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meeting old high school friends, sensing them judge me with their corporate jobs and long term relationships - mean…
Retweeted by sir billiamgeorge washington ain't even own something as simple as a louis belt so the fuck i'm supposed to celebrate tonight for @CaucasianJames let the cowards leave ..... the strong will remainy'all just be saying any dumbass thing now a days the ice cream machine at McDonald's cause they wont
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everyone's saying fuck covid cuz it's a holiday im staying my ass inside @79hfg3n3948rhf0 @freakmommy love u both @ExtendoBans let me live ........crazy how the 4th of july is on 4/20 this year @califortia i jus flew to new york and it was barely above $2 @Mvtos @Chainbody @radstunts dam i must be doing good if i look 19 @joonl0vebug thank you for your service @Chainbody @radstunts the new generation
Retweeted by sir billiam @nextoblue @WhiteyPPG please
the day has come @xTmoney313 @Byron what no way @FreddieGibbs he got that shopgld $20 special @joshuaakb @alyssa_schoener @andieraimundo @alyssa_schoener @andieraimundo ladies and gentlemen we found a fister
spanish bitches be like "papi why July to me" ... first of all bitch we in January
Retweeted by sir billiam @wazoot @branflakeassMAN i just checked mine has white keys @TravisRichter dodo be hitting different @branflakeassMAN @wazoot saw it in best buy forever ago and my boy uses one too and we have… @wazoot @branflakeassMAN maybe it's just wireless headsets in general suck but the manowar has my favorite sound so… @branflakeassMAN @wazoot after buying 3 manowar headsets that can't hold a charge after 2 months i will never buy razer again @DirectedByHarry @ioN_NMFO @dookaat @FaZeClan definitely would be dead if that was percs but regardless he needs to… @JGraham5612 @intrnetnerd i thought it was lean percs and xans @NEDARBNAGROM @lilzubin this is a sin
@heis2heis food dyed mids @evan_breen let it out mane it's a very relieving feeling even if it's to thousands of strangers you'll be surprise… is about to be screaming in a pillow tonight because of freddie gibbs 😂😂😂😂😂😂Words from a man that sucks penis.
Retweeted by sir billiamI want proof that u didn’t have oral sex with Tekashi
Retweeted by sir billiam @Akademiks you losin this one 😂😂😂 @TravisRichter solid idea @TheBigMcDick @_somejerk of course @TheBigMcDick @_somejerk lmfaooo wow , what state?
suspect in custody
Retweeted by sir billiam @TheHornyPoPo sometimes even Gods strongest soldiers stray away from the light .... @_somejerk i literally don't even know the context of this photo @1DJFirstClass i ain't never took an opinion from ak serious in my life especially since he been on 69 dick like he tryna fuck 😂😂what do u mean the mcflurry machine is broke .... Baron Cohen crashed a right-wing rally in WA and lead racist sing-alongs – then he came back disguised as a r…
Retweeted by sir billiam @badboychadhoy what a terrible result @capcrunchbeats pretty sure they will go into phase 2 and close everything cuz nobody wears masks and cases are jus… @djbitchtits real shitdudes turn 35 and start adding a deck to their house
Retweeted by sir billiami'm firing all of my ghost writers as of today @koordell good shitdo you ever google some shit @bananadookie release them drafta especially the last one lmfao @Cabral391 what'd he do69 days after 4/20 again haha
Retweeted by sir billiami feel like hubie right now @postedinthecrib @HarrisnAbe YOUR CHIN COMPLIMENTS YOUR FACE PERFECTLY @dennyhouse8 @muskyame gimme a kissyIM UP AND READY TO TALK SOME SHIT @dennyhouse8 @muskyame what're you gonna do about it Dennis @slightbeats please
Retweeted by sir billiammy life ain't been the same since i seen this
@crab_smoking go check on that man!
@devinnotbooker i know this is a scary situation but i woulda locked them fuckin doors and hit the gas if my kids w… @capcrunchbeats i did this a while ago @carmenkiew they have security at the front of every store that denies you entrance without a mask... everyone else…"we don't love these hoes" - a man who loves these hoes
@thejilswani @masrour_barzani @qubadjt @jensstoltenberg prayers sent your way @hikeii the shit i'm boutta be on @licknord 😂😂😂 @SmokeRuntz @IHateYouNiggas right if your roomates at work why wouldn't you help take care of the caged dog? that m… @IHateYouNiggas oh wait i'm reading all sides yeah none of these ppl should ever own an animal @IHateYouNiggas naw read the girls tweets she kinda the evil one in this. locked her out the crib and turned the th… @yojasmusic cum
@cinman273 @desperateado @HalfEvilSam i hate kids that act like this lmfao when you do clothing on your own it's no… day has come shit i'm on @wifisfuneral you got this brother @BryantH_Dev i'm straight but i kno a lotta people hurtin lol @tomsegura a lot of cowards in the replies. what ya never seen some balls before huh...?they really gave us $1200 one time like we the rejected step child and said figure it out and we fell for it smh
@haneswhitetee i like shorts that hide my knees cuz i got some thick thighs but i'll check these out fasho @majindior @Rks153 @bananadookie right lmfaoo that's sus @kornfan420 ima have to give this a shot these are hard @turbothotaholic until you have to apply for an apartment/house/buy a nice car and many other things @BalzackSays what happened? @majindior @bananadookie what'd keef do? @wbernard yes basketball shorts @banana_clipper this fit is not fucking going @RyanInBos you'd see me twerk butt naked on top of the empire state building before i stepped foot inside an h&m @wbernard ain't those gym shortswhat shorts are there that aren't the frat boy shorts that your nut sack badically can hang out of i need advice help me @orkosi hell yeah 😂😂😂😂fellas i'm fuckin sick of wearing pants im about to bust out the cargo shorts i don't give a fuck what other option do we have @youngfishgod @icedoutomnitrix Bon Apple Tit @postedinthecrib u always got the shrimp.....not trying to get all political but i really need my dick sucked
@CaucasianJames happy birthday stinky.... i wanna see that big ass shake ... i wanna hear it clap.... get back to me @1DJFirstClass 😂😂😂😂😂 might need 1 milly to cover the CTE damage @1DJFirstClass not sure any normal person would stay conscious for over 60 seconds in a ring with him lol