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Powerful piece in the @latimes on the Marshall Islands, which managed to be wrecked by the 20th century's demons (n…
So now Australia's bushfires are so big you can see the smoke in New Zealand. Please be careful everyone @GigiBLamm @enjohnston @laurenduca meanwhile, i have the weird feeling that this michael brown might actually be th… @LaurenceTubiana Yeah. There's going to be an archipelago of wrecked economies @laurenduca It's a little known fact that most billionaires got there by writing books. We try to keep secret the f… Mitch McConnell will take a movement. That’s why I’m excited to see Charles Booker consider joining this… another important cultural iinstitution breaks ties with big oil. Such thanks to all who campaigned forget about hurricanes once the wind dies down--but the Bahamas faces a $7 billion recovery, in a nation where… to the Sydney Morning Herald, today may mark the first day in recorded history when not a drop of rain fa… those who love history, the art of close reading, and the serendipity of regular citizens bringing down the rot…
@ChelskiLittle @runmarycain thanks for this @ssteingraber1 8 million cups a day, right? @HighTechAztec @Lindgaard @CherriFoytlin1 @The_Takeoff2014 @TheCondorFilm thank you all enormously--it was a great conversation!
Insurance companies to CA homeowners: we can't insure your house because climate change makes it too risky Insuran…'s big Concordia University divests from fossil fuels! I know how long and hard students have fought to mak… the UN climate conference got suddenly moved from Chile to Madrid, it got a lot more expensive for youth from… just visible, larger than life. Thanks for leadership! I say, I love movement leaders who have to occasionally take time off to fill out their college applications?… much fun to be with a bunch of great youth organizers (including @AlexandriaV2005) this morning in New York. Th…'s a metaphor here, I think: Massive flooding strands UK shoppers in a shopping mall overnight, where they're… @divestinvestorg Such remarkable progress, from such remarkable activists!Aussie fire authorities: “We have never seen this many fires concurrently at emergency warning level." A red-orange…, such congratulations. And if you haven't watched this video, you really really really should.
New Zealand passes historic 'zero carbon' bill--many thanks for leadership! @350nz
85% of the students at Nebraska's Creighton University voted for divestment. That seems like the definition of an o… @ClaraJeffery I covered these elections in Cambridge for years as a young reporter; they are far far fairer, or so it seems to me. @GreenNewsReport @PNosko he 'would have won' in the old kind of election where any one that's not a Dem or a Rep is… you for this witness! This is a crucial statement to be making @Kevin_Matthews_ been trying @Oliva_Nic @exxonmobil @Chevron @Shell @350brasil such thanks to your whole crew for amazing work! @billmckibben @exxonmobil @Chevron @Shell @350brasil Bill, results were good for climate, success for us
Retweeted by Bill McKibben @janekleeb @BarackObama what an unflagging hero you are, friendNew NASA study finds climate change and logging are rapidly drying out the world's greatest rainforest--setting it… giants like @ExxonMobil @Chevron and @Shell are taking part in a massive oil rights auction in Rio today -- dur… this by many thousands: people are waking up!! pushing huge coal expansion for Bangladesh--which may be the nation most vulnerable to global warming, an… @DaveZuckermanVT absolutely, friend! here's a place to start: big new study today shows CA and CO have cost their p… @classroomtools always out in front!Apparently New York City has just adopted Ranked Choice Voting, joining Maine in one of the most important experime… all the replies I've gotten on Twitter over the years, this ranks very high on my list of favorites. @BenWessel @NextGenAmerica @MaryWash @JCole4VA @GhazalaHashmi @VCU thank you for good work! @mzjacobson @howarth_cornell @NaomiAKlein @fefelli @PLudosky @albertinebooks thank you very much for joining in!In California and Colorado alone, state pension funds have lost $19 billion over the last decade by investing in fo…
The right person for the right job at the right moment in history! @glockarmorer Can i just say, this is one of my favorite replies ever @robotwalksinbar @LauriDonahue I think the difference is, one group was measuring the temperature for the planet, a… thanks to @LeedsTrinity. Well over half the educational institutions in the UK are now divested from fossil fu… we all just experienced the hottest October ever recorded on this planet. And against that backdrop of f… thanks to @democracynow for their extensive coverage this morning of America's withdrawal from the Paris accor… @350Pacific Not drowning, fighting!We stand with UVM students fighting for #fossilfuel #divestment. A student club called Organize has been spearheadi…
Retweeted by Bill McKibbenThe Ivies are in revolt--Harvard alums are running for the board, and Princeton grads are holding back donations un…
This is a powerfully important document: the British Labour party plan for getting banks to stop funding climate de… lives in mortal fear that "some Reginald Bearerbonds VI will take umbrage at fossil fuel divestment and ame… the US is not a world leader in reducing emissions--its methane emissions have risen as its carbon emissions hav… @GrnMtChickadee @Janefonda actually, she's stayed put in dc, organizing. @The_Wise_Otter @Janefonda thank you for your work--and realize that everyone who finds a way to help is valuable.… @The_Wise_Otter @Janefonda it is a privilege to be able to work on the great issues facing the world--and many peop… @350Pacific real heroes!Just to say, @Janefonda is a real-world star. Much respect.
