Tres mf what is this 5th grade level jokes @Iebronandkobe Huh?
@Kiid10Da @iHaveNoHoe It was just a harmless question. @iHaveNoHoe My mouth been open baby πŸ™ˆ @iHaveNoHoe How much u squirt