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@klowey the opposite of ANTIFA...Perhaps we should worry a little more about FA
First the Paris climate accords, now the WHO. It somehow seems unlikely that we know more about these crises than *… is extraordinarily powerful Council VP Andrea Jenkins sings “Amazing Grace” at press conference for George Floyd. She is the firs…
Retweeted by Bill McKibbenI’m thinking about George Floyd today. Yet another Black man viciously killed by the police. Black men are routinel…
Retweeted by Bill McKibben
Damn. Mt. Mansfield, the highest peak here in Vermont, just recorded the highest temperature ever in its history.… deaths are rising in India--but it's 118 F in Delhi, and people without AC have to keep their windows closed… @ZorkaMilin @WeAreOxy many thanks for answering my questions--and for your workAfter a decade of organizing and engineering, the power of the fossil fuel industry is past its peak. That doesn't… in the wildly irresponsible universe of oil companies, Exxon is a 'hold my beer' champion remarkable folks at @Pathway2Paris do it again: this is going to be serious fun Fed governor says it straight: bailing out the fossil fuel industry is a 'risky investment in the past.'
@VarshPrakash thank you for the update, and thank you for the leadership‘But as of about 1990 we can answer back, because we set the sea level now, and we run the storm systems. The excre…
Retweeted by Bill McKibben @remasterus @SierraClub Yeah, I do remember that--it was a decade ago, and as the story you linked to said, they st… my money, @VarshPrakash and @evanlweber have done a great job of representing the climate movement on the campa… offhand, I can think of a planet that could use 9 million jobs a year cleaning up after itself! thanks… our courts are corruptly captured by vested interest, public policy debate becomes a sham. Thanks to… was the strongest storm ever measured in the Bay of Bengal, and the toll it took on the Sundarbans was appar… @exxonmobil shareholders gather today, 160 global NGOs release Finance Climate Challenge: Investors, banks & ins… if your banks keep funding climate chaos, you're just going to have pointy piles of rock where there u…
Oh yes!! University of Manchester divests from fossil fuels!!! Such thanks to @peopleandplanet and @PeopleUom. Its… roundup from @BrooklynSpoke on all the steps cities across the planet are taking to shift away from cars. (T… million health professionals around the world call for a 'green recovery'--including an end to subsidies for fos…
@NaomiAKlein God, they so can't wait for the #RobotCapitalStock to take over @SamLMontano absolutely. 2 points for slytherin!Wait, she said the true part out loud--they're literally using covid as a cover to build pipelines because they kno… oped in the Albany paper taking on @NYSComptroller Tom DiNapoli for his costly dereliction of duty in not… fine piece by @SominiSengupta on the deadly whirlpool created as covid and climate crises circle each other
@NickKristof I fear the worst answer is...'predictable.' @peatonx Maybe they'll just hike. the last time I was in the Idaho woods, 3 decades back, I met a man who'd walked… days in the Idaho woods? That sounds...very nice moment to be promoting a book, pitch in all! @TimNBCBoston @erikosterlund Actually, we could slow rising sea levels dramatically. We need, for instance, to get… @350Africa truly important newsEven as flooding has displaced half a million people in the Horn of Africa, new waves of locusts are descending on… you're feeling a little cramped and stuck at the moment, here's a new book that will let you range widely in yo…
@AnilOza16 thanks for good reporting, and to all who fought! @sarah_meinzer @Cruellaisdevine @howarth_cornell oxford. university of california. middlebury. brown. half the coll… swaths of Siberia are setting new temperature records day after day--parts of the region are more than 40 degr…
@ciaranmundy that's darned good! @ssteingraber1 @howarth_cornell @Cornell You ithacans are indefatigable @howarth_cornell So many thanks for your endless hard work here. And it's also an acknowledgement of how Cornell fa… @natefoster @howarth_cornell i think they've promised they'll be gone inside of five years, which is what everyone asked for. A signal! @AllInEnergy this is crucial work!Beautiful breaking news: after long years of incredibly hard work by students + faculty, the Cornell trustees just… @JesseJenkins many happy returns! @RoccBoyardee @seanhannity God helps those who help themselves is not from the Bible--it's something Ben Franklin s… forests are 15x more valuable for their ecological benefits than for wood products. Leave them standing! R… @seanhannity Better nip this kind of thinking in the bud. Before you know it, people will be saying really crazy st… shareholder votes show has been 'quietly seismic' in forcing financial world to recko… seems to me @Sulliview is correct--@jon_wertheim and @60Minutes took a chance asking on me and Arundhati Roy. B…