Yep, Maeve is one of the great activists I've ever met. Such thanks for her leadership!'s air pollution is now so grave that flights are being diverted due to poor visibility plural of 'privilege' is 'establishment,' and Harvard's refusal to take on climate change is a shameful example…'s refusal to divest from fossil fuels has turned alumni into activists: today they announce a slate of cand… the plan: insulate millions of homes, install heat pumps, and pay for it largely with energy savings. We shou… @Strke4Democracy @BernieSanders ok, that's good
The Brits announced their election last week, and will vote on Dec. 12, which is seven weeks before the Iowa caucus… @RedWhtBlue fair enough. it would indeed be nice to see some of that kind of boldness on our side!It's a weird system where control of the US may depend on winning Wisconsin--but since that's the system we have, l… thanks to the great campaigners at @ZeroCarbonSoc for letting me join in via skype with their divestment confa… @RedWhtBlue i get that, and i also know that if we don't fight for what we need, when we win we won't have any mandate to do it @BernieSanders that guy Bezos must really need to pee a lot.Political reality counts But when it butts up against reality reality, it's time for politicians to figure out how… in big oil are not just wrecking the planet, they're also losing money. Here's the WSJ today: "Energy has… oil spill coats 2,500 km of Brazilian shoreline, even as the country prepares to auction off new offshore o… @XianCw @mcclatchy @KCStar @outsidemagazine 100% right. @RadicalWhispers when we fight...
Amazing! and amazing thanks to all the activists who made it happen! @elijahion too funny!Once again we need to explain why #KXL is still a terrible idea. In fact, 30 ppm co2 more terrible than it was when… @seachanger @AdyBarkan i guess the part i thought was off key was the part about how she's not interested in saving… @seachanger @AdyBarkan I think it's fine to criticize people--but the day that someone puts out a carefully researc… @seachanger @AdyBarkan It seems like Mr. Barkan is a responsible advocate? I actually think that Warren, like Berni… it works for @AdyBarkan, it works for me. "The greatest feat of public policy jujitsu that I have ever…, @GretaThunberg has good timing: smoldering, smoky Los Angeles might be in a mood to hear her message today. M… @billmckibben That looks like the Joker’s smile!
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My fave costume this year--she's going as carbon with two oxygen atoms because, at this point in the planet's histo… Keystone pipeline leaks an "unknown amount" of oil along a quarter-mile swath of North Dakota. It happens… something a little scary for Halloween? Arctic sea ice is at a new recorded low for the date. will be so powerful to see the climate strikers outside the courtroom where Exxon is on trial. Join them if you… @RichardVitty @divestcreighton More than half the universities in the UK have now divested!This video from @divestcreighton in Nebraska really moved me--it's earnest and informed, and should remind every el… many thanks to everyone who has helped out here. There are so many crises unfolding right now, we can’t forget t…
@jack given where we are in the world today, this qualifies as kind of heroic. thank you. @NoPetroPA @billpeduto @ssteingraber1 @joshfoxfilm @maddow Nice organizing!!!! @suehalpernVT @facebook this is good news.500,000 young people marched for climate action in Montreal last month. It seems like divesting is the least McGill… @RenewableDoug @joshfoxfilm Writers don't write headlines, and in think I made it clear i love California tooAlong with the legal questions, I wish some lawyer would just ask, 'any idea what happened to the Arctic ice cap?' is a very deep dive from @AsYouSow on the staggering problems with #biomass in general and #Enviva in particul…