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Percussionist. Educator. Technologist. Researcher. Coffee. An occasional dram. Views expressed here are unaffiliated with any institution. He/him/his.

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@Learnonaut FACETIOUS TWEET @aardizzoia One of them, according to Wikipedia, "took a sabbatical from 2014 to 2016." @aardizzoia Deleting, re-posting after fact-checking: the school where I got my master's now has two former preside…
@kath_krueger yeah, this has big "and behind door #3..." energy @aardizzoia @Muhlenberg @herffjones <scoffs> i didn't even need a college degree to see that those aren't, as you say, fancy pants. @ethanhein @BenGeyer But you're right—the whole ascending/descending "melodic minor" thing is an unnecessary idea t… @ethanhein @BenGeyer The last 4 measures are just a big iv-V-i cadence, and the pitch choices make themselves: @BenGeyer @ethanhein The last 5 measures of the Gigue from the D minor cello suite clarified this for me a lot. @BenGeyer @ethanhein The clearest and simplest way I've found to think of this is: 1) If the harmony is dominant, y… @joshshepperd @c0nsaf0s can he wag can he wag can he wag can he wag the dog, apparently, sadly, yes he can @SamAdlerBell "Whereas here in the United States, um, yeah, we, uh" <smash cut to "i'll tell you what i'm blatherin…
@stwbass gering der junglinge for me @Learnonaut it's official, i've been here long enough to make the local sports team dysfunctional, this is how home feels @pblest "you're protesting/rallying wrong, so i guess your claims must be meritless" said no smart person ever @nickfleisher well, he knows himself some upwards failing
@WesFlinn @pwallinga There Will Be Blood 2: Electric Boogalooacceptance @natesmithdrums DUDE, SAME @pwallinga The Bigger LebowskiMore like: One thing they don't tell you when you start a ____ is that you will be entering a permanent state of e…, I did it. All musicians should compose: a rant about the way we are taught classical music
Retweeted by Twice Vaxxed, Still Masked @ianpowerOMG @hhhhhennies David Mamet's wrong about most things but he was right about "if it's a good piece it doe… forget that a huge reason we’re having this fight over Medicaid expansion in WI is that John Roberts decided… @nickfleisher Should also hold true at the federal level—"advise and consent" has been turned into a sword of Damoc… @small_signals changing her name from laura to lola trading her mg for a toyota corolla
@Learnonaut mbmbac: my brother my brother and cars @Learnonaut ooh ooh me second: car talk was a call-in podcast before podcasts exited @ethanhein Sigiswald Kuijken? @ethanhein Christoph Poppen on ECM might come close to what you're looking for, though he takes it at an actual cha… @profmusgrave please accept my stage 1 pre-proposal to explore joining the task force, if invited i look forward to… @jackmirkinson just gonna keep whittling the coalition down until a majority is physically impossible, it's the onl… @PatBlanchfield the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things their tops are made out of rubber…“If I take the laundry out of the dryer and put it in the basket and wait long enough, the laundry will become sent…
Retweeted by Twice Vaxxed, Still Masked @wychstreet You've made it into today's Twitter bingo:
@ATFintern and again, Cavani goal, look at this guy @ATFintern <quick cut to sad-sack timo werner being offside> <also to werner missing the net> @lionel_trolling The implication being that, since I'm aware of some of my flaws, it must be because I have fully c… @ATFintern Watching Cavani this season has been delightful. @drvolts Indeed—the difference between "focus on bringing down emissions" and "bring down emissions" is everything.
