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Bookseller at Third Street Books. You do realize this is taking away from my reading time, right? She/Her

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@scampneoroxy Fashion-wise, though, I would 100% wear Rebecca's outfit, if it wouldn't make me look like a cultural… @scampneoroxy I was Rebecca until about July and now I am all Soledad. @AhabLives And a follow-up, if I may? Thank you. Of those days Ms. Bass Wyden works in the store, for how many hour… @AhabLives Yes. Hi. Thanks for calling on me. My question is this: In the last paragraph, Ms. Bass Wyden talks abou… @Gwenda Every day I have to work, this is my fear. I am a great bookseller, but a shitty mask police/bouncer. Pleas…
@megpyre Seriously, though, my sympathies. @megpyre Oooh. "Kind of terribly" is a state I aspire to. That would be a banner day. Possibly with a parade.
I think this is a sign I need to take a Twitter break and commune with the ghost in my apartment. (My building was… @mccullgr @Rachael_Conrad Don't you mean Tap? It is, after all, America's Ass.Oh. Fuck. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss! is what's making me (happy) cry today. And you? looks like Football Team is playing again today and this name still gives me such an odd joy. Never change it, W… @RomancingNope @Charlotte_Stein @Tuphlos It's the neck, too. The fake has a "younger" neck. @JenReadsRomance Also, it's on HBO right now, for anyone who wants to maybe avoid giving Bozos any more money. @JenReadsRomance I am watching it right now. I still love it, but now it makes me sad because I want the president… @DarthRachel I hope they don't let their age difference deter them from finding lasting love with each other. @lizismundane Abso-fucking-lutely. Call me a bitch all you want, but don't tell me you'll just download it to your Swindle.To the woman in the bookstore tonight loudly proclaiming about how much she loved to read the staff recommendations…
@scampneoroxy @abbythecleric I'm okay with not being able to read contemporary Romance very much right now because…
@Gwenda "Rather than relying chiefly on bookstores, retailers, advertising and other traditional channels to promot… fuck you say? There are some great people in Texas, but I encourage them all to move before the rest of the co…
Oooooh. Here is yet another thing on which I will willingly--nay, gleefully--spend money. @booksellersarah I do like an "only one bed," but I had to choose between that and "second chance" and I'm more lik… to Lovers Fake Engagement Second Chance @thebooseller I HATED IT. By that point in the experience, I just wanted everyone to die (except Pie Man and maybe… @thebooseller I am with you on the wi-fi. The only time it seems to not just cut out randomly is when I'm watching… @thebooseller Of course. I'm at the store both days, so won't be home until around 8 PT, so if I don't reply in a t… @thebooseller I created a whole day about indie booksellers and Romance fiction, so yeah. I'm in, if you still need people.PIRATICAL! CAPYBARAS! I did not know I needed this, though clearly I do. I sooooo do!
A watched pot never boils, especially if you don't light the burner. @scampneoroxy Bear suit still counts, right? I read both John Irving and Thomas Hardy because she was in the movies. @scampneoroxy I can do this allllll day. And, don't lie, you would *love* to be attacked by Tessa. (As would anyone.) @scampneoroxy @scampneoroxy DO NOT google "Cate Blanchett in a suit" or you will get nothing done all day. @scampneoroxy @scampneoroxy @scampneoroxy @scampneoroxy
Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Billie BloebaumOh. Ohhhhhh. 😍😍😍 I was already giddy with anticipation for this one & now here's the cover & I am working on a tim… fucking Christ that is over.At least they didn't make Anna Kendrick show up for this one.It was a fucking vision? I call major bullshit.Wait. Are all of the wolves going to sacrifice themselves for the vamps? That's some racist bullshit right there.I'm more than half hoping that all of them die. All of them.Vamp fight!Dakota Fanning's eyeliner is exquisite.Even Michael Sheen can't camp it up enough to save this from tedium.I really want a Volturi cloak.I am grooving on the low key irony of Lee Pace playing such a vehemently anti-British character.There are a lot of questionable hairstyling choices going on here.How is this movie so boring?Y'all, I might have to give up on this one out of sheer boredom.Oh, Pie Man. I hope the paycheck was worth it.So. Bored.Oh, thank the gods. The Volturi. Maybe now shit will get interesting.I. Am. So. Bored.Jacob, gettin' nekkid for Charlie.Trying to be all arty with the sexytimes and it's just not arty or sexy.Can we just skip this boring vamp family shit and get to something, I don't know, interesting?Nessie? Really?Bad dog. Outside. Now.Creepy fucking baby. Creeeeeepy.Well, that's awkward. Jacob. Raisin. Bella. Awkward.Bella is the specialist special vamp.Guess not. Damn.Please let Bella bash into a tree while she's running because she's distracted by nature. Please.These opening credits are long. And moody, yet boring.Oh, gods. Lee Pace is in this? No, Pie Man. NOOOOO.
10 minutes until I start the end of my Twilight film journey. Hoping for major awfulness.I could not give a singly fuck about the NFL, but I want the Washington Football Team to permanently commit to that… took last week off, but tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT, I will finish my self-torture by watching Breaking Dawn 2: Elec… @GibranGraham OMG! Did he die?!? I knew he was old, but...
@megpyre @jruoxichen He reads all three of the original trilogy. Swoon.Good. *brownies.* I am going to be mad about this FOREVER. #GBBO
@InOrderOfImport I... I... Uh... Even if this person were so oblivious as to not know about your website, there's… is the Christmas present I'm looking forward to the very most. 😍 @FedExHelp I e-mailed nearly 24 hours ago and have still not received a response. How is @FedEx so bad at customer…
Hey @FedExHelp You really need to offer an email option for customer service. I don't feel comfortable DMing you my… @ttigani Neither can I until FedEx finally delivers the cocktail kit I ordered. This is not an undertaking to be en… @EssenceWill1 @FedEx They reached out via DM & wanted me to share my home address & phone # with them before they c… cookies. @MarkRuffalo Talk to any independent bookseller. We can throw all kinds of figures at you about A****n.… @1snotacrayon @Xhuuya2 I feel weirdly proud that I could translate that entire sentence and even know what it means.Biker Amazon Camp. Now accepting reservations for Summer 2021. @IAmGoldenHolden @FedEx Normally, I would just have them hold it at the Kinko's (I know it's FedEx Office now, but… fucking hate @FedEx My package has been within 20 miles of me since Thursday. It was supposed to be delivered yes…
I took a week off from my dive into the Twilight film franchise because my WTF tank has been pretty much drained by…
This. Right here. I'm not a one-issue voter, but if I were, this would be my one issue. @Kutysv So is Portland (OR), though it's not really road trip-able, unless you are *seriously* committed.
@LibraryAmerica has a Story of the Week newsletter and this week's story is #MasqueoftheRedDeath and I'm sure it's… @Kutysv Please, please, please let me know as soon as it's up on E+. Pretty, pretty, pretty please? I am willing to…, fuck yes. @thebooseller The whole thing has just been so disjointed tonally, which is probably due to each installment so far… don't clear a lot more than that in a *year.* I don't have kids, so my expenses are less, but give me $16k/month… many of you know, I have been experiencing the Twilight film franchise for the first time & sharing my reactions…
@abbythecleric Correct. Though I recently dined on a Cobalt and a Teal, so have taken on some of their characterist… know what *I* think I am, but what do *you* think I am? @abbythecleric I believe that a fluffy white cat is de rigeur. Also a really fabulous silk brocade dressing gown.