@EricHolthaus I've been studying the fossil fuel industry for a long time, and I gotta say, I fear climate denial i… 12-year-old in British Columbia started this petition asking her govt to recognize a climate emergency. I'm shar… @TrueCostChevron @Chevron @UCSUSA well, it appears they care about it...1%. @ManuelGrebe @timparrique @farnazperry @jasonhickel I did my best to address this in a book called Deep Economy. I… useful new list from @RAN of the financiers backing the KXL pipeline. @Chase tops the list, but also Citi, W… @hausfath @GlobalEcoGuy @MichaelEMann an excellent reason to avoid locking in any new gas infrastructure at all. @mayhewbergman @GuardianJessica which is an excellent solution as long as there's no danger of confusing them with… to @Jamie_Margolin talking about her new book on organizing on @MattPawa's new podcast! aggressive campaign by @greenpeaceusa and others, Google says it will stop selling its tech to oil companies… true honor to interview @bernademientief for this week's newsletter. She describes spring coming to the high Arct… you play with this remarkable new climate simulator, you find that stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure rea… and funny interview by @emorwee with the fearless @RL_Miller. She's the definition of indomitable
@RAN @jpmorgan @Chase that is a very good questionthis is a great event, just starting. @billmckibben Hoping you can share word of this inspiring live @earthinstitute @earthjournalism brainstorm between…
Retweeted by Bill McKibben @EricHolthaus thanks for keeping on top of this. it's amazing to thin about evacuating 2 million people amidst a pandemic @goodnatureart we're in a race. can we break the power of the fossil fuel industry before fossil fuel entirely brea… @StopMoneyPipe is joining the People’s Assembly on @blackrock to hear from Indigenous & frontline leaders, S…
Retweeted by Bill McKibbenRecord rainfall collapses a pair of dams in Michigan, leading to 'unprecedented flooding' One crisis doesn't stop b… @DoctorVive Another thing: the replacement tech, like Zoom, is getting so much better. I started giving almost all… amazing--Univ of California system finishes its massive divestment from fossil fuels. Such thanks to all who m…
Spanish govt proposes an end to all new coal, oil and gas extraction projects--part of a legally binding strategy t…'ve got big money increasingly on the run--check out this video about the turmoil at today's Chase board meeting… that anything weird is going on with our climate, but Chicago just notched its rainiest May on record--for the… @drvandanashiva @NavdanyaBija thank heaven for that--it sounds like every ounce of resilience is going to be needed!Amphan, the strongest storm ever recorded in the bay of Bengal, will crash ashore tomorrow--just as India and Bangl… or later the Vatican Bank itself will divest from fossil fuels--and that will be a major milestone in the cl… like Exxon, Shell was a big-time backer of climate denial--and some of its funding was described as research o… a new study shows clearly that global warming is making strong, dangerous hurricanes far more likely. is a crucial fight--why would @MarshGlobal want to be known as the company that helped insure our climate down…
Wait! @RevYearwood *and* @yeampierre on @Think100Climate podcast Friday? That's a lot of good stuff in one place thanks to the indigenous groups, farmers and ranchers, climate scientists and everyone else who with years of… @Sunstoned stirring and hopeful divestment news today, as 42 faith groups from Bangladesh to Britain divest from fossil f… Secretary of Energy thinks that banks deciding not to invest in oil and gas because of climate change is the sa… spare a thought for everyone in the path of this massive cyclone bearing down on Bangladesh. (Iron law of cl… @wxeringheights thanks for your good work, brother! and we may have to do it again! @haas84 @ACarmount @jamesscottgtr @blindvibe @kathryncporter to 60 Minutes for a safe, socially distanced Vermont interview, and for taking seriously the idea that we're… @JanetTietyen @60Minutes so many great teachers. but it was actually a history teacher, Ray Karras, that taught me… @jamesscottgtr
It's kind of a trip to be on @60Minutes tonight. But to be on @60Minutes with Arundhati Roy? Too much fun. @billmckibben. Do you know about this community attempt to buy out 10,500 acres of land from Scotland's Duke of…
Retweeted by Bill McKibbenThe northern woods are awash in flowers today--a carpet of trout lilies and spring beauties, with noble trillium st…
@BrooklynSpoke @BKGreenway gotta like the kid riding with a mask but with no hands on the handlebars!