@AlmaMauler @rebelmusicteach @rebelmusicteach Yeah @AlmaMauler, you know what's up. @rebelmusicteach No real secrets, just lots of investment in trial and error with various mystery department locks. @rebelmusicteach I inherited a key drawer when I started my current job and am pleased to have confirmed the proven… @Theophite @hootiehoo18 also, corbyn's "leave, but differently" seems like an exceptionally dumb party leader messa… @Theophite see also: UK Labour @Theophite the optimal google maps directions result is "get on the train that goes there" but alas, america @JoelBerkowitz @uwmaaup We should also not forget Chancellor Gow and "Free Speech Week." @PatBlanchfield the one that wins is the one you feed, usually by pushing cheetos through your navel, so hop to there buddy @stirlingsheep @IanJamesKrender @p1wfz @OwenJones84 *Tories, autocorrect, aargh @stirlingsheep @IanJamesKrender @p1wfz @OwenJones84 Wasn’t the brexit referendum supposed to be non-binding? Sorry,… @ATFintern @arguendiot next up, antonin scaaliyah rage ain’t nothing but a number
@mattpulver @lionel_trolling In the end, every policy area becomes a venue through which to act out partisan politi… @mattpulver @lionel_trolling Counterpoint: part of the divorce process was the GOP deciding that backdoor foreign p… @jimbriggs3 I don’t know if Ward Beck broadcast consoles count, but I inherited one and it punches way above its no… @PatBlanchfield <cut to clippy> it looks like you're trying to @SarahTaber_bww "office culture" = "control is so much easier when you're all in the same physical space" @jfsivory Picture it: the two of us in an old-age home somewhere, fighting daily about exactly what a city is and w… @Econ_Marshall dude actually wrote "membership has soared but its effect has been to weaken its core democratic pur… @jfsivory Also: pretty loose definition of "cities," but yeah. @jfsivory Kent to Blossom/Porthouse.I've done it twice, once in each direction, and I don't recommend it to anyone: OKC <--> ABQ in a day. It's about 5… hills are alive with the sound of a bad idea and I think I can get it to the game h/t @mnaxer @janecoaston the eternal take is "kids these days are doing it wrong, true for all values of doing it = doing it"… @aardizzoia Other candidates for transposition hell: Bb marching glockenspiels, so you can just hand them clarinet charts. @aardizzoia That being said, my u/g conducting professor's rule—no podium time until I'm confident you know your tr… @aardizzoia I remember seeing piccolo in Db in some mid-century document on transpositions and, like, dude, whywould be very into the @Popehat take on this
@piesaac @BooDooPerson in-a-viddy-ah-gah-may bay-beh @JoelBerkowitz I'm guessing we're also looking for ways to streamline processes and find efficiencies. @DanRShafer @KFF We can't ever forget that it was never meant to work like this, and it's all John Roberts' fault. @PatBlanchfield another manifestation of the overpolicing/underpolicing paradigm @nickfleisher it sounds a little howard-stern-esque, but my platform to run for uw-system president is that i will… @nickfleisher milwaukee especially will enjoy the idea that they're just one of 12 regionals, time to team up with… @nickfleisher well sure, if you kill the rest of the system of course madison looks better by comparison @nickfleisher They will try anything, anything, anything except adequately funding the system.
Wait a fucking second — you're telling me that a detective is wrestling with their personal demons??? While investi…
Retweeted by Twice Vaxxed, Still Masked @imanimosley @rebelmusicteach Hanging out to see who ends up being Vernors. I nominate Feldman. @JYSexton @LukeRussert The opposite of the thing, of course, is to destroy the minor leagues, which they did. Blech. @MatthewSitman @KnowYrEnemyPod I'm so leisure pilled that "a superb waste of time" read to me like a genuine high compliment
Retweeted by Twice Vaxxed, Still Masked @rebelmusicteach Also, gotta flog Edmund Welles, awesome bass clarinet quartet that plays their own stuff. @rebelmusicteach I think you could do Michael Gordon’s The Low Quartet with some set of better checkstimme yourself before you sprechstimme yourself @SamAdlerBell @RuleandRuin @jtlevy hey look this is why i should read the article before posting; good advice for l… @SamAdlerBell @RuleandRuin Not everything at Niskanen is terrible—@jtlevy's stuff makes me think in good ways—but m… @profmusgrave i really appreciate your patience here @profmusgrave changes in latitudes, changes in anglo-saxon attitudes, shoutout to angus wilson, starting to run out… @profmusgrave it's slaughterhouse-five o'clock somewhere @profmusgrave why don't we get drunk and screwtape letters @profmusgrave a pirate looks back at one hundred years of solitude i'm here all week folks @profmusgrave cheeseburger in paradise lost @profmusgrave the satanic verzuz @RaskforRaycroft @brynmdhughes Hasek, though. He added something. :-) @RaskforRaycroft @brynmdhughes Indeed. I'd posit that the biggest evidence of the weakness of modern NHL goon-adjac… @RaskforRaycroft @brynmdhughes That sounds right. I'm a little later than that—grew up in Buffalo, paid attention m… @brynmdhughes @RaskforRaycroft Part of what depresses me about this is that 1) arguably to closest this ever came i… @RaskforRaycroft @brynmdhughes yeah, the "acknowledge like" instead of the "like like," totally get it @brynmdhughes @RaskforRaycroft It's only a matter of time before we see someone die on the ice at an NHL game, or o… @willijjCLE @surlybassey @tressiemcphd It's the opposite of the "self-reliance" paradigm that pervades so much of a… @willijjCLE @surlybassey @tressiemcphd I'd also suggest that the mask inverts the usual "protection dynamic," where…